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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a roleplay that would resemble a Visual Novel in makeup, with abilities to better and time slots to fill and most importantly choices to make. The difference with the usual visual novels would be that you would really be in control of your character, and could lead them wherever you want.

    As for ideas for settings, I could go the easy way with an academy of some sort or even a run for an important position or I could get more ambitious with the whole life of your character in any setting we may agree on. The plot would be simple at first: do the best you can with what you got, but will become more complicated as we go on.

    So, would anyone would like to plot something out with me?
  2. I love visual novels so I'd be up to trying it if you're still looking. I realize this post is a little older so if not that is fine!
  3. I am still interested. What would you prefer as a setting or plot?