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  1. "There is no band without a singer."

    "I know. I understand. He promised he'd be here!"

    "He is over an hour late. If you can't keep one man under control, how will you succeed at all?"

    "When he gets here, we'll make it work. I SWEAR, if I have to chain him to me just to keep track of him, I'll do it!"

    "This is your last chance, Matshida."


    Kaera stared down at her cellphone, eyes wide with panic. It was the third time her boss at the Record Label had mentioned a last chance. She was getting the feeling he really meant it this time. Which was a huge pain in the rear, because none of this was HER fault. Stomping around back stage in a fury that made people dart quickly out of her way, even in her little yellow dress and flower petal shoes she looked kind of fearsome. Kaera tried to rationalize. Maybe he was in a car wreck. Stuck in the hospital. Out saving a litter of kittens from a pack of hungry dogs. Any excuse would be okay, as long as it wasn't one of his vague and flippant responses.

    She peeked out of the curtain to set stage. The rest of the band was ready to walk out, if they hadn't already! "Damn you Koichiiiiii." she hissed between her teeth.

    As soon as he got there, she was going to beat him senseless with her clipboard. Then he'd have a REAL excuse for not getting out on stage and singing.
  2. Koiichi zipped pass her in full garb and make-up. The band had started the introduction. First the drummer, YuZu starting out with the base tempo. He is followed be the bass, Kaname, adding depth then the electric guitar, Hitoshi. Koiichi got on stage and started to play the keyboard and the band rocked out as their intro to a song the made up on the spot. The fan were going wild. Koiichi signaled the transition into one of their popular songs. His angelic voice memorized the crowd sending women of all ages into an ovary exploding frenzy. The concert went off without a hiccup.

    It went better than expected. After a few sets they ended and Koiichi gave his fans love and thanks for their support. The fans cheered and fainted, the big wigs were satisfied and everything was well.

    4 concerts done, 66 more to go.

    Once the curtains dropped he walked off stage with a smug smirk on his face as he approached Kaera. It was time to play his favorite game, 99 ways to annoy Kaera. He quick put on a straight face and stood in front of her, "You have something to say?"
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  3. Kaera had a LOT of things to say, but he went and picked the worst possible time. Or the best time. After a well done concert, Kaera was always in a much better mood. She loved the music, excitement and atmosphere of it. The entire reason she went through all his nonsense was to be a part of these concerts.

    She buried her post-concert high and put her business face on. Complete with one hand on her hip and a clipboard being shaken at Koiichi.

    "As a matter of fact, I DO. What makes you think you can get away with last minute stuff like this? Everyone else shows up on time! Do you have ANY idea how much I have to do to make all of this go smoothly!"
  4. He smiled and pat her head, "Thanks, little angry one." he started to walk off, "Did you even eat today?" he said stopping to look at her. He realized that he had been gone all day and that this was there first-ish time seeing each other. The least he could do for giving her a hard time was stuff her face with free food.
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  5. Kaera tried to remember the last time he had ever said thanks. It must not have happened before, because it had her a little baffled. ...And suspicious. There could have just as easily been an ulterior motive.

    "I haven't had time to eat..." she admitted. Normally she'd dun the offer down flat, and accuse him of trying to bait and switch her, or trap her, or something else just as wicked. But after a long day of skipping meals, getting a bite to eat sounded really good about then.

    "Hmm. Are you offering to buy me dinner, Koiichi-san? I miiight forgive you for today if it's a REAL dinner."
  6. "Fine. Whatever your little heart desires." he said waving his have lazily, "Meet me in back in 10. I have to change into something comfortable." he said as he walked into the direction of the changing rooms.

    Is didn't take much time for him to change but he did notice a little bit of blood on his costume. He hadn't had time before the show to treat it. He pulled out his first aid kit to patch himself up. One more scar to add to his strong tortured body. He put on a grey hoodie and black baseball cap and clipped his sunglasses to his hoodie and headed to the rendezvous spot.
  7. Ten minutes was barely enough time to get things squared away. Normally, she'd stay behind and micromanage every single detail to be sure that things were packed up and people went home. That everything was sound and organized. Leaving early was going to be a rare exception. Leaving with Koiichi even more so.

    She had to rush to make her ten minute deadline, so when she arrived, she nearly collided in to Koiichi in the process. Her face was flustered and she was still huffy, but she was too busy trying to pull on her light jacket to make any apologies. Not that she would!

