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    In the summer of 2015, six months after the initial outbreak, a group of people survive in the outskirts of California. Some have been there since the start, others are yet to find their own place, but they are beginning to become like a family. It's hot and the threat of infection is high. Yet, the group remain strong and continue to fight for their own lives.

    "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival."


    Jack Bauer - Abby Sciuto - Leonard McCoy - Steve Rogers - Jack Sparrow - Frank Castle - Mundy - Dinah Laurel Lance - Slade Wilson - Bruce Wayne - Will Graham - Rory Gilmore -
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  2. Even though she had only been there three months, Abby had already formed bonds with the group. Even though nobody was the leader, and they lived in a democratic group, Abby looked at Jack as a leader. However, he was more like a father than he was a dictator. She also found McCoy to be like a grumpy uncle, but she enjoyed his company. He was a doctor afterall. Will was probably the person Abby related to the most, since they both could talk about their lives in criminology and could talk science a lot. He was almost as weird as her. Abby found herself close to Rory aswell, and they had formed a sisterly bond more than anything. People like Slade, Mundy and the other Jack, Abby didn't know as well. Captain Jack was an oddball and she could tell he annoyed Jack. Slade was a brilliant hunter and proved to be as badass as he looked. Steve and Laurel had only been with the group a few days, but Abby made them feel welcome.

    "Do you think it's bacteria or fungi or a virus?" Abby asked out of the blue as she strode up behind Will. Her hair was greasy and didn't look all that good, and her lab coat was now stained brown, but she managed to keep a smile on her face. She kept in the shade and watched the fences that she could see. "I reckon its a bacteria.. Or a virus!" Abby managed to sound happy about it, but it was her only defense mechanism. She smiled at Will, trying to converse about science while they still could.


    As far as he could see, Jack couldn't spot a zombie in the vast desert like area. His forehead was shiny with dirt and sweat. For now, he'd take a small break from pacing the fences. If anything got in, then their safehouse would be destroyed. Jack wiped his eyebrow away and put the knife back into his holster. He felt like he was loosing it a little, since the heat was making him pant like an old man. He found Steve and Sparrow conversing. Steve had only been there a couple of days, but he had already proved to be valuable and trustworthy. "Could you two just watch the fences for a while? I'm gonna go and see whats going on the other side." Jack nodded. Sparrow was also useful, but he managed to be a little tipsy at all times. Not to mention the fact he was 'Captain Jack' and Jack was, boring old-man Jack Bauer.

    He sighed and walked away, wiping his hands down the sweaty blue shirt he was wearing.


    Inside one of the buildings, McCoy sat on his make-do bed. He had caught himself on the wire and managed to get himself a large gash on his forearm. The others looked at him as the holy grail. But he guessed that's what it was like being a doctor in the apocalypse. McCoy wasn't much of a guy to enjoy the company of large groups, but this one managed to have people he liked. Mundy was probably the person who McCoy could relate to, grumpy and skilled. They often had the same reaction to many things. He also liked Bauer and followed the lead he put out. Recently, McCoy had been looking after Laurel, who had passed out near their grounds. He nursed her back to life and got to talk to another fighter. It wasn't a surprise so many fighters had survived, because you had to be one to live in a world like this.

    McCoy stood up, pulling down the blue sleeves over the bandages. He wanted to find himself some use here, besides waiting for people to come to him for medical advice. The first person he found was Slade. He was another expert combat-man, but had found use as a hunter. McCoy gave him a smile, "What are ya' getting us for dinner tonight then? I don't know how much more canned fruit I can take." He said, sighing with sarcasm as he laced his hands behind his back.

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  3. Frank Castle wasn't one to wait around for very long when finding his marks. After all, even in the apocalypse, plenty of people needed killing. He observed a rather unruly group of survivors. Scum. Marauders. They were currently in the process of tormenting a man they had caught trespassing in their small, almost nonexistent territory. Frank estimated that there were five or six of them here. Maybe one or two others nearby. Saving ammunition was key; firing a gun would just attract attention. So he took a full bottle of Jack Daniels- not like he was going to drink it, anyways- and crouch-walked over to them.

    The men were too distracted to notice him until Frank came up and started causing blunt force trauma to their skulls. ​


    It took them a second or two to wake up. By then, Castle had already taken out three of the six men present. One drew a gun on him. Frank grabbed the barrel and pointed it away, straight at one of his friends. The gun went off, sending the victim to the ground, wailing, as a bullet passed through his stomach. The last man rushed Frank with a knife. He sidestepped, reaching up with his free arm and using the man's momentum to drive the knife into his friend's neck. Croaking, he fell to the ground.

