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  1. Rin walked to her new school tiredly. She yawned and stretched letting everybody look at her. 'Yes yes I know...I'm famous...' she thought. Some of the girls squealed seeing her. Most guys just stared at her body. Her hair was long and blonde with a white bow ontop of her head. She wore the school uniform with long black socks and shoes. Her headphones were hidden by her hair and her blue eyes shined in the light. 'God I wish the rest were here... I miss them sooooo much!' She thought to herself as she walked into the school gates. She tried to keep her image. A quiet strong cool girl. She walked straight into the school without making eye contact to anybody.

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  2. ((I'll just join with Gumi xD))
    Gumi growled in frustration as she just barely reached the school in time. Damn, why did Luka-onee forget to wake her up? She sighed as she ruffled through her bright green hair. She'd cut the back hair short but kept the front bangs long, and she was in a boys' uniform with an open vest, a loose tie, white shirt and long, black pants. On her way in she spotted a familiar blonde head and smiled as she ran towards the person. "Oi, Rin! Long time no see!"
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  3. ((Lol I do too. XD hey!)) Rinny looked over to Gumi and smiled "Hey Gumi-chan. Or I think your a chan..." Rinny said sarcastically as she took a glance at her school uniform. "And your late....Again. let me guess....Luka Luka night fever!" Rinny laughed started dancing a bit. "So where are the rest of the brats..Late I bet. Overslept just like Meiko when she gets drunk..."
  4. Gumi blushed at the comment about Luka. "We didn't do anything!" They all knew about her and Luka having been in a relationship for over two years now, and never passed a chance to tease with it. Meiko would ask questions on the more intimate parts of their relationship, and Miku kept fangirling when they were holding hands or even when they were just talking. She pouted and went to look at the boards. "Just Gumi. We're in the same class this year too!"
  5. Rinny giggled then looked at the boards with Gumi "Alright then Gumi. Where's Len....Awwww he's not in our class...yet Rinto is..." Rinny growled. She hated Rinto with a passion. He always stole her oranges when he didn't have any. "So are you and Luka doing anyway Gumi? I bet you two are having fun every night. Night fever...." she teased.
  6. "Seems Len is in the class beside ours... I oughtta go bother him later." She grinned and then blushed again as she looked away. "I-I'm not some pervert!" Well she wasn't. Luka was. Damn right she was. She wasn't going to deny to herself that the proof that Luka was a pervert had been proved once again last night. And that Meiko had gotten her slightly drunk beforehand didn't help the least. "What about you~? Got anyone you have the hots for?" She smiled and walked toward the classroom.
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  7. "Haha you already know. Len-kun. Sure he may look like me but he's so cute!! Oh Rei too. And Ren. Damn I can't decide!!" Rinny said face palming herself. Then she smirked a bit looking out the window. "Gumi its Mikuo! Haha I'm so gonna enjoy this....!" Rinny opened the window and shouted "FREE LEEKS!!!" Mikuo immediately looked up then shouted at us. "ORANGE FREAK!!" she laughed and closed the window.
  8. ((Then I'll take them xD Luka will come to Gumi with her lunch that she forgot xD))
    Gumi: Gumi giggled softly and rolled her eyes as she walked to the classroom. She looked in her bag and realized she had forgotten her lunch. Crap. And Luka was probably still sleeping soundly in their bedroom. She sighed softly and closed the bag again, walking into the class.

    Gakupo: "Yo Gumi-chan, Rin-chan. Did you have a good summer?" He walked over past their class and waved at them as well as the other students. He was the loved-by-all chemistry teacher and everyone liked him for being cool and always full of energy. He also seemed to reach the students in a way the other teachers couldn't.

    Luka: "Ara ara... little Gumi forgot her lunch..." She smiled as she pulled on a jacket and sunglasses, taking the car to drive the short way to the school. Not paying attention to all the students sending glances in her direction (especially the boys) she walked up to the boards to find Gumi's class, walking on her way and offering a wave as she saw Len and Mikuo on her way. She went into the classroom, smiling calmly. "Darling ~"

