Viper in the Bush

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  1. I had something totally different in mind when I read the title. Would've been a good way to go. But that...Lady, if you want to kill your husband, there's better ways to do it. Hell, if you still want it to be sex-related I could probably think of a few things other than poisoning your naughty bits.
  2. How Hamlet should have ended.
  3. Brazilians amirite?
  4. Hey, they've got nice asses. I can overlook the attempted murder.
  5. Poison in the ass might be more successful.
  6. With luck, the ass poison could grant superpowers.
  7. I didn't really think it was acceptable by Iwaku to title it with profanities, but I thought the article was hilarious none the less.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. We have a roleplay section and a chatbox dedicated to fucking. Profanity is hardly an issue, therefore.
  10. I rather liked the creative title of this thread.

  11. My ass is possessed by a Greater Daemon of Nurgle, it grants no super powers then being able to empty a room of weak stomached individuals