Violet's Partner Search {Part 2}

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  1. Violet's One x One Search Thread

    About Me

    Hi there, and welcome to my search thread! I'm currently looking for more one x one role-plays! I plan on keeping this thread and updating often. Anyway here are a few things about me.
    ✰ I'm Nineteen and a college student
    ✰ I live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone
    ✰I'm on multiple times a day {Almost 24/7} so I'm usually available for replies and OOC
    ✰ I play strong female characters however I can also portray good male characters. My personal preference is female unless we are doubling.
    ✰ I love lots of drama, romance, humor, wit, and sarcasm.
    ✰ I write a minimum of two paragraph responses and a maximum of eight.
    ✰ I like to think that I am pretty literate and have a strong sense of grammar and spelling.
    ✰ I do enjoy chatting in the OOC about almost anything!

    • Listed below are my expectations in my partner. I don't think I'm unreasonable or really strict. I'm a human being who makes mistakes and I'm pretty understanding about most things! However I will not break any of the Iwaku Site Rules. Please be advised.

      ✫Someone who can give me a reply at least once a week, however i understand real life gets in the way.
      ✫Detailed replies that are well thought out and have good grammer/punctuation/spelling. I'm not a fan of one and two liners or anything less than a paragraph. I'll always try to reply with two paragraphs as a minimum. More is always better.
      ✫Someone who is willing to play the male or double up. Also someone who can play one or more npc as and when needed
      ✫Someone who will engage in OOC chat with me. I like to get to know my partners.
      ✫Someone who understands that I will not roleplay smut UNLESS you are over eighteen. Iwaku Rules ALWAYS apply.
      ✫Realistic face claims only please. I don't like anime or drawings.

    • PLOTS
      Love Hacks
      Potential to Double:No Prefered Role: N/A
      Muse A moves to a new city to start a new job as a journalist. As their first assignment Muse A must write an article on ‘The 10 different people you date in your twenties’. Muse A is starting off well, going on dates and writing all about it until Muse A goes on a date with Muse B. Muse A and Muse B hit it off really well and begin to go out on more and more dates. Muse A really cares for Muse B but has to publish the article or lose their job. However if Muse A does publish to article they might lose Muse B for good. Will Muse A pick business over pleasure?

      Click for Love
      Potential to Double: No Prefered Role: Muse A
      Muse A has had no luck in their love life so their friends sign them up for a dating website. While Muse A thinks the site is ridiculous, they end up meeting Muse B. Muse A and Muse B become inseparable, chatting online almost everyday. So when Muse A shows up for their new job, they’re shocked that Muse B is also there. In fact Muse B is Muse A’s new boss! While coworkers dating is a big no-no, will Muse A and Muse B be able to hide their blossoming romance?

      The Royal Romance
      Potential to Double: Yes Prefered Role: Muse A
      Muse A is a waitress in a big city. She works night shifts at a small bar and one night, a few men come in and she hits it off with one the dreamy men, Muse B. Muse A and Muse B go on a few dates before Muse B has to go home. Muse A is shocked to find out that Muse B is actually a prince! However Muse B tells Muse A that he wants her to come with him back to his country. Will Muse A be able to survive the whirlwind romance with a dreamy prince?
      *We could add the girl’s best friend and the prince’s best friend if you’d like to double*

      A Pirates Destiny
      Potential to Double: Yes Prefered Role: N/A
      Muse A is a young girl, troubled by her present life. In a desperate attempt to escape her troubles, she finds herself lost at sea aboard a tough pirate crew with a strict rule for no females. Using her quick with she disguised herself as a boy and works her way up the rankings until she finds herself face to face with Muse B, the fearless pirate captain. Can she keep up her disguise while falling for the most feared pirate in the seven seas?

      Assassin’s Code
      Potential to Double:Yes Prefered Role: N/A
      Muse A was born to royalty, through in a cruel twist of fate she was kidnapped by a group of trained assassians. Growing up in a band of highly trained killers, she learned the ropes and found herself in the biggest trap of them all. (This plot could go a few different ways depending on your preferred style)

        werewolf x human
        vampire x human
        werewolf x vampire
        vampire x vampire
        elemental x elemental
        star jock x new student
        bad boy x good girl
        jock x drama geek
        nurse x doctor
        superhero x supervillain
        superhero x superhero
        superhero x normal person
        older brother x younger sister's best friend
        pirate x uncover
        royal x commoner

        Harry Potter Currently Craving
        Crushes: neville longbottom ; harry potter ; ronald weasley ; fred/george weasley
        oc x oc ; canon x canon
        Canon Pairings: harry x hermione ; harry x ginny ; ron x hermione ; neville x luna ; fred x hermione

        The Hunger Games
        Crushes: finicky odair ; gale hawthorne ; peeta
        oc x oc ; canon x canon
        Canon pairings: katniss x gale ; katniss x finnick ; finnick x johanna ; finnick x annie

        Crushes: emmett ; jasper ; jacob ; seth
        canon x canon ; oc x canon

        Marvel Universe
        Crushes: steve rogers, peter parker, tony stark
        oc x oc ; canon x oc

        canon x canon
        Basically I'm up for anything disney related

        Pretty Little Liars
        Crushes : caleb ; toby ; ezra]
        canon x canon ; oc x canon
        Pairings: caleb x hanna ; toby x spencer ; ezra x aria

        Sailor Moon
        Crushes: tuxedo mask
        canon x canon ; oc x oc

        Constantly Expanding

      Thank You for stopping by! Please feel free to comment below or PM me.
      Last Updated: 01/10/18
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  3. @Kat YES YES YES!
  4. hey! so i think we may have had something in the past but i sort of went awol due to irl issues. however i am back for hopefully a long time and i remembered that i enjoyed the roleplay we had, so if you would be up to taking me on again, i would love to double up for the royal romance plot, or eben harry potter :3
  5. @winnie Aw! Yay, I'm so glad you're back! PM me I'd love to do either of those!
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  6. Have two new plot ideas for a pirates rp and an assassin rp.

    Edit: plots have been updated
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  7. Added a new pairing!

    Edit: also added a plot along the lines of the maximum ride series
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  8. Kinda sorta craving a guardian angel x human rp!
  9. Would love a few more one x ones!
  10. Like a pirates destiny
  11. I'm interested in the pirates plot idea or possibly the assassins one. Let me know.
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