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  1. Leo Valdez looked into the mirror of his hotel room, and beamed happily. It was the first day of Playlist Live, the biggest Youtuber convention ever, and he was going to hopefully see his all time favourite Youtube couple - RJ Aguiar, and his sexy fiance, Will Shepherd. Leo had such a huge crush on the geeky Youtuber, but he knew he would never have a chance.

    He sighed happily and left his hotel room, heading out of the hotel across the busy Miami road to the venue.

    Kian sat next to Connor in their room, and ruffled his friend's hair. "Looking forward to this? It's going to be epic. Andrea's coming the day after tomorrow, which is awesome." He grinned, thinking of his girlfriend back home.
  2. Aaila (Ay-la) Jalali sorted out her dark hair with a smile and had curled it for this occasion and checked out her light make up with a smile and didn't really use a foundation because she had a light tan to her skin anyway with her Dad being from Pakistani and her mum was English and she had green eyes that where unique. She was excited to be going to the biggest youtuber convention because she got to meet all her favourite youtubers but also there was one certain guy from O2L that she wanted to meet, of course knowing he had a girlfriend but she had a huge thing for Kian Lawley.

    She put her bag o her shoulder and made her way across the busy road to get to the venue and looked at the guy who had dropped what looked like his pass to get in and she caught up to him and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me? you dropped your pass to get in"

    Connor frowned. "Kian do you want me to touch your hair because I will" he said to him and shook his head. "I'm surprise she wasn't invited to come but oh well" he said to him.

    Will sat with his fiancé and was reading a book while he waited for the whole thing to start properly. "Are we going to go out for a meal tonight RJ?" he asked his fiancé with a smile on his face and looking up from his book.
  3. Leo glanced around when he felt a tap on his shoulder, and he blinked. He patted his pockets before realising that he had dropped it, and he smiled with relief. "Thanks a lot - if I lost this, I would just die, because without it, I'm screwed." He took the pass with a grateful smile. "Are you going to Playlist Live as well?"

    "She's busy today and tomorrow, but she's flying in tomorrow night." Kian explained, lounging back on the sofa. "Have you seen any other Youtubers around yet? I was wandering about earlier, and I noticed Tyler Oakley chatting to Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton."

    RJ glanced at his fiancé with a smile. "Actually I think there's a party for the panellists tonight - we should definitely go. You can get your nose out of that Harry Potter book." He teased with a grin.
  4. Aaila smiled at the guy. "That's not a problem, I think I would be lost and everything if I dropped mine but yeah I am going to the Playlist Live as well, how could I not be" she said smiling. "Aaila Jalali" she said and held her hand for him to shake with a smile. "Who are you here to see exactly? everyone has their Youtubers and you must be here to see specific people" she said with a smile on her face.

    Connor nodded his head. "Well that explains that you dude, you might seem like a crazy and loud guy but honestly, your heart is like goo when it comes to your girlfriend and you sure aren't afraid to show your affection towards her" he said with a smile and nodded. "I had a talk with Tyler Oakley earlier, he makes me crack up"

    Will looked at him and nodded. "I guess we can go to that party, it could be a lot of fun and hey, you know that Harry Potter are one of the best books RJ and don't deny it" he said smiling.
  5. Leo shook her hand. "I'm Leo Valdez, all the way from Minnesota." He grinned. 'And I'm here to mainly see the LGBT Youtuber panel. I'm like in love with Will Shepherd, but if I can't date him, then I might as well go to the panel talk, and listen to his every word." He grinned, and pulled out his own handheld camera. "Do you do youtube videos as well?"

    "If you think he's funny, you should talk to Rose and Rosie. They're a British couple, and they're so funny that it's unbelievable." Kian chuckled. "Want to go for a walk around? Our panel isn't until tomorrow, so we have all day to walk around and talk to fans."

