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    ~Rise of the Mavericks~

    | GM: Lord Wraith | Co-GM: Stein | Associate-GM: Hillan |
    | Genre: Superhuman, Modern Fantasy | Type: Linear, Sandbox |

    "The best people in any field of work, what sets them apart is a maverick quality. People who are not afraid to bend the rules in order to achieve the universally desired end."

    | PREMISE: |

    t's funny how when you put someone on a pedestal just how much further they have to fall. These Mavericks, these so-called heroes don't know how to handle the power they've been given by the people. But I know power and I know how to handle it. Let the people have their heroes for now, but eventually they will turn their backs on them. The minute someone's child isn't rescued or a family is killed in their home, the people will riot. It'll be with maddened delight that the people tear the idols down from their stands. And what is an idol in the presence of a god? The city will stone the Mavericks for failing. Being a hero means walking a tightrope. But being a god? Well that means everything else is child's play.

    ~Roman Locke

    | PLOT: |

    year ago, four vigilantes found themselves uniting against a common threat. Brought together by a Hyperhuman bank robber known as the Behemoth, the four vigilantes managed to work together and bring him down. Despite going their separate ways that night, they were brought together again by the one known as IllAdvised. Using his keen mind and skills of deduction, IllAdvised managed to track down each of the other three and pitched them an idea. An idea that would change all their lives.

    "Let's change the world. Let us be the ones who stand up against the tyranny in our world, in our own city. Let us be the ones who stand together and serve as a beacon of light to the darkness that has engulfed our city."

    Gaining new allies as they fought against crime, their numbers grew to six and they became a team. Their exploits were broadcast across the city and these vigilantes were dubbed 'The Mavericks' by the media, a term they came to own as they evaded law enforcement and criminals alike all the while reducing the control the city's various gangs had over it. However, while they became heroes in the city's eyes, the Mavericks also attracted the attention of presiding Crime Lord, Roman Locke. Hiring an elite assassin to bring the Mavericks down, the assassin tracked the Mavericks, observing them and eventually unleashed his fury upon them. Using his own powers, the assassin managed to warp the Maverick Angel's mind and turn the hero against his team mates. The event nearly destroyed the team as Locke's team of dirty cops stormed the base while the Mavericks were tearing themselves apart. The building was destroyed in the ensuing chaos and the heroes presumed dead. Fate was with them though, as the team managed to escape, with Maki fighting Angel to a standstill and knocking the Maverick back to his old self. Going underground after their presumed deaths, the Mavericks retreated outside the city to an abandoned lighthouse which they have slowly remodeled into a new base. Now stronger than ever, the Mavericks have turned their sights from street crime to Locke himself but not without first building their forces...​

    | TIMELINE: |

    MAY 2014 - On a late night in early May, the Harbour Kings led by Tony 'The Behemoth' Cleaver broke into the National Saving and Loans Bank. Coincidentally this night also led to the first introduction of the Mavericks as each of the original four were drawn to the crime. Banding together, they defeated the Kings and took Tony down. As the sirens sounded, the four parted ways....for the time being. IllAdvised would go on to spend the next month tracking down each Maverick and recruiting them together starting with Angel and ending with Feral.

    JUNE 2014 - By the following month, the Mavericks had been formed with IllAdvised introducing to them to an abandoned apartment building in the Lower East End that he had been operating out of. As one of the most crime ridden districts, the Mavericks set their sights on cleaning up the immediate area engaging the Blue Ravens gang.

    JULY 2014 - After being too late to stop an explosion at one of Larissa's advanced research facilities, IllAdvised begins to investigate the cause after noting the high radiation in the ruins. His investigation leads to the discovery of a synthetic humanoid named A.T.O.M. Recruting the blue synthoid, he begins to bound with Glitch and Xander who takes a liking to its naive nature.

    AUGUST 2014 - Aside from the Behemoth, the Mavericks focus on cleaning up their area and manage to steer clear of other Hyperhumans. That all changed when their investigation into the drug industry led them to rising pop sensation $hakra. Underestimating their foe, the Mavericks were caught off guard by $hakra's hyperhuman abilities but to their surprise the group recieved a new ally in the form of Allison Woltz. Overload, as she would later known to be called, aided the team with her electrical-based abilities and they were able to subdue $hakra.

    SEPTEMBER 2014 - With the presence of a new team member, the Mavericks take the time to bring her into the group, though some hold reservations. On the other end, a particular Maverick begins to develop an interest in their new teammate. During this time, they concentrate on fortifying and training themselves, not wanting to be almost outmatched again.

    OCTOBER 2014 - Local media begins to pick up stories on the Mavericks, officially giving them their name. Escaping authorities and criminals alike, they become something of a local phenomenon. Interestingly enough, many in the public just want to leave them be, noting the decline in crime rates. However, one reporter in particular, Rhonda Rivington, takes a special joy in painting the Mavericks out to be villains in media outlets on the Upper end of town. During this time, the Mavericks attempt to lay low.

    NOVEMBER 2014 - The Mavericks catch wind of a sex slave ring beginning to rear it's head in their city. In an attempt to squash it, they organize a plan and Allison volunteers as bait. Upon uncovering the heinous organization, the team learns that the head of the operation is a woman using Hype class abilities to lure the victims in with pheremones. A battle ensue in which the Mavericks overtake the woman and notify the media outlets and police.

    DECEMBER 2014 - The Mavericks set their sites on taking out other gangs across the city, having gathered intel and strengthened their mettle. In a broad sweep of two nights, they are able to effectively halt the plans of 10 arms smuggling operations and notify the authorities, leading to the arrest of more than 100 gang members in two nights and the taking down of 4 drug leaders. The media then goes on to call this phenomenon "A Maverick White Christmas"

    JANUARY 2015 - Noting a sharp decline in crime, the Mavericks take this time and new year to lax patrols and take a much needed breath. With a bit of coaxing and a romaing police scanner always active, they risk a trip to Spain, under the guise of a short vacation and chasing the rumor of Larissa Hypes being abucted. They stumble across an underground Hype fighting arena that Thomas finds himself being entered into. Working to get him out and take down the ring, the Mavericks end up in a brawl for the books. They are able to escape and promptly shut-down the ring with the help of undercover Interpol agents who vow to keep their involvement secret, granting them passage to fly home.

    FEBRUARY 2015 - Unbeknownst to the Mavericks, Locke begins to narrow his sights on the Maverick base, gathering intel and planning an assault aimed at destroying them once and for all.

    MARCH 2015 - In a battle that would claim their base and almost claim the team, The Mavericks were pushed to their limits. After the assault lodged against them by none other than Roman Locke and his contingency of the corrupt police, the Mavericks barely escaped their base and regrouped underground. They fled, seeking haven.

    APRIL 2015 - The team regroups to patch themselves up and lick their wounds. IllAdvised establishes a new base out of town on the tip of the Pamlico Sound within an old lighthouse. The Rhodes Lighthouse, long believed to be haunted by the New Alexandria community allows the Mavericks to hide in plain sight as they remain undisturbed away from shore.

    MAY 2015 - Present​

    | SETTING: |

    City: 339, 298
    Urban: 5,164,739
    Metro: 5,251,647​

    City: 51.73 sq mi
    Land: 35.89 sq mi
    Water: 40.36 sq mi
    Urban: 1,115.65 sq mi
    Metro: 6,047.52 sq mi​

    57.5% White (53.3% non-Hispanic white)
    29.3% Black or African American
    4.3% Asian American (1.2% Indian, 0.8% Chinese, 0.7% Vietnamese, 0.5% Korean, 0.4% Filipino, 0.1% Pakistani, 0.1% Japanese)
    2.6% two or more races
    1.4% some other race
    0.5% Native American
    <0.1% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander​

    Agriculture (Predominately Wine and Tobacco)
    Manufacturing (Textiles, Chemicals, Electrical Equipment, Pulp and Paper Products)
    Finance (Banking and Finance Industry)
    Technology (Information and Biotechnology, Software Engineering)
    Research (Research and Development, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Nanotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Genetics and others)
    Tourism (Dionysia (Wine Festival)​

    City Dionysia (A.K.A. Downtown): Situated in the heart of the city, the City Dionysia district is one of the oldest parts of Larissa but also one of the most constantly updated. A great deal of money is poured into the district every year to keep it looking fresh and welcoming to tourists. Every autumn, the district holds a Dionysia Wine Festival which attracts thousands of vistors. As such most of the winter months are spent repairing and maintaining the downtown for when tourist season comes again. Many different fine dining establishments line the streets of the City Dionysia, almost all of which serve local wines. The majority of these establishments serve Greek cusine or a Greek inspired menu but it is possible to simply find a good steak.

    Rousseau Square (A.K.A. City Hall): Within the center of the City Dionysia lies Rousseau Square which houses the City Hall. One of the smallest districts in Larissa, it is also the heart of the city housing the municple government, main police headquarters and the city square.

    Mount Nysa (A.K.A. Wine Country): The Mount Nysa region lies to the Northern edge of the city. Despite being slightly elevated compared to the rest of the city, it's still however only a mountain in name only. This area is covered in vineyards and is known for being the city's wine country. Millions of bottles of Dionysia wine is shipped out of Mount Nysa each and every year with a majority of it staying local for the Dionysia Wine Festival. Furthermore all of Larissa's argriculture can be found here including the tobacco industry and its plantations.

    Overtown: Sitting due South of Mount Nysa and North of City Dionysia, the Overtown district is home to several technology and research facilities in its southern edge before becoming middle class housing towards the Northern edge. Housing prices tend to soar along the Western edge as it boarders the Olympus district.

    Olympus: The wealthiest neighborhood in all of Larissa, the Olympus District sits directly west of the City Dionysia and runs North alongside Overtown ending at the foothills of the Mount Nysa district.

    New Alexandria: A small fishing community sitting across the harbour from the rest of the city, New Alexandria is remote and often forgotten about as demonstrated by the abandoned Rhodes lighthouse which sits on the edge of the island district run down and ignored since the end of the Cold War.

    The Sound: Originally part of the Wharf District, around ten years back, the Sound was created by a young philanthropist looking to expand the South Beach district and introduce more housing for college students. As such many of the older buildings were tore down and new apartments and condominums were put in their place. Many restaurants and upscale clubs have sprung up in the area over the past decade catering specifically to the young college crowd.

    The Wharf (A.K.A. The Harbour District): Sitting both west of the Sound and the South Beach. The Wharf is home to Larissa's Shipping and Receving as well as both commerical and private docking. Numerous cruise ships, freighters and private vessels come in and out of the docks each day. The Wharf is notably home to the Harbour Kings gang and has been busted for human trafficiking on more than one occaision.

    Somerset (A.K.A. Upper East Side): Stting directly above the Lower East Side, Somerset or the Upper East Side, is home to Roman Locke's criminal empire. The area has a distinct European influence specifically Italian as many fine eateries line its streets hiding backroom deals and white collar crime. Tall skyscrapers tower over the streets below running the city's finances and utilities allowing Locke to keep all of Larissa in the palm of his hand.

    Little Santiago (A.K.A. Lil'Santiago or Poor Lil'Santiago): Sitting to the west of the Wharf, Little Santiago is an ethnic district with a distinct Caribbean flair. There's also a notable Spanish influence mostly apparent in the district distinct housing style. Many cultural events are celebrated in the streets of Little Santiago and live music can also be heard down every block as the smells of the Carribbean waft through the air.

    Lower East Side: The Lower East End is the roughest side of town. Sitting to the East of the the Sound and the Wharf, it's a crime ridden district filled with petty theft, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes. Unfortunately many low income families end up living in this area due to the cheap housing. Due to the proximity to the Sound, many students end up living in the Lower East Side, those who flunk out often end up walking the streets addicted to numerous drugs or extorted in front of a camera in a run down apartment.

    South Beach: Directly south of the Sound is the South Beach. Upper end high rises and condominiums dot the horizon of the South Beach leading out to sandy white beaches on the edge of the city's southern seaboard.

    East Beach: Sitting directly below the Olympus District and due East of the Somerset district, the East Beach is home to numerous hotels and condominiums overlooking the Eastern seaboard. Much of the real estate in this district is own by Locke and is used for housing his business quests.

    Milk District: Once home to the city's milk bottling factory, the Milk District has become known as something of a 'hipster' district with old factories converted into clubs and dive-bar concert halls. A common alternative for students and young people to the Sound, the Milk District offers a completely different feel much more down to earth. Due to it's slight distance from the rest of the city and the old bottling factory, it serves as an ideal location for music festivals for Alternative and Indie artists. At the Western edge of the district lays the city's manufacturing buildings which produce textiles, chemicals, electrical equipment, and pulp and paper products for national distribution.​


    IllAdvised/Caleb 'Cal' Michaels: The leader, Cal is the man who encouraged the team to come together. While not the most physically imposing of the Mavericks, his sharp mind and knack for invention keeps the team ahead of its foes. As a medical student during the day, Cal also acts as the team's doctor whenever someone needs patching up.

    Feral/Makarios Lillis: The heart of the team, Makarios is always there to lend a listening ear or simply tell you how it is. Constantly fighting an inner battle with the beasts inside has made Makarios one of the strongest members of the Mavericks, physically, emotionally and mentally. In the field, Makarios is nigh untouchable with his superior agility and instincts. Off the field, he serves as the resident den mother.

    Angel/Thomas Campbell: The team's brawn, Thomas was trained for the vigilante life from a young age. A hardened and seasoned warrior with generations of knowledge imbedded in him due to his alien heritage, Angel is a force to be reckoned with. Powerful wings propel him into battle enabling him a great advantage over almost every foe.

    Vanguard/Xander Wen (K.I.A.): The tank of the team, Xander was usually one of the first to charge them into battle and hold his ground. His ability to generate force-fields and his innovative mind made him a force to behold in fights. Though he started out as one of the more reluctant members, he quickly came to see his teammates as family. Xander sacrificed himself to save the remaining members of the Maverick team by staying behind to contain Adam's core overload.

    A.T.O.M./Adam (K.I.A.): The Advanced Technology and Organic Man or A.T.O.M. was the first of a discontinued prototype that sought to combine advanced genetic engineering with robotics in order to create legions of expendable soldiers. Unfortunately for his creators, A.T.O.M. became sentient and rebelled against his creators. Powered by an unstable nuclear core, A.T.O.M. accidentally incinerated his creators and their lab leading to his discovery by the Mavericks. Between IllAdvised and Glitch, the pair managed to find a way to stabilize A.T.O.M.'s core allowing the blue synthetic humanoid to experience life as well as find a higher purpose among the rest of the Mavericks. Choosing the name Adam upon Glitch's suggestion, the synthoid began to learn what it meant to be human notably from Xander as well as bond with Glitch. Unfortunately during Locke's attack on the base, Adam's core was ruptured leading to him overloading and in his last moments taking out both Locke's men and the base.

