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  1. Virtual Calamity

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    • In the year 2030, the idea of virtual reality, once started by Oculus with the Oculus Rift, exploded into life. While the immersion that the Rift had on people was breath-taking, the limitations of just using the sight as a form of immersion became apparent. It was a limitation that was removed by the company Virtueye. It was through crowd-funding websites that they were able to produce the Obsidian Glass, a virtual reality suite that places the game into the neurones in a human body with the use of electrical notes placed onto the skin. The ability to breath in the game had skyrocketed the then-unknown gaming company into the forefront of the gaming companies. While this fame reached a peak after initial release, due to the technology being innovative, it wasn't until Activision had created the next Call of Duty game for the suite that propelled the suite and Virtueye as the only games 'console' to have in the home.

      This all changed, however, in 2033. Due to a malfunction with the electrical nodes, which are advised to be replaced every year for a low cost ($10 in the United States), and their compatibilities with the electrical loads going through the wires, players were feeling pain whenever their game character were injured. In some cases where the in game character was killed, the impulse from the machine was so large that it induced comas around the world. Virtueye then recalled all Obsidian Glass suites due to the problems that the first generation suites were causing, causing their shares to plummet, and went back to trying to solve the problem of their flagship product. The use of the Omni-glove, an electronic-enhanced glove that was universal in uses (from mobile phones to remotes to locking houses), remained popular for the company to remain afloat, amongst the other gadgets that they had in stores worldwide.

      While the Omni-glove was updated every 4 months with added benefits to enhance their utilities, the Obsidian Glass wasn't heard in the news. So much was the fact that technology magazines had thought and shared the idea that the suite was scrapped due to the problems that it had. However, when Virtueye came back to E3 in 2036, it had unveiled that they had solved the issues that the first generation of Obsidian Glass and unveiled the Obsidian Glass 2. Instead of just using common electrical nodes on the body, they have produced the Tentacle, electrical nodes specifically made by the company for the suite, which had chips inside both the node itself and the socket that the node is plugged into to counter the rapid increase of electrical signals that came from the suite and into the player. This plus more advanced programming to balance the signals when reaching the chips were discussed at the conference that made the Glass safe for consumers worldwide.

      While there were scepticisms of the product, the problems that happened 3 years ago still in mind, when the conference reached its conclusion, the Obsidian Glass was a critical success, with the suite winning hundreds of awards, including 'Comeback Product of the Year' from one magazine. It became a critical success once it was released to the public. Virtual Reality was cemented in the gaming community with the release of a brand new MMO Shooter, Tzvelhevo Calling, in 2040, despite DDoS attacks on the companies in business with Virtueye by hacktivists, still sceptical after what happened with the first generation.
    • In the year 3570, during the years from the Golden Age, a man known only as the Pharaoh, who led a group only known as the Legion, ruled the Kaelvero Galaxy with a tyrannical fist. This rule did, however, have some resistance, with the rebels under the command of Damien Krelvotz leading the resistance. During one conflict on the planet system where the Pharaoh lived, Sigma-Alpha, known as Xelveha System to its inhabitants, a group of rebels were killed by the tyrant's most prestigious battalion, the Galatis Dominatus.

      One rebel who died on that conflict, Murtagh being the only name that was known, was brought back to life. Instead of moving on to a peaceful after live, he had been sent down to the darkest depths of Tzvelhevo. He confronted the demon that controlled the vastness of this dark underworld. He made a pact with the demon, allowing him to return to the living and being able to kill the Pharaoh without impunity in the return of eternal servitude.

      With his new-found life, he had brought his weapons onto the Pharaoh's throne world, Xelveha Prime, and laid to waste the troops that were stationed there, including half of the Galactis Dominatus and a fraction of the Pharaoh's technology division, Segmentum Solaris. Then, with a simple shot to the head, the Pharaoh was no more and the man who was called Murtagh simply disappeared. When the rebels arrived at Xelveha Prime, they saw the destruction that was there and witnessed the decaying body of the tyrant. With what was left of the technology on the planet, Damien Krelvotz had decided that instead of the galaxy plunging into anarchy, a new order would arise that would be fairer than the one witnessed under the Pharaoh's rule. Under Krelvots, the Imperium of Krelvotz was founded and peace was soon restored to the galaxy.

