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  1. Hey guys! I've seen a lot of talent on the boards here, thought I'd drop off a portrait request and see what comes of it.

    A character I often enjoy playing and writing short stories for is Vadem, who is portrayed as a stereotypical villain. He is always involved in some sort of scheme or plot against a band of heroes, but is often defeated. Imagine Jaffar from Aladin, but in a dark/low fantasy setting, and that's a close image. Proper character bio/info is in the spoiler below.

    I am happy with any medium or style. I'm all about letting the artist do their thang. If you have any questions, lemme know.

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    Name: Vadem


    Vadem is a very pragmatic and efficent villain. He abhors any sort of flashiness or flaunting of power. He does not, however, hide in the shadows or skulk about. Vadem confronts his enemies, those pesky heroes and do-gooders with an air of superiority, looking down the bridge of his nose at such insignificant beings.

    Physique: Vadem hails from a desert land, and his skin is a dark copper color. He stands tall, nearly six feet with a typical lithe build. He keeps his head shaved, though he sports a dark beard of decent length. His face could be described as 'hawk-like'. I wont get anymore specific than that and let an artist create their own interpretation. He also sports a full-body tattoo, though that is described below.

    Clothing: Vadem comes from a land heavily influenced by ancient arabic, egyptian, and greek culture, and would wear clothing similar to that found in said places. At one point in his life he was a priest, but later in life he turned onto a darker path, so he may wearing clothing from either point in time. Keeping with his pragmatic and practical personality, he would keep his attire simple, perhaps nothing more than dark robes and cloak.

    Vadem is from the desert. I'm kosher with anything here, really. Desert, city, wasteland, anything. Shrug. All up to the artist.

    Other: His flesh is inscribed with ornamental tattoos. Nearly every square inch of his body is covered in flowing script resembling arabic. This includes his fingers, knuckles, toes, and scalp (though his face is absent). It is not a wall of text tattooed on his body, though; the words flow artisticly down his limbs and around contours. See this and this for an example.
  2. I can maybe draw him if no one else has yet.
  3. Dun't look like anybody has. I pay you voluminous amounts of gratitude.
  4. Aand I finished the overall picture of him. but I'm thinking, I'll go back to it later with fresh eyes and add to it.
  5. Pixlr_20150927175520454.jpg

    Hope this is okay
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