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  1. Benjamin was alone, as usual. His large room walls where decorated in small rose's, the wallpaper matched his blood red carpet. Dark brown wood held his king sized bed, and pure black and red sheets coverd his pale mattress. fourteen pillows sat atop of his bed, all organized and sitting nicely against one another. A small dark brown wooden nightstand sat next to his bed, a small helmet siting atop of it. It looked to be made of metal, and its colours a sliver and gold. 'It's the launching day of Virtual Life, but what time is it?' taking a quick glace towards his small digital clock, Benjamin could see it was nearly 7 PM. 'Much later then i thought.' Gently walking from his black wood door, Benjamin sat quietly on his bed, and took the helmet into his hands, and gently placed it on his head. Laying on his back, and his arms at his sides, Benjamin closed his eyes. and the blackness filled with a flash of light.

    The flash only lasted a monument, then Benjamin was in The City Of Beginners. He was standing in the center of a large plaza, where literally every player was in. Looking around, his dark red eyes scanned everyone's expressions, many where fear, some sadness, and others looked to be pissed. More and more people logged on, the plaza only becoming more crowded every second. After 5 minutes of countless number of people appearing in the plaza, a voice roared through the light blue sky. It was feminine, and almost child like.

    "Welcome Players! You are currently playing Virtual Life, a game where anything is possible, and where your new homes will be." The voice paused, as if allowing the outbursts from the players.

    "I am castlope, a program that controls this world, or what you players would call a game." the voice once again stopped, and continued a second later.

    "The beta version of logging out have been removed, and replaced with a permanent log in feature. I am glad to announce that a player will be permanently gone if they die within the game, Death in game orders the Nionet to send a electric shock through the brain, causing death. If one brave player can complete one of the five world quests, you all are free to leave. Of course, the ways to beat the game are, Kill the legendary criminal, Kill the legendary Monster, travel the game world in 362 days, Clear the Legendary Dungeon, or find the god Titan." the voice once again stopped, only to say 3 final words.

    "Good luck players."
  2. Arnold sighed as he listen to his best friend rant on and on about how she had to wait in line for a day to buy the beta of Virtual World. He glanced over at his computer and silently listened to her. "And the worst part is--" "It's late." Arnold interrupted Maggie. "Besides I thought that you wanted to play this game, didn't you?" He asked. Maggie furrowed her eyebrows and pouted, he couldn't see her right now, because they were talking over the phone. But he could tell she was pouting.

    Maggie stuttered out, "W-well of course I-I do, idiot. I can't tell you a story, anymore?" He chuckled a bit. "Maybe. But it's late and I'm sure you have school in the morning, so let's just get a little peek and then go to bed, kay?" Maggie inwardly nodded. "Okay, see you in-game!" She said excited and hung up. Arnold pressed the hang up button on his phone and picked up the helmet. 'It's a bit big if you ask me.' Maggie read the instructions over and over again. "So I just put it on?" She asked herself. She shrugged and put it on and seeing a white flash in front of her eyes. Arnold also put his helmet on, seeing the flash and darkness. Then, as if he just opened his eyes, he saw a plaza with players walking around or just appearing. He felt like he was wearing a jacket and looked down at what he was wearing. Just a grey button up jacket and jeans. Normal. But Maggie was having her mind blown.

    She was looking around and staring at what some people were wearing and acting like a noob. She looked around for her frend and saw his username and squealed and ran up to him. "Bro! You look so adorable!" He sweatdropped and scratched the back of his pale blonde head. "Yeah. I guess so. But howcome you have a witches outfit?" "I have no idea, but I look fab-" And then the childlike voice started to speak. After the speech, she and Arnold were shaken up, so were other players. "Death?" They asked the same time.
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  3. Benjamin eyes showed his shock, his red orbs fill of worries and fear. Benjamin shouted to the sky, in hopes the voice would hear.

    "What is the point to all this! WHY KEEP US HERE?" to Benjamin's surprise, the voice replied.

    "I wish to see how you all survive." stated the voice, its tone even colder then before

    Benjamin took a step back, his black shoes clicking against the square cut stone. A beam of light sparked in the center of the plaza, and summoned a 14'2 multi colored dragon. The Dragon roared with breath that held pink red and blue within it, facing its long snout forward, the dragon opened its slender jaws, calling forth a power mixed of fire, ice and poison. 45 players died on impact, and hundreds where affected. Screams of death filled the air, as did screams of pain. Mobs rushed to get inside one of the city's tall slender towers, or any others. Benjamin only stood his ground, letting the mobs rush past, some even almost knocking him over. As the plaza cleared, Benjamin reached for his back, and gripped the handle of his scythe, and redyed it for battle.
  4. Arnold and Maggie's eyes scanned the area, seeing dead bodies around them. Maggie gasped and covered her mouth with tears brimming ner ehes. Arnold stood there shocked and nearly falling because of people bumping into him. Maggie held onto Arnold's sleeve to keep herself from falling, most couldn't see her because of her small stature. Once the plaza cleared, then they could really see the damage. Dead or wounded on the ground. Maggie's gold eyes, once filled with fear, now had a blaze of anger. She let go of Arnold's sleeve and pulled out her broom. Arnold looked down at her and saw the look in her eyes. He'd never seen her this angry. She yelled out as she ran towards the dragon, with no clear plan in mind. "AHHHHHHH!!" Seeming at though she wanted to murder it. "Wait! Maggie!" Arnold yelled for her to come back and ran after her. But Maggie didn't hear him and her mind and sights were on killing that thing for hurting innocent people!

    Maggie jumped in the air swinging the broom at the dragon. But missed, making the bristles hit the ground and making the loud screeching noise.
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  5. The dragon jumped back, its back legs holding its large slender body. Taking a side swipe, the dragon tried to knock the broom from the witch's hand. Benjamin was only shocked as he saw yet another person step up, her clothing and hat gave him the impression that she was a witch, but in Virtual Life, Anything is possible. Quickly taking off, Benjamin gained speed, his pale slender arm readying his weapon. Taking a strong jump from the ground, Benjamin manged to strike the dragon. The beast roared as the scythe made contact with its chest, and it only ended as Benjamin slide down the monster, cutting it open.
  6. Maggie just barely missing the large dragons sharp claws, from ripping her hand from her arm, and only getting a cut on the back of her hand. She winced as she jumped back near Arnold. He watched her as she sucked on the cut and started to feel guilty that she got hurt, on his watch. He didn't have anything to fight with, besides this really heavy metal bookbag that he held ever since they came here. He sighed as he stood next to Maggie and said. "You have a cut on your hand." "I already know that!!" Maggie shouted at him, then started to curse at him in German, because the dragon was already dead, technically. After all, it did get its stomach ripped open.
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  7. Benjamin was coated in the dragons blood, running his hand through his thick red hair, Benjamin manged to feel something sticky. Pulling his hand from his hair, Benjamin looked over to the two strangers, and begun his walk over to them.

    Arriving, Benjamin could see the girl had a small cut, putting his weapon back in its case on his back, Benjamin spoke.

    "Are you two okay?"
  8. Arnold nodded his head and holding Maggie back from trying to beat him up. "Ja. But Maggie is pissed now." He said, blankly. Because he's handled a pissed Maggie a bunch of times in his life. He sighed and let her go, with her trying to punch Arnold's face, but ultimately missing his face and fell and hit her face flat on the ground. He simply said, "Yep, she's fine." He then looked over at the redhead and asked. "How 'bout you? You okay?"
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