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  1. Vogel School of Music is a boarding school only for those that can get pass the entrance exam. For those wishing to become Idols or to compose music this is your best chance. Every teacher at the school is a working Idol and every student has the chance to make a debut at the graduation and work for the Vogel Agency. The old mansion-turned-boarding-school was situated in a quiet area, set away from the city and noise. In front was lush vibrant grass that seemed to go on forever. A few nice tables and chairs sat in the grass here and there, and trees gave off plenty of shade. The building itself was huge. The faded red bricks was a nice contrast to the lush grass. White bricks accented the edges of the building and windows and door frames. Thick ivy covered almost half of the front, little birds flying in and out of it from hidden nests. The school it self sat on 50 acres of beautiful landscape. The middle of the school was a small courtyard with a few trees and grass, mainly used for eating out doors and practicing dancing.​
    1. Be nice. No one likes a douche.​
    2. Keep cursing to a minimum.​
    3. No god modding. Your character can't be perfect and know how to play 12 instruments.​
    Character Sheet:​
    Character Name:
    Age: (15-18)
    General Appearance:
    Talents: (what can he play or is good at toward music)
    General Personality:
    General History:
    Also I will be playing the principal but if anyone wishes you can Pm me to be a teacher.
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  2. Character Name:
    Chi Song Light
    Age: (15-18)
    General Appearance:
    get lost
    she can play Piano and Violin
    General Personality:
    Silent and mysterious. and very hard to get along
    General History:
    She hates her mother she forced her to go to a school she didn't want to go to. she wanted to be normal. she hates her father because she just works and never cares about her. she wanted to be love. what is wrong with her family
  3. Character Sheet:​
    Character Name: Elvira Summers
    Gender: Female
    Age: (15-18): 18
    Height: 5ft
    Weight: 108
    Talents: (what can he play or is good at toward music) Elvira has a talent for singing especially, but she can also play piano/keyboard well.
    General Personality: Despite her petite build, Elvira is a total tomboy and she prefers to hang with her mainly guy mates, rather than going shopping with the girls she knows.
    General History: Elvira is originally from Bradford, England, but since her mum got a new job elsewhere, Elvira had to move schools. She misses her best friend from back home like crazy, for more personal reasons other than the obvious.
    She has Aspergers, which is a condition which makes it hard for her to make new friends, but that doesn't mean that she isn't willing to try and make friends.
  4. Thanks ^^
  5. Great - thanks. So, when are we going to start?
  6. I'd like more people to join before we start, I'll make a banner and try to get more people in.
  7. Character Sheet:
    Character Name: Markov "M&M" Mvbrovmiach
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Grade: 12th
    Talents: He is a skilled violin player, he knows some piano
    General Personality: Can be outgoing, Goofy, Friendly
    General History: Markov grew up in Alzamay, Russia were he learned to play violin from his grand father. His grand father was also a very good violin player and encouraged Markov to continue on his legacy as his own son had not, Moving from Russia to this new town he began his new experiences which where going to be supposedly marvelous. as time went on and he went to school he learned new and amazing things that he never new and soon inspired to be a musician.
  8. I'd like to join, but before creating a character I wanted to know if singing was included in this, of it it's restricted to instruments only. :)
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