Vikrla Estate- The Most Dangerous

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Vikrla Estate is a house set on an island up north of Germany, it is said to humans as a prison for the most dangerous criminals of it's time, later on a myth ensued that it was a well-regarded rich family that resided, in reality the secret is FAR darker than anyone could have fathomed. Deep in the woods passed the rabid flesh eating-wolves, the large cats that seem way to out of place is a home. A home like no other.

Vikrla estate the Most Dangerous
Coven of Vikrla Estate, home of the most dangerous creatures on earth.
Hundreds of years ago creatures labelled as vampires came to earth after their planet was vanquished, in hopes of a better, safer life they made their home and evolved with the humans even as the humans were the perfect meals for them. Hundreds of years passed where these creatures were mythed to be untrue and just childhood stories, fast forward to modern day and you have all types of half-vampire half-animal creatures that spell disaster for their human counterparts and of them, the leader.

Currently Maradorco and Mary Vikrla, both in service to keep their secrets a part of their family and no one else. Their job is simple, to keep the humans from you and you from killing the humans, but no one is perfect are they? and this is where all the juicy details get spilled.

No one can randomly just join the family, in order to be a part of this estate you must have a blood content level of 25%* or higher of the vampire gene. You must also not have any hunters after you and on top of that make an oath to not kill humans unless allowed. Once a month you are actually allowed to kill humans as an event known as the blood moon starts, for three days prisoners from a nearby facility are released onto the families grounds and you are inevitably allowed to take one of them as your pray and kill them. Any that make it off the island are granted freedom as their contract ensues, but where's the fun in this?

Remember always, you are a vampire and rules were made to be broken.

and the family breakdown
  • Vikrla:
    A relatively new name, most of these counterparts appear to have mainly blueblood in them or are pure killing machines, they have vampire blood as their base and it seems that they have other demonic forces such as a high rate for shinagami eyes and soul seeing, it is also said they attract cats with ease. These members are one of the most dangerous because they are bluebloods and no apparent blood to help curve these cravings. They appear to be assertive, and though slightly more mature then others seem to like sadistic ways of hurting a person.
  • Mathis:
    A family that defines what a hunter is, this branch of family turns out more hunters and assassins then any other branch. They are more open with their sadistic ways then most other branches and seem to be stronger then the other branches. A former Collins member belongs in this group as does the hunters association owners children. This family turns out to have more cats in their bloodline then most other branches. Though few of them are wolf those that are tend to be the most sadistic and enjoy their jobs. They are also very rebellious and have a tendency to have the highest run away standpoint of the family.
  • Collins:
    Not much is known about this branch, only a few people have been seen in this branch a Collins was banned from this branch because she was a cat and this branch does not like cats. They though have a tendency to be cold, malicious, dark, and daring. They uphold property well though and are very mature, most of these members have normal jobs like an outstanding member of the society. Even though they do not like cats some very rarely slip through their barriers. They are not known for voicing their sadistic nature and are genially shy and kept to themselves. They also hate hunting creatures and DO NOT partake in any hunting.
  • Maids & Butlers:
    As important as the members of the family are the maids and butlers play a HUGE role in the family. They may look like just normal cleaners and cooks but they are not. They protect the humans from finding out the family's dirty secret, these creatures are normally the ones that were changed before changing humans was illegal so they sense humans more often then the other members. They can react to this disturbance and quickly alert the Mathis branch which takes care of them. Remember these members were most often changed or came from "the institute of higher living" an institute that made mutant creatures in it's highlight days they are most often the sweetest and cutest of the members.

*The maids and butlers are 25% or less, they are usually the ONLY ones to asked to join the family.

  1. Iwaku rules apply as with any RP there is no difference here.
  2. Please do NOT kill someone else's character unless you are granted permission!!!!*
  3. Please do not join and abandon your character they will be killed and you cannot return to re-claim them! (three days after you abandon your character I will take the sadistic pleasure of torturing them to death.
  4. No human Skellies will be accepted for this, this is a vampire RP only, I don't think I'll be accepting hunters either, still trying to figure out how to incorporate them right.
  5. Have fun
  6. Bring violence
  7. Don't be boring
  8. NO PISSING ME OFF! You ignore, harass, bully or anything of that sort and killing your character will be my OP sadistic pleasure!!!!
  9. Please remember i do not allow people to be their own partners or friends, it makes it more interesting to be friends with others and to "date" them as well.

OUI MAI GAWD I love this section!

These are a list of the accepted characters and their locations!!!!

  • These people are stickler to only being Noctiuagus, please refer to the signups for more info. Character name, gender, where they are, who they are played by and link to their character.

  • In short these family members are basically Inus. (For the most part.) Character name, gender, where they are, who they are played by and link to their character.

  • Basically this family are Nekos (AND VERRRRRY Corrupted) Character name, gender, where they are, who they are played by and link to their character.

  • These are USUALLY Quarter blooded Noctiuagus or mutated Noctiuagus who can only take animal form and do not have a human form. (REMEMBER explanations are in the signups!) Character name, gender, where they are, who they are played by and link to their character.

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