Virden core (mini adventure) OOC questions/info inquiry

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  1. This is a sub adventure to a main forem story of the same name. If you have any questions just ask :3

    Current events: the ship UNS Glory came out of warp answering a distress call from a human colony and was to find that the blues had began a planet side assult. Then as they were about to mount an assult of their own a Blues battle frigate came from around the planet side and opened fire upon the Glory. The capitan has ordered a five person mech squad planetside to assist in defence and to get the colony defences back into operation. The Capitan is tasked with dealing with the Battle and defence of the ship.
  2. im surprised no one wants to join or ask questions XD
  3. ... I didn't even know this existed.
  4. lol a mini adventure just for people to jump in
  5. lol a bunch has happened but you can jump right in still alot happening and its a large ship you can be anyone really.
  6. Wait is this the same branch as the main virden core RP? And sorry about not posting I've been busy.
  7. I'll join :o
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.