    Len: As he walked into the school he saw Luka passing by and that also caused in noticing Mikuo ahead of him. He walked up to the teal haired boy and laughed. "Seems Gumi-nee forgot something again huh?" Both laughed together and they went to look at the boards. His heart sank a little. "Not in the same class huh... but at least the classes are close to each other..." he began the walk to the classroom.
    ((Meiko will come in later xD))
  9. ((Oh yes lets not forget Rinto. XD))
    Miku: Miku snuck up behind Mikuo and Len and glomped them laughing. "Hey guys!" Her high pitch voice was always great to listen to. "Mikuo we're in the same class! Lenny sorry you didn't get with Rinny. Did you see her? Her hair grew out to her waist! She's so pretty!"
    Neru: Texting as always and runs right into a pole. "......"
    Rinto:"hey Len. Looks like I'm with Rin. I sure am a lucky guy." He smirked right at him. It seems like those two have been competing for Rin's attention for a long time.
    Rinny:She walks out the classroom and smiles at them "Hey guys! Rinto." She gave off a death aura to him. Her hair was as long as Miku described it and her chest has grown. ((FINALLY!!! XD))
  10. Gumi: "Crap. You have got to be effing kidding me--" She stood up as Luka walked into the classroom. Of course she just had to dress in an overly fancy skirt with glitter and lace, a tank top and a jacket to match the skirt and then those high boots and sunglasses. Of course Luka had to walk out and be embarrassing. "What are you doing here you idiot?!"

    Gakupo: He smiled and gave Luka a wave before walking into Len's class to wait for the clock to ring.

    Luka: "But sweetie, you forgot your lunch.~" She strolled elegantly over and placed the box on Gumi's table, before leaning down to her. "Wish I could have been up to see you off. Your uniform looks so cute on you ~" she leaned forward and planted a kiss on Gumi's lips before leaving abruptly, offering a wave to Gakupo, Rin and Miku as she walked out.

    Len: He sighed softly and pushed Miku off him, and glared in Rinto's direction before walking to Rin's class. If he didn't be careful he'd get in trouble. As he got in there, he saw Luka on her way out, having left a completely flushed Gumi behind. He grinned at Gumi and offered a salute before looking at Rin. "Rin, I'll be waiting for you outside the school later. See you there."
  11. Rinny and Miku giggled at Gumi and waved Luka good bye. "Huh? Oh sure thing Len! Oh wait Len!" Rin grabbed Lens hand and gave him a banana key chain. "I bought this and thought of you!" She giggled then let go of his hands. Miku smirked a bit seeing the blush on lens face. "Hehe Banana..." Rinto sat down over at his seat behind Rins. Haku came in and looked tired and worn out. Neru went up and patted her head. "Poor Haku-Sensei....Another hangover...." The bell rung and everybody ran to class.
  12. ((96Neko rocks xDD))
    As Len received the keychain, he smiled and went off to his class together with Miku and Mikuo, and Gumi sat back and quickly regained her posture. "That flashy little... I'm going to talk to her about this later..." She sighed and looked at the lunch box and couldn't help but smile. That bastard Luka. That amazing bastard.
    Gakupo cleared his throat as Len, Miku and Mikuo walked into the class, beginning on the lecture for the day. Luka smiled softly as she sat in the car and drove back home to her and Gumi's shared apartment.
  13. *Random time skip! ~Lunch time~*
    Rin sat down by herself outside since she had something else to do. Miku and Neru and Teto and Lily and Seeu sat at the table together chatting and smiling. Rinto sat ontop of the roof and watched Rinny like a stalker. Rinny checked her phone multiple times to see if she had received a text message. Teachers sat in the teachers lounge. Meiko, Kaito, Haku, Gakupo, Big al, and Luki.
  14. As lunch time started, Gumi walked out in the good weather and blinked with her eyes at the bright sun. She sent a short message to Luka about meeting after she was done with her photoshoot.
    Len looked over at Rin from where he was sitting under a tree and waved Gumi over when he saw her. She obliged and sat beside him in the shadow. "It's sad, right?" Gumi said as they both observed Rin. "Are you going to tell her later?" He looked away but then nodded and leaned his head against her shoulder. Gumi had always been there to support him and in many ways, served as a big brother figure, even being a woman. "Yeah... wish me luck?" He whispered and looked over at Rin's hair. It was so pretty now that it'd grown long. "Good luck Len-kyun." She smiled and gave his shoulders a squeeze.
    ((Siblings moment with Gumi-san :'D))
  15. Rin squeals as she jumps. Rinto comes up behind her and grins. She smacks right across the face then walked away. She pulled up her sleeve showing a purple butterfly on her right shoulder. Miku comes up behind Gumi and Len and smiled "Are you guys stalking Rinny too? Man everybody loves Rinny." She made a lazy cat face as she stared at Rinny.
  16. Len: He looked up as Miku walked over, and blushed softly. "I-it's not like we're stalking her it's just-- looking." He looked down and then up at Gumi who was just sitting still staring blankly out into the air. Pff, probably dreaming about Luka again. Like always.

