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Original poster


8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

First of all I copy&pasted this info so there might be some things that don't make sense. I tried to edit it a bit but there's always something I could've missed. Feel free to ask for clarification. But make no mistake, I did type everything up myself lol. Just not on Iwaku. It was a long time ago... ;c;

I'm looking for someone to roleplay a story with me set in TES universe!

EDIT BOYS: Or if you don't know/don't want to roleplay TES, I'm fine with an original setting/plot that's similar to what I wrote beloow.

I strongly prefer redstars since that's what I feel more comfortable with but bluestars can still respond (I have a wonderful bluestar roleplayer who did just that and we get along fine). I'm looking for a long term roleplay with as much talking as there is action. As in, few time skips and we actually take the time to like "travel" around and stuff. Lots of back and forth talking but with action to break up the monotony (which would happen realistically).

I loveee drama. I think it'd make sense to have some drama between our characters. Tough roads, cold nights in tents, stress of being a Vigilant of Stendarr - all that plus the general annoyance you get from being around a person for too long? Ye bb that sounds like drama central to me. I don't have a strict paragraph limit or anything like that but please be willing to move the plot along with me. Don't just respond to me - give me something to respond to as well. Don't be scared of moving the plot in the "wrong" way and discuss with me where we should go with it!

I like detail but not needless ones where we like describe every cloud in the sky. I'm not going to harp on grammar and stuff (like I make a million grammar mistakes I'm sure lol). I'm going to say your posts should be readable; that's all. I'd also like for you to control some NPCs with me but I'm not too sure on additional main characters. I’m not too sure on expectation levels but I think I’m looking for an intermediate+.

TES specific-wise, I'd like for you to have a pretty good handling on the lore. I'm not asking for you to go deep and be writing apocrypha or anything (I'm not really a Mudcrab-Claw-Sizes-In-Different-Provinces-Oh-Plus-Morrowind-Only-Oh-And-MK-Is-God-AAAAAAH-Wait-What's-Arena-And-This-Is-A-Bad-Joke-Btw kinda person myself), just a good understanding on how the world of TES is like. I'm more focused on a "lore-version" of the world so there will be changes from what you see in the games (elaborated on further in the post).

However, this does not mean that our characters are some sort of “lore-masters” (unless your character’s especially well studied). Characters can be “wrong” or “right”. Just because my character flubs something up IC doesn’t mean you get to spam me OOC telling me just how wrong my character is and how I should change it - even people IRL get things “wrong” about their culture/life/religion/etc all the time. I’d imagine many peasants don’t know anything beyond the names of their gods. They wouldn’t know much about faraway provinces or their customs. They probably aren’t up to date of their own country to begin with - it’s not like they have phones.

I just want you to be relatively knowledgeable about TES OOC so that we can create realistic characters/atmospheres/moments/etc. I don’t want you to nitpick everything that I purposely made “wrong” IC. Basically, I don’t mind you telling me OOC like how stupid my character is or w/e, I just want to avoid you telling me stuff like “dude obviously Alduin ent Akatosh please change that IC post”. Unless it really is something that you feel that my character should realistically know about.

I feel like my words came across weird so to clarify: our characters can and will have different opinions. We can argue IC. It’s all part of the game, okay? So if my character says something totally wrong in terms of the lore, don’t freak out in OOC and tell me to change it - characters are not all-knowing and so can make mistakes. I’m sorry if this seems to be a big point but I’ve had bad experiences and really it just kinda boils down into having common sense. I JUST LIKE UNRELIABLE NARRATORS OKAY.

