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Set in a medieval fantasy- and an oblong large continent called Ajora. This land is shaped similar to a crescent, with two large islands to the east. Magic is uncommon, and other races of creatures like elves, and orcs are not commonplace, either. Anything non-human is generally not trusted [and explained in a bestiary below].

What prophets are calling the 'Storm Gate' has appeared over the sea between the mainland and the islands. It's a very large half halo, metallic looking object with black runes inscribed upon it. It is mostly a dark silver and has almost a violet tint to it. Upon it's arrival it is said to have looked like a black hole opened from the sky, and from this 'reverse tornado', the gate lowered, as did thick smog-like clouds. Lightning, grey ash-snow, and heavy winds swirl around the portal slowly, appearing like an ominous hovering storm. Some say that's all it is: a Storm.... Others say that the floating object is a gift of the gods, but most religious seers all around have notified it as a portal to open the hellish dimension of Abaddon and the lands of Gehenna....

each country has a dominant Lord and Lady, and their families reside in the Castles of said country. Each family is loyal to the Monarch. The monarch is declining, and this is causing some turmoil in the decline of the era. Not all have heard of the arrival of the storm portal over the sea. But most will have heard rumor. The Summit of Nations is being held at the capitol.

Your Character- a human, will be from one of these countries. I have left some things quite vague- to give you some creative liberties when you create characters. Feel free to ask me questions, and I may update these descriptions from time to time.

Royal Blue, Yellow, Red
A banner separated into two halves. Yellow background on the left with several red fleur-de-lis like images patterned, and to the right is a blue background with a yellow griffin imprint.
Castle Faneth
Toward the south end of the mainland toward the west. The seat of the continent, the capitol- the Monarch of King Laewyn Grigori is seated is here. All countries below are loyal to the One True Monarch. This enormous City and Castle is seated at the base of a mountain to the north, river to the south, plains to the west and the Sea to the east. This is influenced by a mixture of Mediterranean and English architecture and natural beauty. The current King's health is declining, and some slight unrest is beginning to rise due to this. His heir is a young eight year old who none believe is remotely ready to take the throne. His name is Prince Tarwen. This city is guarded by a group of elite guardsmen from all around the continent. Their armor gallant silvery steel overtop a long surcoat with the Fanethian royal flag on the lower half, to be plainly seen.
This is where the meeting will take place, in Castle Faneth's walls. A beautiful castle with a dark history.

Caravans have been raided by a few elven and orc tribes. Nothing major.

Purple and Gold.
Yellow background with a simple violet crescent in the center, the opening facing left.
Ishtan Al-Hamra palace
This is heavily influenced by middle eastern/North African culture. Skin tones in shades from light skinned olive, to dark skin. Ishtan borders the Medius Sea and sits in the middle of a vast desert that becomes rocky to the west forming into mountains. It's in the center of the eastern continent. The people are under an absolute ruler- Sultan Darzi, however he treats his lawbiding citizens with great care. His name is never mentioned- lest you end up in the dungeons. Polytheistic- similar to pre-islamic arabian mythos.

This country has been largely untouched by the monstrous hordes.

Red, Black, and white.
white flag with a black lion in the middle facing left. red lining.
Castle Nanten
The Nantenland is one of the more 'well-off' lands of the Mainland. Nanten castle is large and has almost a red tint to the walls. On the north-eastern side, and in the middle of a vast thriving farmland. Peaceful rolling hills and small villages, and thinly spread woodlands cradled by small mountains and mines. The castle is much more humble than it would seem, and quite utilitarian. Humble looking homes, peaceful streets, friendly folks, and dark colored castle walls make the city of Nantenland a comfortable place to live. All here are under the service to the Nantenland's Lord Malcom. There is a class divide here, and is rumored to be where the 'Greencloaks', or the 'Forgotten Brigade' group of bandits have began. Monotheistic- mainly Ruvelianism [the major religion].

Hobgoblins, Orcs, and goblins have been raiding caravans, and towns, burning a few smaller settlments.

Blue, White, and Silver.
white flag with a blue lion facing right. silver lining .
Galgaroth Castle
Galgaroth is similar to Nantenland however it sits on the opposite side of the continent. They are on the south western end. The most money sits here. They live on a grassy plain with beautiful lakes and rivers, and seated next to what looks ike ancient city ruins portruding from one of the sprawling grasslands. Grey and white stone shards spire upward, broken rubble strewn across the land. Castle Galgaroth is sat on a hillside. A lake is on the entire gate-side half, and the hill being the other half. Sparkling fountains and clean streets, great marketplaces, and excellent fishing. There is a class divide here, as well. The nobility is incredibly rich. Their bannermen are very well compensated. The commoners are poor, and usually jealous of everything better. Greatly Monotheistic under the Ruvelian religion.

