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  1. WARNING: If you normally get very attached to your characters, can go into tears from reading about death, suicide, etc., and can't handle unfairness, you should NOT be even trying to enter this RP. Also, if you accept these rules and the Iwaku rules, put your favorite song from a movie at the bottom of your form.
    Intro (open)
    Did you know that our world has been through an apocalypse? Not just any apocalypse, one where the zombies are mutated to look AND act like humans. Nobody knew it was coming, until it did. Very few 'groups' survived, and very few civilized animals lived. Some people committed suicide, for they couldn't deal with their losses, or they developed a mental illness. It was very common to see your younger brother hanging himself in your cabin you thought was safe. People were eaten by these 'zombies', and were never seen again. Some have seen them, but they haven't lived to tell the story. These 'zombies', what shall we call them? They call them, the plague. Mostly anybody can mistake a plague for a human, and they never live another day. That is why, my friends, this isn't your normal 'zombie, KILL KILL KILL' RP. This is new and fabulous.

    Characters (open)
    GIRLS: Ashley "Ash" Scapelo, 14, female, @Ravenbelle
    JayJay Coron Luia, 19, female, @Madeline
    BOYS: Alexander Pierce, 26, male, @Dakota K.
    Chase Lial Luia, 12, male, @Madeline

    The Skelly! (open)

    Character Photo goes here
    Zombie or Human?:
    Likeliness of surviving anymore:
    Brief Bio:

    My Chars. (open)

    Name: JayJay Coron Luia
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Zombie or Human?: Human
    Personality: Depressed, alert, genius, closed, secretive, and musical.
    Family: Mother (deceased}, Father (living), and younger brother (thought of as deceased, is really alive).
    Likeliness of surviving anymore: A 6 1/2 out of 10.
    Brief Bio:
    Exactly why are you asking me this?
    Life used to be amazing, the best ever. Living in a nice little house on Hickory Lane. Yup, that's how it was until now. When word spread of the outbreak, her family zoomed away.

    On the way, her younger brother vanished, and they thought he was eaten. When they arrived, plagues came and killed her mother. They tried for her, but her father saved her, something she'll always be grateful for. She now isn't very friendly, and will shoot if you look or act one bit like a plague.

    Name: Chase Lial Luia
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Zombie or Human?: Human
    Personality: Athletic, funny, attention hog, stubborn, and a liar.
    Family: Mother (he thinks she is alive, but she died), Father (same, living), older sister (same, living).
    Likeliness of surviving anymore: 4 2/5.
    Brief Bio:
    J-JayJay, is that you? JayJay?
    He always thought there was no other way to have life. A loving mom, a sometimes loving dad, and a great older sister. When the plague arrived, they ran away, and he never saw that house again.

    On the way, Chase lost track of them through thick fog, and sought out for shelter. When he returned to the spot where he lost them, they were long gone. He thinks they're alive, but he always has a chill come over him when he thinks that plagues attacked them, and that's why they hadn't gone back for him. Now he lives in a small cave by himself, and each day, he goes a little further away, making camps at each stopping point, to find them.
    Immortals from Fall Out Boy, from the movie Big Hero 6.
    I might make a third, depending on how good this gets.

    1. Go to vocaroo.com
    2. Make sure you have a mic or something near you to speak into.
    3. Click record, then click allow.
    4. Talk
    5. Click stop when you're done.
    6. Listen to it, and if you are happy with it, save it and copy and paste the link to the forum!
    Here's how to do it where you don't see the URL and you see the dialogue. Just without the spaces.
    [ url = (copy and paste it here) ] Character dialogue here. [ / url ] Thanks for reading if you were lost on this!