      Until now…
      In the Year 4265, the galaxy is at war, with five factions disputing the absolute rule of the galaxy. No longer was the Imperium, under the rule of Emperor Maxwell Krelvotz, the singular, unifying force that it once was as the rising groups came to dispute that power. First of the Imperium's foes are the crime syndicate, the Brotherhood of Charen, led by the ruthless Giovanni Evari and employ strategy in all their confrontation. The next is the uprising of the Pharaoh's technology division, Segmentum Solaris, even though they are no longer under the tyrant's influence and, instead, strives for power through technological advancements. There is the Space Pirates, who are quick-witted and want chaos in the universe. Finally, a Kaelvero-born group still under the influence of the mysticisms of the Pharaoh, the Cult of Galatis, wants the Pharaoh's rule to be enforced, using technology to give each member the 'magical' capabilities that the tyrant supposedly have. In 4270, another faction joined in the struggle for dominance. The Krelvon, an alien race that wants dominion over the universe, has finally arrived to claim the Kaelvero Galaxy as a part of their massive empire.

      Which group will win the dominance war and claim the Kaelvero Galaxy for themselves? You decide!
    • One day, you walk home from a long day of doing work, whether it was due to a job that you held down to pay for your living expenses or studying at college. Looking at the pile of envelopes on the table you had moved earlier that morning, your Obsidian Glass 2 suite in your field of view. The thought of logging a few hours on Tzvelhevo Calling being on your mind instead of checking the letters. You thought best and moved close to the table. Flicking through the easily recognizable letters of bank statements and junk mail, one letter stood out from the rest of them. Curiosity getting the best of you, you open the letter and pull its contents out. You instantly recognize the symbol of one of the more well-known tournament organizers, but the name escapes your mind. You also notice the logo for Arcadius Productions, the creators of Tzvelhevo Calling. Your eyes checked the letter, instantly seeing your name on the piece of paper. Without a doubt that the letter is yours, you began to read the contents of the letter under your name:

      Feeling suspicious of the letter, you logged onto your computer to check if the tournament is legitimate. To your surprise, the tournament is in the news column of Arcadius Productions’ website. Hours later, after hours of deliberation, you sign the bottom of the declaration and began to book the necessary time off to participate.


      One year after the release of Tzvelhevo Calling, a group of tournament organisers had decided to form an official tournament based on the multi-award winning game. 128 players who have at one point played the game are invited to the tournament, hosted in London, United Kingdom. All the invites have been accepted and all players are willing to play in the tournament. The prize for winning the tournament? $200,000 that is shared with individual prizes that the invite said 'only mentioned at the venue'.

      Outside forces, however, are bent on disrupting the tournament. The tournament, players and organisers in tow, will turn from a tournament of riches to a fight for their survivals.

      So, are you ready?

      Will you survive the Virtual Calamity?
    • While in many personal copies of Tzvelhevo Calling allow for participants to create a character from any of the 6 factions, only 5 have been chosen for the purpose of this Tournament.

      The Imperium of Krevoltz
      Main Attribute: Offence

      The Imperium is an Imperial army of the Krevotz Empire, led by Emperor Maxwell Krevotz. They formed after the downfall of the Pharaoh and his Legion during the Golden Era in 3570 from the rebels that assassinated the tyrant. Using some of the technology that was left behind by the Legion's most prestigious battalion, the Galatis Dominatus, they have created battleships and frigates that are capable of jumping between two locations via wormhole technology. This technology was dubbed the Quantum Tunnel Leaper technology by the Segmentum Solaris, but to the Imperium, this was simply called FTL technology. Using this technology, the Imperium have produced some of the galaxy's most devastating weapons in the galaxy. The Imperium, itself, consists mostly of humans, but there are a couple of humanoid martians that join the Imperium as a part of an initiative to gain a collective for their Empire.

      The Brotherhood of Charen
      Main Attribute: Income

      100 years after the Pharaoh's assassination, a small cult, which had been rumoured to still follow the teachings of the Pharaoh himself, had formed and had gained popularity amongst the populace that still obeyed the tyrant. While this had been proven to be the Cult of Galatis, the Brotherhood was also created around the time and was created by the galactic mafia at that point, funded by the black market and by a man then called Hector Evari. With all the funding at the time, they had bought some of the now-outdated technology from both the Imperium and Segmentum Solaris. However, it is due to their vast wealth, that they have become one of the front running groups to control the rest of the galaxy, run by the head of the Evari house, Giovanni Evari. Like the Imperium, the Brotherhood mainly consists of humans, but they have no policy on whether or not any martians can join their group or not.

