Virden Core (mini adventure)

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  1. The UNS Glory Came out of warp to investigate a distress beacon of a human colony. Capitan Kelt looked to his Monitor and pulled up a thermal image of the colony. There was muzzle flashes and the plasma blasts from two opposing forces. He frowned in anger and on the right arm rest of his chair he flicked open a button that was used all to often in his opinion. He pressed it and the ships emergency alarm was sent blaring bringing the ship to full attack readiness.

    "Battle stations, Battle stations, All personnel report to your stations and prepare for planet side combat." He finished his announcement and then hit the repeat button and the recording began to repeat. He looked to his second in command.
    "Get the Mech pilots ready they need help, take back the colony square and power core and get the colony defence systems back online." he ordered. The XO nodded and picked up a phone and began to make the calls. Capitan Kelt cursed the Blues, but gave them props for always keeping the pressure on.
  2. Capitan Kelt stood from his command chair and walked to the pilots and placed his hands behind his back and cursed as he was taking in the situation. "Give me an attack radar ping around the planet." He ordered. One of the operators nodded and fired up their attack deep space radar. then it came into view, a frigate class Blue ship came into view. The chill ran up his spine. He kept his composure and began to give his orders. "Fire up all defence systems put 75% of the shields to the port side now." He felt the first hit. The ship shook as the plasma weapons of the Blues Carrier struck the shields. He held fast onto a railing and looked to the opponent, now he had to deal with both planet side and space battles. "Return fire with The V-rockets, 5 Volleys, then keep the guns on them and open up do not let them breath. Get our forces on the grown now." he was calm but a million things ran through his mind. One of them was the memories of his life as a junor officer...a simpler life. Then the shudder of the ship again. "Bring us about to 290 and get the Virden Core ready." The glint in his eye was one of a man who would never give an inch.
  3. Eric Grey stumbled as the ship shook, he righted himself and continued down the hallway. He ran into the hangar and started prepping his gear and weapons. Keying his comm unit he reported directly to the bridge. "Sir this is orbital over watch unit 3. DO you want my mech assisting planetside or attacking the enemy ship?" Eric motioned to his crew chiefs to begin equipping his mech with ammunition. Eric was a member of the elite mech sniper unit that could rain precise death from high atmosphere or even outer space. The revolutionary railgun technology allowed him to utilize a variety of ammunition that could inflict heavy damage on targets of any kind.
  4. Grey came across the net and he looked to his XO and nodded for Her to take over. She nodded as she Took control of the bridge. Capitan Kelt made a quick pace to the war operations room of the vessel. He picked up the phone to the hanger. "Grey This is Kelt I need your team of three Planet side, You are to secure the Power plant and re-activate planet defences. You will keep comm with the Glory, Have Fighters scramble to intercept Blue fighters between ships. Have Four Platoons of Marines support and evacuate any civilians to a Forward operating base i will put on the map." he said as he pointed it out on a holo-map in front of him. "Do you understand." The ship shuddered again. Over the ships intercom. "CO requested bridge!" he cursed. "Get it Done!" and hung up, Going to the bridge.
  5. Liam suddenly was woken up from his Cyro sleep. Alarms were peeping inside. He gasped for air and someone came to the shuttle and opened it "Sargent Anderson! How are you feeling! We are under attack, you need to get suited up and get down to HQ, for you will be briefed, we need you Marine! Get your ass going!" a man yelled. He got out and began jogging to his locker and got on this suit. It wasn't like any armor anyone has soon. He's a rookie, but not your ordinary rookie. He's something else. He grabbed his rifle and his snipe rifle and his pistol and cocked it and began walking to the HQ. He passed everyone that suddenly stared at him as he made his way to the HQ. A man saluted him, "Sargent Liam Anderson, sir! They are waiting for you in the, Captain Kelt is waiting for you to brief you." he said as Liam walked into the doors and saluted for a bit and saw Captain Kelt and awaited for orders.

    What he looks like.
  6. Kelt looked at the man who came to his bridge, realizing it was Sag. Anderson. "Anderson i Want you planetside. Your job will be to cover the retreat of civilians to The FOB. (Forward Operating Base). After you complete that assist Grey into taking the power station and get those colony defences up and running it will make your job easier. Enter Via POD from bay 4. Keep in radio contact. Give them hell." He looked back to the problem at hand. "Status on the Core?" he bellowed. "67% sir and rising Virden Core ready to fire in 2 minutes." the operator said. He walked to his command chair and cursed then patched himself through to the weapons section of the ship. "Everyone this is your Capitan, I Order you all to stay your course and give em hell we are those colonists last hope Bring those Fuckers down!" He signed off. and stared at his foe with a cold visage. "Fire the Core when ready, aim at their engines."
  7. He nodded and turned around and walked away. People watched as he walked out "Is that dude a even human." one man said. He chuckled and walked completely out. He walked toward the Bay where the PODs were at and need to be at Bay 4. He looked for Bay for and with in no time, he was their. He looked and saw a guy who looked like Grey. He walked up to him and spoke "You Grey?" he asked. He wondered if he would know who he was or not. Some people did and then knew him as a rookie until he put on this suit.
  8. Grey looked up from his datapad and nodded. "Yeah, so I am guessing you are gonna be my partner in this little skirmish." Grey Climbed the ladder into his mech and looked down at Anderson. "I hope that fancy armor of yours isnt just for show." Eric climbed into the cockpit of his mech and started the main reactor. "This is Grey, all systems green. Weapon ammo is full. Ready for drop." He took direct control and maneuvered the large war machine to the drop barge.

