VITA 2 Squad: Operation Blackhole Sun (SCIFI RP)

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This is a Sci-Fi RP with elements of fantasy, but not enough to classify it as Sci-Fi Fantasy. You are a member of a small squad that focuses on assassination missions, however it is a multi-purpose unit.

As for the fantasy aspect of the setting, the term Vita is used to deacribe what we'd normally call magic. Vita users manipulate energy, at the cost of expelling their own, in order to accomplish extraordinary feats. It's the energy that fuels your body, so if you use all of it, you can die.

It's important to note that this is a dark RP. If you cannot handle violence, gore, bloodshed, harsh & offensive language, or anything that would typically be considered "TV-MA," (think game of thrones without all the sex), this is not for you. If you are interested, post your Database Sheet here.

The start of this RP will take place in the middle of an assassination mission. The squad is newly assembled, and after months of training together, they are finally sent Ito the field. They are following their strategy for the mission, until complications occur...

Below is the intro to the RP, and how you'll get your Character Sheet template.

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Unit: VITA 2

Status: Active

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The Empire of Earth: A rising power in the galaxy, the Empire of Earth is an unitary parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy. Until a hundred years ago, the monarchy was more of a figurehead of the government than an acting body, but has since taken an aggressive stand in order to keep balance between civilians and the military. The monarchy has its royal family spread throughout the military in authoritative positions.

The Empire of Earth is seeking to continue to spread its influence. It has reached out to war torn planets to colonize & assist native species, annexed planets & solar systems that requested membership, and have forcefully taken territories that violate basic intelligent species' rights. If a planetary government, or smaller, wishes autonomy, the Empire allows it to be an independent nation under the protection of the Empire, in return for goods & services. The Empire has gained many enemies through doing so--primarily the Galleteur.

The Mind of Galleteur: The Mind of Galleteur is the collective name of a hive-mind species of powerfully intelligent beings. The hive-mind was once the top power in the galaxy, possessing almost 60% of known life supporting systems. Ever since the rise of the Empire of Earth, the Galleteur hold roughly 20%. They focus on gathering as much knowledge as possible, believing that absolute control is needed in doing so. The Galleteur have enslaved entire civilizations to progress their search, and have begun to reinforce their territorial spaces with ships to prevent the further spread of the Empire of Earth's influence.
The Republic of Tholamin: The Republic of Tholamin is a new governmental force that was instated after the fall of Draconian Monarchy due to civil war. It's a species-elitist driven government--forcing other species to do slave labor so all Draconians can benefit with a comfortable way of living. The Republic has greatly publicized disinterest in joining the Empire of Earth in any form, and has battled with the Empire on many occasions. The Republic has started changing its laws, allowing forces that ally with it to live freely in the Republic with all the rights of a Draconian--allowing the rise of small bandit-like organizations such as the Red Hand (a band of humans against the Empire of Earth).
Defensive Interplanetary Conservator (D.I.C./Squad Leader): An officer specializing in tactical measures. The D.I.C. is not as face-to-face combat orientated as their squad members, but is the mastermind behind executing missions. They provide fire support, and actively involve themselves in the field. The D.I.C. is adept in mid range combat.

Vita Specialist: As prior stated, the term Vita is used to deacribe what we'd normally call magic. Vita users manipulate energy, at the cost of expelling their own, in order to accomplish extraordinary feats. It's the energy that fuels your body, so if you use all of it, you can die. The Vita specialist is an holds an offensive and supporting role as a combat medic--they use Vita to heal injured squad members, and can use that same energy to inflict harm upon foes. Vita users manipulate energy, which means that they are capable of manipulating electricity, temperature, magnetism and more. They cannot use their abilities as much as they please, and do rely on medical knowledge in the field. The Vita Specialist is adept in mid range combat.

Mechanical Operations Specialist (M.O.S.): The M.O.S. can be thought of as a jack-of-all-vehicles. They can operate any standard Empire of Earth vehicle--including military--with ease, and is quicker than others in learning to operate non-Empire equipment (even in the heat of battle). They act as more of a support role, but can be aggressive when operating in their native environment (a machine). The M.O.S. is less adept at combat than the D.I.C., but more than the Vita Specialist. The M.O.S. is adept in mid range combat.

