Visits From the Dead?


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On the 6th it'll be my Uncle's Deathiversary! He died when I was 13/14 from AIDs that he got from tainted medication for his Hemophilia. D:

A few months after he died, I had a really weird dream. He stopped by the apartment where I lived to say hello. In the dream I knew he was gone and I was surprised and asked him how he was there. >> And he said he just wanted to tell me that "Everything is okay now. And say Happy Birthday." At the time it was about to be Isaboo's birthday.

Since then, I still have dreams about him where he comes to visit. o___o I always know he's dead and not actually supposed to be there. No one else in the dream seems to notice he's there. The conversations are always short and asking about how I'm doing and letting me know things are cool with him.

At first it really freaked me the fuck out. c_____c; But now I'm pretty used to it.

Have you ever had these sort of experiences? Being visited from lost family members or friends?

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Yes. That happens to me too.


Not really, but I've been the one 'okay' when people have passed on. My mother though has had advice dreams from both of my dead grandfathers. Her mother's second husband, and my favorite grandparent, and my dad's dad.

I'd say more, but I'm getting choked up.

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Never with family members...Closet thing I had was one of the houses I lived in had a ghost from the 1930s. While I was little, it was a very unhappy spirit and smelled like stinky old man coloan.