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  9. Kelt herd Grey over the comms, "Get ready for Planet drop grey as soon as i Fire the Core that will give you all a window the get to the planet surface safely. Give em hell." He signed off as he looked to the, battle ahead. Then the Core light went green. "FIRE!" The ship shuddered and then the lights shuddered as the Main cannon fired draining the power in a large energy battery. The light blasted forth from the cannon and the Blue ships shields buckled and the Blue hull heated as the exploded, but the ship still held. "There is a cool down period, sir 10 minutes." He looked to them. Scramble the Fighters. "Sir! There are Blues Attack ships about to collide with our ship, they are looking to take the ship internally!" He went to his chair. "Planetside troops drop now. Secondary personal get weapons from lockers and prepare to repel boarding parties from the blue ship. Defend the Glory with your lives. Their ship is dead in space we have the upper hand everyone now drive them to the abyss!"
  10. Liam chuckled and jumped on the head of the Mech "You'll soon find out." he said as he stood their. They were soon over the Drop Barge. "Over the Drop Barge, Captain." he said as he stood their ready to be dropped. He felt the blast move the ship. He looked down and could see the troops kind of worried and freaking out. He chuckled "Grey, your troops don't look ready, man." he said with a grin. "Point me in the direction you want me to cover and I'll drop them in an instant. I'll show what I can do." he said. Some guy got heard and spoke "Shut up, you are just a rookie, kid." he said. Liam hated to be called that. They had no idea who he is nor what he is capable of. He's the one that took down the 6 buildings by himself in the X-Sector, months ago. If it wasn't for him, they would all be did. Another man spoke "Dude, shut up. Don't you realize who he is? He helped in X-Sector. He's the one who took down those 6 buildings by himself." he said. He pounded on the hatch were Grey got in. "Ready for drop! Hang on to your balls boys!" he said. This'll be the last time you'll hear him talk when they touch ground. They are in for a show.
  11. lt sanders was the head of ground operations and the special forces head operatives. she was trying to get a handle on the situation and cordinate the troops. "sgt get me a secure link with captain kelt. i need reinforcements and someone to take command so me and my squad can drop behind enemy lines and disrupt their operations." she walked into her office and stepped in front of a monitor when her sgt said it was secure
  12. His com at his command chair rang, he picked it up and looked at the small screen that appeared. He didn't recognize the person but she was one of his crew, "Are you one of the platoons going to drop if so why are you talking to me get down there and set up a Base. Your support will be the mech division going in, take a large enough group to support the mechs as they drive in to the power factory and reactivate the colony defences. That is an order." He hung up and looked at the enemy ships making their way slowly but surly towards his ships hull to invade his ship. It was odd that they would want to board but he would worry about the reasons after he dispelled these unwanted visitors.
  13. Grey nodded as the countdown timer activated. Keying his comm to broadcast to the troops around him Grey made one final announcement. "alright troops, this is Strider 1. We are going to be your heavy backup. Me, Strider 2, 3 and tin man here are going for the colony power. After that we will be ready to assist you guys in any way we can. Keep your heads down and your sheilds up. Its been an honor." The klaxon blared and the barge sealed itself. With a shudder the bay doors opened and the barge rocketed towards the planet below.
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    The ship was buzzing and wiring with all the excite of space combat. Being the chief navigator and executive officer, Bethany Sinclair never really got to see the action. Unless of course the bridge was breached. But the UNS Glory had one of the best crews in the universe so she hadn't even broken a sweat when Captain Kelt mentioned the Blue Carriers fighters were attempting to board. However a blaring red on her monitor did give her cause to worry. "Sir we have fighters and carrier ships approaching the hull." Her thin fingers moved deftly across the neon buttons, bringing up the view she had for Captain Kelt as well. She continued to relay his orders through the phone pressed up against her left ear, though her fingers stilled their rapid movement as she waited for his next call.
  15. lt sanders was sitting in the barge in in the cockpit. she had the radio on her head. "incoming fire, Evasive maneuvers. Brace for impact." she had taken manual control and was doing her best to pilot the barge through the enemy fire.
  16. Capitan Kalt looked at the schematics she put up in front of him he then saw multiple hull breaches on deck 3-7-10-17. He brought up the ships inter comms. "Glory we have Breaches by Blue units on Decks 3,7,10,and 17 Defend your home People so we can all make it back their ship is crippled and wont be going anywhere! Our troops are deployed to help the colonists planetside so now Get rid of this infection of Blues off my ship!" he finished and put the mic down. "Seal the bridge." he said calmly. Then looked back at the view Bethany Sinclair had pulled up. He then looked back to Lt Commander Sinclair, "Tell me the status of our ground troops have they made it planetside?"
  17. Liam smiled as he saw the doors open "Here we go, boys!!" he said over the come. And when they dropped down, he could feel the high kick in his veins. He looked down "Captain. This is Sargent Liam Anderson, permission to move ahead to cover the civilians in the front line to give Strider 1, 2, and three and the rest to get them all to safety, sir?" he asked over the Com to HQ. He looked down and could see the chaos and the huge exploding orbs flash and everything. "500 meters." he announced. He was hoping that the Captain would say yes, because he knew that shit was soon about to hit the fan if he wasn't in front of the line to cover everyone. He may need the Mech to be behind him so give them all enough time. He could do it. He just need the support to do so.

