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  1. Anyone interested in doing a RP on our characters playing inside a virtual reality mmorpg? I'll set up multiple quests and such and if we have enough people, we can be in separate groups.

    Loner characters will be welcome.

    I'm thinking of a Sword Art Online-type rpg. Swordplay but no magic. We would have HP (possibly, still working it out).

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  2. I was thinking about something like this but with Minecraft, but with better graphics, ran by the government. They are going to destroy the world and looking for people to rebuild the "new world" once all is said and done. They took some of the brightest people from around the world to plug into this reality and observe them and their progress.
    But here's the catch: they don't know they're in a virtual reality, so when they die in the game... it has the same result in real life, only because of the fear reaction and a heart attack from the stress. It was still in the plans, but I really wanted to get a group for this as well. :) Maybe we could work on making one together, molding our two ideas. :)
  3. Sorry for the delay. Pneumonia sucks!

    Anyway, it sounds like I may be thinking of going about it differently. Your idea is interesting, but not quite what I'm going for. I appreciate your interest though!
  4. I'm interested. So is it kinda the same where it's like a vrmmorpg and in order to access to the game my character has to wear the NerveGear and they end up becoming trapped? Or does it center more around the everyday lives in the game?
  5. It is like the NerveGear (you place a helmet-type thing on your head to access the game), but I am not sure if I'm going to do an every day type thing or if it will be where the characters are trapped inside the game.

    I would love some opinions.
  6. a lot of VR stories do the whole "trapped in game" sort of spheal a lot, but that's what keeps it exciting, while the everyday kind of thing is not as gripping but not overdone. i know you said loner characters are welcome, but maybe everyone can eventually become part of a guild and everyone works together to clear the game?
  7. There can definitely be guilds. But I don't want to force anyone into a guild. I'm thinking we can have solo players, parties, and guilds. If a solo player wants to temporarily help the guild out, that's fine.

    Also, I do think we will be trapped inside the game. We just won't know what happens when we die. I've been typing up the plot and I'll link it in here once I've posted.

    Please feel free to offer more suggestions or thoughts!
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