    "The stage crew is taking care of deconstructing everything and the rest of the band are headed out to a party, I think? I'm not sure, people are keeping secrets from me again. But at least they still manage to show up on time regardless of how many women and how many drinks they have." She was still miffed, apparently. With her jacket on, she eyed him again.

    "You look a little stiff. Did you pull something during the show?"
  8. He looked at her as she rambled on, pretending to listen. She sure did have a lot of things unrelated to him to say. He saw that she looked a little dehydrated and reached for his water bottle. She probably hadn't drank anything either. He froze when she asked if he was injury, "Ya, it's not too serious." he tossed the bottle at her, "Drink up and let's go." he said calmly as he walked to his black Bentley Continental GT Speed with tented windows and black leather interior.

    He kept his car spotless and fresh and had a list of rules. First one the list was no eating of drinking not even water was allowed, but he would make an exception to this since Kaera seemed like she was going to pass out at anything. The car started as he got close and he unlocked the car doors, being a gentlemen he opened the door for her.
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  9. Kaera took a sip of water only after sniffing it to make sure he hadn't been sneaking around bottles of vodka disguised as water. Once they reached his car, she was so busy mentally calculating just how much more the thing that was worth than her apartment, her car, and even her, she almost missed the fact that he opened the door for her. This was starting to feel a little unreal, and a bit like a crazy game. Kaera was tired and hungry enough to play along, for now.

    She smiled at him, a bright and shiny one that was never usually cast in his direction and more often given to people she was trying to sweetly talk in to things. "Why thank you, Koiichi-san." she chirped, sliding in to the leather seats.

    Ooooh, this car is too nice. Kaera closed the water bottle and tucked it away. There was no way she would spill something in this nice car. She was almost afraid to just sit in it!

    "If you came to rehearsals, you'd be much more well exercised and the show wouldn't be such a strain on you. Do you need me to schedule you a doctor's appointment?"
  10. He closed the door and slid into the driver's seat. He smile had scared him. He preferred her glare, "no I'm fine." He pressed a button and shifted into drive then zoomed off, "when was the last time you when to the doctor ms.busybody?" He asked as he focused on the road and looked out for cops. He was going ten over the speed limit, not exactly legal.
  11. Kaera shifted uncomfortably in her seat. He wasn't going a crazy speed, but in this car it felt so much faster. She supposed it was the way it was designed and how he handled the wheel. Her hands circled around the seat belt strap at her shoulder and she clutched tight.

    "Um!" Kaera tried to think of her last doctor's appointment. She could even remember and wasn't even sure she had one. "I don't need a doctor, I am in perfect health. You, on the other hand, are always showing up to work with bumps and bruises and scrapes. Aaaaand it's my job to take care of you. I will make a check up appointment." She pried her hands off the seat belt long enough to start fumbling around for her phone. She could put it on her agenda and make the call in the morning.
  12. Seiji snatched her cell and tossed it in the backseat, "Stop working and relax." he scolded her in his usually cool and collected tone. His eyes didn't budge from the road, "You're fired for three hours." he said to lightened his sudden 'out burst.'

    He slowed down a bit to help her relax and turned on the radio to help him relax. There was no way he was going to see a doctor, not with this injury. Too many questions would be asked and to much work would be required to cover it up.
  13. Her precious! Kaera cast a forlorn look over her shoulder at her poor phone discarded in the back seat. Her phone was her LIFE! That had all of her contacts, numbers, schedules, and everything. She tried to reach behind her a grab it back, but it was just out of reach and she wouldn't dare take off her seat belt to get the extra inches.

    Kaera resettled in her seat with a loud huff, turning a narrowed-eyed glare at him. Relax was not something she could so easily do. There was a lot of things to worry about, especially when he was a whole lot of trouble.

    "Fine! I am relaxing. No more working." Kaera crossed her arms, lightly tapping her fingers along with the tune of the music. ...of course, now she was at a loss of what to talk about. She really had nothing to say other than work related things!

    "Hmmm. How can you afford this car? I didn't think the band was paid this much..."
  14. The silence in the car was erie. He could think of with to say. When she start talking he was relieved. An added bonus is then he had an a legit answer to this question, "An inheritance. Money my mother and father left me" he said softly.

    It was true that he had an inheritance though he never knew his real parents. He was raised by the very same corporation that employs him now. With this story he felt that she would pry further since it was a sensitive topic for most people.After all he really did lose his parent when he was very young. He was with them when they died, fuelling his worst nightmares. Though his day job dealt with death he never was a fan if the ambush close and personal assassination.
  15. "I see." Kaera suddenly realized she knew very little about him outside of work. Nothing about his life or his family. Sure, she was aware of the drinking and the girls and the trouble, but that wasn't really knowing a person.

