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  1. VIRUS
    One of California's old oil refineries had become home to a group of nine men and women, surviving on their instincts. The dead now walk the land of the living, infecting anything it can get it's hands on. Not only that, the living have become a threat.
    Living in a world where killing is the best skill a man can ask for, these people prove to live up to what is needed.
    Or do they?

    @N/A @BarrenThin
    Jack Bauer

    Leonard McCoy

    Abby Sciuto

    Harold Finch

    Frank 'Punisher' Castle

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington

    Gregory House
    Joey Tribbiani

    Rory Gilmore

    Walter 'Rorshach' Kovacs
    Matthew Keller

  2. White Skull, Black Heart

    Frank Castle.
    Scourge of the criminal world.

    That's what the aging veteran used to be. Now, he was just another survivor, holed up in the oil rig like a rat in his hole. He hated it. Living like this. It wasn't uncommon for him to disappear for days on end, the cacophony of bullets echoing along the town as he would kill those he deemed guilty, only to turn up, usually completely unscathed and often with... trophies. Old habits died hard.

    So what was his motivation to keep coming back to the group if he hated it so much?


    The adorable, naive girl was his one tie to the group that he really cared about. The others could all go to Hell for all he cared. In fact, Frank was seeking out the girl right now.

    ((Gonna stagger the intros 'cause that's a lot of writing to do at once.))​
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  3. J A C K
    Life would be easier if people didn't look to Jack as the leader of the group. The responsibility would half and Jack could focus on hunting or something. But they did. Jack had taken it upon himself to protect them all to the best of his ability. He wasn't sure why it was him, he wasn't the strongest or smartest. They had people like Frank or Gregory or even Finch for that. No, Jack was a born leader. More like, Jack was a father. And the responsibility of a father was to protect and lead. Jack did his best at that.

    The day was at its close, 8PM and the sun was setting on the dusty horizon. Tonight, Jack and Joey took the post of watch, since the dead seemed much more active in the cooler hours. He held their only semi-automatic weapon in his hands, pacing the fences like a prison guard. Of course, they barely used the guns for shooting. And when they did, Jack insisted on making a make-do suppressor to quieten it down. Their fences weren't exactly high-security and they could do without a herd taking them down. He scowled into the orange horizon, hoping tomorrow would be a good day to get some extra supplies. Jack wanted to ask Frank to come with them. The man wasn't exactly 'part' of the group, but he played a role. Even if Jack had his suspicions about him and Rory, he tolerated the man. He had helped them out of tight spots many times and seemed to keep Rory happy. But still, their strong personalities often clashed. But Jack trusted him, mostly.

    Dust trailed as Jack paced, looking around at the refinery. They were extremely lucky. Not only did they have a safe house with fences, they had two doctors as friends. McCoy and House were brilliant men who had helped everyone out more than once, even if it is a sarcasm competition between the two. They also had scientists and agents. Jack liked his group and hopefully, they liked him. Jack looked behind him to see if he could spot Joey or Red, hoping one of them would take his spot so he could go do his business.

    M C C O Y
    "What'd think caused it?" McCoy asked bluntly to his fellow doctor, House. He had never been one for softening a blow, but House certainly could take it. They had hard conversations with no need for sugar-coating anything. Even if it did end up in a petty argument. They were standing inside one of the make-do rooms. McCoy stood at the open window, staring out onto the dessert like area. He held his hands behind his back and watched the sun carefully. He had come into contact with many infected people, including dear friends of his. Yet, he couldn't place down what was wrong with them. Something shouted bacteria or virus at him. It didn't look like a fungi or something.

    McCoy was no scientist, just a simple country doctor. But, he could still have his crack on what was wrong with more than half of the worlds population. It would help them take precautions to prevent and avoid the plague, but it wouldn't cure it. McCoy didn't doubt himself often, but a cure was out of his hands.

    "Virus? Bacteria?" McCoy added, turning away from the window to House, an exasperated look on his face. He was by far one of the older gentlemen in the group, it was only nature grumpiness accompanied it.

    A B B Y
    Even though Jack tried to convince everyone they should be inside as it went dark, Abby found herself wandering outside to find Rory. She had come rather close to the only other female in the group. She made her feel welcome as she joined. The group were like saints to Abby. Before she met them, she had been alone for weeks. Before that, her co-workers. They were separated about 3 months in and Abby missed them like hell. She prayed and hoped they were still alive, but hope was hard to come by in times like this.

