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    Interest check on a period based, large scale, RP oriented around 700 AD viking culture... Become an Jarl, Earl, or a King, rule your lands, and raid others! Based off and inspired by the TV series "Vikings" that I've been interested in recently...

    Basic rules:

    1: Your faction must build from the ground up. This is a new world. Nothing exists unless you make it... Write long and hard, and etch yourself into the fiber of the land with your keystrokes. Create, and imagine. Do not be afraid to think outside the box, and bring strange new ideas into the RP...

    2: Do not control another persons created characters or NPC's without their consent. Of course trade and intra-city commerce is going to happen, just be considerate. If you want to create a 1 - 1 dialogue, PM them and write it out before you post... If its urgent, Post it here and let them respond. Be considerate... They might not write as fast as you!

    3: Land claims are not permanent. If early on you wish to attack and conquer another persons territory, you'll need to establish your intent via OOC. Surprise attacks IN GAME are fine, but the rest of us need to be able to trace back and verify the validity of your actions. If you say you have a group of 50 armed and armored horsemen, and are charging down the leader of a small band, we want to know where the 50 knights came from!

    4: Keep a tally of your own faction resources on your character sheet. If you have 30 followers you don't need to NAME THEM ALL, but keep a record of your investments, and such, on your character sheet. Show off your power and wealth so that none may question your authority... ;)

    5: No meta Gaming - God Modding, or overall ruining the experience for everyone else. This is a test run of multi NPC control / commerce / RP expansion. Just to see how it turns out. Please, play fair.

    To begin a kingdom, you must first know your limits. We all want to become the strongest, and most powerful in our chosen RP... And we all want our character to live. But that's just not always possible. Any number of things could impede your progress, from an early winter frost, ruining crops, or a surprise raid on your village, killing you and leaving your wife and children at the mercy of your enemies... But no matter what happens, take the events in stride, and make a good story out of it... Because that's what this is... A story... Enjoy it, and make it enjoyable for everyone else!

    Mostly I'm looking for people to join, and take on a leadership role... We'll have a caste system, we'll use applicable fighting styles and such... I want my writers to build the world from the ground up. But, if you like, you CAN join as an individual PC, and just have adventures and RP by yourself, or with a few other PC's... Like a little band of mercenaries/raiders...

    Take on your role as King, Jarl, or Earl, and lead your people... Teach them new ways of living! Trade knowledge with others, or steal it from them in a raid... Combine forces with nearby villages, or raid them and take them as your slaves! The world is yours to do with as you please... Post long and intricate stories about your character, and show everyone how you rule your town, city, or faction...

    This is mostly a tester of the bigger project... It'll be fairly intricate, since lists of not only how many citizens you have will be a must... But also lists of your resources, skills, technologies, and a map of the land you claim...

    I've done a large version of this before, with about thirty players, but they were all experienced writers. I really hope I get a few really good writers, who enjoy building and creating... There's no end to the fun you can have, when you're in charge of a few NPC's and you have free reign to do what you like... Within reason, of course...
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  2. Feel free to suggest changes. This isn't a permanent layout by any means, and I'm sure I have kinks to work out.
  3. I really like this idea, but I'm not online consistently enough to contribute :/
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  4. Awwh! That's too bad... =/ I'd have liked meeting someone new =3
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