    Overload/Allison Woltz (A.W.O.L.): The daughter of a wealthy socialite, Allison's entire life has been filled with everything she ever wanted leading to her seeking excitement wherever she could get it. The discover of her Hyperhuman nature in her early teens sent the girl into a downward spiral as she begun leading a life of wild drug filled parties. This downward spiral led to Allison being cut off from her family fortune and thrown out in the world on her own. Faced with a much harder life, her encounter with the Mavericks at $hakra's concert changed Allison as she finally began to see a use for her abilities. Or so the Mavericks thought, unfotunately however Allison's loyalty was easily swayed and thirty million dollars later she sold the team out to Roman Locke.​


    | STATS: |
    here’s an estimated one Hyperhuman per every million humans on Earth. This is expected to double in the next ten years and continue on this path until eventually make up the majority of the Earth’s population within the next hundred years.

    In contrast to this growing number, the Magni are estimated to number only a hundred for every billion humans on Earth. The Magni are slowly dying out as the knowledge to perform the ancient arts is slowly lost to the modern age. That said, due to their long lifespans the Magni are not expected to be extinct until the end of the millennia.

    Opposed to both Magni and Hyperhumans whose populations can be tracked, Celestials visit Earth and leave at various intervals. At any one given time it is expected that there is one Celestial per every billion humans on Earth. That said this number can fluctuate and can never truly be fully determined due to Celestials being highly difficult to isolate and track.​


    umanity has been constantly evolving and adapting to the world around them for centuries upon centuries. Even now, humanity is undergoing major changes as a new race makes itself know.

    After millennia of Earth being routinely doused in what is known as coronal mass ejections, the side effects are starting to show. The coronal mass ejections or CMEs, are a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields being released into space and often directly at Earth. Carried within these events are high energy particles and it is these particles which have begun to cause humanity to change and develop new and sometimes unfathomable abilities.

    The resulting effect of the high energy particles is an evolution that was first mistaken for a mutation and coined as the condition 'Viriumosis'. As research continued, it was realized that the mutation was not a temporary condition but the start of a new species as the 'Homo-Virium' was not the result of disease but rather was born with their abilities. The genetic difference became known as the 'Hype-Gene' or 'Hype-Factor' and was most common in families with a long spanning ancestry and history. The 'Hype-Gene' was a culminative result of high energy particles stored within the donating parent's chromosomes which resulted in the creation of the 'Hype-Gene' in their offspring. As such, a human born without a 'Hype-Gene' cannot develop Hyperhuman abilities no matter how many high energy particles they absorb throughout their life, however their offspring may be a Hyperhuman. The 'Hype-Gene' isn't exclusively carried within either sex but is a dominant gene within both ensuring that the child of a Hyperhuman will indeed be one themselves. Studies are inconclusive whether powers levels are greater or equal within children who have two Hyperhuman parents. Despite the fact that the 'Hype-Gene' takes a dominant role during the embryo's development, it remains practically undetectable until puberty as it lays in a dormant state until puberty. During puberty, the overwhelming release of hormones awakens the dormant 'Hype-Gene' which then begins to develop super-human abilities within the host.​

    • Named for their ability to move the world, ATLAS-type classification refers to a Hyperhuman possessing enhanced physical attributes. These attributes can include durability, strength, speed, dexterity, reflexes and so on. One of the most common Hyperhuman classes, the ATLAS-type can be divided into two Sub-Classes.
      The HERCULES Sub-Class includes Hyperhumans whose ATLAS-type abilities are based on enhanced strength and durability. HERCULES-type ATLASes can have increased mass which grants them superior strength and durability or simple have a superhuman dermal layer and muscles.
      ATLAS-type Hyperhumans who fall into the MERCURY Sub-Class includes the abilities which enhance the speed of an individual. This can include super human speed, reflexes or dexterity. This can even extend to the ability to phase through walls and other solid objects. MERCURY Sub-Class abilities can lead to an accelerated metabolism allowing for wounds to close at a much faster rate.
    • Where an ATLAS-type Hyperhuman is based on physical enhancements, the JUNO-type Hyperhuman is able to modify and control both their own biology and possibly that of others. Some JUNO-types are able to transform their body or manipulate themselves to produce specific attributes while others are able to manipulate the body's chemical elements, including pheromones, saliva and blood. The JUNO-type has two Sub-Classes.
      The CUPID Sub-Class focusses on manipulating the body's various elements. This can include pheromones, blood, salvia, bone or hair.
      The ORCUS Sub-Class is focused on biological transformations. The ability to manipulate the body in ways that aren't possible without this particular Hype-Gene. This could include simply stretching the body like an elastic band or transforming completely into another person, animal or even inanimate objects. ORCUS type abilities can also include regeneration tissue and other body parts.
    • A MINERVA-type Hyperhuman has power over the mind. Whether this be to impress their will onto the mind of another or use their mind to manipulate the world around them...WIP
      The TINIA Sub-Class primarily focusses on internal manipulation of another or oneself. Abilities can include telepathy, emotional manipulation and even astral projection.
      The UNI Sub-Class focusses on the manipulation of the external world using one's mind. Abilities include but are not limited to telekinesis and psionic blasts.
    • The craftsmen of the Hyperhuman classes, VULCAN-type Hyperhumans are know for their ability to control and wield energy as though it was a weapon forged in their own hands. Divided into two sub-classes, VULCAN-types are perhaps the most widely recognized Hyperhumans outside of ATLAS-types.
      Those who are classified under the MARS Sub-Class are capable of bending the energies that aren't encompassed under the NEPTUNE-Sub-Class. These energies are very broad ranging from light and sound to gravity and potential energies. More often then not, these Hyperhumans manipulate unseen forces making them especially unpredictable.
      A NEPTUNE Sub-Class is a manipulator of elemental energies. Capable of warping nature to their will, most of these types of Hyperhumans are limited to only one element however there are some who are able to manipulate more and even combine them for devastating effects.
    • Unpredictable, the SATURN-type is wide reaching in it's classification of Hyperhumans. Known for being the class of 'Unknowns', Hyperhumans which fall under the SATURN classification are able to bend space and time whether to their will or due to lack of self control.
      FORTUNA Sub-Class abilities focus on manipulation probablity and reality making unlikely outcomes more possible than they normally would have been.
      TRIVIA Sub-Class abilities are focused on manipulating time and space, folding it together, slowing it down and over all manipulating it to their will. Teleportation often falls in this category as it involves instantly travelling from one place to another.

    | MAGNI: |

    agni is a broad term used to describe those who manipulate the mystical force known as the Nox. The Nox is a mystical energy which flows through Earth, invisible, unseen and full of untapped potential. It can be wielded by disciplined individuals, those who can close their minds to the distractions of the world and allow the Nox to flow through them. Given various names across different cultures, the Nox can be harnessed by many different means and even stored within enchanted items and materials.

    Unlike the Homo-Virium which is a rather modern phenomenon, the Nox is likely as old as time itself, possibly even having an influence on creation and life itself. Various stories, myths and legends have been told around the world of monsters and creatures not recognized in our world, most of these stories were true. These creatures are more often than not a result of those who abused the Nox to curse their enemies or those who lacked the discipline to fully control the Nox and had it backfire upon them. Throughout the ages, there has been various cultures who has studied the Nox as a group, using it as a community and flourishing through its influence. Great otherwise unexplainable feats were accomplished by these individuals, often leaving behind structures which still stand in the modern age, becoming a subject of debate to those who can't see past the technology of today. The origin of the Nox is shrouded in mystery and its source remains completely unknown. Many theorize it was a resource originally used by beings much greater than mankind who later shared its secrets with humanity. If this is true then the second accepted theory is that mankind turned this power on those beings and destroyed them. Allusions to the Nox or an equal power can be found throughout almost every myth, legend and religion on Earth making those who study it believe that at one point all of Earth was connected under the original wielders.​

    • The Novice rank is given to young Magni just beginning to learn how to use the Nox and form it to their will. Capable of what’s regarded as lesser feats of magic, a Novice is capable of producing a gout of fire, blast of ice or shot of sparks. Novice level magic can also cast wards capable of stopping other Novice spells, produce a beacon of light, and heal minor wounds such as sprains or cuts that might require stitches. Most Magni began to learn these spells between the ages of five and seven.
    • Upon proving their mastery of the Novice level spells, traditionally Magni were taken under the wing of another Magni of at least an Adept Rank to be tutored. Upon this action being fulfilled, the Novice would become an Apprentice. Apprentice magic increases the strength of all spells learned as a Novice while introducing new effects and uses for the Nox.
    • Magni who complete their tutelage under a mentor were traditionally graduated to the rank of an Adept. Adept Magni are the most common ranked Magni and have a fair mastery over using and manipulating the Nox to a wide variety of effects. Effective at both basic forms of defensive and offensive Magni it generally at this level that Magni began to choose a speciality whether this be focusing on destructive magic, transfiguration, alchemy or enchanting. Most human Nox users peak at this level very rarely being able to live long enough without perverting the Nox in order to hold further mastery over it.
    • Maven ranked Magni are often beings holding demi-god levels of powers. Being such as angels and demons are thought to have belonged to this class of Magni. As such, Mavens are capable of great feats of magic and able to cast lesser spells with little concentration. Spells learned at this level can alter the molecular structure of a substance and change it into something else, move objects simply through the power of magic, enable themselves to continue to breathe in environments without oxygen and numerous other effects. .
    • Master Magni are so far a theoretical concept. It is believed that Master leveled beings are those from whom the Nox originated. Masters of the Nox can cast spells with massive areas of effect possibly able to even affect an entire city if not a larger range. Master level Magni can alter the weather, manipulate the earth, conjure and enslave the dead or heal an entire hospital full of sick people.


    erhaps the rarest of all super powered individuals are the Celestials. Celestials are more often than not visitors to Earth for other planets, solar systems or galaxies. Rarely have more than one Celestial appeared on Earth at the same time, and most often they blend into society by suppressing their alien nature much in the same way that a Hyperhuman or Magni might hide themselves. Due to very few being available to study and more life beyond Earth than most are willing to admit, the Celestials are very unpredictable in what form they may appear in or take. Most often the abilities displayed by Celestials are merely natural adaptations to their native environments but some like Hyperhumans or Magni are in fact a different genetic structure. Furthermore, some Celestials rely upon their technology which at times can be more advanced or very different than those found on Earth. It's not uncommon for some of this technology to be found abandoned or even salvaged from crash sites before ending up in human hands.​

    • Aquatic Sentient Species are comprised of Celestials thought to be descended from marine life. These lifeforms often fit into other categories, but were classified together. Aquatic lifeforms included those that could breathe water, air, or both.
    • Avian Sentient Species are comprised of Celestials thought to be warm-blooded, feathered and winged creatures. They typically had light bones and strong muscles, needed to enable flight. However, many sentient avian species have lost the ability to fly.
    • Craniopods or Exotic Sentient Species are, despite this broad categories, lifeforms so truly alien that they do not fit easily into any of the common categories.
    • Insectoids or Insect Sentient Species are arthropods, with defined body segments; most commonly head, thorax and abdomen. Many had hard exoskeletons, wings, and could have any number of segmented legs. Some Insectoid species evolved into different forms, such as humanoid insect species. Often, Insectoids can be devided into one of two sub categories.
      Hard Invertebrates
      These Insectoids have hard outer bodies with no internal skeleton. These often included crustaceans, and some flying creatures. While this classification is primarily used for Insectoids it can also apply to other Celestials such as Aquatic Sentients.
      Soft Invertebrates:
      These Insectoids are descended from soft-bodied species with no bones, such as octopi, slugs and worms. Like Hard Invertebrates, this sub category can cross over with other primary classifications
    • Mammalian Sentient species are warm-blooded vertebrates, who nourished young through secretions from mammary glands. Most mammals were covered in hair. Mammalian species are among the most common to visit Earth primarily due to their similarities to humans. In fact a subcategory of Mammalian includes Humanoid species.
      Celestials which closely resemble humans. These Celestials can be mistaken for Hyperhumans, Magni or even ordinary Homo-Sapiens but other have at least one distinguishing feature which makes them notably different.
    • Non-Sentient species can be Celestials belonging to any of the other categories however they lack sentience meaning their little more than animals. Often these Celestials only end up on Earth as another Celestial's mount or pet, but occaisionally an accident will bring one to Earth and unleash it upon an unsuspecting population.
    • Plantoids or Plant Sentient Species synthesize energy from water, nutrients and sunlight. As such they are usually immobile, although some species are able to move to seek better soil, light or nutrients.
    • Reptilian Sentient Species are cold-blooded vertebrates, typically covered in scales or bony plates. They typically evolved from species which resemble lizards, snakes, crocodiles or any other similar reptile. Most Reptilian speces are land based, and lay eggs to reproduce.


    hile the majority of individuals who display powerful abilities are either Hyperhumans or Magni, some people happen to just be normal humans. These humans however augment themselves with fantastic technology and gadgets obtained through either ingenuity, wealth, luck or discovery. Some choose to simply hone their body and fight with a set of simple tools but others still are lucky enough to stumble upon a relic from another time or world. These relics or artifacts can benefit the user of a multitude of ways enabling them to stand on par with Hyperhumans, Magni or Celestials.​

    • Basic technology is anything that is built from simple items or even bought off the shelf at a local store. Basic technology includes items such as lock picks or walkie-talkies. Basic technology is very easy to come by and doesn’t require a large budget.
    • Advanced equipment is gear or items made using acquired or taught knowledge such as an Engineering Degree. Could also be equipment made by an individual with a low level Hype ability. These items can consist of building a grappling gun, collapsible glider or other such items. Advanced technology comes at a higher cost requiring a steady income to support it.
    • Complex equipment are items made using high levels of intelligence, generally by a Hyperhuman but could also be a mechanical genius. This could also be technology that was designed from years of experimentation by high level research and development departments. These items could include a jetpack or a suit of powered armor. Complex technology is quite expensive and more than likely unaffordable for the majority of people. Individuals with this technology are generally either rich or criminals.
    • Alien technology is generally of an unknown origin or it could be leftover from a Celestial visitor or even arcane technology created through alchemy by a Magni. This is some of the most powerful and unpredictable technology in the world. Acquiring this technology is very difficult as it’s very limited. Generally luck or criminal activity is the only way to come by this technology.


    [1.01] You can create any superhuman mold you want with tact. All invincible superhumans or obvious imitations of DC or Marvel titles will be judged harshly. If you must make a 'monstrous' character/power, I advise you to make your character dual sided so they may blend with the regular people. Your abilities should also be a secret to anyone outside of the character’s circle of trust, remember people are afraid of what they don't understand and super powers are a new concept to the world. People will not be willing to accept them very quickly.

    [1.02] Character sheets will not be accepted until the GMs have had time to look over the CS thoroughly. This not only ensures that we the GMs have time to read through Character Sheets appropriately but also that you the Player are receiving proper critique as well as a solid community to interact with in the In Character Threads. We appreciate your patience with this.

