Violently _________

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  1. This is basically you take a phrase.

    Ex: She eats salami

    Then add violently

    Ex: She violently eats salami.

    GO WILD!
  2. I violently go wild
  3. Violently finishes this thread
  4. Violently sleeps
  5. She violently eats a sandwich.
  6. Violently eats chips
  7. Violently eats cake
  8. Violently stabs another 37 children
  9. Violently gets concered about Infin's sanity
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  10. Violently turns into were-wolf/vampire hybrid
  11. Violently kills it (Infin) with fire
  12. Violently rersurrects itself.
  13. I'm violently bored.
  14. Violently gives RafaDark cake
  15. I'm violently eating the cake, violently thank you Cake God.
  16. Violently says your welcome to RafaDark and violently steals all of the cake at the local bakery
  17. Violently sues cake for theft
  18. Violently bribes government with Cake Currency to be set free of charge
  19. Violently conspires Cake Illuminati
  20. Violently kidnaps Infin for knowing too much