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  1. Hello there ive just thought of a cool idea for a fun onexone rp. The basics of the plot are: a vr game suddenly makes players get stuck in the game when they login (pretty much like sao) and its basicly the character meet up, blah blah blah, and the characters eventually try to escape with the risk of permanent death, though there will be more then blah blah blah between those to things :P. its basicly a first come first serve basis as in first person to come gets to play. But i wont tallerate any 18+ comments though i dont mind romance at all. All you have to do to sigh up is post your character info which is its:
    Appearance in game (before game is optional)
    a description about certain traits and abilities your character might have
    And finally the characters ingame class
    Pretty simple i look forward to whoever comes to rp with me.
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  2. Name: Titania
    Sex: female
    Appearance: she is 5'11" not counting the ears[​IMG]
    (She does have a bee abdoman and stinger right behind her butt the abdoman is 2 feet long and the stinger is half a foot)
    Personality: she is a fun loving rambunctious girl who loves to play and explore, she is also very curious and likes learning, plus she makes sure she always knows what she is doing when she plans to do something like fighting
    Likes: any animal/bug from spiders to elephants
    Dislikes: being nagged
    Bee wings: her wings allow her to fly for a certain amount of time starting at 15 minutes and escalates as time goes on
    Stinger: her stinger contains a slightly corrosive venom that injects its self into the victim when stug but causes recoil damage when the stinger is pulled out of a victim
    Fox ears: her fox ears allow her to be able to hear things 5x better then the regular ear can
    Class: lancer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.