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    "I simply must have it, and you know this!"
    Deep within the castle halls, the Duke of Crodavia's voice rang out loudly as he shouted to his family's penman. Everyone around the Duke tried to talk him out of his dangerous and selfish plans, but the Duke refused to listen, the greed in his heart devouring all logic.
    You see, our Duke was one of small stature, who lacked the height and strength he desired. Though no one undermined or disrespected him for this, the Duke had convinced himself that he needed something to demand fear from the kingdom's people. This deeply rooted belief led him to his decision.
    Now grasping the completed letters, the Duke smiled with the slightest hint of insanity in his expression. Handing the stack of (# of RPers) letters off to a servant, the Duke returned to his throne room, awaiting the arrival of his selected adventurers...
    'Greetings, (character name)!
    First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you for being selected. I have searched far and wide for citizens I believe could aid me in my mission, and you were chosen as one of the few I wished to contact. As you must be curious, I will next answer the question I feel certain is burning in your mind.
    I, Duke of Crodavia, have carefully considered this decision, and I believe it is in everyone's best interest that the Demon King atop Mt. Fake be removed, and above all, defeated.
    I have selected you due to a skill or set of skills your posses, which I feel would be great in embarking on this group mission. I do not have time to individualize each letter praising your talent, but I am confident you already know what I am referring to.
    Now that you understand a little about your quest, I ask that you visit the castle this coming Sunday at exactly 7 AM, meeting in my personal chambers. This meeting shall not trap you into doing the quest, it serves only as a meeting to further inform you of the task.
    I hope to see you then,
    Sincerely, the Duke of Crodavia.

    The letters were all carefully sealed and stamped with the Duke's seal, and were sent out immediately to the households that contained the selected heroes. Each was left on the porch, the doorbell was rang, and his messengers vanished as the letter was left to be discovered.
    FALCONIA (open)
    Falconia is a large island off the coast of Crodavia. For many years, humans have been forbidden from travelling to the island. Old stories tell of a Demon King that influences the inhabitants there to commit lusty deeds. They crave sexual contact and cannot live without it. The arrival of humans entice them even more, sending them into a sex crazed state. People say whoever wields the power of the Demon King will gain immense power, but at a great cost.. their soul. Despite this, many seek out of the power of this Demon King, although many do not return from their journey.

    RULES (open)
    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. Mary-sues and Gary-stues will not be tolerated.
    3. You can only make two characters.
    4. Controlling another person's character is not allowed.
    5. Decent grammar and punctuation is a must.
    6. No Godmodding.
    7. My Co-GM is ElBell. Listen to her word as much as mine.
    8. If you read all of these, put ''Adventure, ho!'' below your character sheet.
    Character Sheet (open)
    Only a human can be an adventurer. If you choose to be a monster, your job will be to hunt down and capture the humans.





    Species: (Monster or Human?)



    Skills/Abilities: (This would be what the Duke contacted you for. You can be anything from an archer to a debater, and anything else that could be useful in a quest!)

    Other details: (Please include the sexuality of your character here!)

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  2. Wow, Morgan is like the lovechild of two or three of my other characters *_*

    Character #1 (open)
    Name: Morgan Fairshayd

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Species: Human

    Personality: Morgan is an odd young woman, and she seems quite anti-social to those meeting her for the first time. However, a little more time with the woman shows she simply doesn't know how to behave. She was shut in quite badly as a child, hence her social skills being a little off, but she's not too bad once you give her a chance. Of course, anyone who she dislikes becomes a pawn to her, and she has no problem using and abusing those she's emotionally detached from.

    Bio/History: Morgan grew up as the daughter of a hermit, and she was forced to homeschool and remain inside the property gates because of the paranoia her father had about her being killed as a child. Her mother was hardly present in her life, having moved out when Morgan was a toddler, but Morgan oddly didn't mind. She took a liking to her quiet life surrounded by books, and writing poetry became a pastime she never seemed to grow tired of. At 15, she was finally allowed to begin leaving the family's property, and she almost immediately found a taste for archery. That love grew into her current skill set, and now, both her and her father agree it's time she explore now that she's able to defend herself in ways so sly not even a detective could track her...

    Skills/Abilities: Morgan is very skilled with most sly methods of attacking. Poisons, darts, arrows, and throwing knives are al things she is moderately skilled at. She may not be the best of the best at any one of those things, but her wide range of skills is where her strength is found.

    Other details: Morgan is polysexual, preferring men.

    Character #2 (open)
    Name: Calamity 'Calla' Rozwoode

    Age: 132

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Species: Monster

    Personality: At first, Calamity is able to fake being a sweet and soft spoken young lady who appears human. She's proper, has great manners, knows her place amongst others.... Until she's thirsty. As a vampiric type creature, Calamity gets her sustenance from the blood of humans. Her thirst also carries into her lustful wants, and she's very hard to deter once she's set her sights on you, rather it be for blood or for pleasure.

    Bio/History: Calamity has seen a lot in her 100+ years of life, and she was originally named Rosalie at birth. However, upon her rebirth as a monster, she changed her name to Calamity to acknowledge the disaster and turmoil that she both caused and experienced. Since her rebirth, she's slipped into seclusion, and rarely ever meets others beyond feeding and sexual encounters. She doesn't mind this though, since she feels that those two things alone fill all her needs and wants.

    Night vision ~ Calamity can see flawlessly at night, however, her vision is quite bad in the day light
    Compulsion ~ So long as Calamity has eye contact, she'd able to persuade with a supernatural skill. The cost however, is that using this exhausts her, and the spell breaks as soon as her target looks away.
    Camouflage ~ Calamity had naturally red eyes, but she can change them into being a human color at will. Her eyes are the only thing she can influence with her appearance.

