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  1. The year is 2020. Crime rates have skyrocketed, the oppression inflicted on the public by the government is growing all too clear, and riots spring up every few weeks. And with this comes a new generation of citizen soldiers, men and women, girls and boys who stand up against the government, masks and weapons in hand. They fight the police states, the corruption, and the rapists, murderers, and thieves that run rampant through their streets. Some are unskilled brawlers, others strategic revolutionaries. Some just want to watch the world burn, and they want to hold the match. This is the United States of America. And you are a vigilante.

    Character Sheet:



    (Any martial arts, hacking skills? NO SUPERPOWERS)

    (Take two, preferably one melee and one ranged)


    This is not a superhero RP. Anyone involved will be an average person (say, a Batman) who decided to take up arms. Some may know martial arts or have access to guns, but none of them are mutants or superheroes.
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Haven Michelle


    She is very fond of bow hunting, technology, and making things for fun!


    A Raptor Compound Bow

    A simple combat knife

    Biography: (WIP)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Cyrus Libbell

    Age: 28

    Shooting and kick boxingWeapons:

    Vector SMG
    His Hands and feet!

  3. Get those bios up, and you're in.
  4. This still going on?
  5. Only been a few days, hasn't it?
  6. Didn't check when it was posted. It was on the third page of global signups or so.

    I'll have a CS up in a bit
  7. Raznichov.jpg
    mysterious multiple.png
    Samuel Akins

    Age: 27

    Abilities: Accurate with rifle-type guns, street fighting
    Weapons: Automatic custom built rifle (seen in pic), combat knife
    knife (open)
    Samuel's Knife.jpg

    Biography: Samuel Akins was never a regular guy. He seemed normal, following the rules, obeying the laws, doing his job, and other miscellaneous things normal people do. But since his teen years, Sam has always despised the government and it's corruption. He put together some armor with a mask in his free time and used it to join several riots and attempted uprisings over the last few years. He's also used it to make the world a better place in general, donning his armor and using his it to hide his face and protect himself while he killed those who broke common law- murderers, rapists, thieves, and the like.
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  8. Done.
  9. gonna post a CS working on it now
  10. Reserve for me please! :)
  11. Of course.

    Do so.

    Well, I'm happy this is kicking off. This really just started as an idea in the back of my mind, inspired by the recent violence in the streets of Kiev. Honor to the fallen.
  12. Will post a CS if I have time
  13. I want in, you still accepting? I'll put up my character sheet tomorrow; 3/10/14. I will be done and update this post by 8:00 a. m. Central Standard time.

    I think I've got a character that could make the world fall. *cackle*
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  14. [​IMG]

    *Also: She has marine corps tattoos on her arms, shoulders, side and back, not these vine-things.

    She owns an RX-7, five speed manual sports car that has had some modifications.

    Sergeant Alicia "Alley" Davis

    Age: 23

    Abilities: Driving fast sports cars, Taekwondo, demolitions expert, military-trained with sidearm. Has above average understanding of electronics, and can weld. Standard military training: Survival, tactics.

    Weapons: Explosives and a Beretta M9A1 standard issue pistol with extra clips and a flashlight attachment.
    Biography: Alicia has studied taekwondo since she was 9, her parents pushing her to an activity that would teach her discipline. She was average in school, but showed interest in electronics, taking the vocational class 4 years in a row during high school. As soon as she graduated, she joined the Marine Corps, opting for the demolition squad. She quickly became a demolitions expert, known as a "Sapper", who along with defusing bombs was also tasked with "clearing the path" to battle. She had always been a patriot, believing in what America stood for. But after the things she was ordered to do, and seen, started to despise the government. She saw first hand how corrupt the United States had become, and it made her sick.

    So, after her four-year term had been fulfilled, she decided to do what the constitution said to do in times like these. "We have the right to overthrow tyrannical leadership." And, as her oath as a Marine states: ""I, Alicia Davis, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me. So help me God."

    She has been gathering information and supplies over the last year, planning to take down the government and give the power back to the people. Along the way she's stopped any crime she's come across, and has currently made enemies with the Bloods street gang by killing one of their members in order to stop a rape.

