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    - - - - About Me - - - -

    I'm an ninteen year old Northern American. At first, I assume I come across as a very professional individual...or stern. Trust me, I'm not. I can be loads of fun so long as I'm not stressed out or panicked. Sometimes I can loose my cool, but everyone does once in a while. Anyways, I've been role-playing since I was eleven. That's about eight years of experience under my belt. I know how to create, cooperate, and manage multiple characters, stories, and groups ( assuming I have the time to do so ). Don't let that scare you off or anything! I like meeting new people or making friends, and I don't bite people until they deserve it. I live with my parents while I attend college so sometimes I may not be 100% active. I have chores to do, siblings to babysit, homework to complete. The usual. I try my best to keep my partners updated on what's going on.

    Back to role-play. My resume on my profile can give you a clear understanding of what I like or don't like. Although if there is something not there that you are curious of feel free to send me a private message asking.

    - - - - My Interests - - - -

    Live Action Shows

    Lie to Me
    Cake Boss
    Doctor Who
    Ghost Whisperer
    Orange is the New Black
    Witches of East End
    The Walking Dead
    Once Upon A Time
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


    Batman Series
    Samurai Jack
    Ever After High
    Generator Rex
    Young Justice
    Justice League
    My Little Pony
    Power Puff Girls
    Adventure Time
    Fairly Odd Parents
    Dexter's Laboratory
    Code Name: Kids Next Door
    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    Avatar the Last Airbender / Legend of Korra​

    Anime / Manga

    Blood +
    Soul Eater
    Sailor Moon
    Rosario + Vampire
    Baka and Test
    Attack on Titan
    Kamisama Kiss
    Sword Art Online
    Full Metal Alchemist
    The World God Only Knows
    Oran High School Host Club


    The Avengers
    Disney Movies
    Miyazaki Films
    Treasure Planet
    Night at the Museum
    Indiana Jones Series
    The Wizard of Oz
    Pirates of the Carribean
    The Prince of Egypt
    ( There are others but I can't recall them all.)


    Slice of Life
    - - - - My Stories - - - -

    The Flower Boy
    ☑ T
    Your character is taking her lunch break in the park when they come across a baron flower stand. A bystander notices your interest in the stand, and mentions to you that it would be wise to come back next Sunday. They return at the given time and date, to find the stand full of some of the most beautiful flower's you've seen, and a handsome young man.

    You Got A Friend In Me

    An old elementary school friend is moving back to the city, and just so happens to be attending the same high school. Things have changed a lot since then, but who knows what could happen.

    For the First Time
    ☑ Azumari

    Two online friends are finally meeting for the first time.

    I Forgive You

    A drunk driver causes a head on collision with another vehicle, putting the other driver in the hospital.

    Grover's High Hill Estate

    A boy's home for those with out families and juvenile delinquents. Grover's High Hill Estate is a lovely local farm with plenty of activities to build character in the young men that stay there. (yaoi)

    The Tomb

    An archeologist and her partner discover a clue that could possibly lead to a key to deciphering the Arayn language, much like how the Rosetta Stone helped in decoding the Egyptian and Latin languages.

    The Lost Princess

    A country girl moves to the city to make a life for herself, but to her surprise she gets more than she bargained for. She is discovered by the emperor's men and claimed to be his long lost daughter.

    - - - - My Fandoms - - - -

    Assassin's Creed
    ☑ Le_Nick

    A rouge female assassin has mysteriously appeared in the city of Rome, Italy. Assassin mentor Lodovico Ariosto has demanded that she be investigated by the order.

    Kiki's Delivery Service

    + Two witches that are childhood friends leave home to find their calling.
    + A witch birthed a young witch from a white rose, but were separated by child protection services.
    + A cursed and mourning witch hunter and rebellious witch with daddy issues fall in love (yaoi story)​

    Adventure Time

    +The Land of Ooo years after the death of Finn. There has been a rise and fall of many kingdoms. New kingdoms have been discovered. Previous kingdoms such as the Candy Kingdom have new princesses to lead them. There has been a great war between the Fire and Water Kingdoms. New breed of hero's / knights. Blah blah blah, there's a lot I have in mind so if you're interested PM me and I'll give you all the details.

    +Something with the NightoSphere would be cool.

    Power Puff Girls

    Pretty much the same as the original series, but made our own. There are only two power puff girls at first. They were born as teenagers so they have to grow accustomed to the daily struggles of high school/middle school, and still make the time to save the city of Townsville (assuming we're still calling it that). Eventually the girls want a baby sister, but instead a power puff boy is created. There is also the rowdy ruff boys too (our own version of them), created by an evil person who has a grudge against the professor. There's a plot that comes with this idea, and a range of characters.

    Dexter's Laboratory

    Dee Dee has died in an car crash many years ago, and the Boy Genius has become distant from the world around him. Suddenly his life changes when a distant cousin, Sammi, comes to live with him and his family.

    - - - - My Requirements - - - -

    Sadly, I can't role-play with just anyone. Grammar and sentence structure are a necessity for me. I can't and won't read posts that lack these key elements, simply because it's just harder for me to understand it. I'm to lazy to even remotely try to decipher the mess, and sometimes it really just gives me a headache trying to read it. I'd prefer to play with intermediate role-players.

    I don't tolerate snarky, rude, hoity, and negative treatment or behavior.

    I'm pretty flexible on time since I understand that life can be a real bitch. Just keep me caught up on your availability.

    Please for the love of god, no Mary/Gary Sues. I can tolerate OP characters (in fairness).

    Can handle multiple characters. Not all of the stories require the need for multiple characters, but it is always a plus.

    I would like to play with people who play both genders. It makes things easier for everyone.

    - - - - A Note - - - -
    Some of the stories are under developed so I don't mind cooperating with my partner one plot ideas and character development. If there is something in my interests that you may have an idea for, please send me a PM and I will notify you about it. Keep in mind I have other partners that I could possibly be playing with, and other role-play groups that I belong to, so I may reply late.

    Key Box:

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  2. 44 views and only one pm. It's a start?
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  3. I like the "For the First Time" one can we try? c:
  4. Yeah sure. I'm not at the computer right now so if you could start the pm?
  5. sure :3 -skips to pms dropping socks on the way there-
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  6. You Got A Friend In Me and For the First Time both look absolutely adorable.
  7. I would simply love to start a one on one with you. I actually saw your own partner search but hadn't decided if I should ask or not. I noticed you liked the friends to lovers type of story, and that could definitely happen with You've Got A Friend In Me. I'll send you a pm and we can work on it some.
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  8. Sent you a PM.
  9. @Trust

    Hey if you want to do grover with me. ...
  10. Hmm? Sorry, I don't follow.
  11. Oh, sorry, I just read into the thing, I d like to if that's okay~ (Sorry if I make no sense, I do usually form more comprehensible sentences, but it is extremely late)
  12. Hey, Vio! You up for a doctor who group roleplay? I'm in one, but if not, I'm willing to do a 1x1
  13. I'm not really willing to join anymore groups, but I think I can handle a one on one. Any perk your interest?
  14. Awesome. I'll send you a PM soon.
  15. Doctor whoooooooooo~~~~~!
  16. Other than doctor who. I don't really see a doctor who themed role play going well.
  17. Px you're the one who put it on your list..... TmT
  18. Eh, power puff girls or dexter's lab would be good
  19. No I really didn't. Just because I stated that I like and am interested in something doesn't mean I want to do a role play about it. It's more of a possibility rather than a for sure thing.
  20. Out of the stories I already have don't really seem interested.
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