      The Krelvon
      Main Attribute: Defense

      The Krelvon are an alien race that hail from nearby galaxies. With their objective of obtaining the Universe for themselves, they do have an empire that expands to a few galaxy clusters. They are mainly consisting of a large lizard-like race of martians that live on their home planet of Krelva. They are ferocious in battle, often using their battle cruisers to crash into other ships, with some of their technology that they obtained from the races they conquered, allowing them to do that. Their ships, therefore, has some strong hull capabilities to do such offensive tactics, which matches their preferred fighting style when on planet-side skirmishes, with their hides being tough as well.

      Segmentum Solaris
      Main Attribute: Technology

      Segmentum Solaris, or SS, was the remaining division that the Pharaoh had which had dealt with the technological aspect of the tyrant's dominion. While there were a few fanatics of the tyrant, the majority of them wanted to branch out from under the Pharaoh's fingers, so the fanatics were quickly executed. The rest, under the rule of an artificial intelligent framework only known as the Collective, started developing advanced technology at an alarming rate, ranging from a ship that is able to transport a whole fleet of ships under one wormhole (whereas the FTL technology the Imperial has produces one wormhole per ship) to some of the most advanced shielding technology of all of the groups to a more advanced version of the Xenon Suits. The members of the SS are either human or cyborgs, each of them having either bionic transplants or cybernetics to advance their aspects and to connect themselves to the Collective.

      Space Pirates
      Main Attribute: Agility

      As with all aspects of travelling, whether it was by sea on a planet or in the depths of space, there are pirates. There are no exceptions for Kaelvero Galaxy. This group, comprising of mainly martians (though there are a few humans in the group), are mixed in technological advancement due to each of their ships being from different backgrounds. All of the ships, regardless of their origin, have one thing in common; they have less defensive or offensive capabilities for the trade off of nimble capabilities. Each ship is able to outpace many of the ships out there, allowing them to fire as many rounds at an enemy to compensate for the lack of offensive or to dodge any incoming fire. They also, where laser pistols are a rare occurrence due to the vulnerabilities of being disarmed, have Power Gauntlets, which acts as a communicator, a wrist blaster or a wrist-mounted laser sword.

      The Cult of Galatis

      Main Attribute: Magical Capabilities
      There is not a lot of information that could be said about the Cult. From what has been written down on the homeworlds where the Cult had been found, they are confirmed to be created by members of the Galatis Dominus around the same time as the Brotherhood. With the fanatics who had managed to escape the SS, they had produced some technology that enables them to access the rest of their brain function, allowing them to enact 'magical' capabilities that are rumoured to match those that the Pharaoh had, ranging from deflecting light without shielding to being able to conjure balls of plasma to launch at the enemy. Much like the Space Pirates, their space-travelling technology differs from ship to ship as they are of different origin. The Cult is lead by Tyra Belenholth, the supposed descendant of the Pharaoh. They consist of an even amount of martians and humans, all with an almost-fanatical devotion to the Pharaoh (oh, damn).
    • While I tend to be very flexible when it comes to some of the stuff that appears in this RP, these are the rules that I want everyone to abide to:

      1. All standard RPing conventions apply here: This means no GModding (when a character is a god and controls other characters), no Mary Sue/Gary Stus (characters that have no flaws), no meta-gaming, etc.
      2. Absences: I know that real life does get in the way every now and again and I do understand that you might need a longer amount of time to write a response, but please let me know via a post or PM that this will be a case. Absences without any notice will result in the character removal.
      3. Character Creation: Initially, there will be one character sheet for the participant which will be filled out (One participant max per RPer). At some point, which I will announce both with an in character notification and a message in this thread, there will be another character sheet for you guys to fill out for your virtual character.
      4. Virtual Characters: While there is a choice of groups that a virtual character could be, I will be assigning these to people at the appropriate time in the RP (which is relatively at the beginning of the story itself) in order for there to be a balance of players in said groups. This isn't negotiable unless you find another person who is willing to swap places with you.
      5. Communication: When planning to do something in the RP, please make sure that all the relevant parties are informed and agree with what you want to do.
      6. Obey all Iwaku guidelines: 'Nuff said.
      7. Have Fun!
      These rules can change or be added to at any time when necessary.
    • Participant
      Country of Residence:
      Sexual Orientation:
      Appearance: (Minimum 2 paragraphs: One for facial appearance and another for apparel)
      Personality when met: (Basic description as this section can develop during the course of the RP)
      Gamer Tag:
      Favourite video game genre:
      Experience with Tzvelhevo Calling:

      Virtual Character

      Coming soon...

      A character will change during this RP, so it is highly recommended to keep the Character sheet updated as the story progresses.
    • Coming Soon…

    Well here is my take on the virtual reality setting. I hope you guys enjoy reading this RP and are interested. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to post them here.

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