    "Hey, I'm a Potter fan as well, but you are crazy about them." RJ grinned. "So, what are we doing after this? Going to see our Shepsexuals?" He liked the name that Will had coined for their subscribers.
  6. Aaila smiled as he shook her head. "From Minnesota? that is a long way" she said smiling and nodded. "Oh yeah I have heard of him, he is with RJ right? I think I have seen a few of their videos" she said smiling and laughed. "Oh I know exactly how you feel, I'm here to see the O2L boys, mainly Kian Lawley but he of course has a girlfriend, who is gorgeous" she said and nodded. "I do make Youtube video's but of course I am no way near as popular as all of these people here, I'm guessing you make video's too" she said smiling.

    Connor smiled and laughed. "I think I might talk to them" he said and nodded. "We should walk around, JC, Trevor, Ricky and Sam have gone off, so yeah let's go and walk around and see some of our fans" he said and got up from his chair.

    Will smiled at him. "Yes but you know you love me being crazy about it" he said and shrugged before grinning. "Of course we have to see our Shepsexuals, we need to mingle and talk to them"
  7. "Yeah, I do daily vlogging." Leo nodded with a smile, and turned on his camera, facing it towards him as he pressed record. "Hey guys - guess where I am? Playlist Live! I've just made a new friend - this is Aaila." He turned the camera towards her. "Say hi to my subscribers!" He grinned.

    "Also, I brought loads of those wristbands with us to give out." RJ grabbed the plastic bag he had brought and he stood up. "I miss Dobby though." He remarked about their German Shepherd back home.
  8. Aaila smiled and nodded. "I do more Youtube video's than vlogging, I do sometimes vlog but it's not often, I prefer the whole youtube thing and I guess I'm more comfortable with it" she said smiling and looked at the camera and gave a smile and a wave. "Hey guys, I now know why you love Leo so much, he's such a kind guy" she said smiling and blew a kiss to the camera with a smile and as she wasn't watching where she was going bumped into someone and looked to see it was in fact Kian Lawley and she bit down on her lower lip and trying to not freak the hell out right now.

    Will smiled a wide grin at him. "I'm sure you are more organised than me sometimes" he said smiling and got up himself and put his book back in his bag. "Now did you want me to bring the camera so we can make a video of our time here?" he asked and nodded. "I missed Dobby too but we can give him lots of love when we get back home"
  9. Kian accidentally bumped into someone as he passed. "Oh, sorry." He apologised before he got a proper look at the girl and he was dazzled. "You're pretty..." He breathed, but then regained sense, and he blushed. "Um, I mean, I'm Kian." He extended his hand to her.

    "Yeah, you take the camera." RJ nodded. "I need to take a leak anyway, so I'll meet you back in the lobby." He pecked Will's lips and headed down the hall.

    Leo grinned when he saw the instant chemistry Aaila and Kian had, and he paused the recording, sliding the camera into his bag. "I'm gonna go inside - see you later, Aaila?" He winked, and headed into the Playlist venue, looking around. Leo dug out his camera, and began filming what he saw. "This is so cool! I'm surrounded by actual Youtubers!"
  10. Aaila looked into the gorgeous brown eyes and blinked at what he said and blushed at what he breathed out to her and she was trying not to freak out, Kian Lawley had just called her pretty. She was still blushing and took a hold of his hand, hers shaking a little. "Aaila Jalali" she said with a smile. "Not going to lie but you are who I came here to meet" she said and looked at Leo and nodded. "Buy Leo, i'll make sure to come find you later" she said to him before looking at Kian. "You're really on tomorrow aren't you?" she said and smiled at Connor. "Hey Connor"

    Will looked at him and nodded. "You go do that RJ, i'll meet you in the lobby" he said and pecked his lips back with a smile before walking off towards the lobby and filming a little as he went.
  11. "Yeah, we're on tomorrow at ten." Kian nodded. "So, are you seeing any panels today?" He ran a hand through his hair with a shy smile. This girl was like ten times more gorgeous than Andrea, he thought to himself wistfully. "We're just wandering around."

    Leo turned around slowly, getting a pan shot of the lobby of the building. "Any chance we'll meet-" he cut himself off when he saw THE Will Shepherd only a few feet away. "Oh my giddy aunt, it's him." He breathed.
  12. Aaila nodded her head with a smile on her face. "I thought you where, I will be coming tomorrow as well to see all of you" she said smiling and shook her head. "I was more just going to have a look around, maybe film a little for my YouTube channel while I'm here but I just was going to see who I could meet, but I could go to panels... And now I'm rambling on, sorry" she apologised to him and blushing again.

