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    | GM: Lord Wraith | Genre: Superhuman, Modern Fantasy | Type: Linear, Sandbox |
    ~"The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them."~

    | PREMISE: |

    fter nearly a month of heavy rain that has left meteorologists baffled at its cause, Crescent City is in a state of pandemonium. Flooding from both the coast and the internal rivers have stretched not only emergency services but also civilian volunteers to their limit as they fight back against the downpour. Numerous areas of the city have been evacuated as more and more people are driven from their homes by the seemingly never ceasing waters.

    However there are those who have taken advantage of this situation. Evacuated areas are constantly being raided by criminals and those who have been driven by desperation to break the law in order to survive. Due to dealing with the natural crisis at hand, there’s few spare officers to deal with the rising crime wave. As such, numerous individuals have decided to stand up for the victims of the city while others have noticed how unnatural the rain besieging the city is and have begun to hunt for the cause of the torrential downfall.​

    | PLOTS: |

    This section will be used to keep players updated with both the ongoing GM plot and approved player Sub-Plots. Sub-Plots will be divided by Urban Center within Crescent City.


    fter a month of no natural reasoning for the constant storm over Crescent City and with no leads from any of the experts, many conspiracy bloggers have begun to believe that the source of the storm is something supernatural. The only clue seems to be the large formation of cloud circling around the peak of Old Stone Mountain.​


    ‘FIRE, FIRE’: With the stress on the power grid and lack of workers, a great fire has broken out in the Power District. The flames spreading rapidly with the rain doing little to slow it down. Help is needed to both clear the area, contain the fire and extinguish it. RESOLVED

    ‘BREAK THE ICE’: As temperatures drop and rain becomes ice, Kilbride has begun to freeze over. Chaos reigns in the streets as cars crash into one another while others slide off the road. Citizens everywhere are in need of help as most have never seen snow in their entire lives. Ice is blocking the hydroelectric dams, limiting power not just to the city but the entire Western Coast. Airplanes have been grounded and the airport can’t get the runway clear enough in time for an incoming flight. Assistance is needed everywhere at once. RESOLVED

    ’COMMUNITY’: A neighborhood living in the oppressive shadow of one of the Brusin’ Boyles is forced to keep silent about the criminal activities outside their homes. Those who have spoken out have quickly found themselves at the wrong end of retribution, with husbands being beat in front of their wives, cars being vandalized and even escalating to arson as one family's home was burnt to the ground. Fortunately, the arson caught the attention of the Crescent City Police and now an investigation has begun. The problem is the people are too afraid to help except for the bold head of the neighborhood watch, George Feeny. Unfortunately, Feeny has gone missing after reporting to the police and it's up to the community to break their silence in order to save the man's life. Who can help the community feel safe in their own homes again and free the neighborhood from its oppression, enabling the people to stand up for themselves? (SUBMITTED BY FURASIAN)​

    ‘RIOT’: Unrest has been rapidly spreading across the city and has come to a head in downtown New Lilith. Dissatisfied with the efforts put forth to contain the flooding and manage the city, rioting has broken out in the Spires. With little police presence to contain the situation, the rioters are destroying the city around them. RESOLVED

    ‘NIGHTS LIKE THESE’: Busted in the middle of unloading their newest drug shipment, the Fierro’s had entered into a shootout with the Crescent City Police Force at the New Lilith Docks. With the port slowly freezing over, the Fierro’s have nowhere to run and have no intention to do so as long as they have ammunition. The police have tried to evacuate the area but several fishermen have been trapped along with numerous Fierros taking refuge in nearby taverns holding the patrons hostage with no regrets about spilling any innocent blood. RESOLVED

    ’BLOOD IN THE STREETS – AT LEAST THERE OUGHT TO BE’: A troubling series of bodies are beginning to turn up throughout the streets of New Lillith - bodies with no wounds, no witnesses, no one to miss them, and not a drop of blood left in their veins. Whoever has orchestrated these grisly ends must be found, and stopped. (SUBMITTED BY ROMAN)​

    ‘FLOOD’: Due to the constant downfall, those who live in Paradise on the Water and the Sugar Beach districts have been forced from their homes. Evacuated with little time to pack, most only were able to grab their essentials with many leaving valuables behind. Due to this, these wealthy areas have become targets to many of the city’s criminals and crime has escalated in the area with little opposition from the city’s police. RESOLVED

    ‘HANGING BY A MOMENT’: After a massive pile up on a bridge leaves a city bus teetering over the edge, several members of the Third Street Roughnecks decided it would be fun to see how far they could move the bus before it would go over the edge. Suspended above a valley river on the outside of Paradise Hills heading into Paradise Valley, the bus is just barely balanced with all of its terrified occupants still inside. The radio was damaged in the pile up and the driver killed, leaving the bus without any form of communication save for cellphones. Unfortunately the Thirds brought a signal jammer with them in the back of one of their SUVs cancelling out all calls for help. RESOLVED