    The only people left were Frank and the now unarmed bandit. "Hey!" The man put his hands up and backed away. "Hey, man! Just... just don't kill me, ok-" The man was cut off as Frank punched him in the throat. Hard. Croaking, he also fell to the ground, where Frank reached down and slit his already bruising throat. Without a word.

    All of this, in the span of less than a minute.

    Frank knew all the noise would attract Walkers, and other unsavory characters, so he turned on his heel. A group of survivors he'd been working with was staying not too far away... maybe they'd provide him shelter. He arrived at the nearest entrance rather quickly, standing outside with his hand on his hips. Castle had helped these people several times, so hopefully the bright skull on his Kevlar vest would be enough for any sentries to recognize him.​

  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Everyday was a typical, easy and reassuring morning. Mornings where you were relieved to be alive after sleeping through the night peacefully and surprisingly safely. Especially during an apocalypse. In particular for this day, Rory started off with rinsing her hair in the sink more importantly, in the bathroom. She then proceeded to dry her hair before dressing herself up--Hopping up and down to get those stupid yoga pants on and white t-shirt which was fairly loose and now a faint yellow and gray color. Why wasn't she dressed in the first place? Simple, she washed her clothes in the sink -ok, rinse at least-, and let it dry over night. So there was some slight shyness over skittering to the bathroom with a blanket from where she slept at, despite wearing only a mere bikini under. Bikini=smart idea. Water proof it may be, and not to mention it didn't bother her when she ran from zombies or jumped into lakes the past few months to get across and survive.

    Eventually, the brunette walked out of the bathroom just when she was pulling the shirt over her head and walked her way back to the main spot which wasn't far. It only took 2 minutes to go back. Since it was day time--she wasn't scared of the dark. However, even so with that in mind the place was huge and nonetheless a flashlight hung from her wrist anyways as well as a holster for her own knife that hung down her thigh--but that was in her area of the oil refinement to which she grabbed and attached it to its usual place.

    Throughout the months, Rory has bonded with all of the members easily in some type of way. Even if it was just barely towards the newer members--she was otherwise, still in great terms with everyone. In Rory's opinion, she didn't think it was just her looks or age. To be more in depth, maybe it was just her mentality... And her uncanny ability of listening and understanding.Who knew, she often questioned relationships herself and how she even got along with everyone and snapped out of it as she saw the group. First it was Abby, who was walking by to which she had grabbed her greasy hair gently as she walked by, her hair slipping through her hands."HEYyyy..." The girl was loud as she turned around, until she caught Will. Immediately not sure of what to do now and acting proper, as she gave him a nod."Hi.. Sorry." She said, slowly looking away with a faint smile before walking away."Well Cya." she waved grinning before walking off.

    Rory didn't necessarily know where to go in truth and pondered. McCoy! She loved to bother him lovingly and thus skipped about through the refinement looking for the man. When she found him, she nearly threw herself on him."Hiya! Hey!" She said fairly rowdy at the two men as she leaned forward with McCoy under her, more curious about the woman. She was pretty--Really pretty and the brunette pushed herself off of the man as she walked off. In the process she found one of the books she left on the floor off to the side. Hmm, she must left it here over night when she was bothering McCoy. It was The Book Thief. But any book will do, and she made her way outside before seeing Jack and immediately stopping her tracks.

    She didn't wanna say hi--cause then, he would probably trap her back inside and lock her up--Like what happened with Rupunzel. She debated, furrowing her eyebrows as she slowly bit her lip before being very much bothered and waving slightly, a small grin."Hi." She said to Jack. It was funny having two Jacks, there was Captain Jack and then Jack, and Rory watched the man walk past her and immediately assumed he wouldn't notice--as she hurriedly shuffled to go outside."I'm going outside!" She quickly squeaked as she slipped through the doors and looked over her shoulders in case he was chasing after her. The girl looked around, taking a seat on the dry dirt floor as she opened her book to the page she remembered. She needed new books, and... coffee, and looked over her shoulder again.

    She should tell Jack she was gonna go for a coffee run--Literally. And also try and scout for new books in town which was miles away. But knowing him, he treated her to much like a baby in appearance and would say no. Then she envisioned how the negotiation would be like:
    "Can I?"
    "Why not?"
    "Cause I said so."
    "I'm not a baby."
    "Well you're the youngest."
    "Can you or someone else go?"
    "Why not then?"
    "Because coffee isn't that important. And you have plenty of books to reread. Not to mention, theres more important things to do and its break time. So its guarding duty--Traveling comes later.--And don't you dare say another word or idea Rory."
    And with that Rory would nod.