    [1.03] All Character Sheets must be submitted to the GMs in the provided or similarly laid out format. Character Sheets which do not use an organized skeleton will be rejected and asked to comply with a standard. Displays of impatience towards acceptance will result in an immediate denial. The GMs have lives outside of Iwaku and may have their time restricted during the week and/or weekend. Have patience and a positive attitude and you will receive a response.

    [1.04] Players are allowed one character to start. You allowed to create secondary characters after you make several posts. I just request that if you make multiple characters that you don’t have them constantly playing off each other.

    [1.05] Due to the in game statistics there’s limitations on the number of Celestial and Magni players. Hyperhuman and Tech players have no such limitation in this regard however. At most there will only be two to three Celestial players at one point and a maximum of five Magni players.​


    [2.01] Respect the Game Masters. The GM's words are to be adhered, don't argue or disregard them unnecessarily. If a GM asks you to stop doing something please do it. Likewise if a GM asks you to change something in your post please do it. Failure to adhere to any GM or Moderator requests will result in expulsion from the game.

    [2.02] Respect the other players. Constructive criticism is fine, but flaming or trying to run players off just because you don't like the way they do things is not okay. Remember, it's the GM's job, not yours, to point out if there's a problem. If you feel that there is a problem, then contact a GM directly.

    [2.03] Likewise any quarrels will be dealt with by the GMs. Don't take them out in the OOC, arguments should be dealt with between the two parties through private messaging. If the involved parties truly can't solve their issues a GM can act as an arbiter upon request.

    [2.04] No GIF Wars. This is a thread for discussion of the roleplay, its characters and plots. This is not a Spam Thread. Chat is allowed and encouraged but within reason, please try not to fill the OOC with numerous pages that have little to nothing to do with the roleplay itself. An active OOC generally means an active roleplay so feel free to chat up your fellow players about characters and events in the RP.​


    [3.01]You are your character, so act like them. Create or portray their mannerisms, powers, and ideals to how they have been established in the game. BE the character, not just yourself with the character's powers. The notes section of your CS has been provided for such a reason, use it to help yourself remain consistent in character portrayals.

    [3.02] Writing expectations for this roleplay are at least a two (2) paragraph minimum per post. Three (3) to five (5) paragraph posts however would be awesome so long as you're not simply chewing the scenery. Proper spelling and grammar is also expected but small mistakes here and there are understandable. Blatant offenses will be called out.

    [3.03] You are encouraged to post at least once per week. If there are any outside factors as to why you aren't able to post, please let the GMs know. If you find yourself in a plot with another player and they disappear, do your best to move on without them and quickly finish the arc to the best of your ability, or ask for the help of a GM. If you stop posting for two (2) weeks without a message in the OOC, your character will be listed as 'inactive', and after a further week of inactivity, your characters will be expelled, and dealt with as necessary in the IC, whether killed or used as needed and then discarded. Please if you know you’re going to be absent or simply have lost interest in the RP, just let the GM know.

    [3.04] No God-Modding or metagaming. This refers to controlling or manipulating another player's character in way that is completely self-beneficial and not pre-approved by the other player. This also includes being untouchable against NPC characters as well as being all knowing. Keep your character humanized or risk being expelled from the RP.

    [3.05] PC's are not to be killed without permission. Nameless NPC's are fine, but PC's or important NPC's will require authorization by their creator.

    [3.06] This is a Character Driven RP, and as such you are encouraged and expected to take charge of your character's sub-plots and storylines. That said, there will be a heavy emphasis on collaborative activities and team building as well. The GMs will be leading the RP in the traditional sense with a driving plot and will ensure the RP keeps moving however we do want to see you develop your characters and produce your own plots.

    [3.07] Absolutely no 'OOC' chatter in the In Character Thread. If you have a question or anything to explain there is an Out Of Character Thread provided. You have no excuse to make an 'OOC' comment in the IC and if done it will be heavily frowned upon.

    [3.08] Plots should not be completed in one or two posts. Your character should not be able to stop an entire robbery by themselves or put out a city block on fire with relative ease. That said obviously different power levels do apply so if you do manage to put out the fire, solve the cause of it. If you stop the robbery find out who hired the gang or what their motives were. If all else fails do some character development or show us some ‘Slice of Life’ moments for you character if you do solve a plot quickly.​


    his is an open world RP and I realize that relationships are a part of this. While I have no problem with this I do want it kept a specific way to avoid breaking any rules. Iwaku's standard is as follows:

    "Iwaku allows roleplays and stories to develop naturally, and that will occasionally include mature content. When you are posting a scene, story, or image outside of the Mature areas, please use the (spoiler) code to hide it with a content warning. That way people will be prepared. If you are running a roleplay that is purely filled with mature content, it must be posted in the Mature section."

    If you don't want to use Spoilers, then you may use the standard fade-to-black technique if you desire and that will be fine, just keep it PG-13/14A (May contain: violence, coarse language and/or sexually suggestive scenes.) both leading and following up. I implore you to keep within the age restrictions set up already by administration. As such, let’s keep it simple, ages 14-17 can have relationships with each other and likewise for 18-22. Obviously there's some grey area in there and I'd understand 16-18 should also be a range but please just use your common sense if you're going to seek a relationship within the RP. You have been warned of my expectations on this matter and should you fail to follow through you will be asked to leave the roleplay and reported for breaking site rules.​


    If you join this RP, if you take the time to submit an application, I'm putting my faith in you that you'll be committed to it and that the character you play will be consistent with the one in the agreed upon CS. Personally, I have a hard time with this sometimes and I understand that things just happen. That said I’m referring to suddenly giving a character new powers with no explanation or completely changing their backstory in order to add new skills. I’m okay with changes but I’d like a heads-up first so perhaps we can work a more natural way towards these things happening. In terms of commitment, dropping out of the RP randomly for whatever reason is a pain or a GM. Simply put, it wastes my time along with the other players. If you do not think you can join and you're sure something will come up, do not join. Tendency to not care about an RP after a while? Don't join. Simple as that. I will work with you when it comes to bumps in the road. If you think you're going to be out for a couple of days, that's fine. I'll find a way to excuse you from the story or play your character. However, please let the group known as far in advance as possible. If you're going on a trip, tell me something. Do not leave me wondering where you are. Let me know so I can keep things going. I will work around you if you work with me when you can.​


    Solo Arc Stories should be posted in your personal Blog. A <ROTM (Rise of the Mavericks)> tag will be used to keep the stories grouped and easily searchable. You even have the option to make the Blog only viewable to people in this RP if you so wish. This can also be done for collaborative team ups. Ideally this will keep the IC from being bogged down by one character going off on their own, allowing the main story line to remain inclusive while characters and players with chemistry can still create individual pieces as well.

    Likewise, Secondary Characters/Supporting Casts should be used very rarely in the main IC and should appear in detail only during solo stories. It was unanimously agreed that the last couple iterations of Mavericks have failed due to a heavy reliance on secondary characters and supporting casts in order to make our characters seem more well rounded instead of relying on the other players to be the secondary characters to our own. Instead of having a best friend as a secondary character, why not build a relationship in the IC with another player?​


    [tabs][tab=| BASICS |][IMGA=right]A headshot of your character is preferred[/IMGA][B]| NAME: |[/B]

    [B]| ALIAS(ES): |[/B]

    [B]| PLACE OF BIRTH: |[/B]

    [B]| SPECIES: |[/B]

    [B]| D.O.B.: |[/B]

    [B]| AGE: |[/B]

    [B]| SEX: |[/B]

    [B]| SEXUALITY: |[/B]

    [B]| APPEARANCE: |[/B]

    [tab=| PROWESS |][B]| ABILITIES: |[/B]

    [B]| SKILLS: |[/B]

    [B]| LIMITATIONS: |[/B]

    [B]| WEAKNESSES: |[/B]

    [B]| APPLICATIONS: |[/B]
    [tab=| EQUIPMENT |][B]| WEAPONS: |[/B]

    [B]| TOOLS: |[/B]

    [B]| ATTIRE: |[/B]
    [tab=| DETAILS |][B]| BACKSTORY: |[/B]

    • | NAME: |
      The name on your birth certificate as legally given to you.​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Any names your parents, relatives or friends call you. This can also be a 'superhero’ codename. If you don’t have one, you can always gain on in the IC.​

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Where were you born? If possible include City/Town, State/Province and Country, Planet if applicable.​

      | SPECIES: |
      Human, Hyperhuman, Magni, Celestial? Please indicate here. Note if you are a Celestial you can indicate your actual species name instead of Celestial.​

      | D.O.B. |

      | AGE: |
      No younger than 14 (earth years), no real age limit but if you’re over 50 in earth years you’re not going to be limber enough to be running on roof tops likely (obvious exceptions aside.)​

      | SEX: |
      Preferably your biological gender, if you prefer not go by a gender specific pronoun please note that in your Biography or Notes. Please do not answer 'yes'.​

      | SEXUALITY: |
      *Optional, if you'd wish to note it you may. If you have no interest in having it known or any other reason there's not need to put.​

      | APPEARANCE: |
      A written description detailing height, weight, hair colour, eye colour and any other notable attributes. A picture doesn’t qualify here as you already have the headshot above.​

      Your classification whether Hype, Magni or Celestial you have one. If you're having trouble let me know and I can tell you which category you likely belong under.​
    • | ABILITIES: |
      What extraordinary capability does your character possess?​

      | SKILLS: |
      Aside from the above mentioned abilities, do you have any notable skills? Note typing at 150wpm isn’t what we’re looking for here. Unless of course that happens to be key to your character.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      What are the character’s limits? Not to be confused with a weakness, limitations are a restriction such as a stamina or strength level. Limitations can be self-imposed or perhaps enforced by outside forces such as finances limiting a technology based character from upgrading their arsenal or replacing damaged equipment.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Do these powers give you any exploitable weaknesses? A weakness is not to be confused with a limitation, a weakness is a quality or feature regarded as a disadvantage or fault. Do green space rocks make you weak in the knees? Maybe the sight of blood makes you gag, etc​

      List some practical applications of your powers, include at least one combat application.​
    • | WEAPONS: |
      What weapons does your character carry if any? Please note them here, a brief description is always appreciated. Also please note if a weapon is only for a special occasion or if it’s kept stored until needed.​

      | TOOLS: |
      These are items you character carries that while they may be able to act as a weapon, that’s not their intended purpose. Lockpicks, tablet, medical kit, etc. Please note them here, once again a brief description is always appreciated.​

      | ATTIRE: |
      In terms of attire, this isn’t asking for what your character wears on a daily basis necessarily (unless of course that does apply) but rather this is where you list what you wear if you go out being a vigilante. This is where you describe your costume whether it be spandex or jeans and a leather jacket. If you have a signature look, please note it here.​
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      This is your history from the time you were born until the start of the RP. If you want to keep certain details vague so as to reveal them in the IC, skim over them for the time being or be subtle about them. But please avoid too many clichés, we're all familiar with the orphan who swears to fight for justice because of the death of his parents.[/ ​


    STEIN as... FERAL
    HILLAN as... ANGEL
    ROMAN as ... 'A'


    Is this an original universe superhero RP?
    Yes it is.

    Can I make an original character?
    Yes you may.

    How many players are you looking for?
    With Mavericks, we're keeping this RP private. If you're interested you can PM Lord Wraith or Stein to see if we have an opening available unless you were otherwise invited.

    What kind of powers am I allowed to use?
    Preferably powers which fit into one of the above listed 'Classifications.' Almost any power will work for this RP but note there's an emphasis on choosing powers which fit under one classification. Obviously Magni and Celestials have a bit more malleability than Hyperhumans.

    Can my character use magic, be a vampire/werewolf/god/alien etc?
    The Nox and Magni are the source of any myths on Earth regarding both supernatural creatures. Supernatural beings are all tied into the Nox, but both Magni and Celestials have been mistaken as gods throughout the course of history and as such you may play either one of those if you’re basing a character off of a god or mythological character. Celestials are aliens in this universe however as they have a limited presence on Earth only a few will be allowed in the RP at one time.

    Can I have more than one character?
    You may only have one main character in the In Character Thread. Of course for your personal solo arcs you play as many characters as you wish. They may be referenced in the main IC but should only appear fleshed out if approved on a case by case basis..

    Can my character be bad/evil?
    Unlike VIGILANCE: BLOOD AND JUSTICE, Rise of the Mavericks focuses specifically on a group of heroes and therefore your character should be of a good alignment.If you character has a shady past then that's up to you.

    Can my secondary character be evil?
    What happens in your solo arc stories is completely up to you.

    What's the plot going to be like?
    The plot is going to be based on the adventures of the Maverick with them developing both as a team and as a force against the crime empire in the city. The primary arc at this point is dealing with the team taking on reigning crime lord Roman Locke. Once that arc has been completed a new threat will be introduced for the team to deal with.
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    • | NAME: |
      Caleb Richard Eugene 'Cal' Maddox​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Larissa, North Carolina, U.S.A.​

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |
      August 08, 1994​

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |
      79% Heterosexual, 21% Homosexual​

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Cal has a slender frame that is covered in compacted muscle built up from years of training and toning his body. He torso and legs are built like someone who regularly competes in marathons and free running competition while his arms and shoulders are built more like that of a boxer mixed with a martial artist. Cal prides himself on being more balanced in his physique and as such as kept his flexibility and somewhat slender frame despite his well chiseled biceps and abdominal. Cal is especially known for his keen piercing blue eyes. Deep Blue with flecks of icy blue strewn throughout, Cal's eyes are known for being able to look right through someone as though he is staring into their soul. Cal has deep brown hair with strands of gold and auburn acting as natural highlights, these are most visible in bright light where as in dim and barely lit places, Cal's hair can seem to be almost black. He keeps his hair anywhere from a short to medium length, often grooming it into various ways.

      Cal's general attire ranges from long sleeve mock tees to hoodies usually. Always paired with loose or boot-cut, dark-wash jeans. In collaboration with these, Cal prefers to wear semi loose fitting tops in an effort to hide his more chiseled physique so as not to draw too much attention to himself. To that end he often will wear a t-shirt paired with a hoodie and jacket, or a long-sleeved shirt adorned with a hood and a jacket. Depending on the weather though Cal may wear just a t-shirt, or just a long sleeved mock tee. Often his outfit is complimented with a leather jacket.​

      INTUITIVE APTITUDE: Cal possesses the ability of intuitive aptitude. This grants him the potential to understand and utilize anything from information, theories, skills, riddles, logic, and puzzles, to the structure and operation of complex systems, codes without special education or training. Under the proper circumstance, Cal can instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, and objects. His unrivaled intuition, also called discernment or Instinct, allows Cal to simply "just know" personal information about an object, subject, or occurrence, including sensing how others will react to something that the user does or when something is about to happen. This ability is innate and cannot be turned off. This ability allows the user to intuit spiritual truths and principles (sensing the presence of evil/danger/people that dislike Cal, a feeling that he should or shouldn’t go somewhere, or knowing the right thing to do or say in any situation); this faculty is called Gnosis. When Cal observes any concept, he is able to understand it completely if enough information is present. When Cal wants information/knowledge he can acquire it instantly and use what he has learned perfectly. If Cal comes into contact with any piece of “information” that is wrong, he will intuitively know this and can discern what is correct and what is wrong.

