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  1. T h e - V i l l a g e - b y - t h e - S e a

    • Aelcastle, a fjord village that was backed by mountains, forests, and swamps. No many people venture to the tiny corner in the world. Many of the villagers who live there have ancestry there but a rare few have come to Aelcastle seeking something, whether or not they find that, that is a mystery. There are many secrets of Aelcastle, some know others don't. The thing that is most defining of Aelcastle is the castle that is hidden deep in the forest. It was rumored that Aelcastle was a bustling port town but after a catastrophic event - rumors say that it was the breaking of the Monoliths scattered across the land, Aelcastle was slowly removed from the world's traffic.

      In relation to the rest of the world, Aelcastle is located in the south east of the continent of Litgura. There a many states in Litgura and they are composed of hundreds of different races. There is one state that is close to Aelcastle which is Cesest. A trade route goes through the forest to Cesest which the citizens of Cesest and Aelcastle traverse in order to sell goods.

    • There are said to be four Monoliths scattered throughout Aelcastle. As legend goes, each is supposedly governed by the four elements, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. After the supposed destruction of these Monoliths, the areas around the town became dangerous. Weird weather, vicious monsters, and things that generally didn't make sense started to occur. The new generation speaks of fixing these Monoliths in hopes that it will revert Aelcastle to its golden age.

    • Magic was introduced into the world two thousand years after its creation. Monoliths started to appear in random places all over the globe, each holding the power of one element. Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Just about everyone can use a magic but they tend to have a single element that they innately control. By giving off energy one can infuse their magic into something else, for example to increase the strength of a piece of wood, one can infuse Earth into the wood. However, to put too much element into an object can alter the object completely, again with the wood example, too much Earth can change the wood to stone.

      It is rumored that there is a fifth element though no one has been able to prove it or locate any Monolith that is associated with it.

      Thank you @DeadAxl for coming up with the idea and assisting me in magic's creation.

    • [​IMG]

    • Mayor
      Farmer [ @Karo ] (Daughter)
      Doctor [ @Meteor Coast ]
      Nurse [ @Nano ]
      Carpenter [ @EternalInfinity ]
      Blacksmith [ @Liky ]
      Store Owner [ @Meteor Coast ]
      Baker [ @DANAsaur ]
      Baker [ @WitchcraftIsScience ] (Son)
      Bar Owner [ @True Self ]
      Waiter/Waitress [ @xLarius ]
      School Teacher [ @Karo ]
      Student One
      Student Two [ @MentalDriller ]
      Butler [ @Tarot ]
      Wizard [ @xLarius ]
      Spirit [ @Nano ]
      Priestess [ @Nano ]
      Knight Captain [ @DeadAxl ]
      Knight [ @Tarot ]

    • - Please follow the terms and conditions of Iwaku.
      - To the adult users, interactions in this story may lead to lemons. Please make sure the other person is of age and role-play that through a private threat or pm.
      - Please use the character sheet provided.
      - For a picture of your character please use anime pictures or illustrations only.
      - If you are no longer interested or you need to quit for some reason please contact me. There is no harm or foul in being honest.
      - For posting you may post only after three people have posted behind you. This allows for players to post at a decent speed. This may change if necessary.
      - You are not allowed to have more than three characters.
      - There will be no God-modding or OP characters. I will decline your character if they are too powerful (aka ask you to fix it) and I will give you warnings for modding in game.
      - Follow the time, date, and weather provided to you in specific posts.
      - No one liners are allowed, post at least a paragraph which is five to eight sentences.
      - No Mary-Sues or Gary-Greats.
      - NPCs are available, please use them at your disposal. Once an NPC has been created they will go into an information bank. Please be as clear as you can be for the NPC.
      - Please work with each other, this is a group role-play.
      - Try not to deliberately leave people out of things, it is not nice (players not characters).

    • - Insert Anime Picture or Illustration -
      [ N a m e ]
      - Insert -

      [ N i c k n a m e ]
      - Insert -

      [ G e n d e r ]
      - Insert -

      [ A p p e a r e d - A g e ]
      - Insert -

      [ A c t u a l - A g e ]
      - Insert -

      [ R a c e ]
      - Insert -

      [ S e x u a l - O r i e n t a t i o n ]
      - Insert -

      [ F a m i l y ]
      - Insert; Please Work with Others to Create This -

      [ R o l e ]
      - Insert; What is Your Character's Position-

      [ B i o g r a p h y ]
      - Insert; At Minimum One Paragraph; Please Work with Others to Create This -

