Vocaloid in school OOC

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  1. ((Okay LukaxGumi is my ship xDD If no one wants to join we can also play other characters, I'd love to be Gakupo and Meiko xD))

    See In Character thread
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  2. ((Lets spread the word about this! >XD I'm with LenXRin ship. They're so cute together!!))
  3. ((We can start with me being Gumi, Len, Meiko and Gakupo? I can be Luka too if needed xD But that would be kind of awkward xD))
  4. ((If you want to. I can be Miku Rinny Neru and Haku will be the teacher. :3))
  5. ((I'm sorry if it's weird I'm a bit confused xD But yeah, Imma be a self confident and determined Len-kyun xD))
  6. ((Lol len-kyun now! XD))
  7. Hey guys, welcome to your shiny new Out of Character thread! Feel free to use this for all of your chatter and plot discussions. :]

    Please keep in mind that purely OOC posts are not allowed in the In Character areas of the forum!

    I also noticed that you guys are both playing most of the Vocaloids between the two of you and have yet for anyone else to jump in. If you want, I can move this thread and your IC roleplay thread to the One[x]One section!
  8. (Have this died?)