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    This is the interest check to what I hope will develop into a long-lasting and popular roleplay. Inspired by Viking history and History Channel's Viking series (2013-Current), this rp will be packed with dramatic moments alongside cringe-worthy battles that will drive the story and characters forward. This will take place in an alternate universe/reality which will refrain from mirroring events from the Viking Age and Viking Television Series - tough there might be instances where such events will influence what happens in the roleplay itself.

    As roeplayers, you will be able to create our own characters (following a soon-to-be-made character sheet) and develop them into a world that has been created and will slowly grow. Like stated, there is a template story set in stone which will help with character development and change as characters make decisions and choices. So despite the story driven roleplay, you as roleplayers are the ones creating the world and morphing it as your characters flourish.


    The common villagers of Kaupang of Skíringssalr are currently struggling to make it through the summer months. Despite their hard work in the fields and artisan fishery, they are not bestowed with sufficient profit from their Earl (Knut Thorvald - character that will be debut in the OOC) to survive the month without struggle. Their funds are instead cut nearly in half and good-willed to the Earl's clique, forcing them to ration and work strenuously to support their families.

    Before Earl Thorvald, these men and women raided other countries and cities for gold and valuables. During those times, trade was not so paramount to Kaupang as the passed Earl saw it a sign of weakness. After his "death", Thorvald - a raiding viking himself - stood forward to take the name of Earl. Since the previous Earl bore no children, there was no definite blood member to take such position. But Thorvald had seen the bloodshed of raiding, witnessing his own brother and cousin die in meaningless battles. Despite the belief that the fallen warriors would dine in the halls of Valhalla alongside the Gods, Thorvald sought a way to prevent the bloodshed, yet obtain the same desired riches. And thus five years later came the trading system.

    With a struggling economic structure in the eyes of the common folk, many farmers and fishermen alike have united in need to figure out a solution. Knowing the Earl could not be overthrown, it was decided by many of the old warriors and shieldmaidens that it was time to raid once more. This in return would bring in an excess of gold that could efficiently be distributed to the struggling lower class.


    So there you have it, a little taste of what's expected and what's to come. I'm not sure how much more information I will be adding to the OOC (hoping there is enough interest to set that up), but we'll see. Anyways, you're welcome to ask questions or express ideas and requests. I'm hoping to get both male and female characters to the mix, all to keep things interesting. There'll most likely be a one to two character per person max, though NPC's will also be needed - but that's for future purposes. The roleplay will also most likely be split into seasons, starting here with season 1 and opening completely new threads for future seasons if they occur. Anyhow, that's about all I have for now, thanks for reading annnddddd........



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  2. Sounds awesome to me! I'd be super interested in playing.
  3. I'm interested!
  4. Vikings? Count me in.
  5. AWESOME! Thanks for the interest guys. If y'all have any questions, requests, ideas or whatever feel free to post them here too.

    Can't wait to see the characters y'all come up with - that's my favorite part.
  6. I still haven't gotten around to watching the show since life but I love Vikings so I'm in^^
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  7. Sweet! Watching the show is not necessary (though it's really an amazing show) so no worries. Y'all don't even need to know Viking history either.........I don't lol
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  8. Rofl xD. Nah I just love The Viking, Pagan, Norse Ideas xD, so I know a lot lol.
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    Jk jk it is an amazing show you should see it whenever you have some free time!
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  10. I definitely will lol
  11. Hey guys, here is the basic character sheet that we will most likely be using. Might add more tabs in the OOC, but this is the gist of it here.....

    Character Sheet

    Full Name:
    Rank (Profession/Title):



    Other (Family, Relationships, Weapons, etc.):

    This way y'all can start thinking of your characters while we wait for a bit more interest.
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  12. *Slams gauntlet on the ground* I'm here and I would love to join you folks on your journey to Valhala!
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  13. Awesome! Well start fleshing out ideas for your character annnnd I can't wait to see them in the ooc! (Once the ooc is posted of course)
  14. I would totally be interested in this -- I'm a little swamped right now , but maybe if I get some down time I'd love to be part of this.

    My major at university is actually in Viking studies , and I'm a big fan of the show !!
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  15. Join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
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  17. You have my attention, but more importantly you have the attention of the seidr. May the valkyries watch over you~
  18. I'll be workin on the OOC today and may even have it done by tonight.
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  19. 2 questions
    Will it be real photos?
    and do you have to have seen the show?
  20. Real Photos will be required for appearances. One may NOT face claim actors from the show Vikings or The Last Kingdom (another vikings show).

    And you do not need to have seen the show .
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