      EMPATHETIC MIMICRY: Empathic mimicry is the ability to duplicate the abilities of other Hyperhumans within proximity and reproduce them at will. This ability however requires Cal to be able to create an empathetic link with those who have the ability he wishes to mimic. As such, this ability is easiest to utilize among allies but Cal is able to to replicate the abilities of his foes with extensive research and study. Often if Cal can understand the motives and ambitions of his rogues, he can get instead their heads allowing him to use their own abilities against them. In conjunction with his Intuitive Aptitude, Cal can rapidly learn how to use the mimicked abilities rapidly, especially from studying their owners. It should be noted that Cal can only mimic one ability at a time and mimicking another will replace the previous ability.​
      EIDETIC MEMORY: Also known as a photographic memory, Caleb has the ability to recall any part of his past, or something he's seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt in great detail. Cal's father always attributed this particular trait to Cal's mother who also possessed the ability. This ability however does not extend to skills especially those picked up by Cal's intuitive aptitude. Cal's known for having keen eyes which are rarely ever still. Cal's eyes are constantly shifting back and forth as he takes in and memorizes his surroundings. Not only does he do it by sight but by sound and smell as well. His skills of observation are uncanny, especially when combined with eidetic memory. This skill greatly contributes to his prowess in the field of mentalism as well as his substantial deduction skills. When Cal was younger, it was his mother who taught him to always keep his eyes open and be continuously be aware of his surroundings.

      MENTALISM: Caleb has very highly developed mental and intuitive abilities. The ability to read body language heavily contributes to this, Caleb can even listen to heartbeats, and will often take a hold of his target by their wrist to gauge their heartbeats. Another ability that contributes to Cal's mentalism, is his ability to observe and remember every detail in a room, or his surroundings, even details that may seem insignificant at first. With the use of all this, Caleb is able to apply his mentalism to subliminally manipulate his subjects, or even psychological influence them. Cal's use of mentalism can lead to people mistaking him for psychic, something which he tires of hearing as he doesn't believe in magic. Though he has used this to his advantage before.

      DEDUCTION: A natural at isolating patterns and summoning conclusions from a variety of facts and figures, Cal is able to solve various mysteries, and rather enjoys doing so. This makes him somewhat invasive as Cal seems to crave to solve almost anything that someone else regards as a secret. Cal makes special use of this skill when looking over his mother's old case files, especially due to the fact his mother taught him the skills.

      STRATEGIST: Caleb has always had a natural gift for strategy whether through playing Chess with his grandfather and father as a child or reading the Art of War. His ability to read people and predict their actions has also helped. One summer, Landon roped Cal into helping him coach a little league football team and Cal was easily able to ensure victory for each game much to Landon's surprise as Cal had never picked up a football in his life. Caleb can think for either himself whether in combat or simply planning ahead, known both for issuing quick orders on his feet and for laying out an elaborate scheme in advance.

      PICKPOCKET: Light and fast with his hands, Cal's dexterity with tools transfer over to his hands making him a skilled pickpocket. Normally he doesn't use this skill but he decided to hone it for situations when he needs keys to get into places he normally otherwise couldn't. Once again, this was a skill his mother had taught him.

      GADGETEER: Cal is highly skilled at designing and building all manner of items, ranging from a homemade motorized skateboard to a highly versatile disc like weapon. Cal's skills are fully attributed to both his intuitive aptitude and the skills he absorbed from his father. These skills allow him to come up with various concepts, visualize the design and construct it either out of the necessary parts or recommission what he has to emulate the desired result. Showing aptitude with a wide number of electronics, especially computers, Cal is quite successful with handling and working on almost any piece of technology he comes across. Proficient with writing code, soldering circuit boards, hacking and a great manner of other technological skills. Cal is capable with a wide variety of tools and is easily able to figure out those which he has never used. As such Cal can build a wide number of mechanical devices however his skills falter when it comes to wood working. This is because Cal has never encountered or learned from someone who specializes in this area and as such won't be furnishing the Mavericks' base with rustic chairs and tables anytime soon. Generally however, Cal is a competent with working with metals and electronics.

      KICKBOXING: From the age of eight, Cal has been participating in kickboxing as a form of exercise and an outlet. Now entering his twenties, Cal has developed into a very strong combatant especially due to his practical training on the streets of Larissa over the last four years.

      STAFF COMBAT: While Cal had an idea on how to use a baton, he has been forced to teach himself the use of a staff having originally wanted a non-lethal weapon while on the streets. As such over the last four years, Cal has been developing his skill with the weapon while learning what he can of singlestick, quarterstaff, la canne, bata, gun and bojutsu.

      NUN-CHUKA: Wanting to be even more versatile, Cal's modification to the Kenobi eventually led to it taking on nun-chuk like traits. As such, Cal was forced to study the skills and techniques associated with the weapon and while he's still something of a novice, the skills are paying off.

      GUN HANDLING: Ever since he was young, Cal has been around guns due to his mother. When he reached the age of ten, she began to instruct him in their use, taking him to various ranges and honing his skills. While in the field Cal may carry his mother's Glock, his preferred firearm is the Picard, a nonlethal weapon that uses all the same principles as most traditional firearms.

      MARTIAL SKILLS: During his time with the Black Lotus Society, Cal was trained in the Society's martial discipline. This training exposed Cal to numerous forms of martial arts, weapon handling and combat strategies turning him into an effective combatant and soldier. The key element in the Society's discipline is the user of Vis energy to propel and strengthen the user's blows and movements. However as these strikes and blows were intended for killing movements, Cal holds back on using this element of combat in his strikes. However, he does use the Vis to boost his movement and defense allowing him to jump higher, run faster and otherwise hold his own in against even Hyperhuman opponents.

      Through the Society's training, Cal has experience with both conventional and exotic weapons. It was during this period of his life he became skilled with the chakram, staff and nun-chuka. This training also further honed Cal's ability as a marksman, a skill originally introduced to him by his mother who would bring Cal along to the police shooting range on weekends. It was his experience with various firearms under the instruction of the Society that encouraged Cal to design the Picard upon starting his vigilante career.​
      LIMITATIONS: Cal's intuitive aptitude has the drawback of making Cal obsessed with constantly learning more. This can lead to Cal having little respect for personal boundaries and intruding on private information. While his intuitive aptitude can in fact give Cal a perfect understanding of some concepts, most of these concepts have to fairly straight forward. More advanced techniques require an accumulation of information but Cal will have a 'gut feeling' to work on as opposed to clarity. In some situations, Cal's intuitive aptitude can lead to an information overload, either from continual use or large amounts of information at once. If overloaded, Cal can become disorientated or slip into a painful migraine. At other times, he can almost become drunk off of information, slurring his speech in addition to be disorientated or even giddy. The greatest limitation of intuitive aptitude is that even if Cal has absorbed everything necessary to know on a subject or skill, Cal can still forget this information once the use has passed. This means that Cal will have to relearn any skills that are not used on a consistent basis, although they do come easier each subsequent time.

      In addition to this, Cal's second ability of Empathetic Mimicry comes with its own set of limitations. The first barrier for Cal to overcome is that he needs to learn how the user feels when accessing their abilities. Depending on the individual this may be very difficult, due to concealed emotions or extreme apathy. On this note if Cal allows his emotions to change or become unbalanced he'll lose the ability to access the mimicked abilities.

      Cal's Empathetic Mimicry only works on those within a limited proximity, generally this proximity is limited to other Hyperhumans within visual range. Walls and other obstructions can reduce the range to which Cal can mimic abilities from with the exclusion of team mates and allies with whom Cal has formed a personal relationship. In this case, if Cal is aware of their location, so long as they aren't too far out of range he can still access their abilities. Lastly Cal can only mimic Hyperhuman abilities for a limited time, or until he swaps for a new ability. Swapping between too many powers will leave Cal drained and vulnerable, possibly even rendering him unconscious or comatose.

      WEAKNESSES: Cal's primary weakness is information overload. This extends to both his Intuitive Aptitude and Empathetic Mimicry. Cal's body will literally shut down if he forces himself to learn or mimic too many skills or abilities in a short period. Constantly swapping abilities is very draining on Cal's body and more than three abilities within a single battle will drain him leaving him severely weakened. If Cal pushed himself beyond this he can be rendered unconscious or even comatose depending on the additional abilities and their drain on his body. Outside of this, Cal is still human and a well placed bullet will kill him. It should be noted that Cal inherits all the weaknesses of the abilities he mimics, whether he wants to or not.​
      • The primary application of Cal's abilities is turning his opponents abilities back on them. This is particularly useful against opponents whose abilities give them a notable advantage against Cal and his allies.

      • Due to the emotional connection that Cal requires to mimic abilities, he's become an excellent profiler. By profiling foes, Cal becomes an expert at getting in the heads of his enemies, often times being able to talk them down without having to physically fight them.

      • With his Intuitive Aptitude, Cal is able to learn numerous skills on the fly. This is useful for understanding new obstacles encountered in the field or even for learning an opponents fighting style.
    • WEAPONS:
      CUSTOM FIRE ARM ('The Picard'): Originally built using pieces from a nail gun and a handgun, Cal designed a series of darts which administer an electrical charge that stimulates the nerves to create the sensation of pain from a gun shot without doing any lasting damage to the victim. The gun adheres to Cal's thigh armor using magnetism, he uses the same technology in his gloves allowing him to maintain a firm grip on his weapon as well as easily retrieve it from his hip or pull it back to him if he were to loose his grip on it.

      RIOT GUN ('Vera'): Essentially a standard issue grenade launcher, Cal has modified with non lethal rounds and uses it to dispense smoke, teargas and pepper spray rounds. Additionally it can be equipped with impact rounds which are filled with rubber pellets that spray the target or targets.

      TELESCOPIC STAFF ('The Kenobi'): A staff composed of two sections which are firmly held together by a spool of triple threaded high tension wire. While Cal primarily uses the weapon as one piece, it can be manipulated for a variety of uses thanks to the ability to pull apart. It can be used as a flail, nun-chuka, grapple and more. Each end is able to administer a high voltage shock which makes the weapon particularly brutal. The coiled cable is spring loaded, enabling Cal to actually fire the staff as an impact weapon or to surprise a foe who thought they were out of reach. Additionally, each end has secondary expansion which Cal can use to vault himself or once again enhance his striking power. In it's single piece assembly, the staff is 30" long, which each end capable of extending an additional 6". Within the staff, the spool of wire holds 8' worth of thread which allows the weapon to be used as a last resort grapple

      CHAKRAM ('Quorra'): Cal's primary weapon is a custom built Chakram which is linked to his 'Glitch Device' allowing him to either throw it manually or control it remotely through the device. The Chakram is able to freely sustain itself in the air through rotating inner discs which can also tilt to allow the Chakram to steer itself. On top of this, the Chakram is able to generate an electrical field to give off a devastating shock upon contact, further more through use of the 'Glitch Device' the Chakram can be programmed for a chain lightning like attack. The Chakram's edge is partially retractable, as it retracts its razor edge in order to avoid harm to the wrong people but the edge is extended when the Chakram needs to be used strategically. The Chakram can also be recalled at anytime through the use of the 'Glitch Device'.

      SHURIKENS: Although mostly used as distraction devices, Cal employs a variety of shurikens. Some are modified for additional effects such as nerve stimulants akin to his gun's rounds, toxins which can inflict temporary paralysis or even exploding shurikens which can stagger larger opponents, emit various smoke, gases or even act as a flash bang.​
      FLASHLIGHT: Cal keeps a high-powered LED flashlight on his utility belt. Despite having a small size, the handle is weighted enough to be used as a small weapon, on top of that, the front of the flashlight can act like a tazer with hidden electrodes that can give a sharp zap if one were to use it as a prod.

      ZIP TIES: Standard law enforcement issued zip ties, Cal uses carries enough of them to subdue quite a few criminals in one night. Without a rather sharp knife they are incredibly difficult to get off.

      PEPPER SPRAY: Standard law enforcement issued pepper spray. Can easily temporarily blind most opponents with a rather harsh attack to the face.

      SMOKE BOMBS: Homemade smoke bombs which when broken open such as by being thrown against the floor or the wall, give off a thick cloud of sulfur smelling smoke. This can provide a variable amount of cover depending on the air flow in the area.

      FOAM BOMBS: Small pellets filled with an adhesive which rapidly expands upon exposure to the air. This foam is highly resilient to blunt force and can take hours to chisel away at with blade objects as well. Excellent for immobilizing foes or even providing a cushion for a runaway car. Once fully expanded the foam will begin to harden and in eight hours will eventually crumble. A solvent is kept on IllAdvised's belt in the event the foam needs to be broken down sooner.

      PLASTIQUE: Plastique is a soft and malleable form of explosive material. Within the field of explosives engineering, plastic explosives are also known as putty explosives. Cal carries a small amount on his belt which he can use to blow open walls or cause distractions depending on how he uses it.

      TOOLS: Cal carries a small assortment of tools on his belt, primarily three smaller multi-tools which contain an assortment of tools including screwdrivers, pliers, and other useful tools.

      TACTICAL KNIFE: A sharp blade capable of slicing through a multitude of materials. Cal uses this to get out of literally binds and sometimes as a last resort melee weapon.

      GLOCK 34: Cal's hand pistol, a Glock 34, which is worn on his right thigh on a second belt which is linked to his main utility belt is the former side arm of his mother before her death. Cal mainly uses the weapon as an intimidation factor but will resort to it if he absolutely has to. In many ways, he carries it more as a tribute to his mother and less as a weapon.

      OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1: Cal carries a top of the line digital with a variety of interchangeable lenses that provide Cal various effects, distances and ranges in his photography.

      CUSTOM TABLET: Cal carries around a customized tablet computer which easily dwarfs the processing power of most top of the line laptop. Cal uploaded his own custom Operating System, Glitch, into the tablet. Cal also carries a variety of portable hardware such as a disk drive which he plug into the tablet.

      'GLITCH' DEVICE: Cal's trademark piece of equipment. The 'Glitch Device' combines the best features of a superphone and a tablet, allowing it to be used as either. Like Cal's customized tablet, the Glitch Device runs on the Glitch Operating Systems and is home to the Glitch Artificial Intelligence prototype. Due to its size, Cal wears the Glitch Device strapped to the underside of his left forearm. In his IllAdvised costume, he adds some armor to it but still wears the device on the underside of his left forearm.​
      THE RAPTOR: A heavily modified Can-Am Spyder, the Raptor is Cal's main choice of transportation for quick missions, especially those involving the team. Having taken the Raptor apart and rebuilt it more times than he would care to admit, Cal has upgraded the machine to levels of performance only dreamed about by her manufacturers. The Raptor is capable of transforming into an aquatic mode, allow Cal to fly across bodies of water in a manner not unlike that of a jet ski. Furthermore, the Raptor is equipped to scale buildings and has retractable stabilizers which in conjunction with a pair of afterburners allow it to jump from roof to roof in areas that can support the small vehicle. The Raptor is equipped with an electromagnetic gyro which creates a field that can deflect gunfire away from both the vehicle and the rider. Equipped with a sonic weapon, the Raptor can be a great aid in quelling small aggressive groups of non-Hyperhumans. Unfortunately due to its size, Cal only has room for a single passenger. Like all of his gear, the Raptor is equipped with an onboard computer for Glitch to interface with, allowing her direct control of the vehicle.