    Gumi: She looked up at Miku and grinned. "Yeah, we're stalking her." she held her thumb up before letting her arm fall, starting to stare out into nothing, for some weird reason focusing on the trees across from them. Hey, the color matched her eyes. Wee. Interesting. The fuck was going on. What the hell. Her mind was going in the wrong direction and she sighed softly, looking back to see if Miku had answered. Hm, probably no.

    Luka: She flipped her phone open as they finally gave her a break and saw a message from Gumi. "Tonight, huh..." she smiled and put the phone back into her bag as she was called on set again. "Right! Just wait a few and I'll be ready!" She sighed softly as she began changing into one of the many outfits lined up in the changing room.

    Gakupo: He sits in the teacher's lounge, Big Al across him. They were discussing some material for the classes, basically arguing about which one should be best. Woo what a life. So exiting to use your lunch break on. But he did choose himself to become a teacher, and it wasn't like he hated the job. Actually it was a good job.
  17. Miku giggled then patted Gumis head. Rin was beside Miku and behind Len "So you guys like stalking me?" Rin then started messing with lens hair poking his spikey hair. "Well guys guess what?" Then Miku blurted it out "Rinny is heading out to her beach house for the vacation and she wants to invite you two!" "Yeah! Gumi if Luka wants to come she can come." Rinny smiled happily then threw her arms around Len hugging him tightly "You'll come right Len?"
  18. Len: He blushed deeply as Rin walked over and couldn't help himself but lean into her embrace. "We weren't stalking you...!" He smiled slightly and held her a bit tighter hearing the invitation. "Yeah... of course I'll come with you, Rin... what about you, Gumi? Are you and Luka joining?" He smiled at the green-haired tomboy who was seemingly lost in her own thoughts. Len couldn't help but smile at himself for even considering seeing this person as his big brother. She was so spacy that it was cute.

    Gumi: She looked up at Rin and Miku, and then at Len. "Uh... if Luka has time, then yeah, I'll be coming along... I'm meeting up with her later and I'll ask if she has time." She smiled slightly up at Rin and Len. Aww, those two are just so adorable. I can kind of see why everyone would want to tease me and Luka if we look like that too... "Soo Len-kyun, didn't you have something to tell Rin-chan?"

    Luka: After the photoshoot she sighed as she looked at her watch. There was still a while of Gumi's lunch break left. I guess I'll go pay her another visit... I just want to make sure she's okay. She seemed mad at me this morning. Maybe she was just tired or upset about something else... "Boss! I'm leaving now, call my phone if you need me!" She hurried out the doors of the studio and pulled on her sunglasses as she sat in her car and began the drive back to the school again.

    Gakupo: After the fairly uninteresting discussion with Big Al, he decided to go on a walk outside the school building. Under a tree was Gumi, Rin, Len and Miku, seemingly planning something of sorts. He gave them a wave and continued on his walk, and as he walked to the school gates he saw Luka's car driving in, and smiled at her with a wave as she walked out. "How're things going with Gumi-chan? Are you two doing well?"
  19. Rin looked down at Len and blinked "do you have something to say Lenny-Len?" She smiled happily and started eating an orange she randomly just pulled out. Miku giggled then looked over spotting Lukas car "Gumi Luka-Tuna is here!" She pulled a leek outta no where and held it up "We shall go see her!" As Gakupo-Sensei came over Miku just kept going about nonsense.
  20. He dragged Rin off to a place where they could be alone and tried but failed to look into her eyes. "Rin I... I don't know how to say this but I...." He bit his lip. Damn it Len, come on, you can do it! Why are you chickening out all of a sudden. You can tell her!
    As she saw Luka's car, she smiled happily and ran over to see the pink haired woman step out and give a salute to Gakupo. She looked at Luka and smiled sweetly as if forgiving her for what she'd done earlier. She didn't want her and Luka to get on bad terms. Even if Luka was annoying sometimes, she knew that Luka only did it because she loved her. And that's what matters... that we love each other. "Luka!"
    She sent a glance in the direction the voices were coming from and saw her beloved green headed girlfriend running towards her with a smile on her face. Well, so much for thinking she's pissed. She smiled and went over to hug Gumi with a smile. "You look determined. Got something to tell me eh?" She ran her hands through the soft green hair and looked around. Rin and Len was nowhere to be seen. Hm... maybe Len finally manned up and decided to tell her.
    He sighed softly and laughed. "Miku, what are you doing?" He laughed softly seeing her walking around doing... well he wasn't sure, seemingly just some nonsentical things that she wasn't really aware of. It looked funny and he couldn't help but laugh again softly. He looked up as he heard Gumi's voice and smiled softly when her and Luka hugged. And here Luka said she thought that Gumi might have been mad at her... well, so much for that. Where'd Rin and Len go, though? They were together when I saw them a little ago....