Orcs, Elves, Goblins, and hobgoblins have been staging raids on cities an towns. Caravans are having a hard time.

Green, Gold, and brown.
Forest Green flag with a sprawling golden tree in the middle.
Deepwood Castle
Nemor [often called The Deepwood or Direwood], and Direwood castle is probably exactly what you would imagine of a castle in the woods. A thick walled fortress in the middle of a sprawling thick wood and rain forest. Heavily camouflaged and well protected. The Lord of this castle is 'Lord Barast', and his family are the nobility here. Nemor as a collective are not extroverts by any means, but a cheerful and generous people none the less. Many natural colors are seen around, and there isn't too much money here. Despite this fact, people seem to stay joyful, planting their gardens by their homes nestled in a prairie on the edge of a treeline, or some such thing. They are in the central northern area of the Mainland. Mostly monotheistic.

They have begun to be attacked by some elven and orc tribes, followed by goblins. Nothing large scale yet, but unrest is growing.

Black, Brown, grays silvers.
a gray flag with a black tribal-esque eagle/hawk in the middle.
Misty Mountain Hold
This is located in the snowy mountainous area of the largest island off the East coast across the whispering sea. People call it the drifts, or the misty mountains. They are what you would imagine of a Nordic and Celtic culture. Red and light colored hair and more pale skin. They separate into clans and are very proud of such. These clans mostly pledge loyalty to the Midgard Lord: Kjaren Vargen. They follow their own set of gods most find laughable. Polytheistic.

As of 'Book One', Midgard has been hit the hardest by the evil forces, cornering the last of the population to a few cities in the northeast corner of the island, backing them up to the mountains.

Red, Green, yellow.
light yellow flag with a red and green flower.
Kyuuden Empire
Kubana is the nation located on the long island south of Midgard. This is the smallest village with the most wealth comparative to it's size. These are heavily infuenced by chinese, mongolian, and japanese 'medieval' societies. Angular buildings and very proud people. They are on the island furthest from the sky gate. They are headed by a young Emperor, and warlords below him. They are separated into clans. They also have their own deities, who the masses from the mainland find odd and silly. They have several valuable ores on the island, which is how they make a vast amount of trade and wealth to the Empire.

Monsters called Yaogui and Rakshasa, and lesser mogwai have been causing problems for smaller villages.

Red flag with the Ruvellian symbol in white with gold trim.
Liseria [closed to character gen for now]
The main city is around an enormous cathedral, city name Labados.
Liseria is a peninsular like country that isn't unlike Greece in shape. It is the closest to the island where the storm has come in the Whispering sea. They are on the inside of the 'crescent' shape of the mainland. They are governed by the church, not the Monarch. They are recognized by the Monarch however, and are very tight allies due to the high Ruvelian religious numbers under the Fanethain throne. This is much like a 'vatican' for the masses. The Holy City is heavily guarded by specially trained knights. No one really knows all that much about the inner workings and politics going on here, other than there are Archbishops, Cardinals, and the Bishops that are the faces of the church, their version of the pope, is the Vicar, the High Confessor Kirshoff. The Gate in the Storm appearing is trying to be covered by the Ruverian 'politics'. For this reason, most people across the continents just believe this is a hurricane-like storm that will pass in time. This, paired with the monsters becoming more commonplace and violent than ever- is called coincidence.

Orcs and Hobgoblins have been making life hard on traders and caravans. Though it is rumored that dragons have been seen again here. Though this is likely speculation. . . [?]

There will be MANY fantastic creatures and monsters. This isn't a 100% complete list. Taking suggestions, but these will all exist, and are very likely to be seen within the travels

Dragons- Large winged serpents, and large four legged reptilians. With or without wings. Armor of hide and scales.

Unicorns- Horses with a single horn. It is said their appearance brings luck and miracles, and their blood gives long life and heals ailments. Though killing or injuring one is said to bring terrible curses.

Ogres-large bruting beasts with thick skin. Nearly the height of four or five men, and the strength of many more. These are used as siege equipment and the like. Their skin is reminiscent of a rhinoceros and are odd earth tone colors of greens, grays, browns, and reddish browns. They eat people, and anything else they can get their hands on.

