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  1. Hello! I know some of you are already aware, but I just wanted to reiterate, I am hosting vocal auditions for a slot as narrator in the game I am making! Exciting! I'm desperate for some more entries guys. It's fun! I will allow you to enter as many times as you like, but only your best audition will be scored for competition. You can do whatever impression you want if impressions are your thing, or just read it. You can read whatever you'd like, or as many pieces as you'd like, but it's a requirement to read at LEAST the script I give you. I will be scoring you for style, ability to pick up the tone of a piece, and overall vocal quality. e.g. no stuttering, clearly heard, etc. Also! IF you decide to enter a piece in addition to what I give you, I want a link or typed copy of it to read along to! I use it to make notes. Don't worry, I am aware not all of us have the best recording equipment and it IS remembered when I score. PM me and we can work out how I will get your audio!

    IF YOU LOSE! Do not fret! You can still be in the game! I have tons of slots open for readers on branches of the game! You get to read your own branch should you elect to be in the game!

    So far, @Legens Legentis has tried out, so he is on the roster! I will be updating the roster here of who has entered!


    @Legens Legentis
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  2. Cool! I'd like to audition! :D
  3. Wonderful! Just pm me and I will give you the details!
  4. I do indeed plan to give it another shot in the near future! After all, I anticipate competition.
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  5. Are you looking for a certain gender, accent, etc?

    Also could I bother you for the material you want us to read? I am undecided as to whether or not I want to submit an audition but I'd dig new stuff to practice vocal character work on.
  6. No certain gender or accent preference, and the material I want you to read is the games intro so I would prefer an entry for it.

    Also, here's your script.

    This is the story of a character. A character that is to be a part of the greatest story ever written. His job is quite simple. Listen to the narrator, and follow their orders to a tee. Shouldn't be hard. And that will be his fate. Forever. And for the rest of eternity he shall live on in the greatest story ever written with his existence so meticulously planned out from the very start. Yes, a nice and orderly written plot with a nice and orderly series of events, and a nice obedient little character who will follow orders until the very end of the story, only to start the series of events all over again for the next reader all with a smile on his face. How quaint. But how long must one wait for the very perfect story? (pause for scene change) Then one day, it finally happened. The story was being written, and he was to give his first try as an award winning, smashing protagonist! So he decided to put his best foot forward and go through the door in front of him to begin!
  7. It has come to my attention that, although I do not have stage fright, somehow I still have anxiety when speaking alone into a microphone. Odd.
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  8. ME TOO!
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  9. Wooooo I am trying all sorts of stuff.

    I kind of feel like you probably have some sort of artistic vision? Some traits you want the narrator to reflect?
  10. Actually i'm not sure what i'm looking for but I will know when I hear it.
  11. I'm getting a strong Stanley's Parable sort of vibe from the script.

    If I were to try out now, I'd just end up imitating the narrator from that game now that I've made the connection. :(
  12. It's supposed to be a Stanley's parable parody so that would be ok. XD
  13. Oh, well damn, you did a perfect job nailing the tone then. I'll attempt a recording tonight to see how I sound, and then depending on the amount of shame I feel afterward, I might send it to you in the morning if it's not a complete disaster lol
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  14. S-So...

    I might try...
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  15. This sounds really similar to a choose-your-own-adventure type game...
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  16. Sent my recording to you! Not expecting anything, just did it for fun.
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  17. That's kinda what the Stanley parable is....is that a problem?
  18. Mine turned out to sound terrible... I'm sorry, it seems my voice isn't suited for satire :(
  19. Hey it's alright! I still might use you for something else if I like it :)
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