    Will was just filming himself and showing the lobby before he stopped the recording and looked to see a guy looking at him and he gave a kind smile.
  13. "Oh cool - you do Youtube videos too?" Kian asked interestedly. "What kind of stuff do you do in your videos? Like a specific theme, or just random things?" He slid his hands into his jean pockets.

    Leo nearly squealed when he got a smile from Will, and he shyly waved. The Latino boy pressed pause on his camera, and approached. "Hey. I'm such a huge fan of your videos. I live vicariously through what you and RJ show in the videos."
  14. Aaila nodded her head with a smile. "Yeah I do make YouTube videos, obviously not as popular but I do make them" she said to him. "It's just whatever comes to my mind but sometimes it's to rant to haters that I get, I'm half Pakistani, so I get a lot of hate for that and being muslim, so I just sometimes make videos on telling people about the hate I get and giving advice on it but I do mainly do videos that are similar to yours, just funny, random things and a certain topic"

    Will smiled at the guy who waved to him shyly and as much as he hated to admit it, this guy seemed hotter than his own fiancé. He came out of his daze when the guy came over. "Hey, are you really? Well I would give you a wrist band but I think RJ took them with him, what's your name anyway?"
  15. "I'll definitely check you out when I get online. Here - type in your youtube name, and..." Kian hesitated. "Your number maybe as well? I'd like to keep in touch with you after this convention's over."

    "Leo - Leo Valdez." Leo replied, smiling from ear to ear. "You and RJ are the ones who inspired me to do my own daily videos like you both do."
  16. Aaila raised her eyebrow at what he said. "You would honestly check out my videos?" she asked him and she could literally feel her heart thumping away as he asked for her number and she nodded her head. "Yeah, yeah I'll give you my number" she said and typed her YouTube name in for him first which was just her first and last name and then put her name in his contacts and her number. "Here" she said handing his phone back with a smile. "Now could you just do me a huge favour and maybe say hi to the people who do watch me and prove that I met you?" she asked with a small giggle.

    Will smiled at what he said. "Will, it's nice to meet you Leo, you must have a different heritage?" he asked before smiling. "We like to hear that we inspire people to make videos"
  17. "Course I will. Oh, and I'll give you mine as well." Kian dug a Sharpie pen out of his pocket and scribbled his phone number onto the back of her hand. "I'll see you later, yeah?" He grinned.

    "Yeah, I grew up in Colombia with my mum and dad, who are both from there, but we moved to Minnesota when I was twelve." Leo nodded with a smile. "By the way, I got one of your Addicted t-shirts from the online shop." He unzipped his jacket, revealing the t-shirt underneath. "Where is RJ anyway? Aren't you two like inseparable?"
  18. Aaila bit on her lower lip with a smile as he used a sharpie to write his number on her hand and she looked at it and couldn't believe she had his number. "Thankyou Kian and yeah hopefully see you later" she said and gave his cheek a little kiss before she walked off after realising she had done that.

    Will smiled at what he said. "So you are from Columbia, I'm guessing now still live in Minnesota?" he asked smiling. "I can sign the t-shirt if you want me to and he said he was going toilet but he's been gone a long time now, so I don't know, he said to meet him here"
  19. "Yeah, I live in Minnesota now." Leo nodded. "Mind if I record this?" He held up his handheld camera.

    RJ came over to them. "Hey babe." He greeted Will. "Who's this?" He grinned.
  20. Will smiled at him and laughed. "No go ahead, you can record, I don't mind" he said and looked at his fiancé and smiled. "Hey, this is Leo, he's a fan of ours and we inspired him to make video's" he said smiling.

    Aaila walked along with her handheld camera and smiled at the screen and recorded. "I just met Kian Lawley" she sang with a happy smile and the small amount of people that watched her, knew that she liked him. "He is so sweet and friendly, if you ever get to meet him, then he is such a lovey person and not forgetting he is super cute and good looking in real life, maybe even more in real life than in his video's"
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