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  1. I have a virus on my computer that's infected my web browsers to pop-up ads. Except, oddly, those pop-up ads don't occur on YouTube and Iwaku, which are the two main places I frequent on the Internet when not doing research.

    So I have a virus that gives me selective pop-up ads. Apparently Iwaku is not good enough to trigger them.

    Figured it'd be worth a giggle while I sit here, bored out of my fucking skull as I run a full scan. For several hours.
  2. You could also try ADW cleaner from (though I'd advice unchecking any software it finds on your computer that you know isn't harmfull/don't want removed for whatever reason) that program works like a charm for that sorta thing o-o
  3. Ya' need to lay off the porn, bruh.

    Everyone knows weird porn leads to even weirder viruses.
  4. *eye squint*
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  5. I'd love to, if that wouldn't pop up a billion shitty ads asking if I want a dick large enough to make an elephant blush. :rotfl: I'll keep it in mind for later though.

    Bruh, everyone knows that there are safe places for weird porn your imagination is always better for that sort of thing and I wouldn't know what you're talking about!

    Although in all seriousness the virus managed to slip in through a backdoor in Adobe Flashplayer which is why it's fucking the web browser and nothing else.
    I realize how it looks but I was legitimately reading up on Han Dynasty-era Vietnam when I suddenly got an ad asking if I'd like to mail-order a Chinese waifu. So.
  6. That's what I told him, too much porn. But when a man is lonely you can't really blame him, can you?
  7. ...So you said yes right?
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  8. Obviously. My Chinese waifu will go right beside my Russian waifu.
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  9. I once got an alert for malicious things on my computer. Cue full scale panicking while I run a full scale scan. Five hours for one thing. GDI

    Have you seen that one video where this guy puts all these viruses on an old computer?
  10. Be careful brah, multiple waifu will ruin your laifu.
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  11. Yeah, we don't need a sequel to School Days.
  12. No, and if it's on YouTube I could see it. Feel free to share.

    As for panicking? I know it hasn't compromised anything of real use. The worst possible loss I could have is my steam account, and that's only if I'm hit with a keylogger. Keyloggers are the kind of viruses you usually have to invite via Trojan Horse, so I'd have to fuck up pretty hard (or someone would have to really hate me) to get hit with that.

    Beyond that? This computer could sink and I'd lose a few memorable pictures and incomplete texts. The horror.
    Are you kidding? Get them in an arena and place bets on the Internet over who would win. Winner gets a wedding ring equal the amount of money bet in. Zero cost to me and I keep the STRONGEST BODYGUARD WAIFU.
    Chris Hansen is watching you in your sleep...
  13. He's watching a teenager sleep? He might need to take a seat.
  14. Ahhh, imagination. Where I can safely indulge in my transgendered-midget-loli fetish without anyone judging me....

    I would have suggested buying a hooker and some drugs, but okay.

    Wait, man, too many waifus will ru-

    Oh god dammit!

  15. You may be monitored by a certain group of federal officials if you pull a stunt like that.

    School Days!! 2015!​
  16. Not if he puts it on youtube as a movie.
  17. Har.

    Anyway, purged it manually since Avast failed to find it but Malwarebytes did. System is clean. I don't have to be bored now.

  18. Stop looking at porn dude

    Less ad ware
  19. That's cause we're too awesome for pop ups :D Not even viruses can trigger them MOHAHHAHAHHA
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