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  1. So, I finally got round to asking this. I originally planned to do so a couple of weeks back.

    Ok, how many of us are Ticklrs?

    If you are then like this post or comment or in some other way notify me. If you aren't, then I wish to introduce you to the greatest way of wasting time while waiting for people to post IC.
    (or something along those lines. On a mobile where it's a nightmare to find out if I was right)
  2. So it's one of those sites that regurgitates images I've seen on Imgur or Reddit about three weeks ago?
  3. Perhaps. Its usually viewed as a thing that filters out the best stuff, although I have to say, I find stuff tends to be on tickld before other places. By up to 2 months based on an example from earlier today.
  4. I've never actually heard of it before. And, honestly speaking, the post quality there doesn't really seem to be anything special, so I can see why.
  5. Looks like a bad rip-off off tumblr. And by the sound of the name it probably is.
  6. Except that tumblr is an absolute nightmare to use and tickld's just as simple as going to the website and maybe logging in. And anyway, I never said the post quality had to be good, just that it was a good way of wasting time.
  7. The posts have to be entertaining or amusing or what-have-you in order to pass the time. The posts there are just flat-out boring.

    Yes, well done. Now go and sit in the corner with the rest of the 'comedy' websites.
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  8. How is tumblr an absolute nightmare, though? It's, as you say, as simple as going to the website and maybe logging in. To me tickld looks exactly like 9gag (which, btw, was based off tumblr to begin with) which was funny at first but was overrun by immature fuktards :/
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  9. The entire internet is overrun by those type of people. You just have to learn to ignore them. I tried using Tumblr once but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I create an account, and the first thing I have to do is try and find 3 different people that I want to "follow." Which sucks because I went there aiming to find some, not already knowing them. It also appears that one is unable to view any posts without being logged in, and on top of that, people put infernal music and background animations on their pages which serves no purpose but to make me have to pause the music I actually want to listen to in order to turn of the stuff on the guy's page.
  10. I've been there before, and I haven't had to log in to view what I wanted, so I really have no idea what you're getting at.

    What's that? you have to take a whole ten seconds to turn off some music? THE HORROR.
    Seriously, it's annoying, I know. But it's so petty, I'm actually having trouble understanding why you consider this a big enough point to use to attack Tumblr.

    That aside, what exactly are Tickld's merits? I've not seen evidence of it filtering out anything, the posts are about as funny as a hole in the head, and the whole "WE'RE NERDS AND GEEKS PAY ATTENTION TO US PLS" thing is really quite annoying.
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  11. Yes. 10 entire seconds. But when, like me, you skip through hundreds of pages in one sitting, it gets incredibly annoying. Those 10 seconds can build up very easily.
  12. Wait, if you hate Tumblr so much, why exactly were you on it long enough to open so many pages in one sitting?
  13. I use tumblr regularly without logging in. Maybe you had the problem in a previous update or something? Anyway the point of tumblr is to only go to the blogs you like, so you're completely free to just not visit the blogs that have background music or animations. I know I don't.
  14. I was theorising. I didn't use tumblr long enough to get annoyed by it, but I knew that if I had, then it would have. Most of the time I went to tumblr was because me and a friend came to an agreement that I'd find the best stuff on tickld and she'd find the best stuff on tumblr and we'd make a big list of URLs but I couldn't access the tumblr ones without being logged in, and when I did log in, the pages were always stupidly music'd. The worst part is when the gif on the background isn't moving in time to the music.
  15. Wait, so you based that off of a hypothesis? Just let me put that into a different situation for you, so you can see how utterly ridiculous that is.

    "Dave, I took the car for a test drive. It was terrible."
    "Well, every other car in the showroom's going to be like that, obviously. I men, we haven't tried, but I bet they are."

    And, also, you're telling me that you were expecting a gif and music to sync up, when it's hard to get it to happen in anything ever? That's like complaining that you don't like the fact that lions are carnivores.

    Also, I'm seeing no arguments about how Tickld is superior. All I'm seeing is you saying how Tumblr is bad. And getting shot down, might I add.
  16. I would harldy say "getting shot down". Plus, it's nothing like that. Perhaps we should base it on the 5 second adverts at the start of youtube videos? They're half the duration, yet, if you're going to easily get through 10 videos in one sitting, and lets assume it takes 5 minutes to read through a page, that then means that you're exposing yourself to 10 5 second adverts. Some of which may not have a skip ad button, which I am using to relate to the fact that my computer's a piece of shit and every 20 minutes or so it just decides to crash the video aspect for a minute but leave the audio fully operational. That would be enough adverts to drive anyone insane. Plus, why "Dave"? It's such a basic, blank name. Why not something interesting, like "Bob", eh? And it can't be that hard to get video and audio to synch up. It's been done enough times.
  17. Well that's taking Laggy's quote a bit too seriously. Most of the time it wouldn't even take that long if you know how to pause it. And besides, if you're going to scroll through a site like tumblr, 9gag or tickld, why not just mute your sound? Okay, I realize that would be a problem if there's a video post, but it's really not that much of a bother to just press a button. Unlike Youtube videos where you have to wait 5 seconds before you can click, and sometimes you have to sit through 15 seconds without being able to click 'skip'. Also, as Lady said, you don't have to visit the sites with background music, but I totally get it if your friend linked those blogs to you saying they were good.
  18. Perhaps you ignored the part about where you weren't supplying any reasons as to why we should use Tickld, over anything else.Is anyone seeing any arguments supporting it? because I sure as hell can't/

    Are we talking about the Tumblr video player? Because complaining about that's a moot point, the consensus is that it's terrible. And, if unskippable ads bother you so much, why don't you - and bear with me on this one - suck it up, and deal with it like an adult. Ten five-second ads is fifty seconds. That's not even a minute. Besides, if it really bothers you, just mute your computer. Can't hear your own music? Oh no. That's terrible. That totally blows every argument I have out of the water.

    Why are you complaining about the name I used in a hypothetical situation? Are you serious?
  19. No it's not. What i'm trying to say is basically Tickld is very good at letting you waste time without wasting your time, if you see what I mean. And the problem with muting the volume is that sure Chrome now tells you where the unwanted noise is coming from but it doesn't let you mute individual pages and theres less chance of catching me on the internet without playing music than there is of winning the lottery.
    And no, i'm not serious about the name comment. I simply noticed that people use Dave a lot when they ought to put a name but don't need to think of an interesting one.
  20. Then explain how Tickld is good at that, because at the moment, I'm seeing that it's good for wasting my time. Not in the "Ha ha, this is fun" way, but the "I want five minutes of my life back, that was terrible" way.

    If you're not going to be caught on the internet without music, I don't think Tumblr's the problem here. I think the problem's you not being able to survive on the internet without music.

    Maybe you don't realise it, but the sheer irrelevance of anybody's name in that analogy kind of makes it so names don't actually matter in it.
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