      THE PREDATOR: Like the Raptor, the Predator is a heavily modified vehicle. Unlike the Raptor however, the Predator is modified from a Dodge Ram Crew Cab. Heavily armored and weaponized, the Predator features a full sized crew cab which can hold nearly the entire Maverick's team. The truck's bed is extended in length, necessitating a third wheel axle giving the Predator a total of six wheels. These rear wheels are capable of turning, allowing Cal to maneuver the vehicle in ways that make it far more agile than it would appear. The truck bed is covered, and interlocks with the rest of the vehicle, however Cal has actually built three different bed varieties which the Predator is capable of swapping between. These beds include a mobile base for stakeouts or in the event the main base is compromised, an emergency response unit, complete with medical supplies for taking care of wounded civilians and lastly the most commonly used bed is the mobile garage for the Raptor allowing for field deployment.

      The Predator like the Raptor makes use of an electromagnetic field to deflect most conventional firearms, however the body of the truck is wrapped in reactive armor, which ablative generators for dealing with heavier threats. The truck's engine is completely designed by Cal who increased the output so that even the deceiving looking hulk of a truck can do zero to sixty miles per hour in just two and a half seconds. The truck also carries two concealed mini-guns which fire rubber bullets allowing the Predator to act as a riot suppression vehicle. It also has a winch on the front, mounted just behind its Pursuit Intervention Bumper and Bullbar. Like the Raptor, the Predator is able to be directly controlled by Glitch.

      DODGE CHALLENGER: A brand new Dodge Challenger, although black like IllAdvised's chosen vehicles, this particular car is Cal's civilian ride. Aside from slight tuning and body work, the car is rather unmodified. Although Cal has integrated Glitch into it as well meaning she can control the Challenger the same as any of his other vehicles.​


      Cal wears a uniform composed of tri weave titanium dipped fiber. In addition to that, the suit contains ceramic plates over the chest, back, thighs, shins and forearms. These ceramic plates are made of a combination of ablative and reactice armor allowing impacts and blows to be spread along the entirity of the surface thus minmizing harm to Cal. Likewise his helmet is composed of similar materials plus Kevlar. The entire suit has a layer of Nomex to reduce harm from heat and fire as well as being insulated against electrical attacks. The suit contains a light exoskeleton which increases Cal's durability, strength and speed by a factor of two which allows him to give toe to toe with some of the more minor superhumans.

      In the case of severe injury such as a broken or dislocated limb, the suit automatically tightens around the limb to create a torquette, and can additionally directly inject pain killers into Cal's bloodstream. The suit consists of wrist mounted, grappling lines and tazer charges imbedded in the knuckles. Both the forearm and shin have scallopped blades along the side and the palms of the gloves as well as the soles of the boots have retractable climbing spikes. On either side of the ankles as well as the back are small thrusters which allow Cal to boost his jumps as well as several other purposes. Implanted in the center of the suit's chest is an electromagentic gyroscope which activates with the loud bang caused by firearms. This device produces an electromagnetic field which deflects bullets under .45 caliber away from Cal. The downside of the device is that it possibly endangers any surrounding allies.

      Cal's cowl contains an elaborate Heads Up Display which allows him to monitor his vitals, as well as scan those of his teammates and even foes. This HUD can also identify and locate clues, evidence, ballistics paths etc during an investigation along with the use of several other tools on Cal's utility belt. The cowl also naturally contains a voice modifier, air filtration and headset. Cal's suit also contains several hidden speakers which allow Cal to create distractions with sound or to simply blast his favourite tunes in battle. His forearm armor also contains holographic emitters allowing for a holographic interface and display wherever he's standing. The suit's electronics run on a self sustaining battery core, while this core regulates its own recharge rate it's able to use the kinetic energy produced by motion to up its recharge rate increasing the difficulty in draining the core while in combat.

      The various utility belts that Cal wear hold numerous tools such as flash bangs, smoke pellets, an acidic compound to eat through metals such as locks or hinges, an adhesive and solvent, zip ties, forensics tools, a first aid kit and various forms of currency just in case. Naturally, Cal also keeps a several varieties of tool kits on his belts allowing him to be able to fully use his abilities in the field.​
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Born just after dusk, one warm summer evening in the August of 1994, Caleb Richard Eugene Maddox was delivered into the loving arms of his parents Richard and Regina Maddox. The son of a successful inventor and a renowned police detective, Caleb lived a fairly normal if not somewhat spoiled childhood. Growing up, Caleb proved to be a prodigy from a young age, quickly learning and grasping new concepts much faster than others his age. This prodigious nature ensured Caleb would receive the best education money could buy as his entire family took a vested interest in the young boy’s life. Caleb’s mother Regina was the daughter of Eugene ‘Ewan’ Fitzroy, one of the richest men in Larissa and a direct descendant of the city’s original founding families. Like Caleb, Regina was an only child making Caleb the direct descendant to his grandfather’s fortune in the event of his passing.

      Growing up, Caleb was very close to his parents. Enjoying several traditions with one another, the trio always made sure to put aside whatever business they had each week for a Friday night dinner and movie. It was family outings like this that shaped Cal’s outlook on life, at least they did until his abduction. Due to Caleb’s academic performance, he attracted many college recruiters especially due to his accelerated course load. Enrolled in the Larissa Collegiate Institute at the age of twelve, Caleb was set to graduate by the age of sixteen. A college recruiter from the Sovereign University of Hegemony approached the Maddox’s, inviting Caleb to a private tour of their campus nestled in the Russian foothills of the Altai Mountains. With the offer of a full paid scholarship abroad, Caleb took a great deal of interest and eventually convinced his parents to allow him to take the invitation.

      Flying overseas to Russia, Caleb was introduced to Zhang Jun, his mentor for the weekend. Or at least so Caleb believed until his ‘weekend’ became nearly three long years. The Sovereign University of Hegemony turned out to be a cover for the ancient cult known as the Black Lotus Society. Obsessed with creating a strong, dominant ruling class, the Black Lotus Society targeted the upper class’s heirs and inducted them into its ranks. Many of its recruits were often willing, however those who weren’t were put through an excruciating trial often mentally breaking them in order to brainwash them into the Society.

      Richard and Regina were sent a letter from the University informing them that Caleb had been killed during an excursion to the mountains, the body lost during an avalanche. Mourning the loss of their son, the pair never thought to question the letter and tried to move on with their lives. Caleb’s death was the last nail in the coffin for Regina who was already disillusioned with her contribution to Larissa’s police force. Resigning, she handed in her gun and badge and went into private investigations while Richard buried himself into his inventions, focussing his efforts on an artificial intelligence operating system.

      -Trial of Kratos: Test of Strength, Ambrosia Injection

      -Trial of Bia: Test of Force, Martial Training

      -Trial of Zelus: Test of Rivalry, Competition

      -Trial of Nike: Test of Victory

      -Realizing the goals of the BLS, Cal plots his escape and eventually successfully does so. Stealing away home in the cargo hold of a jet. His return to Larissa is hailed as a miracle but it's not without consequences as Jun puts a hit on Richard and Regina to force Cal back to them.

      -Poisoning Cal's parents, Cal finds himself in a race against time to stop his parent's death. Regina unknowingly poisoned is put on a bust and ends up disorientated and weakened. She is shot and nearly beaten to death before Cal arrives and defends her. Regina later dies in her son's arms.

      -With Regina gone, Cal races to intercept Richard's attacker. Arriving in the nick of time, Cal is able to stop Richard from ingesting the total dose. As such the poison isn't enough to be lethal but leaves Richard in a comatose state.

      -Cal tracks Jun down using the skills he acquired from the BLS.

      -Cal gains the upper hand in combat due to his Hyperhuman abilities and is forced to kill Jun.

      -Devastated at having to take a life, Cal returns to his father's side just in time to stop another attempt on his life by a competitor under the thumb of Roman Locke.

      -Realizing the difference he could make, Cal swears an oath to protect Larissa, starting his vigilante career.

      -Bank robbery
      -Building the team
      -Relationship with Allison

      Cal re-enrolled this time for advanced medical engineering. That spring, the night of the bank robbery came upon them and Cal emerged from the shadows of the night as IllAdvised joining together with the other three as the four of them took down a Hyperhuman gangbanger. Over the next year, IllAdvised brought the team together and lead them through various situations as they tackled crime in Larissa bringing the attention of the reigning crime lord Roman Locke upon IllAdvised and the Mavericks. This attention resulted in Locke and his elite taskforce descending upon the Maverick base and nearly destroying the team. However, stronger and more resilient than ever the team re-emerged and regrouped at a location that Cal found familiar. Choosing to rebuild in the base in the Rhodes Lighthouse, the Mavericks now stand stronger than ever.​

      ~Future Plot~

      ~Future Plot~

      ~Future Plot~

      ~Future Plot~

      ~Future Plot~

    • NOTES
      • Rents an apartment at 221B Baker Street located in the Sound district.
      • Cal oftens consumes sugary foods as he believes they help him think, however due to the crash sugar and caffeine often bring, Cal tends to never be too far from his next 'hit' in order to ward off the crash.
      • Among his favourite sweets are Cherry Coke, Pineapple Crush, red licorice and banana marshmallows.
      • Cal has a preference for grungy music, but if he's working he's often listening to the cello, more specifically cello covers of famous songs and themes.
      • Despite possessing an already impressive trust fund and is the only heir to two family fortunes, Cal has earned his own wealth by selling a watered down version of Glitch's AI to the general public. So far he's released an operating system that is currently on target to outsell both Apple and Microsoft within the year as well as a drive assist program. The program will steer a car off the road if the driver is unable to drive such as in the case of inebriated or undergoing a heart attack.
      • Cal has a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Medical Engineering. In addition to this Cal also possesses several degrees in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

      | MAVERICKS: |
      • GLITCH: A highly advanced artificial intelligence whose frame work was designed by Richard Maddox before his psychological break. With the help of Samantha Russells, Cal was able to complete his father's work and bring Glitch to life. Glitch has moved past her initial programming, even becoming arguably sentient and is constantly upgrading and learning from the world around her. A valuable asset to the Mavericks, Glitch operates as their eye in the sky as she watches the team through every accessible computer in the city. It should be noted that Glitch is coded in order to mimic Samantha Russels in both appearance and personality, a feature added by Cal after the fallout of the relationship between the pair of them.

      • FERAL: Of all the Mavericks, Makarios Lillis is the one who's closest to Cal. Known in the field as Feral, Maki as he prefers is the heart of the team. Possessing the incredible ability to replicate the abilities of animals, Makarios lives up to his alias in many aspects but is also the most caring and loyal of the team. If you have to choose one man to have your back, it had best be Makarios.

      • ANGEL: The strongest member of the Mavericks, not much is known about the abilities of Thomas Campbell. Able to manipulate the Vis in a unique way, Thomas, or rather Angel keeps a vigilant eye over Larissa from her skies. Possessing a strong sense of justice, Thomas is the group's moral compass and keeps them on the thin and narrow instead of slipping into the underhanded tactics employed by their enemies.

      • NECIA: Roanna Sirus Sanne

      • EVENTIDE: Irene Adams

      • 'A': Aava Arkham

      • FURY: Lisa Walker

      • MINDFUCK: Raja Saputra

      • VANGUARD: Xander Wen aka Vanguard (KIA) [As created by Queen Stein]

      • A.T.O.M.: Adam aka A.T.O.M. [Advanced Technology and Organic Man] (KIA) [In tribute to the character created by Tophat]

      • OVERLOAD: See ROGUES for Overload.

      • LANDON BAXTER: After his mother's death and father's mental break, Caleb was left in the care of his godfather Landon Baxter. A paramedic with one of the city's hospitals, Landon is generally a first responder to many of the crimes that the Mavericks intervene in. Despite this, he has yet to discover Cal's dual life due to numerous precautions taken by Cal including moving out of Landon's condo upon turning eighteen.

      • DANIEL HUDSON: Landon's best friend and Regina Maddox's former partner, Lieutenant Daniel Hudson works on the Larissa Police Department and is IllAdvised's contact for numerous cases.

      • JOSEPH REID: The father of Tiffany Reid and the former boss of the late Regina Maddox, Captain Joseph Reid has proved to be a valuable ally to the Mavericks.

      | FUTURE ALLIES: |
      • CAIN: The adoptive brother of Thomas Campbell, Jason Campbell or as he is known in the field, Cain is a Hyperhuman with the ability to teleport and augment his body's physical attributes, specifically strength and durability to Hyperhuman levels. Unlike his brother, Jason is a delinquent and is often more of a thorn in Thomas' side than an alley. Despite all that, Jason is a jerk with a heart of gold and when the chips are down he will rise to the occasion.

      • ANDROMEDA, DESTINY & SERENITY: A new trio of Artificial Intelligences created to replace Glitch after the Reign of Epitome. Andromeda is responsible for IllAdvised's equipment, Destiny is responsible for the base and the team and Serenity takes care of the vehicles as well as becoming the new public Operating System to replace the Glitch OS.

        Andromeda's personality is based upon Lisa Walker, while Destiny's is based upon Kourtney Knox and Serenity's is based upon Allison Woltz.

      • BLISS: Caleb's future wife and ally, see ROGUES for Bliss for current details.

      • RISK: Caleb's future son and ally, see FAMILY for Zebulun Maddox.

      • THRILLKILLER: The daughter of a wealthy lawyer and university professor, Alexis Calleigh Grimm is granted almost supernatural powers after an incident at a high school party. Her abilities make her a proficient combatant and detective which attracts the attention of IllAdvised. Taking her under his and Bliss' training, the Maverick leader trains Alexis who becomes one of his new Mavericks.

      | ROMANCES: |
      • KOURTNEY KNOX:Growing up, Cal had a close knit group of friends. Among these friends there was only two girls, Tiffany Reid and Kourtney Knox. Of the two Kourtney was the first to go through puberty which would land her the nickname of 'Knockers' among their small group. Entering into grade nine together, Kourtney and Cal found themselves growing closer together and the two eventually shared a first kiss. Their relationship lasted up until the death of Cal's mother at which point he distanced himself from all his friends and started down the path to becoming IllAdvised. Kourtney is currently engaged to Oliver Nichols.

