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  1. Would anyone be up for a voice acting RP (you record YOUR voice as your characters') set in a post-apocalyptic world, where your characters are fighting for their life? Here's how to do voice acting and my little 'prototype'.
    1. Go to vocaroo.com
    2. Make sure you have a mic (headphone or actual, whatever kind of mic you can get)
    3. Click record, then click allow.
    4. Talk, no duhr. No, better yet, SCREAM. It depends on what your character is supposed to sound like.
    5. Click 'Listen' to hear it, click retry if you don't like it.
    6. Scroll down, and click 'Click here to save'.
    7. Copy and paste the link!
    Prototype: Yup, I told you it worked.
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  2. Sounds interesting. Do you have a specific program/online app in mind for this?
  3. Yeah, it's called vocaroo.com. I am going to post the steps when my computer decides to load. I'm on my iPad at the moment.
  4. This actually sounds like fun! Can we flesh out the plot some more and set up character sheets when we get ore interest?
  5. Yeah, I'll wait for 2 more people. I'm posting how to do the voice acting now.
  6. I'm going to keep an eye on this and see if it's something that I'm actually interested in (plot wise) and can do.
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  7. I'm putting a banner up right now. I'll post it when I'm done.
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  9. This is quite the interesting take on roleplay. Normally I lean towards playing female charcters, but since I have no means of having a voice changer, I would have to rely on my natural bass -_-;;; Well, it does add to the challenge. Anything more on this? I'd like to give it a try.
  10. Well, all I will spoil is that your characters are scattered about in North America, and they are trying to start back up again. What none of them know is that there are OTHERS, other groups of people. Also, of course, nobody knows that there are mutated zombies, ones that look human, but don't act like it. Also, you could play a humanoid. (The zombies)
  11. Okay, I'm getting the OOC thread up now. I'll post the link when I finish.
  12. Im interested, my lowish voice would make a great monotone for this.... I'll have to try out that site and see what I sound like afterward....
  13. Trust me, it's weird.........
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