Cyclopes- Nearly as tall as ogres [three men in height], single eyed, less muscular and more humanoid looking. They mainly eat tree foliage and large bovine beasts. Said to eat people.

Griffins large beasts of legend. Body of a lion, head and wings of an eagle. These creatures are enormous [about the size of a semi truck's trailer with their wings tucked], their paws able to smash a man with a single stomp. They are said to be Sentient, but no one really knows since they haven't been seen in ages.

Goblins-small and unintelligent. They have skin tones in the shades of greens and browns. They often wear piecemeal armors and vicious and ill crafted weapons.
Hob-Goblins are human sized but look the same. More muscular and slightly more intelligent.

Trolls These things look like gorillas with spurs/horns/spikes in their skin. They are not as intelligent as goblins, but they are fast, strong, and are very hard to kill. Their regenerative abilities are legendary on their own. Able to re-grow full limbs in days.

Chimera- Large beasts of legend. These beasts are as big as a short bus. The head and front paws of a Lion, the back end of a Goat, and has a second 'goat head' on it's back, the tail of a venomous serpent [spits venom and bites].

Undead- zombies, skeletons, vampires, lich-like creatures, etc.

Harpies: Body and wings of a large bird, the head/bust of a woman

Giant spiders: yup.

Biloko- A child sized humanoid with a face that is adorned with round, bulbous fiery red eyes, and a sharp-toothed mouth that seems too wide for its head. The creature is garbed in leaves or simple clothing, and possesses no hair—patches of grass and moss grow from its skin instead.

YaoGuai- Animalistic demon beasts.

Mogwai- furry goblin-like creatures only found in Kubana.

Elves :[not your beautiful LOTR kind, mind you. They look closer to something out of the near-goblin-looking Elder Scrolls elves. Large eyes, pointy ears and nose, angular faces, sometimes even sharp teeth, and odd skin tones.] They can be civilized, but most aren't. They live in large tribes on the outskirts of the lands, Killing any Non-Elves due to their arrogance and xenophobia.

Djinn: No one really knows. But legends say they are old human sorcerors from times of old who have learned to defeat death.

Ifrit: Fire demon from Ishtan legend. Large beasts with smoke that pours from their bodies. Glowing red-orange eyes, sharp horns, and leathery wings,

Apophis: Serpent demon from ancient legend. Gigantic fanged serpent.

The plot will revolve around a giant evil 'returning'- which would explain why all these creatures are becoming more restless and more commonplace. Hordes of elves and goblins are overrunning cities. Attacking caravans. The like. This evil is akin to a 'rapture' if you will. Only the devout will be 'saved'- or at least that's what is rumored.

The most renowned religion is called Ruvelianism. A monotheistic religion similar to a christian myth, praising the Saint Ruvell as their savior. The other most widely used religion is an older religion of polytheism similar to old pre-islam arabic myths. Midgardians are also polytheistic, with a religion similar to the old Norse gods or paganism. Mages typically pray to 'weird' gods that most haven't heard of, archaic gods of old, or what have you. Their spells and incantations generally come in the form of happenstance miracles, healings, visions.

Our RP will take place toward the end of the summit, where each hero will be chosen or volunteer. Our heroes will be a crew from a conglomerate of allied nations, having their priests foretelling, and seers all see the same vision of prophecy. Our characters will be individuals chosen by each Duke or Lord of each country to accompany them to the summit of nations. There can be more than one per country, no worries. The countries have a summit in Fanethia's "Crown City", the land of the king. They each send a person of merit, each country wanting a piece of the victory.

This Demon's only demise lies in part of the prophecy- finding a single young individual with the 'hidden' power of repelling and closing [or even destroying] the sky gate that will let this chaos god through. The sky gate is a physical gate suspended in the air. At least, supposed, until now.
A dark storm cloud has appeared in between the continents in the seas, and it is rumored that it is where the gate lies. The child is rumored to be hidden in a monestary in the mountains on an island closest to the sky portal. This will be the last objective.

The year is currently 80 AWE. What is 'A.W.E.' you ask? I'M DELIGHTED TO TELL!

Okay. 130 years ago a war began involving two of the biggest influential countries and their house lords. It was the Fifty Years' War. This was a large event for the countries, that made them really what they are today, so they started basing a time frame called Before War's End, and After War's End.