      • SAMANTHA RUSSELLS: Although Samanatha Ramona Russells and Caleb had grown up essentially neighbors for most of Cal's life, the girl didn't acknowledge the boy until they were attending Slater University and Institute of Technology together. A prodigy in computer software programming, it had been a life long dream of Sam's to intern under Cal's father at Maddox Industries. After Richard Maddox's admittance into Murdoch Mental Hospital, Cal came to Sam in order to unlock the secrets of the Glitch Operating System that Richard had left in his care. The two developed Glitch together, and ended up becoming romantically involved. It was at this time that Cal founded the Mavericks and his nights in the field began to increase eventually causing stress between the two and ultimately leading to the end of their relationship. Sam currently acts as the director of Maddox Industries' Research and Development department and her and Cal are on amicable term despite Sam currently dating Bryce Kane.

        Sam would later meet her demise at the hands of Epitome, the android inhabited by the rogue A.I. Glitch. Seeing Samantha as a threat to both herself and her unrequited love for Cal, Epitome hunts Samantha down, eventually executing her in front of IllAdvised who arrives too late to save his first true love.

      • ALLISON WOLTZ: See ROGUES for Overload.

      • LISA WALKER: See ALLIES for Fury for current details.

      • DREW SCOTT: See ROGUES for Bliss for current details.

      | FAMILY: |
      • RICHARD MADDOX: Richard Maddox (Father)

      • REGINA MADDOX: Regina Maddox neé Fitzroy (Mother)

      • CHARLES MADDOX: Charles Maddox (Grandfather and current CEO of Maddox Industries)

      • GUINEVERE MADDOX: Guinevere Maddox neé Murdoch (Grandmother)

      • EUGENE FITZROY: Eugene 'Ewan' Fitzroy (Grandfather)

      • KATHERINE FITZROY: Katherine Fitzroy neé Faulkner (Grandmother)

      | FUTURE FAMILY: |
      • DREW MADDOX: Caleb's future wife, see ROGUES for Bliss for current details.

      • ZEBULUN MADDOX: The son of Caleb and Drew, Zebulun eventually develops Hyperhuman abilities of his own gaining the power to manipulate odds and probability along with his own kinetic energy. Under the tutelage of his parents, Zebulun eventually dons a cowl of his own as Risk.

      | FRIENDS: |
      • BRYCE KANE: Bryce Kane (Best Friend)

      • SAMANTHA RUSSELLS: See ROMANCES for Samantha Russells for current details.

      • OLIVER NICHOLS: Oliver 'Ollie' Nichols

      • TIFFANY REID: Tiffany Reid [Eventually marries Thomas]

      • CLIFF RYDER: Cliff Ryder

      | ASSOCIATES: |
      • LUKE BARD: Luke 'The Duke' Bard - High School Antagonist

      • BRAD SIMMONS: Brad Simmons - Luke's lackey

      • TIMOTHY SIMMONS: Mayor Timothy Simmons

      • VICTOR CORROTTO: Police Commisioner Victor Corrotto

      • RHONDA RIVINGTON: Rhonda Rivington

      • JACKSON WILLIAMS: Jackson Williams

      • THE FISHER KING: The Fisher King - A serial killer, IllAdvised's first rogue

      • BLISS: Drew Scott aka Bliss -Cryokinesis (Originally)

      • THE SILENCER: The Silencer-A Hyperhuman with the ability to manipulate sound. Has a fetish for screams.

      • THE OBNOXIOUS MAN: The Obnoxious Man-Raul de Vitis' right hand man, later becomes a hit man for hire.

      • THE FIVE COINS: Five Coins-Secretive thieves guild.

      • UROBORUS: Uroborus-A dangerous hacktivist group known for causing anarchy

      • THE BEHEMOTH:Anthony 'Tony' Cleaver aka The Behemoth - Superhuman Stength and Durability

      • OVERLOAD: Allison Woltz aka Overload - Electrokinesis

      • MINDWARP: Mindwarp-Telepathy, Mind Domination and Hallucinations

      • ROMAN LOCKE: Roman Locke

      • $HAKRA: A Hyperhuman first encountered when the Mavericks uncovered that her concert was being used to move drugs for Roman Locke. $hakra, or Stephanie Montgomery as she was born possesses the Hyperhuman abilities to turn sonic vibrations into displays and bolts of light. These abilities initially caught the Mavericks off guard as they were thought to be stage effects. However with the assistance of Allison Woltz, the Mavericks managed to subdue the rising popstar.

        $hakra later was released due to Locke ensuring the charges against her wouldn't stick. However, Cal had the last word with a viral campaign that ruined her career and cancelled her tour. For the better part of the last year since her career's ruin, Stephanie has been reinventing herself as a Punk Princess, taking the new alias of Riot. Over this time, her abilities have evolved to allow her to implant subliminal suggestions through her lightshows. Though she's only just started touring, city after city has fallen to a crime spree after her shows when the audience seemly turning into a horde of zombies raid and steal just about everything they can get their hands on. So far thousands of dollars worth of merchandise has gone unaccounted for as 'Riot and the Mob' make their way to the next city. Still under the employ of Locke, Larisaa is one of the largest shows planned for Riot's tour.

      • EPITOME: Epitome - The combination of Glitch's programming and a reconstruction of A.T.O.M.'s body leading to Glitch going rogue.

      • THE CRUSADER: The Crusader-A rogue member of Constantine's Guard who believes IllAdvised to be a risen demon

      • DE VITIS CRIME SYNDICATE: One of two smaller mafia families that was under Roman Locke who competes for power over the void left by the Mavericks and Locke.

      • LA FAMILIA DEL FIERRO: La Familia Del Fierro - In the absence of the Mavericks and Locke, the Fierros became the reigning crime lords of New Lilith.

      • THE BLACK LOTUS SOCIETY: The Black Lotus Society-A dangerous group of Assassins who use the Vis to enhance their physical state.

      • PLAGUE: Plague-A Hyperhuman with the ability to induce deterioration into any material at an accelerated rate.

      • ABSYNTHE: Absynthe-A Hyperhuman with the ability to shrink and manipulate light. Developed a pair of insect like wings thus prompting her to create a fairy like persona.

      • MAMAN BOKER: Maman Boker-A Magni who specializes in voodoo, enslaving the homeless and destitutes members of New Lilith into a zombie like state.

      • LADY WISP: Lady Wisp-A ghost like Hyperhuman that's capable of turning into smoke.

      | LOCATIONS: |











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    • | NAME: |
      Makarios Acayo Lilis

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      New York City, New York

      | SPECIES: |
      Homo-Virium/Homo Magni

      | D.O.B.: |
      October 6th

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |
      Hot Dog

      | SEXUALITY: |
      Ravenous about other hot dogs

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Makarios' frame exudes a certain undertone of grace. Though he has a slightly more built swimmers build, he appears light on his feet in his movements.


      Juno (Sub-Class: Orcus)

    • | ABILITIES: |

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Makarios, as mentioned earlier, is a crossbreed of the Homo-Virium and Homo-Magnus. Due to the phenomenon of the homo-virium gene being so recent, Makarios is almost a precedent himself for the result of such a mixture. [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]At his Hyperhuman core, Makarios is able to encode the genetic information of any animal he comes into physical contact with. He innately comes to know the animal and with prolonged exposure to the animal after that, can even communicate with them.[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]With the presence of his Magni blood and affinity for Nox, Makarios can access that information and use it to adopt the properties of the animals for a variety of purposes. [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]It’s like accessing a wavelength. In his mind, is the information of every animal he’s “coded”. He can access them at will, causing them to give off a specific wavelength. Using his Nox as another wavelength, he synchronizes them. Using his soul as the conduit, he is able to resonate with the “wavelengths” of the animals. At the beginning-- the manifestation of his powers-- Makarios was only able to access the generic properties of animals: namely their more aggressive and baseline properties (The ‘easy notes’, if we’re sticking with the metaphor). His senses were slightly heightened, but so too was his aggressiveness and his higher thought processes abandoned. However, as he grew, he learned to further tune his Nox. From there, he was able to access the ‘finer notes’ of each animal wavelength.[/BCOLOR]

      | SKILLS: |

      [BCOLOR=transparent]-Room Reading[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]-Highly Intuitive/Perceptive/Aware[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]-Mixed Martial Arts[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]-Crisis Management[/BCOLOR]

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      [BCOLOR=transparent]-When explaining it to others, Makarios sticks with the sound metaphor. While he can access any animal he’s ever come into contact with, he has to be able to actually hear the wavelength and tune himself to it. To do that, he needs concentration. He’s become adept at doing this, but it still takes time, more time than a battle situation will ever allow. It involves him clearing his mind of all other mental noise and focusing solely on the wavelengths he wishes to connect. [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]To work around this, Makarios chooses animals before any mission he goes on. It’s like carrying 5 separate tunes in his head. Even when he’s tuned into one, he has to attempt not to lose the other 4. (Though, like with the metaphor, after you’ve heard a tune enough even after you lose it, you can regain it pretty quickly). [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]-Also with learning a tune, if it’s one that’s not overly familiar, it can be harder to hold. Some animals that Makarios hasn’t accessed much or at all can slip from his grasp during a call, causing him to lose the abilities or even slip into an ‘easy note’ (the aggressive ones).[/BCOLOR]

      | WEAKNESSES: |

      -Since the manifestation of his powers, Makarios has been subjected to heightened urges of violence and bestial impulses if he doesn't synchronize properly. This has caused Makarios to: lash out with superior strength; become hyper-sensitive to sights, sounds, lights and odors; become attracted to the scent of rising adrenaline or blood and a few other things.

      -In the presence of a strong concentration of Nox, caught unaware, Makarios has a harder time controlling his animals calls and even his bestial side. Concentrated shots of Nox that hit him, at this point, can offset his powers.

      -His own mental state can affect his performance. A negative mindset gives his Beast an easier ground to nest on, causing Makarios to be irritable after he's called even the most simple of animals to his mental aid.


      -The beauty of Makarios' ability is in its versatility. By channeling an animal, he can adopt it's properties without changing his body. He can bestow himself with the reflexes of a cat, the sense of smell of a dog. With a bit of concentration he can Channel an animal further and specify breeds of animals (the olfactory senses of a Bloodhound for example).

      -This traipses further into the Nox use of his abilities, but Makarios has begun to pick up an "undertone" of sorts in the wavelengths from the animals he has stored. There's something more subtle to these notes and they're almost imperceptible, but Makarios found that when he accesses these notes, an aura descends over him and there's an essences of clarity he can't quite describe. As of now, even accessing the note requires a couple of hours of concentration and he hasn't mastered anything more than simply experiencing the sensation.

      -A slight byproduct of his powers, Makarios has slightly heightened senses that he can tap into with ease. There are times when the enhanced senses will overtake him, usually his sense of smell.

      -He can't "talk" to animals per se, but he is able to have a general sense of their intentions and desires. Animals are more prone to him than normal humans, though predators and malcious animals still present a danger.

    • | WEAPONS: |

      | TOOLS: |
      -With Charles' help, Makarios was able to come up with the design of a pair of clawed gloves, that have been fine-tuned to respond to his flexed fingers, producing a set of reinforced claws at the tip of his gloves.


      | ATTIRE: |

    • | BACKSTORY: |

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    • | NAME: | Roanna Sirus Sanne

      | ALIAS: | Necia

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: | Lubek, Germany

      | SPECIES: | Human

      | D.O.B.: | August 7th 1998

      | AGE: | 17

      | SEX: | Female

      | SEXUALITY: | Straight (Presumed)

      Roanna stands at 5’6” and has a very lithe frame, weighing around and about 115-120 pounds (bloating from a woman’s monthly cycle adding a small additional amount of weight) and is considered a bit on the ‘scrawny’ side however she keeps her weight hidden usually by large shirts or jackets. Her eyes are a neutral blue color that sometimes shifts to a sort of steel-grey whenever her emotions start taking over (notably sadness, depression, or after and during crying) however her eyes have been noted to flash a bright yellowish-orange color each time her powers are activated and remain that way until she has cut off her ability. Her hair is a dark brown color with various natural shades of blonde or lighter browns in certain areas that reaches all the way down past her shoulders. There is a small scar on her chest over her heart (no longer than an inch) that she has had for as long as she could remember, her parents explaining to her when she was younger and curious that it was from a car accident that she doesn’t remember because of her young age.

      | CLASSIFICATION: | Vulcan (Sub-class Neptune)
    • | ABILITIES: |
      Roanna has the ability to speed up the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature, more often to the point of ignition. At low levels, she can light a single candle with such a delicate flame and simply make it dance around as if the wind were blowing. At a higher level, Roanna could potentially put out flames or even condense and form a large amount of fire into what looks like a solid object like a flying phoenix or a very large hammer and guide it to her will. In high areas of stress, Roanna will simply just explode, sending out a rippling effect of fire with her being the center, obliterating anything within a mile radius (at most).

      The only drawback to this particular power is that she has to be able to feel those particular atoms in order to combust them into fire, which means she must use her hands to feel the air around her at her beginner level. If her hands are injured or in a situation where she isn’t able to use them properly, this ability is rendered completely useless. However at a higher level, Roanna will be able to learn how to access her powers by other means of being able to ‘feel.’ With enough focus, her mind and touch receptors are able to work together so that she could potentially ‘feel’ the atoms of an area up to three blocks away, though the farther away the atoms, the lower the intensity of heat. Because of this ability, Roanna’s temperature naturally runs hot, her average temperature being about 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm weather, as you can imagine doesn’t bother Roanna in the slightest, if anything it just makes this power stronger. However, exposed to cold weather she will get very sick very fast and will be unable to produce any fire to keep herself warm after a while.

      | SKILLS: |
      Having been born in raised in Germany for fourteen years, Roanna is fluent in German. Now, having lived in the United States for three years, her English is almost spot-on but she still carries a thick German accent. Roanna has also spent a few hours here and there throughout her life in teaching herself Latin, never comfortable enough to speak it but enough to use certain words in her head, like her Alias.

      Book Smarts:
      Roanna has always tested high-above-average in the academic system as her mind seems to be able to retain the knowledge she reads in a separate part of her brain that most people never use. As well as this, Roanna has also developed a low level of photographic memory, able to remember minute details with almost flawless precision on certain memories. As only a Senior in High school, she is already taking college classes for credit.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Roanna is severely held back from exploring her power safely because of her wardrobe. Almost always, something of Roanna’s is either melted or burnt through, creating more than just a couple extremely embarrassing situations that may or may not have left her practically nude in the middle of the streets on a couple of nights.

      When she does explore her powers and her clothing is not a factor, she experiences very sudden levels of fatigue, even blacking out a few times each time she tries to push the limits of what she already knows she can do. She believes this ‘block’ to be mental, however as she learns more about her early life she will find out the truth.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Low temperatures are considered to be Roanna’s biggest weakness. Anything below freezing and Roanna’s body completely shuts down if her body is not able to retain enough heat (during the winter months especially, she wears many layers). On a tolerable level (let’s say, 50 degrees or so) her powers are reduced and will continue to reduce the lower the temperature gets. Anything like water or snow that covers her body completely will leave her feeling very sick to the point of even throwing up or blacking out depending on how much her body temperature drops.