    Yep, it was basically something similar to that and Rory felt sick of the treatment. But then again, it wasn't that Jack underestimated her either. When Rory wanted out--She got out magically and would come back later. She disappeared when she wanted to and came back right away after getting her things. As Rory read, she stopped. Should she tell someone she's leaving? No.... One time when she did that--That person got in trouble and she came just in time -magically- for a fight not to happen. Nowadays, Jack was strict on keeping her in.

    "She tells you anything, stop her. If she doesn't listen--you come to me. Find me, tell everyone."

    She was pretty much in the tightest leash ever and ruffled her hair. Forget it--The thought made her angry as she proceeded back to reading quietly and alone. Well, thats just great. Now she felt like exploring and kept eyeing the way to get in the oil refinement, biting her bottom lip. Sneak out? It didn't seem like Jack planted a mole on her or babysitter and she eyed the fence. But what if something happens?

    Well, she's practically well known--so they'll definitely be concerned. The girl felt conflicted and used her hand to stand herself up, dusting her rear off before taking a step forward and looking over her shoulder.

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  5. Eventually, the former vigilante got tired of waiting. He knew it was risky, and that he might get shot if someone was watching, but he climbed the fence. When he didn't suddenly receive a gunshot wound, he began to move into the base as though he had always lived there. It wasn't really that he trusted them. At all. Frank just needed a place to stay and was calling in a favor. Hopefully, the leaders had learned from the many times he'd lent support that he could be relied on and wouldn't just shoot him on sight.

    Rory was as childish as ever, from what he could observe as he slowly approached the group. Though he had an M16 shrugged over his back, his hands were nowhere near the strap. In fact, he was almost in disbelief as he observed Rory's behavior.


    That someone could maintain such childish innocence stunned the vigilante. He'd never possessed such a trait, except for when he was very, very young. Too young to understand the world. To see how filthy it was. Light blue eyes ((I KNOW THOMAS JANE'S ARE LIGHT BROWN BUT FRANK'S ARE BLUE IN THE COMICS AND I LIKE THAT MORE OKAY?)) scanned the building before he finally approached Rory. "Hey, kid. You aren't dead." That was perhaps the nicest greeting he could come up with.​
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  6. [​IMG]
    As Rory continued walking, looking down at the golden ground below her with the book held closely to her chest she sighed. Totally a bad idea, she really should tell at least one person--but it would burden them if something happened to her and she barely noticed Frank climbing his way in. She was very focused on escaping to go to town, and coming back later--Two hours or so. But before Rory could even look up ahead of her, she immediately fell back and was shadowed by a tall masculine figure as she sat there. Seriously? A mole? Maybe she underestimated Jack this time and then she heard a voice as she grabbed her book. She wasn't scared not even the slightest bit at least, and huffed."Seriously!?" she said."Hey, kid. You aren't dead." Well, of all things to say when Rory had that 'kid role' in mind back there not to long ago!"I have a name--Its Rory. And i'm not a--Oh." Rory finally noticed the familiar man and his deep voice and looked up. It was that guy the group has bumped into a lot of times, and yet he still refused to become an official member."Hi..Sorry there." she said, grabbing Frank's wrist and pulling herself up as she dusted her clothes clean.

    The group never understood why Frank refused to join. The theories were endless, maybe he was afraid to bond and then get hurt when someone dies or is captured, Maybe they were a liability for him if he did join, maybe bad with groups or bad past with them? Or maybe he just wanted to be alone. Either way--He came and went, so the group didn't mind him to much. They were inquisitive about him, but not wary and as Rory liked to put it, he was like a semi-lonewolf. He has probably encountered other wolves along the way and packs as well--But he seemingly remained loyal to this pack in particular. Frank helps around, then leaves, then comes back. In return for his help, the pack shelters him and it repeats all over again. He disappears, and comes back and Rory seemed to change her plans suddenly since he has appeared.

    "No.. I'm not dead yet." she stated, looking over his shoulder, then hers."Well--I guess I better luck next time." The girl commented before turning sideways about to walk to the building, but she paused in place looking at Frank and gesturing with her thumb."So--Do you plan on staying?" Rory asked. It was the only question she dared asked anyways. She didn't care about danger, because he would never do such a thing and lead danger their way. Although Jack would yell at her for not asking 'deeper questions' even if he was an ally that came and went, Rory didn't necessarily care. She trusted him and quickly rephrased her comment finding it too weird."Y'know--Like what you always do after helping. I don't mean join the group if you don't want to--But yeah." She summarized shrugging and smiling brightly.