    She was peering at him curiously now. "I don't have my parents anymore either. I think I have family, but I don't really know any of them. It's fine being just me though. You seem to keep me plenty busy enough." Kaera cast him a smile, and this time it wasn't the extra-shiny pretend one, it was a lot more genuine.

    "I suppose this makes you a dark and tortured, lonely soul? Here I thought you had absolutely no idea how to be serious!" She laughed a bit, but that was quickly followed by a yawn she was unable to hold in. If she weren't looking forward to having a real dinner, she might've just asked to go straight home so she could finish paperwork and go to sleep in a few hours.
  16. He stole a glimpse of her smiled and turned back to the road, "I'm not completely alone. I do have you and the band. Alittle dysfunctional but what family is perfect?" he said softly with a rare warm smile. He pulled up to the restaurant and parked, "Okay we're here." He said taking his keys and dropping them into his pocket. The restaurant doubled as a nightclub of the rich and famous. VIP member got special access to the balcony room. The hi-end restaurant on the top of the building, over looking the wild and exciting city nightscape.

    Seiji lead her to the dark dingy alley behind the club where about more intimidating bouncy waited under a single bulb busted lamp. The light was steady for a period but had a fit of flickering that could drive a person mad. Seiji walked up to the caged door and like a spy movie the door slide open revealing a fancy and spotless bright elevator. This was the entrance to the balcony room. A one way trip to keep from the site becoming too popular.
  17. "Does that make me the band's maid?" She certainly cleaned up after them enough. Kaera looked incredibly dubious about the location. It didn't look like a nice restaurant to her. Not being in a back alley like this. The bouncer looked as if he probably killed people for a living. Once they stepped in to the elevator, she was confused and fidgeting. Partially because she didn't like the closed up space, and secondly because she realized he was taking her to one of those posh fancy clubs. When there she was dressed like she was ready for a picnic in a sunny park.

    "I've never been a guest to one of these exclusive places before..." she mumbled. Kaera was imaging a whole lot of sweaty dancing bodies and probably lots of drugs too. That seemed to be the sort of place a rock star would be hanging out at in the middle of the night.
  18. "Maids are family too." he joked and the elevator dinged adding moisture to the dryness of his humor, like he had had an Epiphany. The doors opened revealing a very private and suprisingly, quiet, clean, casual, posche, hi-end hang out. Each guess was giving their own room to eat and play what ever they wanted. Think Classy rich Chuck E. Cheese for adults without the creepy animatronics and a thousand times better. The floor glowed a sterile white and the walls were a full sized aquarium stocked with exotic fish, that could be ordered to be prepared anyway desired.

    A curvy waitress sporting a risque little black dress, accentuating her long legs, walked up to Seiji. Her focus strictly on Seiji. Seiji noticed this and slyly nudged Kaera forward, "You pick whatever you want." Seiji whispered in Kaera's ear.
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  19. When they stepped out the elevator, the place was a lot more posh and bright than she was expecting. The fish tanks were amazing and had her bedazzled for a moment. But then she was nudged forward and Koiichi was whispering in her ear, making her face turn red as she blinked blanky at the waitress.

    "Um...! I don't even know what is on the menu..." she muttered. Kaera couldn't tell if the waitress was amused or annoyed with her fumbling, which had Kaera straightening out of spite. She was the band manager for a very popular visual kei band, she didn't have to be intimidated by fancy places and leggy waitresses when she was temporarily fired for three hours.

    "I will have the house special?" It didn't come out as confident as she was hoping, but it was something. Kaera cast Koiichi a frustrated frown. He was probably enjoying this. Kaera not knowing what she was doing and having full control of the situation was rare.
  20. Seiji snickered behind her the n stepped forward and ruffled her hair, "Shortie and I will take the couples suite." Seiji said putting an arm around Kaera's shoulders and the Waitress giggled and nodded then lead then to a nicely sized private room. The room was dimly lit and there was a karaoke set up pillows for seat.

    Seiji didn't have to order anything. They knew what he wanted, he was a regular after all. Seiji plopped down on a pillow with a loud sigh, "The house Special eh? you must be really hungry." he snickered. The house special was mega portioned Dim Sum dishes be he wasn't going to tell her that. If she could eat it all I'm sure his band mate wouldn't have a problem with finishing her leftovers.
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