Here's a Mini Time-Line
50BWE- The War Begins.
  • The beloved King Faneth has died of an illness in his late thirties, Leaving his Widowed Queen with a newborn baby boy to rule. After her husband's death, she started to become mad with power that rested on her shoulders. She wanted her young prince to take the throne himself when he was old enough to take the throne, that way she could basically rule by telling him what to do. Her policies were very paranoid and shrewd, and after a few months morale was already falling apart.
    It was decided by the council of Noble Houses that they would appoint the House lord of Nantenland as the King. Though the Queen's staunch supporters, Galgaroth would have none of this. The Queen was his sister, and they would keep her in the throne, that way Galgaroth received power as well.
    This obviously did not go over well, and the arguments carried over to the battlefield between Nantenland's house lord and bannermen, ans Galgaroth's house and loyal bannermen.

25 BWE-- Nemor becomes a Country.
  • Twenty five years after the war had begun, and reached a climax point- The lords of Nantenland asked one of their most loyal Bannermen to run a mission. Gathering some of the best rangers of House Barast, and their supporters, the Lord of Nantenland asked them to sneak behind enemy lines, cross the mountains and raid Castle Galgaroth itself as it was currently unprotected due to the Lord Galgaroth being on the battlefield. They were to slip in under the cover of darkness, and murder the queen and her young 25 year old son, as well as any other galgaroth civilians and guards that saw them.
    Outraged, house Barast denied the mission, and risked being seen as traitors to their oath to protect and serve the Lords of Nantenland. They gathered their own supporters- which were many, and left Castle Nanten a few days later and went home to their Direwood. They seceeded from Nantenland all together, being tired of being used as blunt instruments, and asking too much. They would have none of this and become self sufficient from the House of Nanten. They create the country of Nemor, and become un-involved with the war.

30 BWE- The Prince Dies
The young prince Faneth's health begins to drastically fail, appearing to be pneumonia. He passes in his sleep, and the Queen becomes more mad. Galgaroth still supports the Queen, so that they may take over. Nantenland will still have none of it.

Nantenland, despite on the losing side, starts taking more mercenaries from Ishtan, funding Ishtan quite a lot of coin. [/list]

5 BWE House Grigori Fame Emerges
  • A young knight from Galgaroth's House Grigori starts gaining fame after several wins against the Nanten army. He never loses a battle, and gains several of Galgaroth's bannermen's support.

0 AWE- War's End
  • House Grigori's leader's elite force cuts a swath through the battlefield to a fort near Nanten Castle; where the Nanten Lord is.
    He comes into single combat with the house lord, and convinces them to lay down the sword. They all have lost too much, and needed to return to the negotiation tables.
  • Seeds of the Future Forgotten Brigade are created when the peasant and lower class soldiers are denied their compensation for the war in Galgaroth and Nantenland.

  • After spending a year within the Crown City negotiation table, Grigori falls in love with the Queen, as they both are in their mid sixties and spending time together. He marries the queen and becomes Regent, ending the 800 year reign of the Faneth family.

5 AWE King Laewyn [the current king who is on his death bed] is Born

8 AWE A Rebellion begins from Nantenland's soldiers and from other parts of the continent who still feel Nantenland should have the throne, as well as being furious that their families haven't been compensated for their losses. Anti- Noble movement, basically. This is a surprisingly large army lead by an unknown figure/s. They are mostly against violence- but see it as the only way. They are like anarchists who prefer to eliminate the class struggle by eliminating the (corrupt) nobility.

23 AWE Prince Laewyn CRUSHES the rebellion in combat that has reached the Faneth and crown city borders. He gains much support from this, and a band of bandits and terrorists are born from the aftermath, calling themselves the Forgotten Brigade.

30 AWE King Grigori Dies, and Laewyn takes the throne with a wave of support from all around.

80 AWE- [CURRENT] The gate shows up. Attacks from Orcs, hobgoblins, and elves- as well as many other creatures are increasing exponentially. Full armies are being formed of these evil creatures and sieging the cities.

King Laewyn Grigori has called all the Countries' leaders to attend the Summit of Nations to discuss the pressing doom on all the countries.
[tab=Rules]I'm not going to list common sense ones that exist in roleplays en-mass.