    Rory decided she should walk in the building with Frank in case the group would probably become wary about how he got in or something and figured if she left in front of him and came into the building, Jack would most likely blame him for the disappearance of her. Then another big fight."Should we just--Go in and talk later?" She suggested rhetorically, pointing at the building again rather awkwardly. Real smooth, Rory.
  7. [​IMG]

    "I know your name, kid." As always, Frank wasn't easily amused, outwardly. However, he was trying not to smirk. That would go towards breaking his tough-guy image. So he just kept glaring at her. The glare didn't betray any sort of anger, though. It was how he usually looked. The glare deepened into a frown as Rory proceeded to ramble on about his relationship with the group. "Sorry, kid. I work alone." Again, he was trying hard not to grin at her antics. Rory was perhaps the only real reason he kept coming back. She was so naive. So innocent. So pure. A part of Frank felt a responsibility to preserve that.

    At the proposal to go inside, Frank shrugged. "I guess. Long as you think nobody's gonna shoot me when we go inside," He said in a feeble attempt at humor. Without waiting for her, he started to walk. "What are you doing out here? Standing watch?" Frank wasn't really trying to be funny with that statement, but he knew Bauer would probably never let her do anything like that. "Ever been into the town?" Frank pointed back towards the town. "Saw an old bookstore."

  8. [​IMG]
    Rory sighed and grabbed the man's face."If you know it--say it." She commented with a huff."Rory. R, O, R, Y. Like a cute dinosaur noise." the girl explained. She wasn't a kid, but The brunette never corrected anyone on that. Just the fact that they never called her by name, she would correct. Age was kept secret and her real name--But then again Rory was always a preferred name that she liked to be called. Everyone called her that. It didn't sound professional, but it was a pretty neat name to hold onto.

    As she released Frank he seemed to give her a shrug, and she chuckled at his small joke she got. "I guess. Long as you think nobody's gonna shoot me when we go inside," he said."Only Jack." She quickly responded with a small smile, before he asked what she was doing here."Oh--Well, looking at the view. I'm never outside alone." She said simply."Ever been into the town?" The male pointed back towards the town. "Saw an old bookstore." he added. Rory looked over his shoulder in a slight tip toe--only ending up jumping and looked at him as she shook her head."I mean a few times--But thats strict on me. I only went with a few to run errands for the group, Other then that I don't have the freedom to explore." Rory stated."Get supplies, come back." she summarized with a small nod before looking back at the building and then at Frank."Are you volunteering to play bodyguard? You can rest if you want, I can always go by myself. This isn't the first time I snuck out." Rory admittedly stated calmly."I mean, I'm pretty sure you're exhausted. You got fresh blood all over you." she pointed out walking backwards and waving for him to come."Exploring can be next time.--Don't worry about it. I'm more concerned about you big guy." the brunette said, slightly waiting for a sign of Frank following as she cocked her head to the side and squinted her eyes a bit due to the sun.
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  9. [​IMG]

    It was a quiet day. Something Mundy quite enjoyed, and unsurprisingly, a rarity in these times. He spent most of his time lounging on the nearby rooftops, aimed down his scope, waiting for any sort of hostile to come inside his sights. He didn't mind the heat. He'd experienced worse conditions back home. Mundy hadn't grown too attached to any of the other survivors, but their company was enjoyable enough, especially that McCoy fellow. The two girls' constant banter always put him to sleep, though, that wasn't really a bad thing. It relaxed his nerves seeing how careless someone could be in a situation such as theirs. He was a loner at heart, so he could respect Frank's constant coming and leaving. When Frank returned again, he veered away from his scope and glanced at him past the shades he wore. He gave Frank a quick wave before looking back down his sights. Mundy never gave up on a chance to claim lookout duties. It was a part of his expertise, after all.​
  10. "Fine. Rory." Frank frowned at her when she grabbed his face. It wasn't very amusing to him, though it was pretty cute of her, in a way. He just grunted at the mention of Bauer. The vigilante knew the leader of this little group probably wasn't a big fan of him. An eyebrow went up when she said that she 'liked the view'. "Yeah, I guess I could see that," He said sarcastically. A frown played on his lips at the mention of sneaking out. "Nah, just got out... rather not go back right now." Starting towards the building, he was surprised when she didn't follow. In fact, she was going towards the town. If he let her go into town alone, Jack would kill him. Or, rather, he would try to. Waving distractedly to Mundy, he began to follow her.