Shadow Operations Specialist (S.O.S.): The S.O.S. specializes in infiltrating enemy lines, and assassination/kidnappings. They also specialize in poisons, long-range combat, hand-to-hand (or blade) combat, and in stealth operations. The S.O.S. once found their job isolating, but is not working closer with their teammates than ever before.

Combative Engineering Specialist (C.E.S.): The C.E.S. is a military engineer with an impressive history of combat vehicle design, weapons design, and massive weapons design. They are also fluent in demolitions, and is the mind behind getting the squad into heavily enforced obstacles. The engineer was an infantry officer with battle experience prior to their advancement to this position. They are adept at mid range and hand-to-hand combat.
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Unit: VITA 2

Position: Defensive Interplanetary Conservator (D.I.C./Squad Leader); Vita Specialist; Mechanical Operations Specialist (M.O.S.); Shadow Operations Specialist (S.O.S.); Combative Engineering Specialist (C.E.S.)

Place of Origin: (Home planet—Earth is the primary planet for the Earth Empire. However, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Moons of Saturn, Moons of Jupiter, and planets & moons outside of the solar system have been colonized. Feel free to make up a place—within reason—and have info to talk about it in the RP).


Date of Birth: (a month & day)

Weight: (in kilograms)

Height: (in cm)

Hair color:

Eye Color:

Skin color:


Authorized modifications: (piercings, tattoos, prosthetics, facial hair, etc.)


Example of Completed Sheet (My C.S.):
Search result forDick

Name: Harty, Jax Emmanuel

Alias: “Dick”

Unit: VITA 2

Position: Defensive Interplanetary Conservator

Place of Origin: Earth

Weight: 81.64kg

Height: 175.26cm

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Green

Skin color: Tan

Ethnicity: Hispanic & White

Bio:Jax E. Harty is a D.I.C. from the North American Military Space & Interplanetary Forces Academy. Harty graduated in the 80th percentile of his class, but once in the field he displayed great growth as a tactician—to where his superiors overlooked his average combat skills, and had him placed in the Interplanetary Conservator Program. Harty was one of twenty students to graduate from the program with specializations in Defensive Tactics and Military Strategies. The program had an initial enrollment of eighty participants.

Large scale operations experience—D.I.C.Harty headed two planet-wide evacuations due to natural disasters, and managed four defensive measurements against failed colony invasions by enemies to the Empire.

Small scale operations experiences—D.I.C. Harty was recently promoted from Defenses Specialist for Vita 1 Squad to Squad Leader of Vita 2 Squad. The promotion succeeded by a 5-4 vote from the Board of Military Operations, on the basis of his record on Vita 1 Squad. Vita 1 Squad, a unit that specializes in rescue protocols & procedures for P.O.W.s and obtaining highly wanted criminals and/or enemy military officials/others of interest. Throughout his service in Vita 1 Squad, Harty went above and beyond his position to ensure the safety of both his squad and captured/rescued individuals. At the untimely death of Vita 1 Squad’s prior Squad Leader, Harty immediately took the mantle of organizing his squad members during the mission to ensure the capture of an enemy general. Harty acted as Vita 1 Squad’s interim Squad Leader until one was appointed.Those who opposed Harty’s promotion stood on the basis of his average combative skillset, calling him no better than the average enlisted soldier. When it came to a 4-4 vote, the president of the Board of Military Operations, the General of Space & Interplanetary Operations Forces, became the deciding factor.

General appearance: Harty sports a fully shaven head and clean shaven face. He has two scars running horizontal on the left side of his head, above his ears, that go from his temple to his neck (from the mission where his prior Squad Leader perished). His skin is a darker tan, almost a brownish color, and his complexion displays the amounts of physical stress he’s undergone to obtain his position. His face is that of a realistic soldier: not a poster-boy as seen in recruiting advertisements, but a man who’s witnessed death and destruction to the point of mental and emotional baggage. His eyes and eyebrows give away his mood. Though those that initially meet him would believe him to always be in a bad mood, they eventually are able to see past his depression, and understand that his normal expression is that of concern. Hartydoesn’t even realize when he looks concerned, and has accepted it.As displayed by his record, Harty is dedicated to the safety & wellbeing of his squad mates. Although he is the leader of his squad, he does not deter ideas from his squad members. He specifically comprised his squad of those from all walks of the military to make it a successful unit. However, Harty is tough with his team.
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