  • don't use outlines and tables when posting IC.
  • Post in the IC at least once every 7 days... Myself as GM- I do not normally post on weekends, as a heads up.
  • There will be no posting 'order' per-se, but try not to post again until everyone in the group has posted.
  • The OOC thread is in the tab labeled: 'Thread'. Feel free to post at your leisure any questions, updates, comments, concerns, hopes, dreams, you name it xD. I'm open to new ideas and love suggestions. Or just general chat :)
  • If you are unable to post within seven days(and not communicate with myself or the group): I will NPC passively as your character as needed. If the group is in combat, I will either have them wounded and retreat, or do some basic stuff to survive. If you become a repeat offender- I may kill your character- or send them off somewhere. This is for the sake of fluid role play.
  • Combat stuff is explained below
Character Sheet:
  • Keep things in the realistic realm for your character. Yes- even the best of swordsmen can be overwhelmed fighting two or three people at a time.
  • Magic is contained- if you have any knowledge of this- it will only be potion making or Apothecary [healing solves, tonics, stimulants, downers, the like.]. Magic 'spells' can be a thing down the line- but not for a while.
  • Keep images in spoiler tags please :)
  • If you wish to create a lord of one of the countries- PM me.

Character Sheet
To be posted in the Thread, so i can then add to the cast list when accepted. I will post up a character soon if you are curious on what to look for and expect.

Name :

Appearance: Give a detailed appearance here. Clothing worn, as well as general physical appearance. This will also encompass the typical 'age' section you would typically see, and equipment- as well. If you feel you must post a photo make sure it's a manageable size, and enclose it into a spoiler tag.

Hails From: Which Country/Duchy is your character from?

Biography: Include a brief biography. Also let us know why your character was chosen to attend the Summit with your lord. Word of the wise- the ones chosen are also being used as emissaries and ambassadors of their people. Keep this in mind that this is also a political quest as well as a quest to find the root of evil.

Fears: Yep. Fears...'Afraid to use his sword', or 'doesn't like anything that flies', 'Fire', ' sort of thing. Give me something to use against them >=}

Goals: Hey c'mon. Everyone has a goal. Of course it will involve finding the root of all the invasive evils. Add something like 'showing my people I am worth their choice', or 'protect X person during their journeys'. Maybe even 'find a harpy and strangle it to death' who knows. Doesn't have to be long at all.

Instinct/Modus Operandi Yup. Put in the character's base instincts. Like, drawing their sword on the first thought of danger, or never delaying, something that will be important to their actions, and another driving force in who they are personality-wise... Keep this fairly short.

Major Skills: Small description of their major talents. Cooking, speaking, languages, geography, science, archery.
Combat Situations
Combat situations will be a reality. Especially later on down the road, after our adventurers volunteer themselves to go along with this perilous journey.

Combat will be turn based for the most part, and I will give some details about how things are going to go in the OOC thread before things happen. For larger encounters with important people, or creatures, I will be NPC'ing them like characters, so I will not allow auto-hits unless previously arranged. All of the enemies i will be piloting will act and react in a manner that is consistent with the setting.​
  • Please know that I don't carry personal vendettas, and i make decisions based on the reality that the story is based in. If your plan is to walk up to a sleeping dragon and smack it in the head- you should actually just plan on being eaten :P.​

This also means character death will be a reality. However, if your character happens to be on the receiving end of an elvish arrow to the throat- or a dragon's bite- I will allow a few things. If you're really wanting to proceed with that character- we may find some sidequest for a resurrect if the other members of the party IC'ly and OOC'ly think it's alright... or i will certainly allow you to create new characters to step in. Due to the nature of the main quest of going country to country meeting new people and rallying for support- this will be the easiest way to implement new characters.

[tab=Cast List]
This is where I will place accepted characters.

Hailing from the country of Nemor-
Valkirus Fenswill
[Deathwatch 101]

Hailing from the country of Galgaroth-
Silas Morningstar
[A Clockwork Tangerine]
Ser Haldan Foloth

Hailing from the country of Midgard
Smarbjorn Thurgrulson

Hailing from the country of Fanethia
Elin 'Star'


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Yello posting here on the OOC - Im thinking of a Nemor Character atm

A Clockwork Tangerine

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Ah, good to see this up at last! I shall be working on a character, likely from Galgaroth. I'm a sucker for ancient ruins. =P


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You left out the most important part of character creation regarding factions.. Colors and flag, Actually It would help to have a short summary of things that all of the kingdoms have and possess.


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You left out the most important part of character creation regarding factions.. Colors and flag, Actually It would help to have a short summary of things that all of the kingdoms have and possess.

It's been there in the interest check thread [The World] spoiler tag, as well as the 'Overview' tab: check the geography spoiler tag.

What do you mean about summarizing things the countries have/possess? If you mean like other locations within the countries, i've left this fairly open so you guys can name hometowns and villages the way you want- if you want.