      On top of that, Roanna’s body is very much human and elements such as bullets, illness/disease, cuts and abrasions affect her just as much as anyone else on a normal scale.

      Heat/Energy Shield:
      Under high amounts of stress, Roanna’s body seems to react instinctively and goes into survival mode, coating her body in an invisible layer of one of two elements. Though she hasn’t learned to control either of them yet, both render to be very effective shields. The first kind of shield is made out of pure, raw heat. Much like the heat that encircles the sun, if any small flying debris were to fly at Roanna, it would be dust before it even reached her. Larger objects of course are much slower to decay as they don’t reach the heat of the shield until about a foot away, but even with larger object impact this shield substantially reduces the blow. This does not, however, protect her from falling from high places as the most it could do is burn the grass below her or slightly melt the asphalt and so on.

      The second type of shield her body is able to produce is that of pure energy. Small objects will practically just bounce off of her while larger objects (like the heat shield) won’t ever reach their maximum impact. When Roanna advances her skills, she will be able to feel the energy around someone (given that they are within 20 feet of her) and be able to put an energy shield on them for a short period of time. This however leaves her completely vulnerable as she cannot make two shields at once. If one were to fall while using this energy shield, the impact will be softened by 50%, so as a deadly fall will only cause a few broken bones and a fall that would normally break bones would just leave sore muscles and bruises. This is exceptionally useful when Roanna runs over the rooftops and misjudges a jump.

      Farther down the road when Roanna has a better grasp on her abilities, she will be able to immensely heat up the area immediately surrounding her so much that it cannot only let her hover in the air a few inches, being able to move around the room, but also while jumping from high places, she will be able to ‘glide’ through the air and cover large amounts of distance so long as she can keep her balance throughout and her concentration on heating the air around her. This is used by stabilizing the heat either emitted from her palms or feet (mostly palms since the heat has a knack for eating through her shoes).

      Energy Production/Boosts:
      With more advanced training, and a couple mishaps now and then, Roanna is subject to short-term 'spurts' of energy that can help aid her in combat. Whether it's a quick boost to get a head start in running or enough concentration that she is able to short circuit an entire square blocks power, Roanna’s energy level is almost unmatchable. It also wouldn't be uncommon under very focused times when all of her fire abilities listed above 'upgrade' into a sort of electrical field...or even lightning.

    • | WEAPONS: |
      Rebar upgrades to Metal Bo Staff. On a day-to-day basis, whether at school or walking to or from places during the day, Roanna does not have the rebar. However, any time she is out scoping potential bad places during the night or is at her gymnasium, Roanna keeps the rebar close to her at all times.

      | TOOLS: |
      Aside from her blocky, old cellular phone (that could potentially be used in combat similar to how a brick would be used) Roanna keeps very little on her while she’s out patrolling the city at night save for a very small medical kit, altered and specified to treat burns. Though she herself doesn’t get burned too often, there has been one too many times where an innocent got caught in the (literal) crossfire while she was aiming to protect and was left with burns. She goes prepared now, at least with the means to bandage someone up she didn’t intend to harm.

      | ATTIRE: |
      Most of the time, because of Roanna’s pyrokenisis, her powers are almost uncontrollable and at times her clothes end up getting a worse beating than the thugs she tries to take down. Because of this, Roanna is almost always subjected to digging through dumpsters or other people’s garbage for old clothes that will fit her well enough and collects them as she goes. Up to date, Roanna has about four large black trash bags full of potential clothes she can wear when she goes out; all stored safely at her abandoned gymnasium.
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Born the single child of Vincent and Rebecca Sanne in Lubek, Germany, Roanna spent the first three years of her life as any other child would, raised by her two parents, however when she was old enough, Roanna was thrown into a sort of daycare/school service at three years old and from that point on spent most of her days under someone else’s care. As Roanna grew up, she began to realize more that it was because her father, Vincent, had very important work to do and was almost always gone and her mother, Rebbeca, had a small alcohol and pill popping problem. The family had moved a great number of times over the years, perhaps twice every year since Roanna was six years old so it was nearly impossible for her to make friends, which Roanna didn’t mind all that much. She spent most of her time reading and advancing her book smarts, which eventually brought about her junior year being placed into college level classes.

      Around the time that Roanna was fourteen years old, her life stabilized somewhat as the constant moving slowed once they moved to America and for the first time Roanna felt like she and her family had been settled. Only a year later, however, Roanna and Rebecca came across her father’s body in the middle of their living room floor, shot four times through the chest and twice in the head. Rebecca said nothing to the police as to why Vincent had been murdered within his own home, but Roanna was willing to bet that it had something to do with his secret work that no one seemed to know about that brought in all this secret amount of cash that Roanna and Rebecca never seemed to see a dime of. The house was repossessed and Rebecca and Roanna were forced to the slums of the city where they were to share a studio apartment with one another. The first year was very awkward for the both of them, since Roanna hardly spoke more than five words a week to her mother, but eventually they found a sort of meeting ground and learned to tolerate one another.

      Roanna spent very little time at the studio apartment, however. She was either at school, participating in some after-school activity, or out walking around the city for some exercise. It was during one of these midnight walks that Roanna stumbled upon her powers by accident. A group of muggers had her cornered in an old alley, and feeling threatened with a pistol at her back and knife at her throat, Roanna’s body seemed to emit some sort of unexplained power that knocked all four muggers off of their feet. Confused, scared and curious, Roanna took the advantage and ran from the alley, not stopping until she reached the edge of town. It was there that Roanna came across an old abandoned gymnasium in which she converted as a sort of ‘safe house’ for her to explore this new ability as well as hone her fighting skills with the old equipment used there. Now, two years later, Roanna has a very basic concept of her unique power and is known to be particularly deadly with a rebar when she patrols the slummed streets at night, helping those who are unable to help themselves against scum muggers just like she had come across that night one year ago.

      Secret Backstory | Contains In-Game Spoilers (open)

      On a cold, rainy night in Germany, a prostitute gave birth to her child in the dark recesses of an alleyway. Without anyone to help her with the birth, it was a sure thing that both the baby and mother would lose their lives that night, but a man who had been keeping a close eye on the prostitute for a few short months now offered his help and with a standard box-cutter, slit her stomach open, cut away the baby and left the mother to bleed out in the streets while he wrapped the child up and took her for his own.

      The child went without a name for the first three years of her life; kept in an underground warehouse basement where the man who had taken her, Vincent, kept a great number of young children of various ages, ranging from newborns to the oldest being six. Despite being a room full of children, the area was eerily quiet as not one of them made a peep. Caged, bound, and sedated, these children were merely collected for research; a much-needed upgrade from lab rats for Vincent's experiments. The child was experimented on often; injected with various chemical mixtures, force-fed pills of concentrated science and undergoing a series of torturous acts and abusive handling to get the child to react accordingly.

      Finally, it happened. At the age of three, the child was the first ever under Vincent's experiments to show progress. While being sexually molested, the light bulb above them shattered by no explainable reason and with the screams and crying out of the child, the energy exerted from the light bulb suddenly caught fire. Despite the fire getting out of control with wicked force unnatural to that of a usual fire that burnt down the entire underground portion of the warehouse, incinerating each and every child within to mere ash, and despite risking his own life to get himself and the child out to safety, Vincent could not have been happier. He had created the first ever mutant by controlled science. Whether she already possessed the gene and was awoken early, however, was unknown.

      Excited to show off his work, Vincent took the three-year-old girl to the people he had been getting his funding from, knowing now that there was a break-through he could get more funding and continue his experiments. When Vincent showed off her capability, however, her powers went wild and killed two of the observers and severely burned three others during the presentation. Not pleased, the man in control of Vincent's funds, known only to Vincent as Big Daddy, ordered Vincent's experiments shut down and for the girl to be destroyed as she was too unpredictable. Outraged, Vincent promised to do so on his own time and left with the girl, but he did not destroy her. Instead, Vincent went through a long and complicated task of moving to the other side of Germany, adopting the girl and even gave her a name. Roanna.

      For three more years Vincent experimented with Roanna, trying to help her control her powers but it was only getting worse. Then, when Roanna was six years old, Vincent lost a leg from one of her surges and decided that there had to be a better way. So putting the rest of his funding into some of the world’s best surgeons and scientists, Vincent had Roanna operated on, fastening a device onto her heart that would filter the extra energy going through her before her abilities could reach outside of her body. And it worked. Roanna's powers stopped, but Vincent knew they lay dormant inside. He just needed more funding to continue his research.
      For two years Vincent made no progress with Roanna, feeling as though he was starting from square one again as he was reverting back to his old ways of trying to get her to show her powers again. Beatings, starvation, molestation... nothing was working anymore so Vincent gave it a rest for the next two years until she turned ten. By now, Roanna had quite the mind of her own and was proving to be quite the intellectual, so for the time being, Vincent allowed her to simply grow up while he continued his never-ending search for someone else to fund him.

      Four years later, Vincent received a letter from Big Daddy that entailed his knowledge that Vincent did not do as he had said and claimed Roanna as his property since he was the one who funded the experiments. Fearful of losing his one big break, Vincent packed up their bags and moved them to America where he could buy some more time. However, this was not the case as Big Daddy had eyes everywhere, it seemed. They approached Vincent in his own home and put four bullets into his chest and two in his head, but waited to take the girl.

      Even three years later Big Daddy's men are still watching, waiting for the perfect time to strike and take back what is rightfully theirs.

    • Perhaps the one thing Roanna is able to control with her powers is whether or not the fire she creates burns her or not. For the most part, Roanna is able to be burn-free even with the most unpredictable and powerful bouts of energy, though if for any reason Roanna wishes for herself to be burned, those walls can come up and she will be able to injure herself.

      Roanna has had a recurring dream for as long as she can remember that sometimes subjects her body into bouts of night terrors which are almost impossible to wake her up from. She has never spoken a word about this dream to anyone, as she herself is unsure of what it means, but knows that there may be more behind it than just a dream.
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    • | NAME: |
      Thomas Casey Campbell

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Longhorn County, Texas.

      | SPECIES: |
      Enoch Celesti

      | D.O.B.: |
      21st May 1991

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Standing at 6'3 and 200 pounds, Thomas is considered large. He has broad shoulders, and a body that's in top shape. He's muscular without being cut, having gained his muscles from working and not from hitting the gym. His eyes have a piercing blue color to them, they have a look as if they would belong to a old man. Someone who's seen a lot and been through plenty of hardships. Thomas's skin is tanned from his many hours in the southern sun. His hair is blonde and usually combed nicely backwards with a small amount of product in it. He's modestly dressed in long sleeved shirts. T-shirts, jeans and either leather shoes or work boots. He has a tattoo on his left rib of a 50's ginger pinup about nine inches big, the tattoo being something his father had in the same spot, Thomas got it in his memory.
      When using his powers his pupils light up with a bright almost transparent blue light.

      H-class Mars: Presumed.
      Magni Class Maven.

    • | ABILITIES: |
      The full extent of his powers, and origins are unknown to him, as he is believed to be a hyperhuman. What he really is is a type of being that exists in a ethereal plane created with the power of the Nox in a time before humanity. A pocked dimension within the Nox, one could say. Known to the natives of it as Eno. To the humans it is known as the Heavenly Host. The home of angels. Powerful magical beings of the utmost caliber.
      Warriors believed to act for what is just and righteous. The idols of many religions around the world and the champions of light and hope. Thomas is one of them. He used to be one of them. But then he fell. He was banished from Eno, sent to earth to live, and die as a human. He was born into a human body with no recollection of his previous life as a warrior of the Heavenly Host.
      His connection to Eno, and by extension the Nox wasn't completely severed, unknown to the angels in Eno. And the magical energies still flow through him, allowing him superhuman abilities. Thomas is stronger, faster and heals quicker than any human can. He is able to project energy from his body for a wide variety of uses. The energy ranges from heat to concussive to even hard light projectiles. His most notable power however is his ability to fly, and how the energies of the Nox allows him to handle high altitudes with no issue.
      The last ability he possesses is fragments of his angelic being, the skills he honed and some of the knowledge he observed in the realms he visited.

      | SKILLS: |

      - Marksmanship and Archery:
      Thomas is trained in usage of both bow and gun. His personal favorite is a 12 gauge Shotgun, for non-lethal options he enjoys a crossbow.

      - Innate knowledge of weaponry and martial arts:
      Naturally gifted in just about all forms of meleecombat, he is able to make do with any weapon. He has a unnatural style of martial arts that no human school uses, rendering him unpredictable. He is also trained in Kaw Maga and Judo, he also trained boxing in high school.

      - Piloting:
      Thomas is a skilled pilot, something he became in his early teen years, before he could fly unaided by a machine. He loved flying, and when he started to using his powers to fly he realized that there was more to it than just lifting from the air. His father used to say that if Vigilantism didn't pan out for him, he could always join the air force.

      - Mechanic:
      He is a skilled mechanic, knowing the ins and outs of anything from a tractor to a charger to a Skyline.
      - Multilingual:
      Thomas speaks English, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and ancient Latin. He's unaware of the Latin one.
      He has a affinity for learning languages.

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      He is still largely cut off from the Nox, not armed with the knowledge of who he is and what he is really capable off he is far from his true power as a Maven.
      His ability to generate hard light is limited to the six tendril like wings he can manifest on his back. While he can change the shape and size of them he cannot make something that is not connected to him, limiting his choices of constructs.
      While Thomas has a innate knowledge of a lot of weaponry, he is still required to actively practice both his weapon skills and martial arts skills.
      While it is true that he does heal quicker than a human, he is vulnerable to blades and bullets just like a human. a headshot will put him down for good.

      | WEAKNESSES: |

      Thomas's powers are unknowingly to him, connected to his humanity, rather, lack there off. The more human he sees himself, the less of the power of the Nox is he able to metabolize in his body. Due to his own moral compass what he experiences as 'sinning' is one of the greatest forces to ground him from his angelic prowess.
      His every instinct is to be swift, deadly and vengeful. To be the warrior that he knows in his heart he is. Every moment of his life is spent suppressing these instincts, to not give into the violent tendencies that tempts him. Keeping these instincts in check requires constant mental awareness and is ripe for abuse by an enemy who can get into his head.
      He practices discipline in his entire being and is bound by routine. This makes him reliable but predictable.


      The energies from the Nox metabolizes in him, powering his own body, allowing him superhuman features. Such as being able to lift over 2200 kilograms, run at 60 kilometers per hour, and heal many times faster than a regular human would. They also allows him for sub-sonic flight, topping out at 1126 kilometers an hour.
      He can generate a multitude of forms of energy, from just light to heat and concussive force. However, his most reliable use for his energy manipulation is the six tendril like wings made out of hard light that he can utilize in a wide variety of ways. Everything from turning them into shields to making platforms or even using them as extra limbs and weapons.
      When he uses the energy manipulative abilities, or flight his eyes light up due to the nox energies within him surging.
    • | WEAPONS: |
      While Thomas is naturally gifted in most forms of armed combat, and a trained swordsman, he usually does not carry any weapons on him. Using his wings for weaponry.

      | TOOLS: |
      He carries little but zipties to restrain and capture foes in combat. .

      | ATTIRE: |
      Thomas wears a highly protective armor made out of light ballistic plates and kevlar fabric. Allowing him protection against knives and small arms. His suit also gives him protection against fire. The headgear is armed with rebreather should he need it while flying, or if he would get submerged. Also armed with infrared, nightvision and telescopic vision.
    • | BACKSTORY: |

      The stories of Talael and Thomas are two sides of the same coin.

