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VISAGE & VENEER- The Carnival Plot

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LadyeBurd, Sep 8, 2012.


    This tale is about the carnival, Visage & Veneer - that seems to be run by talented entertainers who have won the hearts of many for generations. Some say that they have been around for longer than that. But this is good for them, rumors fit the bill for those who hold deadly secrets.

    It turns out that Visage & Veneer is a clan of gypsies and misfits. They travel around the world to entertain and trick people to work in their carnival for forever. But this is good, you will be forever young.

    When you are captured, you never die or grow old. The hype is that you experience all of the crazy things and live the life you want - full of danger, excitment, and pleasure. But you can never leave.

    It turns out that Visage & Veneer will be visiting the tiny state of Delaware. Middletown High's student body is jumping out of their seats to go Halloween weekend. They're surrounded by cornfields and cows. Anything exciting and dangerous is welcomed with open arms.

    * RP Between Layne & LaydeBurd