    You got all that? Congrats if you read it all.
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  2. [​IMG]
    You want me to express myself? Just leave me alone!
    Name: Ashley "Ash" Scapelo
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Zombie or Human?: Human
    Personality: Tomboy, angry, vicious, rude, blunt, outspoken, witty, suppresses her depression, secretive and clever
    Family: Mother(unknown because she left when she was 2), Father(deceased), Older Brother(deceased)
    Chance of Surviving anymore: 7.5/10
    Brief Bio: Ash has always been pretty bitter about the fact that her mother ran out on them, mostly because her father, Carl, and older brother, Jack, took it pretty hard. Jack was nine so he could have distanced himself, but instead, he did his best to help Dad raise her, though she did turn out as a real tomboy. He was always her role model and she was best friends with him. When the Plagues hit, Dad was killed almost instantly trying to protect his kids. To get out of the cellar, Jack made sure she was safe and prepared, but he was torn to pieces at the last minute. He saved her. when he sacrificed himself to let her get away on her skateboard, she broke on the inside and she regrets not being able to save him too. She's been on her own since then and thanks to Jack, she has a bunch of skills that have helped her survive after raiding grocery stores.
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  3. Accepted!
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    Name: Alexander Pierce
    Age: 26
    Gender: male
    Zombie or Human?: Human
    Personality: Brash and quick to anger but not stupid about his situation, he know he has to survive this because he made a promise not to die. He seems cold to new comers but once you earn his friendship he will do just about anything for that person whether that be nursing them back to health or killing someone who wronged you.
    Family: Wife(Deceased) Daughter(Deceased) he doesn't talk much about them.
    Likeliness of surviving anymore:8.5/10
    Brief Bio:Pierce was raised knowing how to hunt, fish and grow food, he avoids most heavily populated places to minimize his chance of encountering infected or anyone else for that matter, he also has learned how to fight with a pistol, rifle, knife or about anything else he can get his hands on, he stays safe by staying away and that's worked so far. This.
  5. Accepted as well, I am working on my characters now.
  6. ALSO: Heads up, I changed the warning to have a little something, but it doesn't affect you guys.
  7. This looks interesting, I'll try and get a sheet up sometime tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Okay. No rush, I'm still waiting for some people from the Interest Check to post their CS before I start.
  9. Freaking join in *raise hand* just lemme get my chat done later on ^o^~!
  10. Name: Ben Daniels

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Zombie or Human?: Human, definitely.

    Personality: Softspoken and guarded, he is more bent on keeping himself and his brother alive than he is about getting close to others. He still manages to laugh and smile, but most times it's because he's nervous, not amused. Seeks basic survival, and the comforts of living are low on his list.

    Family: Mother (Missing, Assumed Dead), Father (Dead), Stepfather (Missing, Assumed Dead), Brother [Baxter Fairchild] (Alive and With Ben)

    Likeliness of surviving anymore: With Baxter 7.5; Alone 5.5. Baxter: Alone, 1; With Ben, 5.5

    Brief Bio: "I was born and raised in a city near here. I had a dad, but he had a pretty dangerous line of work as a policeman. Our city wasn't the safest it could've been. He worked the east side, on top of that. He was shot in a car chase. It was a pretty awesome way to go, looking at it. It still sucked, though. We had plenty of financial problems after he was gone, and things were always tense at home. When I was 7, my mom got married to my stepdad after nearly three years single. They had Baxter a year later. There were some complications surrounding his birth. He was small, had lung troubles, eventually brain problems. He turned out pretty okay, though. He's got a love for nature and is probably too curious for his own good. I spent a lot of my adolescent years making sure he didn't get into trouble. He never really did get into trouble, just into situations. Showing firemen his hat in the middle of parades, running off to pet some ducks at the park, once he spent nearly an hour making sure an ant got across a sidewalk. The long way. Heh. Me? I was a normal highschool kid. Had grade problems, girl problems, I was gonna go to college before it all went down. When it did, we all holed up at home. My stepdad ran out to go get a shit ton of cans. Lived off of that for a while. When it ran low, he left to get more. Never came back. After a day, my mom ran out, too. She's gone. Now, it's just us two. We've been solo for a while now, but it's been going pretty okay. I sure hope it stays that way."

    Voice stuff
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  11. Just noticed I hadn't seen the post for the OOC.... sorry about that.

    silverhaireddemon.jpg (just realized how much I like this pic, been using it for like all my characters...)

    Name: Nick (Since learning of the outbreak, started going by Azazul)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Zombie or Human?: Human

    Personality: Very quick to react to dire situations, but also great at just being there to listen. Plenty of pain beforehand made it so I am very much a caring person, if I have no reason to not trust you....

    Family: Don't care about my real ones. Alex (my friend (also my "brother") alive, assumed alive), Beth (My "Mother", Alive, injured with broken leg, assumed alive), Officer Todd (my "Father", alive, out of pistol ammo, assumed alive)

    Likeliness of surviving anymore: alone: 7.5/10; with all of my "Family" 9.5/10; With Alex: 8/10; with Todd and Beth: 9/10

    Other: kendo and parkour/freerunning master (been taking Kendo for almost my entire life, and self taught parkour)