Our characters can be of any race canon to TES universe but they must also be plausible. For example, while there are many different races on Akavir, they will not be playable (they aren't present on Tamriel/even if you want to argue that at least one of them is they aren't relevant enough to be mentioned). You probably won’t be any variations of Senche either. They will also have a shared history (which we will decide on together through PM) as they will be members of the Vigil of Stendarr. Beyond these two requirements, you're free to come up with additional details yourself. I don't have any preferences as to gender or sexuality but I'm not really looking for a romantic roleplay. I'm not ruling it out but to begin with I'm not explicitly seeking any pairing or something like that. It can come on naturally or not. Doesn’t matter to me. I can write smut or fade to black.
*If you didn't get it this means open to all lol*

I'd really like for this RP to be more "darker" in tone. No, that doesn't mean we live in an absolute shit-hole where there's absolutely no hope and all that. But ideally I'm more into lonely quests and like the theme of a "corrupt paladin" more than helping children catch butterflies if that makes any sense. Not that we can't help children catch butterflies - I like light moments too! Otherwise there'd be no balance. But! There probably will be more "mature" themes/scenes. Which is why I would prefer redstars.

I don't really have any preference as to like whether we chat OOC or not lol. But pls talk to me about the plot and where you want things to go. Mayb we can talk some H E A D C A N O N too while we're at it. I'm a slow-medium poster but sometimes I can be quicker. Maybe 3 posts per week, maybe more. I'm busy lately but things are lightening up. I can also wait for a really long while but if you don't respond by like two months then like our thread will probably be sent to the graveyard l o l.

If I didn't lose you keep on reading! :)


It is the 202nd year of the Fourth Era. Skyrim remains in a state of turmoil despite the truce between the Empire and the Stormcloaks. While the Dragonborn has cut down on the number of dragons, reports of attacks are not unheard of. With the country undergoing so much conflict, it is to no surprise that its moral fabric may fray. More and more are the Vigilants aware of the profane fraternization between Men and Daedra going unpunished.

We (Player A and Player B) are members of the Vigil of Stendarr. On the 21st day of Frostfall, we are sent on a mission by Keeper Carcette to investigate rumours of an unholy museum opening in the city of Dawnstar. The roleplay will start from the Hall of the Vigilant where our characters are getting ready for their assignment.

I left this purposely very vague and open-ended. Only the start will be "scripted" like this - I want our actions to have a consequence on what we do and where we will go. For example, we might not even end up in Dawnstar. Who knows - maybe our characters might get captured by bandits and end up in Windhelm. We might end up getting sidetracked killing Erandur for being a former priest of Vaermina. We might get distracted, hitch a ride to Falkreath, and become drunkards. We might complete the mission successfully, come back to find the Hall of the Vigilant destroyed by vampires, and then join the Dawnguard. Or become a duo seeking revenge. wHO KNOws.


As this is taking place in Skyrim around 4E 201 there are certain canon events that I'm clearing up right now.

1. Mirmulnir has been slain by the Dragonborn.
2. The Dragonborn is the dude in the trailers.
3. Alduin is not yet slain. The Dragonborn is close on his way to Sovngarde to end the beast once and for all (though we wouldn't know that).
4. Miraak has yet to make his presence known.
5. Vampire attacks, while increasing, are not widespread as of yet. Certain cities would be more afflicted.
6. The Volkihar have not yet done anything of note.
7. The Civil War is ongoing. The peace treaty, while being upheld, is showing signs of cracking. There have been a few rumours of renegade soldiers.
8. Markarth is in control of the Stormcloaks. Thongvor Silver-Blood is Jarl.
9. Riften is in control of the Imperials. Maven Black-Briar is Jarl.
10. The Dawnguard is not yet set up. Isran does have it in the works though.
11. The Dark Brotherhood is active.
12. The Thieve's Guild is active.
13. The College of Winterhold remains broken.