(edit: Spelling)
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Spectre did you get my mail ? im new to the site so im not sure if it worked ?


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Spectre did you get my mail ? im new to the site so im not sure if it worked ?

I sure did. Sorry! I read it at work and will be reading again shortly to give you my thoughts. From what i remember there weren't any issues but want to double check.


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Name : Valkirus Fenswill

Appearance: A rather pale young man of the age of 22, though his hair is kept rather short, he does have a slight level of facial hair of around 5mm and pitch black colouration, his physique is rather thin weighing roughly around 9 stone in body weight and at a height of 5ft and 11 inches.
When wearing his clothing, he dons while exploring or out in the wilderness, it consists of a leather jerkin and leggings with metal plates woven inside its layers primarily around the vital organs, his quiver is kept at an angle at his waist.

Hails From: Nemor

Biography: Valkirus is one of a number of apprentice Rangers under a well-respected Noble Ranger of Nemor, Valkirus was one of a number of apprentices brought by Lord Barast to the summit, such a summit was a perfect opportunity of the Apprentices to show their ability at analysing different people to see if they can notice not just physical signs of there body that they are hiding something but from their voices and sounds they make.

Fears: Storm Surges (When the animals and birds leave something big is going to happen)

Goals: Coming back alive with anything of use for the Kingdom of Nemor.

Instinct/Modus Operandi: Pull back and analyse the Situation, for this is what allows you to survive.

Major Skills: Valkirus specializes in the arts of survival, having developed an advanced knowledge of Flora and Fauna of the lands and those that can be the most useful in treatments or those that are dangerous, his secondary specialisms are those of pathfinding, tracking and analysis.

Maniacal Magpie

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Aiming to get my character sheet up tomorrow at some point. I have a couple of different ideas bouncing around but I'll settle on one soon and post it up. :) Weekends are hectic for me, otherwise I'd have had it up sooner.


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Aiming to get my character sheet up tomorrow at some point. I have a couple of different ideas bouncing around but I'll settle on one soon and post it up. :) Weekends are hectic for me, otherwise I'd have had it up sooner.

No rush! Enjoy the creative process :)
I generally don't post on the weekend either.

Also- I wanted to make this clear, as I'm not sure I have: Each character is going along with their nobility to this giant important meeting. They don't actually know about this journey they're going to embark on. They just think this is a meeting to talk about the continents state of affairs, not realizing how bad things are getting, and how many villages have been razed, and people slaughtered.
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Name: Silas Morningstar

Appearance: At 24 years of age, he stands six feet tall and weighs roughly one hundred and seventy pounds, most of which is lean muscle as he has a fighter’s build. He has blue eyes and auburn-colored hair that is short in the back and longer on the top and sides to frame his face. A small, hook-shaped scar runs across his lower lip and chin, and a slightly longer scar runs horizontally across the top of his left forearm. When on a job, he wears a combination of leather and metal armor that provides protection but isn’t as bulky as traditional knight armor. His chestplate is white and silver with the blue lion facing right in honor of the country he serves.

Hails From: Galgaroth

Biography: Silas grew up at the lower end of the wealth spectrum, as his grandfather, Joseph, lost much after the war. The unfairness instilled in Joseph a great anger and hatred for Nantenland, as well as some bitterness toward his own country, and he raised his son, Mikael with these beliefs too. Silas tried to keep an open mind despite all this, but the bitterness eventually seeped in. As a boy, he started adopting his father Mikael’s attitude, though remained loyal to his home and his people, never wavering in that regard. Mikael used to say that perhaps the Forgotten Brigade had the right idea and that a little recompense for all they’d lost was more than fair. He’d say he was joking afterwards, but Silas wondered. As the boy grew into his late teenage years, he began to wonder about a lot of things. Then one day, the old man finally lost it. Joseph died, and Mikael attacked a man visiting from Nantenland in his misguided rage, spewing bigoted atrocities like a lunatic. Rumors about the Morningstar family had already been spreading amongst the townspeople. They knew about the family’s unstable nature and unpatriotic attitude, but none of them had suspected this. What they did expect was for Silas to take his father’s side in the fight. The young man surprised everyone, however, by knocking his father to the ground and helping the injured visitor. Silas’s actions that day were like a double-edged sword. His father fled Galgaroth (and thus the penalty for his crime), but new opportunities abounded. People were more willing to give him a chance. Even nobles, who knew a ‘cause’ when they saw it, began hiring him for odd jobs such as guarding their caravans. Aside from one incident, his reputation for honesty and loyalty eventually reached the ear of the advisor to Lord Galgaroth. An important summit was being held at the Crown City, and trustworthy bodyguards were needed to escort the caravan. Humbled and honored, Silas accepted, unaware of what awaited him at Castle Faneth.