    When she is out on missions, she wears her Marine Camo, with this metal mask: [​IMG]
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  15. Name: Gregory "Green" Peridoe

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Green is of average height for his age, but he's very thin; his ribs are easily visible if he bends back. His hair is black and cut pretty short, just hanging around his ears. It looks somewhat matted and scruffy in places due to lack of maintenance, but one lock of his bangs is much longer, often hanging in front of his face, and is dyed green. His eyes are vibrant green and almond shaped. Generally, his face has a sort of boyish, mousy look to it.

    When out on his vigilante sprees, he wears a black t-shirt that's slightly too big for him, and a black pair of pants covered in chains and loops for holding his weapons. He usually wears a much tighter, thinner pair underneath, in case he needs to cut down on the noise.

    Abilities: Focused sense of hearing; able to discern individual sounds from a sea of noise. Nimble and flexible. Good at moving silently.

    Weapons: Carries two steel morningstar maces with wooden handles, which he dual-wields, as well as an assortment of throwing knives. All his weapons are attached to his pants, and are thus highly visible.

    Biography: Green (he hates the name Gregory) has lived in big cities all his life, though his job has necessitated a lot of moving around. He works as a sort of freelance DJ, bringing his mixing skills wherever he's requested. He's attained a sort of cult following after all his travels, knowing for his custom mixes filled with added breaks, drops, and transitions that make each club visit a new experience.

    When it comes to his personal life, Green was never all that social. He's extremely quiet and introverted, only talking when he needs to. And he rarely needs to. Green is almost always seen wearing a sleek black pair of headphones, a tool to block out the outside world. The only guy he's ever opened up to was his old mentor in the art of DJing, an upbeat, passionate young man who goes by Red, but the two moved apart years ago and only keep in touch via the internet nowadays.

    The one thing that really gets Green's hackles raised is the exponential crime rates. Seems like no matter where he goes these days, the place is infested with petty thieves or rapists or whatever the latest trend is. It pisses him off to no end, and the cops are never any help. Bunch of cowards, really. The only option Green can see is to take the law into his own hands. The maces and knives he carries used to be ornamental -- keepsakes passed down through the Peridoe family line -- but with a few test runs, he knows that they're still plenty reliable.
  16. Name:
    Jackson Haddock


    Marksman, skilled thief, can make a variety of improvised weapons, and has a good understanding of Krav Maga. Used to take pride in his car repair and upgrading skills, but finds little use for them nowadays.

    Weapons (preferred):
    AK-47, Kukri (specifically, from Gerber Legendary Blades).
    black kukri.png ak47_1.jpg
    Born in Texas, Jackson (Jack to pretty much everyone) developed an interest in politics at an early age. He was always attentive in school, avidly participated in his community, and paid close attention to the news, either foreign or domestic. When the police started cracking down on curfews, executing people in the streets, Jack was too afraid to speak out. After all, he wasn't a Muslim, a communist, a terrorist, or anything they could declare treasonous. He went with the system, got through college with a major in Political Studies worth less than the paper it was printed on and a minor in Engineering, got hired by a local auto repair shop, got married, and even tried to have kids, all three attempts ending in miscarriage. And then a S.W.A.T team broke down his door and shot his wife for dragging a dead body off the road so the children wouldn't have to see. Then they black-bagged his daughters, dragging them into the back of a van. The second thought he had that night was the butt of an M16 slamming into his face. After years of solitude and bitterness, Jack gathered himself following the first of a multitude of suppressed riots. He got his hands on some professional weapons, taught himself to shoot, steal, and learned to fight from a Jewish immigrant who used to be in the IDF, who was kidnapped and likely executed a few months later for not being a Christian (the nationally recognized religion). With this settled, he opposed his oppressors with his rifle and blade (not caring much for a fancy mask, but seeing the practicality of something metal to cover his face), gathering a small cult following who were inspired by his actions. While he doesn't promote crime, if it helps his goals he will steal and murder.

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  17. I'm skeptical about the hearing, but otherwise plenty good as a vigilante.
  18. Like it.
  19. Hooray!

    How about the language? Are we discerned from profanity, or allowed to embrace that proverbial 'gutter' with our mouth-sounds?

    'Cause, as you know, people in the military curse more than Egyptian Pharaohs.
  20. Run wild bro.
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