1. Brother Adalvald is alive and well. He's a bit of a crackpot, or so Carcette says. Lately he's been engrossed in his various theories concerning vampires.
2. Brother Isran has long since left the Vigil. While he was present, he was a well respected member. However, he had a fearful reputation and he was often reprimanded for his more... zealous actions.
3. Brother Celann has also left the Vigil years ago. He left alongside Isran.
3. Brother Moric Sidrey has yet to depart for his expedition to Ruunvald. He's making preparations and gathering volunteers.
4. Brother Florentius Baenius is part of the Vigil yet. Unusual for the Vigil, Florentius is a devout follower of Arkay. Despite his more eccentric behaviours, Keeper Carcette allows him to stay. ((There's reason to believe that Florentius was a part of the Vigil of Stendarr. Volk's journal mentions that he was sent as part of a back-up after Moric's group gets into trouble. Florentius isn't mentioned by Moric but by Volk, perhaps indicating that Florentius was part of this back-up squad. Isran is also familiar with Florentius which might indicate that he knew him back in the Vigil)) ((I know this is flimsy so we can take this out if you want)).
5. Brother Tyranus is not present at the Hall of the Vigilant. He is on a pilgrimage to ward off evil.
6. The Vigil of Stendarr has not been destroyed yet.


This RP will be set in Skyrim during the 4E 202.

Skyrim will not be as it is in the games. The towns and cities will be far larger and distances will be actually kept in mind (no running from Dawnstar to Falkreath in two days). As such, population will increase and there will be far more NPCs (that we make up) to account for.

Due to the uncertainty of the lore in TES, there's going to be some headcanon involved. We can decide on which headcanons we want to include/exclude together.
We need to update the currency system. It doesn't really make sense for Septims to be everywhere and yet have gold be such a valuable metal. I'm thinking Septims to be some sort of "false-gold" or a mixture of gold with other metals. I'm also thinking of the old way people denoted currency - simply chop up the coin into smaller bits. Pieces of eight? :j

I'm also thinking that in smaller villages there would be a lot of service/good trading going on. Something like "fix my door and I'll give you some of my corn."
Our characters are mortal and I feel that if we make too many mistakes, they should have consequences. So yes to character death (although never without approval) (at the same time please don't fight twenty bandits at a time and come out without a scratch). Trolls are going to be a tough fight and dragons are going to be almost impossible.

No combat system. I trust you to know when to be tired from using spells/swinging a mace/running cross-country. Injuries will be dealt with in a realistic way (as realistic as can be with healing spells and potions). No shrugging off warhammers to the chest (hOW ARE YOU ALIve) (I suppose alteration might be the answer) (or maybe a three year old's wielding the hammer).

Adding onto the combat system, please be "realistic". Yes there will be moments where luck is on your side but in the grand scheme of things, a farmer boy is not going to be 10/10'ing experienced warriors. As members of the Vigil of Stendarr, we will have some training done. The level depends on your character (whether they're a fresh recruit, veteran, etc) and their background (maybe they were a soldier before joining, a student from the College, a sellsword in Cyrodiil, etc). Just take those things in mind.

Reasonable equipment. There isn't really a reason for us to be limited to what the Vigilants have in-game. I mean, Skyrim doesn't even have spears but that's one of the most common weapons ever. It doesn't make sense if you were a mage before you joined the Vigil only to have Healing, Oakflesh, and Lesser Ward. I think that if you were a farmer sure you'd wear the given robes but if you were some form of warrior you'd wear what was best. Perhaps drape the robes over your armour as identification? We can discuss the details.

I'm changing how common things like steel plate and ebony and whatnot are available in the world. In-game wise, it scales to your level but in reality stuff such as ebony should be extremely rare.

Armour made up out of animal hide such as fur, hide, leather, etc would be pretty common. Steel plate would be the best armour the average person would see IMO. Things such as Chitin and Nordic would be rare on the mainland but not impossible to see. Dragonplate(scale), Daedric, Stalhrim, Ebony would be nigh impossible to obtain (although I'm not too certain on Ebony, seeing how the mines work). Same goes for weapons, what with the Civil War going on, I wouldn't be surprised if many of our Vigilants have iron weapons (the steel would probably be reserved for the Empire/Stormcloaks).

