Visions of the Storm [3/5]

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Just wanting to drop this here.
Started with a healthy interest, then as usual, RL pops up, and people drop like flies. I'm a very active GM and love an active group, but am struggling to get people together :P.

The IC has started to be fair to the ones who stuck around, but I am still looking for two more dedicated roleplayers.

As summarized as I can get:

I've got a mid-low darker fantasy kicking off. It's planned to be a deliberately paced [1 post per week from the players at least] thread.
-- you'd be playing a character from one of nine kingdoms who venture off to learn about- and stop, a growing monster-y threat. It's a pretty basic storyline on the surface, but plan to not make it so beneath the surface.

There will be plenty of action and adventuring about- as well as politics and discovering lore.

If interested, take a look HERE as this is the overview and OOC thread.

Please let me know if you have questions, either here or feel free to drop into my OOC if you'd like!
Not open for further replies.