Vocaroo Thread a.k.a. Voice Thread 1.0

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  1. UNDERAGED MEMBERS: Since y'all wibbly little young things got your parents hawkin' around, some of this shit ain't good for you to play on your computers considerin' content and vulgar language. Unless, y'know, y'all like gettin' grounded or some shit.

    Unlike the picture thread, this is the thread to get your aural shits'n giggles on insteada your visuals. Use the site: http://vocaroo.com/ to record yourself speakin' something, preferably if it's funny as shit.

    - The website will only store the message for a couple of months, you wanna keep it? Save it to your computer.

    - The length is not limited but if your connection got a habit of chokin' up on you then keep it short or keep trying until you get it all recorded.

    - Usual hateful type shit ain't allowed, I hear a peep or tittle resemblin'... well someone's gonna report you to the mods.

    - To keep shit resembling a little bit of coherence, copypaste or type out what it is you're saying in your recording for added fun because who isn't nosy?


    Since someone said this is what'd it sound like if I ran a kitchen (or a healthy eating advice column...) let's do a reading of this shit. From Tegan via http://thugkitchen.com/

    http://vocaroo.com/i/s1hnfMxjcbjz <<< Click this asshole and read along (as best you can since some funny motherfucker decided to make all the images upside down for April Fool's.)