Vinyl is here. It took long enough.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    If you don't know by now by reading my username, I will be going by Vinylscratch here.

    If you don't know, Vinyl Scratch is a background character on a hit Television show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She's a DJ pony, funny enough, with the persona of DJ Pon-3. Mixin' it up on the turntables she makes some pretty sick beats, and I love dubstep and such so I chose the name to use here.

    Now, enough about the history of Vinyl, on to me, Vinyl. I'm 20 years old, and I love to roleplay. I can't really say I'm unique, because these days, who isn't? My roleplay style might be different, but that just means that I can adapt to a lot of different RP styles.

    I'm not so sure what else to say so I'm going to fill this thing out:

    What nicknames do you like to be called? Generally, Vinyl, or Scratch. Nothing really too big.

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya? I'm a boy, or man rather, and I'm 20 years old.

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay? Genre's. Particularly, I like action. I enjoy a good RP where I can use a sword or some type of weapon, because I do have enough knowledge to make it interesting.

    What kind of characters do you usually play? I play a character that can adapt to a situation rather easily, which if you think about it, can't be a "Mary/Gary Sue" type of character. Anyone can adapt to anything, but it's if you can learn to accept it and run with it that makes the roleplay interesting.

    Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs? I'm going to say straight up, Zombie Fox Plushes.

    Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!Favorite song of the moment....I guess it would have to be My Song by Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats.
  2. So, are you like a brony? O.o That's the first time I have ever been able to ask that! I feel accomplished -nods-
    Welcome to Iwaku, Vinyl. I'm Celest ^.^
  3. [​IMG]

    Sup, kid.


    You shall be known as:
    At least to me.

    You seem interesting.
    And that is saying something.
    You're welcome.

    I hope you enjoy this wonderful place and poke around at all it has to offer.
    Get comfy, relax a while, and get lost in the threads.
    Or don't.
    But, you probably will, so don't fight it.
    -Leaves a candy cane carefully on the ground, wrapped.-
  4. Hi there and welcome to Iwaku!
    I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you.
    You look pretty on top of things and all that.
    Plus, I'll bet that you've had a change to look around!
    Still, if you need help finding something or have questions, please do ask.

    *Drags Vinylscratch away*
  6. Welcome, Vinyl! Scratch! Vinylscratch! I like the three name combinations.

    I'll probably just call you Scratchvinyl.

    Let me add some cookies right beside that candycane.-*leaves cookies*

    See you!

    *flies away*
  7. I love this place already. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

    To answer questions and posts, I'll start from the top.

    @Celestialis. I am, in fact a Brony. The fandom is huge and the show is AMAZING!

    @Stacisaur. Vinyl-san. I like it! :D And thank you for saying I'm interesting. I feel accomplished! :D Just know I'm always down for a kick ass RP, and am always willing to drag it somewhere to make it interesting. Take that HOWEVER YOU WANT! :D

    @Kitti. On top of things is a pretty good way to put it I guess. I'm interesting. That's for sure.

    @Hydronine. "Ahhhh! Where am I going, and why!!!"

    @Selenite. COOKIES! I love cookies! And epic bass drops!

  8. No, not Vinyl-san.
    The amount of happy faces in your response makes me dizzy.

  9. Oh my god! I didn't even see there was no l! Sorry! D:

    I'll join some rp's when I get home tonight. I'm sure I can add something somewhere like that HoTS one, as I've seen all the episodes and was super disappointed in how it ended.
  10. Welcome aboard, VS. I'm October nice to meet you : )

    I think you'll fit in well here, as you can see, we have all types of personalities and all types of awesome RPs to go with them.
  11. The community is already very friendly and warm. I like it. Heck, I've already been dragged away!

    You are now a plush fox that is a zombie minion of mine... I'll be sure to send you a brochure on what this entails!

  13. *is feasted upon*
    A brochure would be appreciated! Gotta learn the ropes! :D
  14. Hi Vinyl! Welcome to the site. I saw one MLP music video that impressed me (but also it was a musician I swoon over, so). Ahem. Welcome! Make yourself comfy. =)
  15. Thanks Elyd. I already love the community.
  16. I'm happy to hear that! =)
  17. Ah hello My Little Brony! Welcome to Iwaku! Rarity 4 lyfe yo! >:D

    Glad to hear you're liking it so far though!
  18. But what about Derpy?! D:
  19. Hello and welcome to the site once again, Mister Pony! >:3