      [ P e r s o n a l i t y ]
      - Insert; At Minimum of Three Traits -

      [ P o w e r s ]
      - Insert; At Max Four -

      [ E l e m e n t ]
      - Insert; There Is Only One Innate Element That Your Character Aligns With-

      [ L i k e s ]
      - Insert; At Minimum of Five -

      [ D i s l i k e s ]
      - Insert; At Minimum of Five -

      [ S e c r e t ]
      - Insert; Your Character Knows One Secret About Aelcastle, What is it -

      [ F e a r s ]
      - Insert; At Least Two -

      [ O t h e r s ]
      - Insert -

    • Estelle Connors [ Nurse ]
      Ellie Connors [ Priestess ]
      - ??? - [ Spirit ]
      Johnathon Proudmoore [ Knight Captain ]
      Karr Armstrong [ Blacksmith ]
      Hendrick Zaelcaster [ Wizard ]
      Ilyana Asherah [ Doctor ]
      Zahra Karim Armstrong [ Knight ]
      Cordelia duBois [ Baker ]
      Nahima Alexandreah [ Teacher ]
      Elyla d'Arve [ Farmer's Daughter ]
      Annabelle Flair [ Carpenter ]

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  2. T h e - V i l l a g e - b y - t h e - S e a

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  3. Checking in.

    I'll try to have a character sheet up... soon.
  4. @Circe
    Please take your time, I think we all as a whole need to discuss our interactions with each other so we won't have the thread up for a little bit. Especially because I'm dealing with family stuff in Florida right now. In the least, I will have something up by Sunday, but I prefer Tuesday or Wednesday.
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  5. *pokes in* is this the OOC AND signups then?
  6. @Soulserenity20
    Yes this is, the previous thread was an interest thread.
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  7. @DANAsaur
    Wanna discuss son details? I had several plot ideas!
  8. Quick question:
    What is the estimated technological level of this "world"?
    Strictly Medieval (No gunpowder), or Renaissance (Flintlock gunpowder)?
  9. Send me a message and we'll talk about it :)
  10. @DeadAxl
    I am going to say Renaissance, but gunpowder is a rarer commodity and most people use Medieval weapons.
  11. Alright.
    Mostly I'm just asking so I know if it's better to use muskets or crossbows as the main ranged weapon
  12. Also, @Tarot

    What are the limits on powers?

    I honestly find it to be a bit odd in this "low-magic" kind of setting to have a power minimum, so I've been brainstorming on what would be appropriate
  13. Well, me an @DANAsaur had idea of a family, in which father was mage (so basically, son if half-blood mage) and young satan soul interrogated with son soul, increases his power level. But young satan doesn't want to be evil.
    This is the brainstorm we've achieved so far!
  14. @DeadAxl
    Crossbows for sure. But to be honest bows would probably be better, especially composite long bows because they can shoot further and it doesn't take as much time for them to reload as a crossbow.

    And you can use advanced magic but all three of your powers should not be advanced, two of the three may be pushing it. For example, you can't be a high level mage, have highly ranked werewolf tendencies, and a high level familiar. I like characters to have some weaknesses, not every battle will they come out unscathed.
  15. @WitchcraftIsScience
    I don't mind that as long as you don't overload the son with magical powers. Also when writing out your profile, please put information about Satan or a satan in the other field. Because if you do the Satan that will be a lot more powerful than a satan.

    I updated the profile to have an other field.
  16. Well, the thing about bows is that they are most definitely not an infantryman's weapon.

    I was thinking less advanced magic and more "able to infuse an element into an object"

    I.E., infusing earth into a building's support structures to increase it's strength, infusing air into an item to make it lighter
    Of course, there is a combat use for this as well, which I can go into detail later.
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  17. I would like to partake in this journey, may I?
  18. @DeadAxl
    That is very true, I wasn't thinking of that.

    YOU ARE AMAZING! I am going to dedicate a tab to magic and have stuff like that put into it, so as the Monoliths are reconstructed the elemental magic gets stronger. Thank you~

    Of course you may! Is/Are there any particular role(s) you would like to claim?
  19. @Tarot
    Alright, let's see... How about the second student?
  20. Well, that could have some serious ramifications as well.
    The more powerful the elements become in an object, the more pronounced the effects will be.
    Say you infuse an object with water to make it softer, or (more in the realm of concepts) to cut something better.
    The more powerful the magic inside the object, the more the object becomes like water. Becoming a liquid, being constantly damp or wet, etc.
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