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  1. Partner @nacht1220

    Virtual Reality Elusion is a new technology, sweeping the country. All you need is an app, visor and a wrist band, and you're teleported into the realm of Alteria. A virtual gaming system, Elusion puts you into the game, allowing you to fight the monsters themselves and just enjoy your time. You don't have to worry about the outside world. So when two strangers meet, and team up together, is it a coincidence that things in Alteria begin to go wrong? Possibly. What the two strangers don't know is that something dark and sinister is rising in Alteria and if not stopped, it will grow to consume the country and soon ruin the lives of everyone. Can they stop it in time, before more and more players flood in and the game captures their souls forever?

    Extra info The language, I don't really mind, it can be mild or explicit, just go for it. This is honestly an over all mix of a lot of things. There can be gore, graphic violence, if you would like, there can also be romance involved in this, with some fluff. It all depends on the way things pan out. Welcome to the rp and please enjoy your time.

    If there is anything else that you feel is missing or would like to add, then feel free to do so.

    Appearance: (Real looks or anime, whatever you're comfortable with)
    Age: (16-19)
  2. Classes

    These are the classes that your character is allowed to change to after they reach a certain level in the game. They will all start out as warriors first. Character level is also like character development. You earn experience points for your character development and your class. It is fairly easy to level up in the game.

    Equipped with heavy armor and mighty axes, the warrior's sole objective is to finish the battle quickly and decisively, and with enough HP left to take on any remaining surprise enemies, if needed.
    *Note:* Every player starts as a warrior and once they reach at least level 4, then they can change classes

    The Knight deftly executes swift sword strikes to overwhelm foes in single combat. Displaying great courage under pressure, Knights bravely dodge and block attacks. They view their immense fighting skills as a source of pride and accomplishment. Knights can also cast spells that can help boost their performance.

    The Cleric casts a variety of healing and booster spells from a powerful law book. Once tasked with the salvation of all the citizens of the land, the Cleric continues to watch over and protect those near him or her within the region's current battles or encounters. Use the Cleric to heal party members and amplify stats and spells during battle.

    Bards are most likely to be found under a shady palm tree strumming to their guitar or in the center of a crowd entertaining and having fun. Charming the people with the vibrant and joyful music they play. Little do the people know, the great fighting skills they possess. the Bard swiftly and nicely overwhelms the enemy with waves of power chords and fast-paced hypnotic music. The Bard's gregarious songs and sonnets also have healing and defense powers.

    The Shaman is the most heavy-handed class of the Healing and Support branch. Mystical shamans expertly manipulate the elements of nature to rain torrents of damage upon the enemy. Disorient your enemies in a whirlwind of earth, nature and fire spells.

    Archers have great aim and love to use their bows, no surprise there. For companionship and the occasional battle partner, the archer can summon a fierce white tiger. They usually tend to roam the lands alone and hone their archery skills, but will you be an archerer who travels with other people?

    Engineers have learned to master machinery. When not blueprinting intricate plans for new and improved armors and explosives, engineers can be found meticulously practicing and re-practicing their best battle moves.

    Thieves usually have bad reputations, but their organization has been in existence for centuries. Their skill have been perfected through practice and perseverance and finally they are seen as a force of good.

    Martial Artist:
    Martial Artists view combat as a deadly dance between opponents. Having precisely molded their bodies into fierce fighting machines, Martial Artists use their focused discipline and fervent strength to deftly battle enemies. They are usually content to rely on weapons and armor alone, the Martial Artist's best weapon is incredible strength and speed.

    blade dancer:
    Beneath the Blade Dancer's glittery, ribboned exterior is an extremely ferocious fighter. You'll need the Blade Dancer in top form to take on all of the difficult dungeons when at higher levels. Wielding sharpened twin swords, the blade dancer succeeds tremendously at multiple target attacks, swiftly damaging all nearby enemies in a shiny, hypnotic blur.

    Magicians [mages for short] are normally light-hearted beings, often using spells and potions for the entertainment of friends and family. However, this happy-go-lucky persona is quickly left behind and forgotten in the light of battle. A skilled Magician is a wonderful presence. Magicians can conjure damaging blizzards of fire and ice, teleport your party to safety, even become invisible.

    Jesters may seem friendly, but be careful and don't let their disguise fool you. As masters of deception, the illusionist class is highly skilled at distraction and enchantment. If their outlandish jester hats and checkered outfits aren't disorienting enough to the enemy, the illusionist can cast several hypnotizing spells and summon an arcane pet to help in battle. Illusionists can also heal party members. The Shaman is the most heavy-handed class of the Healing and Support branch. Mystical shamans expertly manipulate the elements of nature to rain torrents of damage upon the enemy. Disorient your enemies in a whirlwind of earth, nature and fire spells.
  3. illusionist all the way!

    Appearance: bartido.jpg
    Name: Drake McAllister
    Age: 19
    Personality: Sarcastic,quippy,flirty, and a bit of an ass on a good day. in battle he can be very focused,even if his attack pattern seems random and disorganized. he is also difficult to get to know because he wants to push people away for fear of quickly ruining any relationships he could have
    Bio: Drake moved to where he is now from Ireland with his parents. they were realtively wealthy so the transition wasnt very hard at all economy-wise. in school people generally avoided him because he was more of a loner and didnt really know how to act well around others,instead pusshing people away who tried to get close
    Skills: idk what skills i should have?
    Likes: reading,video games, tv, food
    Dislikes: showing emotions, idiots, ignorant people, bullies, spicy food, seafood, justin bieber....he just dislikes a lot of stuff
    Extra: being that he is from Ireland, his words have the lyrical and almost musical lilt of his home country. has mild Depression and Anxiety
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