      Talael was a angel older than Humanity itself, he used to say that when he was young, his older brothers would tell him not to step on the fish that crawled onto earth, because that fish would change everything. Talael was a warrior of the utmost caliber, righteous soldier of the Enochian forces and a loyal servant of the heavenly host. He fought against the Deamons in all of the realms and made a name for himself when he was one of the 40 angelic warriors that brought destruction to the tower of the corrupt Master of the Nox, the Magni known as Babel.

      Over the centuries that much later would create religions and followings in the human realms, Talael became a recognized angel in the Eno dimension. One who had gotten influence over the other angels and his existence was bought to the attention of the archangels. And about the time of the birth of the Homo Virium on Earth, Talael would be questioning the leadership of the archangels. And soon his ideals would have sparked a civil war that exposed the corruptness of the Eno dimension to all.

      In the early 90's the war would have ended, Talael being the loser of it, but due to his power the other angels could not kill him, they could but reduce his being into a lesser form. A human. He would walk the earth as a man, know the pain of being man and then die as a human to never set foot inside of the realm known to man as Heaven again. Unkown to the angels, his connection to the Lux and Eno wasn't completely severed the day he was banished.
      As one chapter of Talael's story would end, another would begin.

      Thomas is born in Longhorn County, in northern Texas. To a young U.S Ranger and the heiress to a multi million dollar conglomerate. His parents were Bruce and Mary Campbell, a couple who had left their old lives behind to start a new one in the south of the states. Bruce was back home from a tour overseas where he had been running black ops, and his mother had left her father's vehicle manufacturer company to live with Bruce, a decision Thomas's grandparents frowned upon, thus leaving Mary disowned.

      They got engaged right before they moved to Texas, finding out Mary was pregnant. Bruce would go on another Tour while Mary was pregnant and would return just one month before the birth of his son. They named him Thomas after Bruce's brother whom raised him after the demise of their parents in Bruce's young days.
      Two years after the birth of Thomas, they had another boy named Jason.
      During those two years Bruce had become a police officer in the Longhorn P.D and his mother began to start up the business of running the farm.
      Thomas had a normal childhood, until he was about four years old when he was throwing a tantrum and suddenly he levitated in the air, When he was eight he was already as strong as most adults, and Bruce realized that he had to help his son.

      A military doctor and friend of Bruce would come to the Campbell farm on the regular to check on Thomas, and whenever he did, the child seemed normal. His biology was natural, yet he was able to do things no regular eight year old could.

      When medicine couldn't help the boy, Bruce turned to the thing he knew could help. After long discussions with his wife, they came to the conclusion that Thomas would have to learn how to hide. Bruce having a military background in dealing with extra-human threats, he knew what the government could do to their son, should he be found out.

      Starting when he was 10 years old, Bruce would train Thomas on the regular. He would teach him martial arts, meditation and criminology. Because despite Bruce's best intentions of protecting both Thomas and people from him, he dreamed that his son would go on to be a enforcer of the law. In his early teenage years the boy's training would shift. It wouldn't any longer be about how to perform self-defense and to control one's self. It shifted into a more aggressive training.

      His father was a detective in the Police Department now, and he had known for long that the system was corrupt. But his partner was killed and his killer walked free was the last drop. After talking with his son if it was something Thomas actually wanted to do, the Campbell's began forming Thomas into a guardian without a badge. Bruce taught Thomas how to search a crime scene, interrogation, guerrilla and commando tactics, and most importantly how to avoid ever getting caught.

      His mission began when Thomas was 17 when the mayor of Longhorn City was murdered by a gang. And Thomas was near the scene. His training took him over and he chased down one of the assailants and got information out of him. His vigilantism career would span over several years in Longhorn and he would get attention from both the media and the locals, half way through his second year of never being seen he had earned the nickname “The Guardian Angel Of Longhorn” by the local media. He and his father soon realized that Thomas could do more than just beat bad guys up. He could inspire others to uphold the law.

      Thomas would cut out the cancer that was leaching off of his home, and would soon go out to travel the world. He would study one year at Oxford in the UK where he majored in Theology during the breaks he would go to Europe and even Africa working for several charities while doing so. However, his drip of the world would be cut short by terrible news, his father dying at the hands of a Hyperhuman whom made his heart give out. The killer had been gunned down at the spot by the police.

      Thomas stayed in Longhorn for half a year, running the farm in his father's place, but his mother wouldn't let him stay any longer but instead told him to get out into the world, to follow his heart. And he did. He moved to the city of Larissa, where he would open up a garage and act as a vigilante.

      Soon, he would be wrapped up with several other young people just as crazy as he was about changing the world and saving people. They became good friends, and soon they became his second family. But that all changed a month ago. Half of his family was killed and there was nothing he could do about it. Except wanting revenge.

      The Mavericks would rebuild and come back, stronger than ever.

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  10. Can all of our characters have some weaknesses besides First-World Problems and "after-the-fact" effects?
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    • | NAME: |
      Aava Arkham

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Larissa, North Carolina, USA

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |
      14th February, 1986

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |
      Female, 'She'/'Her'

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      A short, yet slender, woman, Aava's otherwise traditionally attractive features - cheekbones, jawline, strong eyebrows, and piercing eyes - are marred by the cumulative result of several years of globetrotting and intense research and study into magic, and the force known as 'Nox' that seems to govern its use. Her eyes are vicious and otherwordly, her gaze hinting at deep, forbidden knowledge; her brow and cheek sport large, jagged scars, received from those who could not bear witches; her head is sheared, and the hair that remains pulled tight and back, occasionally sporting streaks of colour.

      While her frame has no heavy musculature to boast of, her skin tells stories of its own; several clean patches are burnt, or pulse dark grays and purples beneath the surface - other, larger portions, such as her right arm, left hand, or her scalp, have had flesh ritualistically scored and carved out into runic patterns and channels. To the uninitiated, Aava tells of her time with forgotten tribes, and the lengths she went to in the name of trust and respect; to the wiser, she need not tell any tales at all. All together, Aava seems older than her years, scarred and beaten, and unappealing.

      Generally, she wears practical, robust clothing; tough jeans, long-lived boots, and a form-fitting top that won't restrict movement; on top of any ensemble, she wears her jacket, a brown aviator-style with a warm, fur-lined collar. She carries many beads and amulets upon her person, some around her neck, others attached to her belt or her satchel. Occasionally, she wears fingerless gloves, though these can often stifle her runes and inhibit her magic.

      Magni Adept
    • | ABILITIES: |
      Aava's bloodline has always been 'comfortable' with Nox, the mysterious mystical force that flows through all space. Because of this, she has been able to harness the Magic that Nox exudes with more ease than most, and she is a natural magni.

      However, displeased with the slow speed of her progression, Aava took it upon herself to research and enact 'artificial' ways of enhancing her power and her magical abilities; to this end, she has carved - both physically and magically - runic patterns and channels into her very skin, allowing her own flesh to be used as a conduit for Nox to flow through, making it easier to manipulate and allowing her to use Magic beyond her training.

      Naturally, she's an Apprentice, and her magic is capable of simple elemental destruction, as well as some spells of protection and healing; however, her channels elevate her power to Adept, bolstering her destructive magic while offering greater wards, the magic to soothe wounds, and some transfiguration, able to turn one material into another, or disguise her form.

      Since the carving of her flesh, Aava has found that there are periods where Nox seizes her without her beckoning, and seats itself deep within her skin; at times like these, she must exert immense focus and control, lest the Nox take her mind and turn her into a true conduit, the magic manipulating her to flow free and raw. This has only happened once before; Aava became a naked, featureless doll, wreathed in black flame, her channels exuding a dark aura, her eyes two glowing pits. She massacred a village and became a portal for dark creatures. She has not lost control since.

      | SKILLS: |
      Aava spent a decade globe-trotting and visiting forgotten corners in her efforts to research Nox and deepen her power; she learnt several other important talents in her travels:
      - While not strong, Aava is quick, and capable of turning an attack away from herself before creating space to run or unleash her own magical offense;
      - She's also a capable runner and climber, able to scale ruins and gain entry to ancient castles - she's also practiced in parkour;
      - Her research has left her well-versed in occult history and mankind's knowledge of Nox, and she has a great understanding of Man's magical history;
      - As a requirement of the proper harnessing of her magic, as well as controlling the Nox when it seeks to seize her, she is able to exert great control over her emotions, remaining balanced, calm, and logical nearly all of the time;
      - Finally, Aava's time in places best left uncovered has instilled a survival sense in her - she can keep herself fed, watered, and rested, and almost intuitively senses when something is not to be found, or if she needs to leave immediately.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Aava's channeling of Nox requires focus and intense calm; a flare of emotion, in whatever form, alters her psyche and the magic she wishes to use, twisting its power in whatever way her emotions dictate. Therefore, to use her magic to its best effect, she must remain calm and grounded at all time, and avoid distractions and outside influences - something easier said than done. Equally, a troubled or panicked mind can simply fail to cast spells.

      Anything that inhibits Nox, or the magic it exudes, also inhibits Aava's power, and forces her to either flee, or become more creative in engineering a solution.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      While Aava's magical prowess has been enhanced by her channels, she has also opened herself up to Nox, and anything else that influences it; as such, if another, stronger magni - or someone in possession of a relic - were inclined, and able, they could infuse her channels with their own power, and essentially enslave Aava; not in mind, but in body.

      Furthermore, having turned herself into a conduit of sorts, she has also put herself at a greater disadvantage to that which dispels or attacks Nox; such anti-Nox offense not only cancels out her casting, but can also disorient, destabilize, or even damage Aava herself. Aava has no 'off' state, and is always 'communicating' with the Nox even on a base level. This communication is also 'two-way' - should she lose control of herself, or of the Nox flowing through her, then she faces the risk of being overwhelmed by magic, becoming a puppet of raw Nox, with goals, powers, and a mind-state alien to what she knows of Mankind.

      Finally, the Nox that flows naturally through Aava's channels creates a near-constant low aura. While this has little effect on people and animals, she has a lot of trouble with electronics and other such devices.

      With the power of Nox flowing through her skin and the use of magic at her fingertips, Aava's capabilities are limited only by her skill, and her imagination. While she must carefully regulate her magic and spell-casting, proper care of her psyche and skillful weaving allows her to use magic to destroy, heal, control, and conjure, or instill it into equipment or brews to enchant or create potions and salves.
    • | WEAPONS: |
      Aava possesses no traditional weapons; she relies on her magic to form her offensive capabilities, and without it she tends to flee or rely on others. Any weapons she does pick up tend to be simple blades or hatchets - things her Nox cannot interfere with.

      | TOOLS: |
      Aava avoids modern-day personal devices such as phones, tablets, or other electronics, as these often glitch out, refuse to work, or even burn out their circuits; however, she does carry several amulets with various runes, sigils, and religious icons, as well as an old journal and writing implements. She does concede to carrying a small LED flashlight, despite how often it flickers, as well as bandages and a pair of tough gloves for climbing.

      | ATTIRE: |
      Aava's everyday outfit is usually a pair of tight, comfortable jeans, tucked into large combat-style boots, paired with one of many assorted form-fitting tops and topped off with her classic jacket. Most days she carries her satchel-bag with her, which contains various useful knick-knacks, but if she's going for a short trip, or knows that she'll need to remain light and mobile, she leaves it behind and merely pockets the small essentials.

      Aava does possess a 'costume', though she doesn't see it as such; rather, it's a large black coat, carefully chosen to be comfortable, warm, waterproof, all without restricting movement, with an attached hood she can pull up to conceal her identity, and a self-added scarf attachment, which she concedes was purely for the style. This goes on top of a plain black, short-sleeved top, with the usual jeans and boots on her lower half. All together, the outfit is dark in order to help her remain unseen and practical so as not to inhibit her on any given excursion.
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Aava was born into a bloodline with a long history of involvement with the Nox, although her family had not practiced magic in many generations, and indeed this aspect of their line had been forgotten. However, this failed to deter Aava from breaking the pattern of ignorance later on in her adolescence.

      Aava spent the first three years of her life with her mother and father, until her mother died and her father disappeared; beyond that, she grew in the care of her grandpa, who treated her strict but fair, and loved her all the same. It was not until Aava turned twelve that she was told of the ultimate fates of her parents, and it was a year later, as she grew steadily more curious about the circumstances of her father's disappearance, when her father died, and she felt this loss through some as-yet unknowable force; she began to research her family history, and finally learned of the latent power than pulsed through her veins, dating back in her bloodlines to centuries past. It was 14 when she began her research into Nox, and her practice of magic, in earnest, and while she made slow progress, it was progress nonetheless - power her family had forgotten, awoken by one inquisitive mind.

      For four years, Aava read, studied, and researched, going through the motions of education and home-life as she began to see the worries of those around her as mere petty nonsense, the routines of school and work as a mortal grind that was slowly growing more and more beneath her. She left the educational institution at eighteen, and left home, beginning her long journey around the globe in search of deeper knowledge and greater power.

      In the decade of absence, Aava hardly missed her city, her home; instead, she crawled across ancient ruins seeking scrolls and runic tablets, delved into forgotten tombs in search of answers and further questions. She deepened her expanse of knowledge and understanding of the Nox and Magic, and used this knowledge to enhance her power, practicing the manipulation and starting to learn how to cast spells in earnest, weaving magic about her person to destroy, create, bolster...but her progress, while far more rapid than anyone could hope, due to her latent attunement in her bloodline, was still unsatisfactory for the dreams and desires Aava held within her. She sought shortcuts, cheats, ways to enhance her wielding while skipping the years of practice necessary to naturally weave magic about her person; it was an old, unknown pyramid-like structure deep within a thick, humid jungle that gave her the answers she sought. Ancient carvings of great leaders and powerful mages, all with skin intricately hewn and scored...runes and incantations etched into the own flesh of the magni. A powerful ritual, one that Aava had uncovered. She studied the carvings for days, sketching their designs, their patterns. She scoured the ruins for a powerful relic she knew to be there - and when she found it, an old, vicious knife, carved from obsidian crystal and as sharp as the day it was forged, she made her own carvings.

      Not long after that, Aava stumbled out of the jungle, leaving death and smoke and annihilation behind her. She had lost time after the ritual, and she smelt death on her. Now, she traveled across the world to learn of control, not freedom, to flee, not to learn.

      In the tenth year of her leave, she felt that old force once more; this time, her grandpa.

      It was time to return to Larissa.
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