    When she found Rory, Abby poked her shoulder, smiling as she went to face her. "Where's Mr Frank? I thought you were with him or did Jack go all crazy again?" Abby asked quickly. Even no relationship had been stated, Abby totally knew Frank liked Rory. Jack liked to make it known he was not okay with it - He went into dad mode everytime the two got too close. But Abby thought a relationship would be some happiness in dark times. Her hair was still in the pigtails, but they were messy. Just like her face and clothes. She still wore her lab-coat with pride, even though it wasn't white anymore.

    "Because he does that a lot. I don't get Jack." Abby said quickly, having a habit of babbling on about things which aren't relevant. But Rory dealt with it well, better than anybody else did.

    F I N C H
    Finch missed Reese. His employee, his friend and his partner. Finch didn't have the faintest clue where he was, but he had a feeling he could survive this. Even though he missed the man, Finch had a new group. They were nice and found some use for him. They even tolerated his bad social skills and limp. He could just about use a firearm and needed his glasses to see, but most of them didn't seem to mind. Especially since he was working on getting their only radio back up and working again. That was his only use - fixing and making things. Technology and science was his best bet of keeping himself useful in times like this.

    He sat in a lonesome manner in his room, fiddling with the radio. The sun was closing in on the land and was loosing his light. He had his own wind-up flashlight which he shared happily, so he turned it on, careful to keep it pointing down.

    It got increasingly frustrating and Finch gave up with a sigh, placing it down with a huff on the table. He opened the door to his iron room and walked down the stairs, using the railing to help him with his limp. He found his way to the ground and looked around for somebody to talk to. Finch wanted to know if they were planning on running for supplies tomorrow. Sure, he wanted to go and find the tools he needed himself, but if he had to run or fight at any point, compared to nearly everybody else, Finch was useless. He put his hands into his pockets and leaned back, being able to see the two girls from where he was standing. His arm touched the railing and he made himself jump. As he quickly noticed how stupid that seemed, Finch scanned to see if anybody had seen him being a fool.

  4. The days were typical now to the group of survivors. At this point, one would grow very accustomed to the gore and insanity the apocolypse drove others. It molded through their skins, and shaped an entirely new person, But not very much Rory. Survival wise it did--The girl knew how to defend herself against zombies and picked up a new skill of deceiving, especially with her doll-like appearance. She always wanted to learn how to hunt, but Jack never had the time to teach her. And if she dared asked another person, they would both suffer consequences. Especially the person who would agree.

    For christs sake, although she seemed innocent she wanted to be more than what Her looks gave to others. She wanted to get her own hands dirty, and surprise random strangers or thugs even. But it was just plain boring how Jack kept her from such things and she proceeded pacing around re-reading one of her books even though she didn't quite feel like reading the same thing over and over again -like 7 times over-. But despite that she read anyways. Pride and Prejudice,in wicked concentration with a finger curled over her lips.

    She looked around, having the sudden thought of going outside and quickly walked narrow ways to get out the place. The brunette adored being outside more, mainly because the privilege was rare. However it's not like she 100% listened to the demands made by Jack to stay in, nor did the members of the group. Doing things during sunset where there was partial light and dark was fun, Rory just wanted to run around and yell,"YIPPEE! WOO!", but just doing that would make Jack scold her like a child and reprimand her. And she most certainly didn't want to go in so early. Rory held the book to her chest as she began to quietly enjoy the scenery and serenity a bit as she bit her lip in concentration. The breeze came around--Then she felt sudden light tapping on her shoulders as she calmly turned her head.

    She recognized the face and touch. It was Abbey.

    "Where's Mr Frank? I thought you were with him or did Jack go all crazy again?"

    It seemed as though Frank and her were the one topic that sparked 1000 interests amongst the group. Rory merely took it all in and shrugged slightly grinning."Well, I'm not with him every second." She responded."And I'm not entirely sure Abbey. Not this time--Sorry." The woman answered, chuckling at her comment about Jack.
    "Because he does that a lot. I don't get Jack."
    "Yeah.. Jack is certainly something." She nodded. Rory really was like Repunzel in a way. Locked inside, never to come out unless Jack allowed it... He was like mother Gothel. Then she eyed the fences where his silhouette paced."But I think it's just a trait. I mean it is annoying, but it's whatever.." She shrugged.

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