Fears: Due to an incident as a child where he was almost buried alive, Silas has a lingering fear of dark, enclosed spaces, and to some extent, spiders, as they found him in that darkness when he was young and terrified him.

Goals: One of Silas’s goals besides fighting off the evil and making his country proud is finding out what happened to his father. Alive or dead, he just needs to know. He also wants to find out the truth behind the fire that killed the previous Lord Galgaroth, but that is something he will likely never know and just needs to accept that fact.

Instinct/Modus Operandi: Because of how he grew up, Silas is always aware of his surroundings, almost to the point of hyper-vigilance. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and never get caught unaware. He’s always ready for a battle. It has saved his life, but can be a tiresome way to live.

Major Skills: Silas has grown handy with short and long swords, knows many travel routes between Galgaroth and other countries, and is fairly accurate when finding out what time of the day it is and what direction he’s going. He can also make basic healing pumices and wraps, a skill he learned from an old man during one of his caravan guard runs.
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I've added both characters to the Character list. I will post a character for myself depending on what country doesn't get any PC love. hehe.

@Maniacal Magpie and @Edward , no rus- but any thoughts on where your characters will hail from? I don't care if you choose to come from the same country as others or anything. I'm just curious.

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I think I'm done now, sorry for the long delay in getting this up. If there are any problems, issues or questions please let me know and I'll fix it. :)

Name: Alyssa Lockwood

Appearance: 22 years old. She has blue eyes and jaw-length black hair which she sometimes ties away from her face with a strip of leather or a dark blue ribbon. She is around 5’5” tall and built small and slender.

She prefers simple clothing over finery and her usual attire consists of a white or pale blue shirt/blouse and narrow skirts with as few frills and ‘figure-enhancing’ accessories as possible. When able (usually when alone, riding or travelling) she will choose leggings or breeches instead of skirts. She wears two gold hoops in her ears, a gift from her mother, and a silver star pendant set with a blue stone on a chain about her neck.

As a scribe she is rarely seen without ink stains on her cuffs and wrists with small scribblings and notations often etched there in a hurry.

Hails From: Nantenland.

Biography: Alyssa was born the second daughter of a relatively prosperous merchant family. As a child she was something of a trouble maker, possessed of a curious and inquisitive streak that led her more often into trouble than not. She was prone to escaping from both tutors and chores, sneaking away from the watchful eye of adults to run with less savoury children of the streets. From her ragged friends she learned all manner of ill favoured tricks, some of which were laid aside as an adult, whilst others, such as knife throwing, remain unconventional interests.

After being caught with her unsavoury street friends for the last time (many of whom made their livings cutting purses and picking pockets), her mother finally arranged for her to be tutored in a more secluded environment where such distractions would be harder to come by and her tutors people who would put her curious and inquisitive intellect to some good use. As a second daughter with three older brothers she did not stand to gain much of anything from the family business save the prospect of marriage and, her parents reasoned, whether she chose to be married or to follow her own path an education would not hurt her prospects any.

From the age of eight she was tutored in literacy, numeracy, history and art at a small Church owned private school into which her relatively wealthy parents were only too happy to pay for her go. She was a quick learner, but the high walls of the school were only a little more challenging to escape from than those of her family home, and the penalties inflicted by irate tutors only slightly harsher than those of her mother. However, as she grew older her motivations and desires began to change, old friends disappeared, left or were arrested and (in one case) hanged, and she began to understand the outcome of that particular path a little more - enough to know that she did not wish to follow it.

She began to throw herself into her studies and while her frequent expeditions continued she avoided the company she once kept and focused instead on watching the shipyards, making rooftop sketches or smuggling herself into taverns to listen in on talk there. Gone were the days of running with ruffians, playing games of chance in secluded alleyways or hiding in dusty corners picking over trinkets with quick fingered thieves.

