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  1. Hello and welcome, I thank you for reading this.

    I am pretty unsure of what I am looking for exactly. However I have a Solution.

    Our Main characters are playing VR games, a lot of them assuming multiple personas among different realms and stories.

    Where Im going with this is basically... We make game plots, smaller or bigger plots in a world of our choice.

    This enables us to well play what we feel like and " change game" if we get bored with the current plot xD....

    We could also have mods and variations for the games we like.

    Of course the games may have as much or little smut as we choose. I prefer plot mostly

    So, My limits so far is that im basically against:

    -Reality based plots and characters... Celeberties and stuff... Why?... Well I like to not use actually living beings for plots. And I somewhat rp to get an relief from Irl.

    -Vore: Things eating other things for a purpose of not being only food. Nope.

    -Necrofilia: Undead stuff in sexual plots... Eww. Zombies...example.(Vampires does not count)

    More may come.

    So anyone interested?
  2. Do you think we could do this in FxF?
  3. Yeah I guess that's possible xD
  4. Alright can you pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.