    "...Fine. Can't let you go out by yourself. You're just a kid. You'll get eaten." Frank muttered as he jogged after her. "This is stupid. We can't afford to go out here. What if you get lost, or killed? The friends you've made might never know what happened to you." Even as he said this, he was climbing over the fence. This was perhaps the longest sentence he'd ever said to her. 'Just hope Mundy doesn't try to shoot us for leaving.'

  11. "...Fine. Can't let you go out by yourself. You're just a kid. You'll get eaten."
    "I'm not a kid, and I won't get eaten."
    "This is stupid. We can't afford to go out here. What if you get lost, or killed? The friends you've made might never know what happened to you."

    Rory was slightly getting bugged by Frank's demands of trying to stop her. He somewhat had a point and she turned around as the fence was behind her."Aha! You said 'we'. so maybe I shouldn't have to worry about those--Right?" She chuckled."I'm just kidding--You really don't have to go. And its best if they don't know what happened to me anyways. Because no one gets burdened or anything. By now Jack knows that I am more than innocent, You're just like the others. Underestimating me." She explained briefly before climbing up the fence with ease. Jack knew her age, and behavior--Even McCoy as well seeing as he was there from the start too."I'm a big girl--Not a kid. Depending how old you are I guess. I can climb this thing myself." Rory stated factually."Did so five times--this marks my sixth. If you insist on coming with me--then fine. But i'm telling you, I can defend myself Frankie--I swear. Just tell Jack you didn't see me." Rory grinned, she was just so laid back and easy about things, It was pretty amazing to some."I promise you I am not a liability in this group than i seem." she sighed smiling."The group just treats me that way, not Jack. Jack just acts as a parent."
  12. Sparrow nodded. "Aye, go and 'ave yourself a look. We'll keep an eye out." He walked closer to where Jack was pacing about, running a hand through his hair. "So, Steve. Can I call you Steve? I'm gonna call you Steve anyway. Steve. You were in the military, were you not? Didn't you ever get tired of all that bureaucratic bilge wash?" he asked, pulling a half-full bottle of rum from the messenger bag he always had on him, pushing it towards Steve in offering for a swig.

    Nothing had come around since a few days before Gen. Rogers showed up, but the group had remained on high alert. None of them could ever tell if Jack was sober or not, but they came to trust him and his judgement. But that was his secret.

    Captain Sparrow was always drunk-ish.
  13. The view was exactly the same from this side as it was the other. Jack squinted at the dusty road in front of the fence as he paced a little. At least he could trust Steve, and kind of trust the captain. Even if he was on the bottle often, but Jack trusted he wasn't an idiot. It was mostly quiet from where he was standing, but voice got nearer. Jack listened closely to hear the voice of Rory, one he was used to hearing. Then a male voice. He turned around and listened carefully, trying to figure out where they were. As long as Rory was inside the fences, she could do what she wanted. But Jack didn't want to let her out of the gates without proper protection. Last time he had left somebody that young alone, Jack regretted it.

    He decided he should investigate. Jack looked down past the iron girders and sand to see just past the fence. Was that, "Rory!" Jack said loudly, being careful not to shout and attract unwanted attention. He also noticed an unfamiliar figure. Jack pulled out his pistol and marched up swiftly. It wasn't until he recognized the skulled tshirt of Frank. Jack immediately put the weapon back into his jeans.

    Jack jogged over to Frank and nodded. It wasn't like he disliked Frank, he in fact had helped him out on more than one occasion. Jack even accepted that Frank might never be fully in or out of the group. But if he came here and spent a little too much time around Rory, that's when issues spurred.

    "Rory, what the hell are you doing?" Jack sighed and motioned for her to come back into the gates, "Get back here, or I'll climb over this gate and force you in." He scolded before turning to Frank. His face was stony, "I didn't think I'd be seeing you again. Need a bed or you lookin' for somethin' else?" Jack offered. His tone was formal, but he was more focused on Rory's whereabouts.

  14. Frank frowned at Jack with equal intensity. Both men were fond of scowling. The question earned a shrug from him, though. "I got into some trouble. Was looking for a place to hole up. Figured Rory might like some new books, though." The former vigilante wasn't aware of the dynamic between the two. If he was, he never would have agreed to take Rory out. Frank knew what it was like to lose a daughter. He had lost everything long before the outbreak began.


