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  1. Amelia leaned against a tree, glad to have a break from the monotonous crunch of leaves beneath the their feet. She picked up her backpack from where it lay on the ground and propped it on her knee. Loosening the drawstring, she opened the bag, and dug around inside for a moment before triumphantly clutching a bag of dried jerky in her hand. Amy closed the bag and let if fall down to her feet.

    She held out a strip of jerky to Vener, offering it with a tilt of the head. They'd been walking for a few hours, and definitely deserved a rest. It was about five o'clock now, with the sun filtered through patchy clouds. It was very pleasant day unfitting for a less than pleasant task.

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  2. He took the strip of jerky, eating the meat, sitting against a tree and sighing a little, taking a sip of water from the canteen and handing it out to her, he knew she was thirsty, they had walked several hours non-stop. He shook the canteen a little, at least they had alot.
  3. "Thanks," she said, taking the canteen offered. She took a few sips, then handed it back to him. Amy slowed her breathing to a regular rate, eyes resting on the leaf litter coating the ground. She was excited and anxious simultaneously. but tried to contain these jitters. They had camped out the night before and must be remotely close to the cave now. Amy checked a crudely drawn map reluctantly made for them by a local against the rough estimate of the sun. With her bag in hand, she faced the direction they were to travel, still leaning against the tree.
    "Ready to go?"
  4. "Ahhhhh ..." he said tiredly, "Do we have to?" The armor Vener wore was beginning to wear him down after the long trek, he sighed gently though, and stood, knowing she wanted to hurry, "Can we at least make camp somewhere close, so we don't have to walk through the forest in the dark and rest?" He asked, looking in her eyes.
  5. "Yea." she said. Amy had worn light clothes, but then again, if a fight ever occurred, she would have preferred that both be in their element. If that meant Vener wore armor, so be it. She wouldn't and couldn't complain. "We are relatively close now, and, according to this, er, map, we should reach it today. But we should probably wait out the night, then retrieve the Artifact in the morning."
  6. Vener nodded a bit, and let down the pack he had by him, about to set the tent and make a fire, he looked around for the best place to set the tent and carried the silk amd the metal rods over to a close by spot, setting the tent.
  7. Picking up a stick from nearby, Amy marked the direction they'd head in the morning with a stick. She cleared an area for a fire, keeping a safe distance away from the tent. Amy then set off, scavenging in the forest for materials to fuel a flame. She wasn't intending on setting it on fire just yet, but it couldn't hurt to be well stocked with wood. She snapped a bunch of branches off of the lower boughs of pine trees, and steadily, her firewood pile grew as Vener set up the tent.
  8. Vener helped her several moment's after the tent was ready, he sighed softly, helping Amy to collect firewood and other supplies, setting things up, and making a small fire for the two of them to use, for cooking food, purifying water, and keeping warm in the chilly nights.
  9. After they got the fire going using a bow drill Amy had packed, she returned the tools to her bag after unstringing the bow. She sat by the fire, and idly glanced at the sky. There was probably an hour and a half of daylight left. She noted her companion's sigh, the second within thirty minutes. She looked up at him and asked cautiously, "Something bothering you?"
  10. Vener looked at Amy and shook his head softly, he smiled softly though, "I'm fine." He replied, then followed with the simple question, "And you?" He asked.
  11. "I'm great," she said, grinning suddenly and leaning back onto her palms. That smile was false though, and a note of sarcasm laced her voice. Amy then chuckled softly. "Nothing like being stuck in a mysterious, uncharted forest... well, uncharted, excluding the chicken scratch of a crazy guy," Amy remarked to the evening sky. She returned to her previous position, and looked to Vener, wishing to see his reaction. There was a upward tilt at the corner of her mouth, as she held in an amused smile. Nothing wrong with lightening the mood.
  12. Vener chuckled a little bit at Amy, "Mildly confused." He joked, a small smirk on his face, "And that would be his artistic rendition." He chuckled jokingly, referring to the man and his map he made. "Anyway's as for the mysterious uncharted forest." He winked at her, "You know i'm here to protect you." He usually joked around Amy alot, she was one of his best friend's after all. Still though, he really would protect her, no matter what the cost, his friend's were important to him.
  13. Pff. Mildly. And yea, artistic rendition all right, she thought with a smile. "Aw, thanks," Amy replied with a similar, joking tone, but she too knew of the seriousness underneath. "Buuut, whether I need protecting or not is a different story," she said, returning the wink.
  14. Vener chuckled smiling softly and took a gulp of some water from their canteen, "If you say so." He popped his neck and fingers, "Ahhh been waiting to do that." he said rubbing his sore neck. He then looked to Amy and smiled, "I'm going to look for a spring." He whispered, getting up.
  15. "Okay. Call if you need me," she said, watching the fire. Occasionally, she'd stand up to gather a bit more wood for the fire, but otherwise, she contented herself with watching the flames.
  16. Vener was gone about an hour, having washed himself in the spring, after already finding water for the two of them elsewhere, he returned and sat beside her smiling softly at her, "Having fun?" he asked.
  17. "Yes, so much fun," she said sarcastically. While Amy didn't appear to have moved from her position, she had gotten up several times and a few sets of sticks lay beside her. Each set had three sticks that were notched and sharpened on one end to make a deadfall trap. The only thing keeping her from going about and setting traps was the fire. It would occur to most to watch the flames so that it did not become out of control or burn out, although Amy was a but more cautious than most when it came to fire.
  18. Vener smiled softly, "That's what I thought." He whispered softly, watching Amy closely, the shifted his neck a little, "You should get to sleep, i'll set the trap's." He said, coming closer to her, "The tent's ready anyway's."
  19. She flashed him a smile before he offered to set the traps. "Alright," she said. Amy got two blankets out of her bag, and the blankets and girl went into the tent. She wrapped herself in one of them, leaving the other for her companion. And while she said she'd go to sleep, she lay awake, staring at the flames anyway.

    Amy had thought this to be a suspicious mission. She knew the cause was righteous; after all, they were trying to save someone's life. But the technicalities were off. Why had no one else found this life saving treasure? Was it only a myth? The old man seemed to know where it was, what was stopping other travelers from snatching the relic and leaving with one of the more powerful magics in the world in their possession? She sighed to herself and closed her eyes, focusing on the crackle of the flames.
  20. Vener watched as Amy walked into the tent, nodding softly, and gathering the trap's, setting them up in certain position's around the encampment that they had made. He sighed softly when he was done and sat down by the flame's to keep warm in the cool air, sighing gently, he could feel that something was rather off, though he wasn't sure what.
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