Can I use weapons/clothes/armour/accessories/etc not in the game?
Yes. As long as they fit in the time period of TES. Obviously that means no Yeezy or S&W guns or w/e, lol. AND YES I KNOW ABOUT TES SPACE TRAVEL BUT THAT'S DIFF SO STAHP pls.

Speaking of Healing and Oakflesh, can I have other magic not present in Skyrim?
Yes with the exception of levitation. You'd need a good reason as to why you would know this banned spell.

I'm also going to allow a more "natural" way of using magic as well. No need to restrict ourselves to the vanilla spells. But it should still make sense. I'm thinking of the spells found in tomes such as Healing, Oakflesh, and Lesser Ward to be the "official" spells. As in, the spells that are mass-manufactured and learnt in schools. Therefore, while it would be easier to learn than "natural" magic, it would be relatively rigid in its application. Here's a bad analogy to help you out: Healing, Oakflesh, etc are like textbooks. "Natural" magic is like learning on your own. Coming up with your own formulas and shit.

It doesn't make sense for the museum to be up while the Vigilants still live?
Well, we're not going by in-game levels so it's all good! :)

The Dragonborn, while a well-known NPC in our RP, will have only done the main-quests (and not all of them). Not like our characters would know much about that.

Florentius is a part of the Vigil, why isn't Sorine/Gunmar/Durak/etc part of it as well?
I don't really see any indication that they were part of the Vigil. They were probably personal contacts of Isran. That being said, many NPCs in the Dawnguard faction don't really have lines to suggest that they either were or weren't. I could add some of them to the Vigil (especially the generic guards) if wanted - they'd need explanations as to why they either left the Vigil or survived the attack on it.

I'm a member of the Vigil but I have a Daedric artifact. Is that okay?
Not unless you have a really good explanation. But even with one I would be really hesitant.

Does my character need to be from Skyrim?
Not at all. In my headcanon, the Vigil of Stendarr's main office lies in Cyrodiil anyway, perhaps in Chorrol. Men would probably be more willing to join the Vigil than Mer, IMO.

Racial powers?
No. Like you could take elements of them and incorporate them into your characters but I don’t really feel like seeing “Character A used the Voice of the Emperor to calm everybody down!” or something like that. It’s a game mechanic meant to show the stereotypes of the races and I don’t think it should be in a RP.


I can’t think of anything more here but as we discuss the RP I’m sure more questions will come up. :)


Name: (Q: I’m a Nord but I was raised in Valenwood… my name?
A: Yeah of course names aren’t restricted. Different circumstances and all that - a Nord family living in Valenwood would likely still keep their ethnic names. A Nord orphan adopted by some Bosmeri tribesmen? Maybe they’d keep the Nordic name. Maybe they’d give a new name. Your mom’s from Daggerfall and your dad’s from Morthal? Colovians and Nibens? It all depends).

Race: (Altmer/Dunmer/Bosmer/Orc/Khajiit/Bretons/Imperials/Nords/Redguard/Argonian/etc).

Age: (No children unless you have a real good reason for a kid to be in the Vigil).


Appearance: (Realistic drawings to photos to in-game to written descriptions. I’d like an added written description on top of an image if possible).

Equipment: (Typical stuff for the Vigil along with personal items. However, if you have a warrior/mage/something past, it'd make sense that you wouldn't wear Novice robes).

Spells: (As members of the Vigil, we would most likely know Healing, Oakflesh, and Lesser Ward at least).


History: (We’ll discuss a small shared history on top of your personal one. As members of the Vigil, we should know each other even if it’s just a tiny bit. And yes you can use NPCs in your history).



Well! If you got through all of that I'm happy. Message me if you're interested! If more than one person does I might consider making a small group of three.


EDIT: if u dont know much about tes but for some reason want to rp this with me/an original setting very similar/etc pm me all the same
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