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Swifty Willownall

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Okay, so, a long time ago when I was on Iwaku, I was in several RP's like Legacy and FoR and stuff. One of the RPs I was trying to host was this...sort of, virus/zombie kind of RP but I went emo and left...SO anyways, I wanted to try and get it going again. You as the players get to go in as sort of like the..."S.W.A.T." forces, I have to think up of a name. But you're sent in to find out why people are dieing, what's causing it, deal with the problem, etc inside of this giant complex. Is anyone ineterested in this? ^.^
Like Killing Floor? The British solution to Left 4 Dead?
I actually have something just like this running, i posted it a few days ago and I finished getting the system up for it. Whether i use it or not or just run it as a normal online RP and take out the dice roller is still up for toss.
I mean your idea is just like mine, big complex, except i'm not using a different group, i'm using actual military people, and the facility has been in lockdown.

I mean take a look, they're pretty much the same thing. lol
I love Zombie killing rps. I'll check it out at it when you get it up. I have a character I always use in Zombie/ Apoc rps, but i could change him a bit to fit in with the whole "Swat" aspect.
Is there an IC for this or has interest for the rp hit a lull?