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  1. Usagi dropped his bag on the floor after giving his mother a quick kiss on the head as a greeting. It was 5pm. An hour had passed since he finished his classes for the day, and after hanging out with his best friend and completely losing track of time, now he was an hour late for his appointment on the internet.

    The little boy (little quite literally, standing at a mere 1,60m of height) had been a volunteer betatester for Tyradonnia Online for a couple of months now, a developing vmmorpg. Normal PC mmos were a thing of the past. Any game aspiring to reach some fame now had to be compatible with the virtual helmet system, a.k.a. the VHS. And Tyradonnia was going to be the first game ever developed for the VHS only, instead of an adaptation from some other PC game.

    Laying on his bed, his long black hair all over his pillow, Raiko closed is honey-colored eyes and put on the VHS, then logged in to the game.


    Korrai, the fearsome shield of the Seven Rocks -or that's how he liked to call himself- appeared in the middle of a wasteland, two meters tall of a body well formed with big virtual muscles, his long blue hair tied up in a ponytail, his red eyes shining with determination. He could put his shield in front of him just in time to resist the tackle of a Gerenian, some weird cross between a dog and a T-Rex. He liked to think the concept artists of Tyradonnia were in drugs when creating the mobs. He raised his sword, and with a single cut from side to side, the Gerenian died in a shower of sparkles, said effect designed to not to make the game too gruesome. He looked around for his companion."

    "Fuck, I can't see him. Maybe he got tired of waiting and left without me." he thought biting his lip.
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  2. Akito didn't bother to announce his arrival when he returned home, knowing that no one would be back yet. He quickly slipped off his shoes and headed up the stairs, already knowing he was painfully late. At this point Korrai might not even be online still, which was a disappointing thought but it would have been his own fault.

    Without wasting time, Akito slipped on the VHS and lounged back on his bed, closing his eyes and logging in.


    Yue the Healer faded into view in the middle of wide open land, elegant in white and blue with a sparkling magical aura surrounding him. Akito's avatar was nothing like him, it would actually be completely embarrassing if anyone in real life found out about it. His real self was tall with had shaggy red hair that fell into his dark eyes, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose- he had a cool and aloof look about him. Yue, however, was much smaller in build, with long blond hair that always seemed to blow in a non-existent wind, and cool blue eyes. Despite being a male avatar it had a very feminine and angelic look. Well, what was the point of playing a game like this if you couldn't become something completely different? He wondered how different Korrai was in real life.

    It had only been a couple months since he had become a beta tester for Tyradonnia, but he and Korrai had quickly become an impressive team. Korrai took care of most of the offense while Akito, or Yue rather, was the healer and defense of their little partnership. The two worked like a well oiled machine, he thought, and they seemed to get along just as well. "He better not be getting himself killed by a pack of monsters because I'm not there to heal him." Akito thought, sending Yue running across the map in search of his friend.
  3. While he waited for Yue to appear, Korrai looked around to recognise his surroundings, trying to remember where he had logged out the last time. He was in an area where the mobs were designed for players twenty or thirty levels below him. His companion was nowhere to be found, so he thought he could kill some monsters in the meantime to kill some time. When other people who were in the area saw him fighing the mobs, they asked him to join the party.

    He was acting as a tank for those people, taking damage without fighing back so the other players could engage in battle and gain experience without risking their lives, when he heard a familiar beeping sound. He had modified his account's settings so it would alert him when Yue logged in. He never told Yue that though, since he didn't want to come off as a stalker.

    The Gerenians wouldn't be able to kill him unless there were about ten of them attacking him at the same time -or their boss, the Giant Gerenian-, so while the mob hit him and the rest of the party killed the mob, he opened his menu to send yue a message.

    'Hey, I'm at N 50° 22' 3'' S 45° 7' 32''. Come here. See ya.'
  4. Akito was a bit relived to see the message flash up on the screen, at least Korrai was still online. 'Kay, be there soon!' Yue replied and headed in the direction of Korrai's coordinates. It wasn't actually all that far from where he had been and only took him a few moments to arrive and find Korrai with a small group of other players. Yue kept to the sidelines, watching the battle and awaiting it's finish.

    'Sorry it took me so long to log on D: I hope I didn't keep you waiting...' He sent, though unsure if Korrai could actually reply at the moment.

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  5. Korrai let out a big yawn, stretching his arms. He didn't even bother holding up his shield, since his armour was enough to resist the dealt damage. Sometimes they sucked, these videogames' system based on stats and numbers, but at least he could relax while helping out some people because of that.

    Another beeping noise, another private message. Korrai read it to himself, eyeing the rest of his party distractedly, and wrote his reply.

    'It's ok, I was late too and I thought you had left without me n.nU Guess I'm lucky today. Hey, after I get these people to the next level, do you want to go to Lokarina Caves again? Last time we went there we got our asses kicked, but we're ten levels older now, we should manage to do well.'

    He hit sent, and then navigated through his menu to open his map, and see where Yue was, hoping he wasn't too far away so he wouldn't have to wait around. He was nearer than expected, and he only had to turn around so his companion would be in his range of sight. Korrai waved at him, laughing for not noticing earlier.
  6. Yue waved back with a smile, walking up to join Korrai. 'Huh, pretty lucky coincidence then! I was thinking the same thing actually. I heard they fixed some bugs too, so it should be smooth sailing ^_^'

    Yue's appearance wasn't the only thing different from Akito, the way he presented himself online seemed quite unlike him as well. Everything from his overuse of emoticons to his bubbly and overly eager personality painted a picture of someone quite different form the normally calm and snarky personality the real him possesed. Unlike Yue's looks, that part wasn't so much intentional, and just sort of happened without Akito realizing. He seemed to get along with people better online as well... that probably wasn't a coincidence.
  7. Korrai was about to say something else, when one of the other players walked up to him and interrupted their conversation. Said player said his words of gratitude and, since Korrai asked him to, he kicked him out of the party. Turning around to tell something to Yue, the tall warrior couldn't help but to stare for a few seconds before words came to his mouth. He wondered how Yue's user was. Maybe he was a girl, girls often used male avatars so they wouldn't be harassed by boys, but they still wanted a cute avatar... That'd make sense. It wouldn't be strange, since Usagi himself had a character very different to his real life person.

    He was about to tell Yue they were ready to go to the Lokarina Caves, when the beeping sound ringed in his ears again. Making a motion with his hand at Yue, telling him to wait, he opened up his menu to read the incoming message.

    'Hey, MetalNeko and Arayuki and challenging us to a 2 vs 2 battle.' Lately the duo had gained quite the fame; Yue and Korrai made an excellent team, and the more famous they became, more people wanted to prove themselves in battle defeating them. 'What do you say? Should we go and fight?' He said to Yue.