She joined the court of Lord Malcolm Arafor at the age of fourteen, serving as an apprentice to the court scribe. It was a choice she made for herself, disdaining her family’s desires of a suitable marriage, to forge a life of her own choosing with the education so well provided for her. However, even as a young woman she still retains her habit of sneaking away to explore the nearby town. Always she is careful not to be seen there as a girl, but in the guise of a boy with short shaggy hair and small wiry frame. And if someone does take too long a look or develop too deep an interest? There is always her skill with a knife…

Fears: Deep water - specifically wells. As a child her tutors used to spin stories of the creatures that lurked beneath the dark surface of an old well which sat on the school property and frequently threatened to throw disobedient children down to feed them. The tales had little effect on Alyssa’s habits but they did lead to some rather vivid and terrifying nightmares which came with a sense of fear that has been hard to shake even as an adult. Wide expanses of water where the shore cannot be seen, especially at night, have a similar effect.

Goals: To build a life for herself independent of her family’s fortune and to make a name for herself as an artist, even though she lives and works as a scribe.

Instinct/Modus Operandi: Hates being confined and will almost always look for a way to escape (whether that be actual confinement or simply looking for the ways in and out of a tavern room or away from company). More inclined to try to seek a diversion and sneak out of a situation than fight directly.

Major Skills: Drawing and sketching, good memory and observational skills (especially when it comes to layouts and directions), good at climbing and sneaking in and out of places, knife throwing.
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Fantasy is my #1; I will give almost anything a chance if it has strong fantasy elements. Post apocalyptic, superhero, alternate history, science fantasy, some supernatural, romance, and a few fandoms (especially Game of Thrones) are also likely to catch my eye.
This looks neat, but you don't have anything saying whether it's open to join or not. Are you accepting random joiners, or are you limiting it to the folks you tagged in the second post?
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Sorry all. Been a long long weekend and I generally don't post on weekends so I've been a bit off.

This looks neat, but you don't have anything saying whether it's open to join or not. Are you accepting random joiners, or are you limiting it to the folks you tagged in the second post?

Currently this is closed off. However if I do not hear from some of the people as far as creating characters, I will let you know. I plan to get the IC rolling by mid-late week. I think when I get to my laptop I can take a wider look at how many people are here and will actually stick to it, and give you a better idea. For now, though, keep an eye on your inbox, I will be in touch soonly.
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Because I got bored. This I going to be a secondary character, and will likely be in a planned subplot involved in furthering the major plot. I will actually recruit a few of you for that as well, but a lot depends on the RP. :p

Name: Ser Aeron Sedolfus

Appearance: Aeron has medium length brown hair pushed back. He has thin eyebrows, and big, sad looking brown eyes. He is well groomed and cleanly shaven, not that he necessarily needs to shave often, due to his young age. Aeron is young for his status- Appearing to be a mere 18 or so.

Being the son of the legendary Templar Ser Sunder Sedolfus, he was trained at a young age in the sword until he was able to take his vows as a Knight to uphold the Ruvelian Church. He wears that which is typical of a Templar Captain. His plate armor is a light golden color. Overtop his armor he wears a long crimson tabard with golden stitching and trim. It has a hood, and It's long enough to reach his ankles on both the front and back. He wears a thick brown leather belt around his waist that holds his longsword. The sword appears to be quite cumbersome, though he wields it to devastating effect. He doesn't normally wear a helmet, but has an ornate one in the shape of a lions head.

Hails From: Liseria

Biography: Born to a devout family under the Sedolfus name, Aeron grew up in a pious environment. His father was the legendary knight Sunder "Leo" Sedolfus (known for being a dragonslayer- literally) and Aeron was trained since he could hold a wooden sword. As soon as he was old enough to prove himself for service upholding the Ruvelian Church, he did. He was one of the most promising young members, and was groomed for command. He took apprenticeship under his father, as well as the other swordmasters in the Ruvelian capitol. Always staying up to date with his studies in the church, as well as training with his father, and private inner-circle templars.

Despite his young age, he is gifted with the sword, and is said that it is un-natural the things he can do with his weapon. He has never shown it in public- and his father has made large efforts to conceal their secrets, but it is said that the heavy blades they use in combat are enchanted.

Despite his upbringing, Aeron is not arrogant. Sometimes he can be forward- and seem selfish and rude, but he usually has good intent. Very well mannered, generally respectful to new people, and calm and collected. He seems to be a bit of a brooder at times, but at best- he is great company.

Fears: Intimacy. He is a very private person with reason. He is also afraid of his father, and fire.

Goals: To prove himself to his father as a capable warrior.

Instinct : Stand and fight. A chivalrous type who wants to die sword in hand, or of old age.

Major Skills: Knowledge of religion, laws, and dangerous creatures. Also swordsmanship.
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