    A little quick story about Liam. He joined without anyone knowing, seriously. Not even his parents knew he joined, his friends didn't either. No one did. He just joined months ago and was put on this ship a little over a month ago, he was in Cryo Sleep to keep him hibernated. He has family and friends. He wrote them and everything before he left. He just hoped they will understand.
  18. Bethany had always admired Captain Kelt and how he managed to remain so calm in such dire situations. It would be the least to say she admired the man. She flawlessly relayed his orders just as effortless as he had given then, tapping out keys that would alert the ships defenses and focus their attentions on the breached decks. She faltered slightly when he ordered the bridge to be sealed. That would ensure their own protection but it was not a call made lightly. It meant Kelt feared the bridge may in fact be breached. Though she shook like a leaf inside, she showed no signs of nerves as she calmed keyed in the commands for the sealing of the bridge. "Done sir." Bethany prayed the precaution would be an overestimation, that the situation would not become so critical. The Blue was falling though, and dying ships often made drastic moves.
    Bethany swiveled in her chair towards the monitor she had up to keep an eye on their grounds forces. "It seems the mech unit and supporting units have landed Planetside sir. As well as that...experimental suit unit." She wasn't entirely sure what to call the suit St. Liam Anderson wore. It had been confidential for years while it underwent testing and construction and even now there wasn't much information on it. "Also receiving request from St. Anderson to move ahead of the fire lines. Orders sir?" Whatever he was planning to do sounded valiant enough. And stupid.
  19. Capitan Kelt nodded, "Give the order to start Planet Operations." He looked to the monitors to see Blue troops file out of their breaching pods. Quickly gunfights and muzzle flashes could be seen as the crew of the Glory began to attack the Blue force like white blood cells attacking a foreign virus. He was glad at that moment the Blue advance was slowed. The Blue ship began to veer off course as its systems began to flicker and die. The Virden Core weapon had done more damage then he had thought which was a spot of good news. "Tell me LT Commander you prefer Coffee or tea for lunch..." he was making light of the situation because it was now showing to be more favourable. His years as a Capitan were long but none have been so long as these last 7 years after first making contact... A loud alarm went off as another Blue ship warped in. His heart sank for a moment...only a moment, he saw the sock and fear written on a operators face which made him snap back to his duty as Capitan of the UNS Glory. "Focus fire on the New Ship. How much longer on the Virden Core." he looked through the bridge window to his new threat. larger...probably a battle class. this will be one hell of a scrap. He looked around again. "Can you get a signal out for reinforcements?" he doubted it most likely they would be jamming him but he would at least try.
  20. Bethany nodded, speaking into the phone once more. "All ground units, commence operations! Anderson you've got the green light for your plan. Don't do anything stupid and get those civilians to the FOB." The order was given and Bethany watched as the fighting began Planetside, mirroring the fighting that was going on within their own ship. She was nervous, her body becoming jittery as the swarm of Blues crowded their decks. Glory's soldiers were none to be trifled with however, and Bethany gave a slight cheer as they began to beat back the opposition. She turned towards her Captain and rolled her eyes at the mans question. "Really sir, you should know I prefer tea by now." She gave him a smile, knowing he was trying to lighten the mood. In truth she didn't think any of them would be eating lunch today.

    A loud alarm sounded and Bethany turned back towards her monitors. "Shit! Another ship incoming!" She began to run analysis on the ship, getting as much information as she could before it's jammers blocked her out. "It's a heavily armored fighter ship sir. The Virden Core has another six minutes to charge but I'm afraid it won't do nearly as much damage to this ship. We'll have to stall for at least two shots but our resources are stretched thin. I'll deploy the fighter pilots to attack in the open while our gunners get ready." Having worked with Kelt for some time, Bethany could sometimes predict the calls she assumed he would make, or reason out a strategy or plan of action. She never assumed to take his place or undermine his authority. Every captain needed a competent XO however. With the orders given she immediately began trying to send out a distress signal. She had figured they would be jamming their connect as Kelt had and opted instead to send a distress beam which would fire off into deep space and hopefully be picked up back home soon. "Sending out a distress signal sir, as you know our line of communication is jammed."
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