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  1. Any input will be awesome as I set this up the more imput the better so I can get other views while I make the main threads for this RP.

    Here we will go over different ideas and discuss ways to make the RP better and to throw out minor updates etc so feel free to post what you'd like here please everyone try your hardest to keep it about the subject at hand. This RP will be well detailed will have quite a good amount of it ill need a good title for the RP input on what classes you'd like to see this RP will be like log horizon sword art and hack never seen one of those?

    It would be based on real life people using a head piece to connect to a virtual world were theres not many limits they can choose the class of their player starting weapons etc.
    The characters then would adventure through many dungeons towers and different landscapes collecting weapons and rare items and fighting off different level monsters. Able to communicate through in game chats etc even have admins inside the game as characters as a security for the game.

    I believe that was a decent amount of info if you have questions post here and they will be answered in this RP id like to know who would all step up and so alot of work as a gm or high position inside the RP. Hope I can get people interested in this RP I'm really stoked about this one and thanks for everything and reading all this -Divine Rush-

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  2. Ok so it's like sword art online. Count me in
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  3. Yeah was going to use concept from all of them it will be really good hopeing that more will join, ill be doing multi role if you want you can also and it would be awesome having alot or help if you want to be one of my gm's if you can handle that up to you.
  4. I think I can. Just tell me what you want me to do. I can post regularly
  5. Sweet ill just need input on classes we should use and maybe work together on a plot I could think of a few.
    Id make the story somewhat catchy so we can not just pull in people but will bring interesting things to the RP.
    There will be different types of powers weapons armor etc just like in the anime.
  6. Ok then are their any particular classes you would like them to have. You besides the usual. Swordsmanship, magic. Archery
  7. Maybe different races and other important ones some maybe off each of the animes I have a pretty nice list of possible things.
  8. :D
  9. Glad to hear it. Hopefully we will have some kind of CS made.
  10. We don't really have anyone so yeah.
  11. Thanks I love mmos, I'm a god in wow. So do we start as low lvl, mid lvl, or high lvl?
  12. I assume low level and work our way up
  13. Sweet, so the classing system should have at least 5 different basic classes with others that shoot out from it. A tank class, a healer class, a magic class, speed melee class, and a ranged class(like bows and stuff)
  14. Yeah That Sounds Like A Good idea. Though I think that we may try to incorporate the idea of the more you use the certain skill the better you get with it
  15. Yeah Jesse we will be using quite a few ranks and we could rank those in groups if necessary it will be classes from three different animes sword art, Hack and log horizon those are the mmo animes I know.
  16. I love mmorpg and would love to join but... is this going to be a dice roller rpg? I've never experienced that section of roleplay but i clearly know what it stands for as I've played board games like that. It overwhelms me to try to put that into prospective with rp. >_< but I've seen people make RPs like this format (classes and abilities /skills) and I'm always yearning to join a Rp like that but as I said, the statistics are too much and I'm looking for good classic stories with adventure and to enjoy it.
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  17. That sounds awesome, it sounds kind of like D&D or MERP, so do I just post a character sheet here or is there a certain way you want the character sheet drawn up?
  18. Yeah I don't do all that no dice just want a nice story that can catch attention and want this RP to last a great minute :).
    Yeah I mean you can help me with the template set up all of you but yeah it will be somewhat detailed I know the story in general will be epic :). We would need to set some stuff up rules etc also before we jump into the RP.
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