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  1. This thread is intended to help you expand your vocabulary and learn new words to enrich your writing! A writer with a limited vocabulary will become repetitive and cannot be as precise in their narrative, so taking the time to discover unfamiliar words (or brush up on forgotten ones) is imperative.

    A word and its definition will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I can get around to it. Let's vocab!
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  2. The Word of the Day is...

    Ozzie's Pronunciation: "Low-kway-shus"

    Ozzie's Example Usage: She was quite loquacious as they stood in line together for coffee, hardly pausing to draw breath between telling him about one topic and the next.
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  3. Word used in a sentence: Ms. Wrong was loquacious when explaining how she does not like Ozzie throwing books at her!
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  4. hey Ozzie I love this thread could you maybe use a type font that has L's loking like the standard capital L shape so they aren't as easily confused with I's ?
  5. Sure thing, Zori. Is that better?
  6. yes ma'am Now just capitalize the first letter of the word next time (( no need to edit it now) thank you SO MUCH I appropriate it!.
  7. The Word of the Day is...

    Ozzie's Pronunciation: "Sin-til-ate"

    Ozzie's Example Usage: Every strike of the hammer on the super-heated metal caused it to scintillate, and the blacksmith was thankful for the thick gloves that he wore as guard against the resulting sparks.
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  8. scintillate in a sentence: Ms. Wrong wanted to scintillate a fire to the word of the day with a passion.
  9. Zorilla’s use: The vampire scintillated in the sunlight. His radiant glory coming to a quick and painful end as the rapid critics mauled him, breaking him into tiny scintillating giblets scattering him to all corners of the earth never to be seen again.
  10. The Alternate Word Meaning of the Day is...


    Ozzie's Example Usage: The pathway skirts the wall on the far side of the complex so closely that one only need reach out a hand to touch the ivy-covered stone barrier.
  11. Skirt in a sentence: Wrong skirted across the alley wall to avoid getting her new skirt dirty from a large puddle.
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