    ‘THERE’S NO ‘I’ IN TEAM’: Resolving to put an end to the chaos reigning over the city once and for all, S.H.I.F.T. agents Anthony Strum and Aiden Roth have decided to put together a team of the local Hyperhumans and vigilantes they’ve encountered to try and stop the source of the storm. Not knowing what they’re up against Strum is recruiting a wide range of abilities in order to prepare for the worse. Unfortunately for S.H.I.F.T. however the Black Lotus Society has caught wind of their plans and will likely intervene.​


    1783 – In the year of 1783 Sir Eduard De La Cruz and his ship the Los Paraíso became shipwrecked along the coast of what would eventually become Del Norte County, California. Managing to make it to shore along with his crew and most of his provisions, Sir Eduard refused to give up the duties bestowed upon him by the king. Moving forward with what they could the former crew of the Los Paraíso set up a settlement eventually forming alliances with the locals and making contact with other Spanish Colonization efforts to move forward with the construction of a mission. Expanding a presidio off the monastery, the settlement named after the ship which carried Sir Eduard and the crew to the New World eventually grew into a full pueblo. This pueblo would of course endure the ages going on to become the city of Los Paraíso.

    1849 – Shortly after becoming a state in the young country of the United States of America, the fever of the California Gold Rush brought prospective prospectors north of Los Paraíso where they began to search for gold among the mountainous range known as the Demon’s Teeth. As more ‘Forty-Niners’ came, another settlement was built at the base of the mountains. These ‘Forty-Niners’ were led by William Murdoch, who became the growing town’s first mayor naming it Kilbride after his ancestral home. However the name became eerily accurate when William's son, Alastair murdered his own bride on their wedding night. The incident brought shame to the Murdoch name while the other two founding families, Faulkner and Fitzroy went on to be incredible successful in the city. Legend holds that Alastair tried to bury his bride in the bog outside of town, but her spirit lived on returning to torture the younger Murdoch and supposedly drove him to insanity.

    1852 – In the year of 1852, the mines in Kilbride began to bring more people to the North of California. Travel was made easier with the construction of the Port of Lilith. Built between both Kilbride and Los Paraíso, the port made it easy for travellers to venture north towards the mines or south into the thriving city of Los Paraíso. The Port of Lilith was named after a group of superstitious workers pointed out the large variety and population of snakes in the area.

    1893 – In 1893, tragedy befell the Port of Lilith as a fire consumed the town burning most of it to the ground. Hundreds of lives were lost as the center of the town was consumed almost immediately by the blaze. The cause of the fire remained a mystery and to this day is a favourite subject among historians who love to debate the cause of the fire.

    1900 - The mines in Kilbride see a revival only instead of gold, oil and coal were found causing Kilbride to shift in industry as it became a producer of power for the cities along the coast. Going through a sort of ‘Industrial Revolution’, Kilbride saw a spike in population as the new coal mines and factories brought an influx of workers to the city along with struggling citizens of what was left of New Lilith.

    1913 – The remains of Lilith are taken on as a pet project of a British architect by the name of Winston Standford looking to make a name for himself. Using the Gothic revival moment as his muse, Standford crafted the city into a towering monolith of stone over the next decade. Renamed to reflect its new lease, New Lilith took the place of the port and in the coming years would grow to rival both Kilbride and Los Paraíso.

    1930 – As the film industry began to take off and the Los Angeles area known as Hollywood became more expensive, smaller film makers and studios began to look elsewhere for places to set up shop. Many of these found a home in settlement south of New Lilith, the area that had become known as Los Paraíso. While Los Paraíso would never become Hollywood, it would become a home to many successful small film companies along with wineries.

    1942 – The attack on Pearl Harbor led to a military presence within the three cities. An airbase was set up on the northern outskirts of New Lilith. Industry began to further flourish in Kilbride as several factories were quickly converted to produce weapons and munitions. Film facilities in Los Paraíso were used to create and distribute numerous propaganda films and other forms of media to help rally potential troops to enter the war.

    1992 – The three cities had grown so much that property line debates had become an issue slowing down the local courts. As such, a proposition was made to combine the three under one banner. This vote was held in each city’s town hall and has the highest recorded turnout of eligible voters. Despite the vote winning, it was by a narrow majority and is often regarded as a controversial decision. Although the city was officially named Crescent City, the original urban divisions still hang onto their individual names for the most part but the government, athletic teams and emergency services have been joined under the Crescent City banner.