    "If that's a problem, I won't take her anywhere. Something tells me she'll just sneak out on her own, though." Any insinuations by Jack about Frank being romantically interested in Rory went right over his head. Romantic involvement was the last thing on his mind, and it had been that way for a very long time. "I took out a rowdy group in the town. Made a lot of noise. Some guns were used. Chances are, the walkers will be heading there." Frank always used the singular 'I', rather than 'we', when he said things like this, and it wasn't the first time he'd brought something like it up. There were many walking corpses that existed because of Frank.

    "The bookstore isn't anywhere near where it happened, though, so it should be safe, long as we steer clear."

  15. [​IMG]
    Just when Rory was on top of the fence, the voice of Jack was heard.. "Uh-oh.....So close!" She hissed to herself, jumping off and over the fence as she stood there and eyed Jack and Frank behind the fences of base."Rory, what the hell are you doing?" Jack inquired."About to go to town." She answered calmly."Get back here, or I'll climb over this gate and force you in." Jack stated, much like a father. But the girl shook her head."No.." She sighed."I'll be fine, Jack." The young lady added.

    Then the man's gaze fell to Frank. Would he start another argument? Well, of course as expected Jack was a bit rude on welcoming Frank--But she wasn't worried as to how Frank would take it. He on the other hand was civil, and Jack just took his natural tone of voice the wrong way.

    "I got into some trouble. Was looking for a place to hole up. Figured Rory might like some new books, though."

    So.. Frank was going to take her? The girl slightly smiled--looking down at her feet in appreciation, and she piped up nodding."Yeah! I mean--Frankie can take me. He's one big guy--better then giving me 3 people to equal his abilities!" She pointed out, looking around as she heard Frank's comment."If that's a problem, I won't take her anywhere." Then she gave the dirtiest look ever that no other innocent would've done. To others, it may come off as adorably childish--But this was a 'bitch what did he just say?' moment that should be taken more seriously then she looked."Something tells me she'll just sneak out on her own, though." he finished."Wait, what?" she said then looked at Jack."Please let me go. Or maybe Frank can rest and he can take me later." She suggested nodding. As the man mentioned the conditions of town, she blinked."So.. Would we be able to hang out in there too? Or is it a 'grab whatever book and lets go' type of thing?" She asked.

    When Rory went with a group to town -which was rarely due to Jack-, she was often rushed to walk or run straight home (or the HQ). And when they did have time to go to the library or record store, Rory would be rushed--Even if Zombies weren't around at all. Maybe it was paranoia, maybe it was because of Jack who threatened to kill anyone even if they arrived a second late--literally even.. Other then that sneaking out was the only time she had to explore town herself more freely at a leisurely pace. Although Jack didn't like it, she simply didn't care. There were times when she encountered survivors--But handled it well and kept hidden. So she was pretty much like a ghost to other survivors if they caught a glimpse of her and Rory thought about it a bit more. The only one who kept her amused here when she was stuck, was Jack.... Captain Jack. He somehow made even the simplest things fun--Even staring at a wall like an idiot being fun. When Rory wasn't reading, or keeping herself busy in some type of way he was somehow always there cracking jokes and inventing made up games and whatnot. Even when drunk, he accompanied her boredom. Abbey on the other hand was good for 'girl talk' and nice things. What intrigued Rory more was her interest in science to which she willingly listened and learned a lot about... Rory was always the loving listener. Then Steve Rodgers, or the heroic 'Captain America'. She enjoyed his many stories before bed. But now that she thought about it even more there was also the Canary woman and, Well the mysterious black wolf, Frank who is known as 'The Punisher'. Curiosity raised. Maybe he had interesting stories too about the darker and grittier sides of being a 'anti-hero' or whatever side he aligned with and she realized she was staring to long at him while thinking.

    Jack would probably think romantically and dreamily. Abbey would know it was the Gilmore's 'pondering' and 'concentrating' look and tell her to stop or make her realize it. Oh--Where was Abbey when she needed her at a time like this to save her! Now Jack would call her out and be frustrated--Getting the wrong idea while she becomes flustered and red and Rory could already feel her cheeks flush red just thinking about it!:
    "Stop staring at him Rory--You can do better."

    "Jack! Thats her thinking look!"
    "Sure.. thinking. She snuck out several times. Probably encountered him those several times. She's like a fox--and god knows what she's thinking while staring at him like that. Its what she wants you to believe."
    then a fit between the two and Rory becoming irritated.

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