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    Basic plot

    The Salvatore family is the most powerful mafia in Italy, for many years they went unchallenged and controlled Italy from the shadows. They weren't an aggressive family, they wanted to rule with peace and so created very good connections with the other larger families, they set up a council where they ruled fairly. But after almost 50 years of the Salvatore dominance a new family arose, they waged war and was as bloodthirsty as a hungry tiger. No one knew where they came from so they took the threat lightly, they sent warnings to the young leader of the gang but they always refused their peace offerings with the words "We're not backing down for anyone!". After almost a year of this the new family, called Abandonato, controlled major parts of the drug industry, some even said that they were capable of taking down the Salvatore's. Many sought to join the new family but the leader refused every single one of them, 50 men was enough.
    The Salvatore's could no longer ignore this threat, they had been on the passive side as the head of the family had fallen very sick. The heir to the family was assigned this mission from the head and so was sent out to eradicate this family... With friendly means of course.

    The heir sent out a request to meet the Abandonato leader and they accepted, they had refused any means of contact until now. They set up a meeting in the castle, which had become the center for all the important people to meet.

    My thoughts:

    So, I'm thinking that the Salvatore heir is a bit of a timid girl, polite and friendly, she's not really made for ruling the mafia and people know that, half of the mafia community supports her and the other half don't. So she has a lot of assassins and stuff after her, but she sees this as opportunity to prove her worth and make everyone proud.
    Now the guy, the leader of the Abandonato, is a slightly sadistic guy with a lot of brains and very little heart. He has something in his background that made him want to take down the mafia, or even take over the world.

    If you feel like another character build-up is better feel free to tell me, i left the story vague for a reason.
    I'm not really sure how it would play out, but i'm thinking it'll start in the castle and then go from there.

    Oh, and btw:
    Salvatore = Savior
    Abandonato = Forsaken

    So anyway, here's the sheet:

    Character sheet

    Spot: [I'm fine with playing either the girl or the boy, so you can choose whichever]
    Age: [I'm thinking 16-24]
    Appearance: [A picture, i prefer anime but realz are fine too]

    -All the basic stuff-
    -When it comes to smut we can discuss it amongst ourselves, I'm not even sure if it'll turn out to be a smutty RP-
    -I accept swearing as long as it fits with your character and the situation-
    -Be creative, no one liners please-
    -Ehm... i think that's it.... yeah, sign ups open! :D-
  2. [I'll make one for the girl too in case you want to apply for the guy role instead, i like making characters :3]

    Theodore Abandonato
    The Guy

    Theodore's family rose from the slums unto a extremely competitive business, families over 5 generations old stood in the shadows, but the Abandonato family wiped out the competition one by one without even flinching. Theodore was on the front lines of this, even more than that he planned the whole thing to every little detail, what move his opponent would do, what he would do to respond. He had at least 50 scenarios in his head for every decision he made. Which is serves as proof for how great his mind is.

    Theodore can go in to a rage for seemingly small things, like the table cloth is put on the wrong way or the wine glass isn't polished properly. Things normal people wouldn't even notice. And it's just not understandable but a bit weird things, it's totally random things for an outside eye, for example he might not care if a waiter spills the entire wine bottle on him but if a fly might have snuck in he'd go ape shit crazy. Of course there's a reason for this but not an obvious one.

    Some might think this is contradictory but it's not, not if you've met Theodore. Rather than playing with other people, like chess, he'll play with the human itself, doing scenarios to see how he/she would react, without their knowledge of course. He'll make you cry for this purpose and not feel anything at all, he'll make you fall for him then dump you mercilessly. This doesn't mean he don't like chess though, he loves chess.

    Theodore loves to put up a show, he loves to play host and entertain. To him the whole world is a stage for him to perform on, and everyone is invited to see the show! It'll include: Fake depression, fake laughs, fake 'bonding moments' and everyone's favorite: Spilled blood! But seriously though, Theodore acts out his entire life like everything was written for him before he was born and he's just acting in out.

    [Antisocial/Lost in thought/Cold]
    If you somehow get so close to him/annoy him that he'll show you this side you'll be surprised, the normally charming/sadistic Theodore is actually pretty reserved. he spends a lot of time lost in thoughts and totally disconnects from reality. He usually has not interest in other people and just sees them as test subjects for his experiment, so there's very, very few people who has impressed him enough to let them be his friend, one of those would be his butler, so he usually put people at a distance so he don't have to bother caring for them.

    [Early years]
    Theodore was born in to an incredibly poor family, his mom had Theodore with a car mechanic which made her parents disown her in disgrace. But Theodore's mom, Bella, knew this would happen and so turned to the car mechanic for support, but he waved her off with the words "It was a one time thing, I have a wife". Left alone and disgraced Bella desperately searched for ways to keep her and her son afloat, she soon had to resort to selling her body. This made her, as so many others, fall in despair which she never find a way out of. Three years after Theodore was born he met his first father figure, a married man that who visited Bella almost every night. The... ehm.. business Bella was running were held in a inn just on the outskirt of a small village in southern Italy, Theodore would sit down by the bar while his mother was serving her customers. This man came early almost every day to have a few beers before his appointment, so Theodore had time to chat with him. One thing lead to another and they started playing chess every day, the big bearded man didn't once win a game "Haha, you got me again!" He would say to joke it off but his interest in the boy kept growing, until one day when he said to Bella "You know, that kid has some real talent. Would you be interested in selling him?"

    [Middle Years]
    Theodore was brought to a giant mansion, the Salvatore headquarter. He was introduced to the head of the family and it didn't take long until Theodore called him "Father". Theodore was scared at first but quickly adapted to his situation, he was treated as a king and taught as a prince. His greatest talents were brought out and his 'flaws' were covered like you cover a pimple with make up. He learned everything a mafia king needed and more, slowly he turned into the ultimate weapon, but it was just that, he was a weapon, made for conquering and destroying, not ruling. Theodore went missing at the age of 15, they told the people that he was MIA but only the highest in the Salvatore family knew the real reason. The head had told him about his doubts and fears, that he couldn't possibly let Theodore rule with his fire. Theodore reacted violently and attacked The Head, but his opponent was able to stand his ground long enough for the guards to come, no one saw Theodore after that.

    [The start of a new family]
    Blinded by the hatred he felt Theodore stayed in hiding for 3 years, he feed his anger with thoughts like "He never planned to choose me anyway! It was always that daughter!" while he started his own family, Abandonato, which means 'Forsaken'. He choose that name for two reasons: He didn't remember his original surname and he couldn't really use Salvatore, plus it seemed fitting. This family was handpicked by him, only the best of the best got a offer they couldn't possibly resist. After three years of planning and recruiting the Abandonato family arose from the slums of Rome, lead by a mysterious young man they took the whole mafia world off guard. They only had one goal in mind and they made sure it was heard: They were gonna take down the council! Small whispers in the shadows could be heard, saying that the young prince Theodore was the leader of this fearsome group and that he was out to kill both The Head and The Heir. Countless messages and invitations came from the council, invitations to join, threats to slay, it didn't matter what was written, Theodore ignored them all. After all this was what he was made for, even The Head said so! He's a weapon of mass destruction, he doesn't share his power with anyone else.
    Finally, after a whole year of waiting he got the letter he was waiting for, the heir herself was gonna come and meet him "this is just too easy" He thought.

    [I'm in a bit of a hurry, i'll fix the bio more later]

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