    PRESENT – The city is currently in the middle of a mayoral election and tensions are running high due both to the rising crime rates and the current natural disasters. Poverty has begun to set in as the fluctuating economy has caused many layoffs in conjecture with many new automated systems reducing the number of laborers required to run many of Crescent City’s facilities.​

    | SETTING: |

    • [​IMG]
      large tri-city metropolitan center, the Crescent City Triad is made up of the three older cities of Los Paraíso, New Lilith and Kilbride. A diverse city, Crescent City is home to numerous ethnicities and cultures which extend from its long history. The city’s crime rates have been low in the past but have been on a steady increase over the last five years. The Crescent City Triad has a Mediterranean climate that is sometimes classified, owing to its high rainfall, as an oceanic climate. It is one of the wettest places in California: the annual rainfall is 67 in (1,700 mm). The wettest months are from October to March; the wettest month is December with 11 inches (280 mm) and the driest month is July with less than 0.5 in (13 mm). The average high and low temperatures in January are 54 °F (12 °C) and 41 °F (5 °C). The average high and low temperatures in August are 66 °F (19 °C) and 51 °F (11 °C). Average number of days below 32 °F (0 °C) is 15 days. The highest temperature recorded in the Crescent City Triad was 93 °F (34 °C), observed on 24 September 1964, 1 June 1970, and 10 October 1991. The lowest temperature on record was 19 °F (−7 °C) on 21 December 1990. The maximum monthly precipitation was 31.25 inches (794 mm) in November 1973. The maximum 24-hour precipitation was 7.73 inches (196 mm) on 9 January 1995. The highest snowfall recorded for any period in 24 hours was 6.0 inches (15 cm) occurring on 6 January 1972.

      Additionally, the topography of the sea floor surrounding Crescent City has the effect of focusing tsunamis. According to researchers at Humboldt State University and the University of Southern California, the city experienced tsunami conditions 31 times between the years 1933 and 2008. Although many of these incidents were barely perceptible, eleven events included wave measurements exceeding one meter, four events caused damage, and one event in particular is commonly cited as "the largest and most destructive recorded tsunami to ever strike the United States Pacific Coast ​

      | KILBRIDE: |
      ffectionately referred to as the ‘City of Hephaestus’, Kilbride is known for its factories and the heavy layer of smoke, smog and steam that tends to hang over the city’s northern edges. The factories run all year round, while the power district continuously pumps out power to the entire Triad. In its oldest and richest region, Kilbride’s North City sports a distinct Edwardian architectural style, a style that contrasts with New Lilith’s Gothic stonework and Los Paraíso’s villas. This style is the city’s dominant look although other architectural styles persist. The city is almost like the rings of a great oak tree with the buildings towards the old mines being among the oldest in the city and then slowly becoming newer as they expand towards the other two urban centers. The styles of the 80’s, 70’s and 60’s are all well alive through the Narrows and Rows. Old subway tunnels run beneath the city constructed in the long abandoned mines. These tunnels are reinforced with steel and brick while leaking steam pipes and power lines run along the ceiling beneath the busy roads above. These steam pipes used to provide heat and power to a majority of the city but now lay abandoned venting half-heartedly into the city adding to the constant smog hovering over the district and an ominous hiss in the quiet of the night.

      | DISTRICTS: |

      1. The Power District:
      The most northern region of Crescent City, the Power District sits in the shadow of the Demon’s Teeth Mountains. At the base of these mountains is a Hydro-Electric Dam which uses the current supplied by the Angel’s Tears Waterfall to produce power for the city. The Angel Tear’s Waterfall flow into a basin which is then filtered through the dam and flow into the Clyde River which empties into Calder Lake in the Industrial District. Fossil fuel plants, nuclear and hydro-electric all line the Power District as it pumps the city’s life blood through its power lines. Abandoned steam plants sit empty along the city’s edge creating an eerie ghost neighborhood.​

      2. North City:
      The most western point of Kilbride, North City sits against the thick treeline of the Whisper Woods. Just inside the woods are a series of deep ravines which sit below craggy cliffs and small creeks which make their way from Calder Lake to the coast and into the pacific. North City is the wealthiest area in Kilbride, upper class homes styled after Edwardian influences. This district is home to the Faulkner Institute of Higher Learner and the Kilbride College Academy. To the West of the district is the Crescent City Airport which sits between North City, the Bazaar and the Whispering Woods.​

      3. The Narrows:
      The Narrows are the North East End of the city. Known for being the low end of one of the poorer districts in Kilbride, the Narrows are an older district with shacks and slums lining the edge against the Whispering Woods and small older homes as you go back into the city. As you come towards the Rows, the setting of the Narrows moves closer to lower middle class while remaining apparent these areas are still poorer than the rest of the city. Along the eastern edge of the Narrows is a rundown boardwalk which is suspended against an ancient peat moss bog by the name of Langlands Moss Bog though more commonly known as ‘Dead Man’s Bog’. It is believed that this bog holds numerous dead bodies from the mob disposing of its enemies through the years. At the center of the Narrows is the Murdoch Mental Hospital. Originally built to help rehabilitate miners who had spent too much time underground, the hospital currently sits essentially abandoned though there are plans to retrofit and reopen the facility.​

