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  1. Imagine if you had no control of what you did. Sometimes you know what you were doing but other times it’s like a dream. That is what it’s like when your infected with the virus, a fatal disease that results in animal-like transformation and then a slow agonizing death. 86% of the world is contaminated and the healthy must fight to eradicate the sick and rebuild mankind. But how come that 14% hasn’t caught this mysterious illness? What makes them so special? And just where did this virus come from in the first place?

    Does this seem interesting? This disease is sort of like a zombie lycanthrope in some ways.... I don't know what genre it would go under xD it's more science then fantasy based but i don't know..... So.... comment, concerns, critiques?
  2. I once created a character in the zombie like world that might just suit this, if you're interested.
    Basically, my character was bitten and left alone to be infected and/or take her own life. But she doesn't instead, she sits back and waits for it to consume her body.
    Her skin goes pale, her eyes turn red and she gets unhuman strength. But she hasn't lost her mind, she is still pretty sane and doesn't want human flesh or anything of the sort. So she looked like an infected but isn't an infected because while turning, her body ended up creating an immunity towards it, but with the side effects of her appearance and strength
  3. Yeah I wouldn't mind joining this rp as a survivor. It sounds like a cool idea. Lots of problems to solve, with some action thrown in? Sounds amazing to me.