    Brief Bio: When Hell spit forth onto Earth, I was on my way to the mountains anyway. My parents, or what I remember of them, were freeloaders who forced me out of school and into a McDonalds so they didn't have to do anything but sit and get high of crack. Because of this, my closest friend's family took me in like one of their own, and had paid for all my kendo and nightschool, they really acted more like parents than my sad excuse for ones. When I told them I was leaving, they tried to persuade me to stay with them instead of going to their cabin in the woods, but after a while, they finally let me make that decision for myself. Before I truly left however, they gave me an early 16th birthday present. It was box shaped, and when I opened it, there was a picture of all of us and a Japanese Katana, and two knives (as seen in my pic). They said that if I was serious, I would need something to defend myself with, so that was the meaning behind them. He even offered to come along with me and that his folks would come up every couple of weeks to bring more food and stuff I may need, but I declined his company, which was my first mistake. When I saw my first one of 'them' (I will try to only refer to the undead as 'them' and not zombies, kinda like in HOTD) I should have turned back and tried to see if they would just drive up there with me, but I didn't. After it started moving toward me, I though it was just someone walking in the woods. When it got closer however, it attacked me. I was barely able to react to this first one fast enough to jump back and pull one of the knives (the knives are in a Double sheath, so one lays on top of the other and slightly down, and the Katana is i its own sheath at my left hip) and swing at it. It had jumped back, giving me time to turn and run into town. My second mistake. I am slowly working my way around the edge of the town to get to them, they live on the far side, but I don't know if my nerves will hold up.

    Lets see if the embedded thing works (will tweak with how I have the settings to try to remove the weird voice cracking thing, because that is not happening when I talk, its how the mic picks it up)
    My crappy recording due to mic pains!

    Let me know if anything here needs to be changed.
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  12. Can I reserve a character for this?
  13. image.jpg
    Name: Felicity Sheridan

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Zombie or Human?: Human ATM

    Personality:Felicity loves the outdoors, and is well versed in edible plants and such. She is loyal, although hard to get to know. She always does her best to put on a smiling facade but that doesn't mean anything.

    Family: all disappeared when the apocalypse started. Travels with her friend Amber, presumed alive.

    Likeliness of surviving anymore:alone- 6/10, with Amber- 4.5/10

    Brief Bio:Felicity is a wild haired, green eyed young girl. While she isn't one to get into hand to hand combat, she learned how to shoot a gun from her cop father, and can hit just about anything. She is agile, and would be living I the trees alone by now, but her friend Amber is still with her, and she is large, and can't climb, so for now she is doing the best she can

    Voice clip: (I'm currently trying to find a way to do this mobile, it's the only way I can use the site. I might need a bit of time.)
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  14. [​IMG]
    "You don't know my past.So you can't judge me."

    Name: Melody Blake
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Zombie or Human?: Human

    Cold, serious, independent. Melody can be descried as a lone wolf. Melody doesn't like relying on other people, and at the same time she doesn't like having companion, claiming that they just get in her way. She does not like being looking down at, thus she never shows any sign of weakness in front of anyone. Despite all of this, she is actually a good person. She cares a lot for everyone especially those she cares for, and she would be willing to sacrifice her own life for them. She is also admittedly weak, but she never shares this with other people unless she completely trusts you.

    Family: Mother and Father (deceased), two brothers (deceased as well)
    Likeliness of surviving anymore: Alone: 8/10 With someone: 6/10

    Brief Bio:
    Melody doesn't really recall how everything happened, but prior to all of this she lived a happy life with her family; her mom,her dad, and her two older brothers. Their lives were all pretty much perfect until that one unfaithful day when she woke up in the middle of the night hearing screams from their living room. When she went out to take a look, she was shocked to see her dad devouring her own mother,and then one of her brothers. At one point Melody was cornered in her room and was about to get eaten,but she used her gun to shoot her own dad until his face was completely unrecognizable by the number of shots she let out.At that same time,a bullet accidentally hit his other brother,and she watched him and her dad die right in front of her own eyes, with her own hands.

    This explains why she'd refer being alone: she doesn't want anyone else to be put in danger.​
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  15. OH, @Madeline, how long until we plan on starting?
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  16. [​IMG]

    Name: David Harris

    Age: 19

    Gender: male

    Zombie or Human?: Hooman!

    Personality: David was the drifter among cliques before the apocalypse, never really having a set group of people to hang out with and no one particular to have as a 'best friend', he was kind of just a friend to everyone. Though this led him to missing on a lot of things social wise so he really ended up learning to take care of himself. Considering his father being nonexistent and his mother gone for work most of the day, he had to be self sufficient anyways. Though when he does make a friend, he is loyal to them, and would make sure that they smile when he is around.

    Family: Mother(deceased) Father(unknown, never met him)

    Likeliness of surviving anymore: Alone: 7.5 With someone: 8

    Brief Bio: David had always grown up learning to be self sufficient, his mother always at work and his father who was never around for his life. He figured the best way to have friends was to make friends with everyone he met, but it made way for not really knowing who he was as a person, since he never connected and made real or close friends with anyone. He spent a lot of his days exploring and picked up a lot of skills watching the Discovery Channel then practicing them on his own. He is proficient with rifles, especially since practicing on zombies after the apocalypse struck. He isnt aggressive toward survivors but will defend himself when necessary. A little known fact about him, he is a self taught piano player.

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  17. I finished my CS. Sorry about the voice acting.Kinda rushed and I also have a slightly stuffy nose right now > <
  18. can't we start now?
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