    Other details: Heterosexual when calm, omnisexual when lustful.

    (Adventure, ho!)
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  3. [​IMG]

    "Hey uh, get out of my way."

    Name ; Galen Vipond

    Age ; Twenty three (23)

    Gender ; Male

    Appearance ;

    - Heavy clothing, usually coats - that he takes off to reveal things that either thin, or he's simply bare. He doesn't like being exposed, much.
    - Five foot nine (5'9)
    - If he's not wearing his boots - there's a problem.
    - Neat? ? ? H air? ? ? what's that
    - Commonly smells like must - grime - or smoke.

    Species ; Human

    Personality ;

    Rude - bluntly so -
    Intolerable of most things -
    Some would consider him lazy -
    He wears a poker face in the face of human beings - a cool head, given from dealing so extensively with explosives -
    Intelligent, though his rudeness wouldn't make it seem so -
    Never moves ahead, except in his work. He'll typically lag behind

    Biography ;

    A good family, for the most, is what he comes from. Supported by the military that his father had worked for in the past, finanically and socially. An inventive father, whom designed weaponry for the military that he served -- Gale Vipond, a kind mother - doting, and sweet, -- Eleanor Vipond. And finally, a younger sibling. (The strangest out of them, surely,) Funny, but never has he thought of her as anything else then adorable.
    Kitty Vipond.

    The inventive trait of his father evidentally passed onto him. And they often worked together, first - observation, and then eventual contribution to whatever designs he drafted. Be it guns, canons - etc. But his favorite to study and expand his knowledge upon, were bombs. (Destructive as it sounded.) Gale encouraged him - where Eleanor would always express her disdain whenever asked.
    Kitty was interested as well.

    Time came and passed -- and already at a remarkably young age, Galen began to build and prototype. And Kitty almost always observed him. Sometimes bored - sometimes interested -- but it was time spent with her Brother.
    Sometimes their father would join them. Give hints, etc.
    And then he was deployed to fight on the battle-field.

    And, never quite came back.
    And things got harder...Finanically, that was.
    But you know what made a lot money?
    Designs for functional explosives.

    He was seventeen when he finally got into work, but not the legal kind. The dirty kind.
    And Kitty was seven --
    She shouldn't have gotten hurt.
    But she did.

    An explosion changed him entirely -- and I guess you could say it changed Kitty too.
    She'd probably never walk properly again.
    Or run. Or skip.
    Or play.

    Building bombs was the only way he could help her -- help them both, really.
    Even as their mother finally recovered from losing their father -- in fact, she seems to be seeing a kind young woman.
    Even when Kitty finally got her first prostetic limb, and her rehabilitation was going well -
    Galen never quite recovered.
    Working with all types of people - the types of people you wouldn't want to look at you funny.
    And he became distant.

    A little cold.

    Abilities ;

    Explosives -
    Map making and reading -
    Schematics -

    Digging -
    Trap making -
    Other details ;

    - English accent
    - Pansexual

    (Adventure Ho!)
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  4. @ElBell

    Accepted! By the way, nice job on the banner! ^_^


    I'll accept him when you finish his biography. He seems quite interesting though!
  5. Alright! uwu Editted in a Backstory!
  6. @Yaki-tan

    You're accepted!

    Now, I should probably get to work on my character.
  7. Name: Takaishi "Kai" Forna-Li

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: images.jpg

    Species: Human

    Personality:Usually shy, likes to keep to himself, Doesn't take kindly to people hurting or in anyway harming his friends.

    Bio/History:He was beaten and abused as a young child. Due to the constant bruises and scars on his back chest and forearms he always wears long-sleeved shirts. He was shipped to a foster home and due to the constant fights has been shipped around all his childhood. He had taken up swordsmanship at the age of 10 and has been made quite a hefty profit from fighting in tourneys.

    Skills/Abilities:Street smarts

    Other details: Pansexual
    Adventure Ho!
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  8. Name: Sedrian

    Age: 23

    Gender: male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Species: (Monster or Human?) Human

    Personality: Growing up under the chantry(Dragon Age Origins type Church), Sedrian was a good kid, always believing that good always triumphed over evil. However, in his mid teen years, around 15-16, his family was butchered before his eyes, and the chantry was burned to the ground. He escaped, and accidentally wiped his own memory when trying to use a spellbook to bring everyone back. Now he lives with a cold outlook and life. And lost all faith in the Holy God. He only continues to wear the cross around as his neck as it was given to him by his mother, though he doesn't recall, and to spite God.

    Bio/History: Sedrian lived in the Chantry for most of his life learning about the Lord our God, and all of his good deeds. He also studied the art of combat through the Templars, at his own request. He was discovered to be a prodigy of combat, able to best even the highest class of Templars by the age of fourteen. Sedrian then took outside study of combat, unbeknownst to the Chantry, or even his family. He also discovered he had a silver tongue, and was able to convince even the strongest willed individuals that what he said was the truth. Not long after, a masked assailant burned down the Chantry, and killed his family before his eyes, leaving Sedrian to die in the fire. Sedrian however, managed to escape, and went to the mage's palace and stole a spellbook from them. He attempted to revive his family, but accidentally wiped his own memory. Know he only has a subconcious feeling that his past was filled with tragedy, but doesn't remember what it was, nor does he bother to look into it anymore.

    Skills/Abilities: Sedrian is a master combatant, his most proficient weapon is a longsword. He had a custom one made for him, that he seems to be able to use better than any other longsword in existance. Whether this is because of magical reasonings or not nobody knows, not even Sedrian. Sedrian also has a silver tongue, and can convince almost anybody to do whatever he wants, though he rarely uses this skill.

    Other details: Sedrian is straight.

    His sword looks like this:
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