      4. The Industrial District:
      Built along either side of Clyde River as it flows to Calder Lake on the Southern edge of the district, the Industrial District is the source of about seventy percent of employment in Kilbride. Coal mines and oil refineries along with numerous factories that prepare goods to ship to all of North America dot the district along with sleazy motels and rundown apartments. To the east of the Industrial districts is the Demon’s Mouth quarry where most of the city’s mineral wealth comes from.​

      5. The Rows:
      The Rows are part of the urban center of Crescent City. Not as new as some of the other areas of the city, it’s much better off than the Narrows. A distinct middle class area, the Rows are also one of the oldest parts of the city being the original site of much of Kilbride’s construction having been built around a central graveyard known as the Drybones Graveyard. This graveyard holds many empty graves for those lost in the mines so many years ago along with numerous ones for those lost in the Lilith fire. The Rows also has several upper class neighborhoods, as well as various businesses and two local colleges. One of which is an Arts and Performing College where as the other is based around the Skilled Trades. One of the local elementary schools, Sandstone Elementary is located in this district.​

      6. The West End:
      The most modern part of Kilbride, the West End from Calder Lake at the edge of the Industrial District and then expands from there into Thistle Park and into a small office neighborhood. Condominiums and other glass lined skyscrapers. Upper middle class neighborhoods line the eastern edge of the district and Bayside high school sits on the inside of these neighborhoods. One of the most notable business in the office neighborhood is the Michaels’ Innovation and Industries office building. Hiking trails run through Thistle Park and out of the city into the northern side of Old Stone Mountain. These trails are used all throughout the year and are a favourite part of the West End.​

      | NEW LILITH: |
      The largest of the three urban centers in Crescent City, New Lilith is a towering monument to progress, a city literally caught between moving forward and in the echoes of times gone by. Skyscrapers stand side by side with elegant buildings adorned with spires and other Gothic influences. Gargoyles hang over ledges, keeping a close watch over the city below as other intricate works of stone catch the eye and attention of those who walk the manicured streets. New Lilith boosts some of the best masons in all of North America and as such the city's fine craftsmanship is one of its primary draws. This attributes to New Lilith's booming tourism industry which brings people from all over to the city nearly all year round.

      | DISTRICTS: |

      7. The Docks:
      Old wharfs and sagging warehouses make up New Lilith’s eastern edge. The Docks are home to exactly what you’d expect as faded wooden structures line the coast above the rough cliffs that have been slowly eroded away by the tide throughout the centuries. Abandoned fisheries sit between the warehouses with the occasional sailor still trying to make a living off the old industry. Possibly one of the highest crime areas in all of Crescent City, the Docks are used by anyone from the Kings to the De Vitis for heists, deals and just plain shoot outs. Small apartment buildings and a few residential neighborhoods dot the Western edge of the district. Just off the coast is a system of Tidal Hydro-Electic dams which help boost Kilbride’s Power District in supplying power for Crescent City.​

      8. The Bazaar:
      In addition to the historical downtown is the Bazaar district which is several blocks of historical buildings converted into novelty and specialty stores such as The Lamp. Many of these buildings also offer apartments above the stores which can be quite pricey but often some of the nicest apartments in the city especially for the history buffs. The Bazaar is always the ending point of any historical tour through New Lilith is almost always guaranteed to be busy with tourists looking for the perfect keepsake to bring home. The Bazaar is also home to New Lilith's 'Pub Crawl' a street lined with numerous pubs and bars many themed to the city's history such as the Stein and Cauldron, the Cold Adder or Lady Absynthe.​

      9. Little Italy:
      Located in Northern central New Lilith, Little Italy is an ethnic district with a strong Italian influence. Home to the notorious De Vitis Family Crime Syndicate, nothing happens in Little Italy without their say or knowledge. Numerous Italian style restaurants can be found in this area along with a towering Roman Catholic Cathedral known as St. Francis’ Cathedral. Despite being a church, the building is more often than not used by De Vitis to orchestrate plans between the syndicate.​

      10. East City:
      While not as old as the downtown, East City is comprised of older homes, the oldest of which date back to the forties and the newest of which date back to the seventies. Amidst these homes is the Calvin Elementary School and the Abramson Secondary School, not to mention the older convenience stores which dot the corners of the streets. You can occasionally find a more modern building or store in the area but it's rare since the city tries to protect its 'historical' buildings. ​

      11. The Spires:
      The Spires is the oldest area of the city consisting of an ancient City Hall made out of carved stone making it very difficult to retrofit as time went on and technology developed. That aside, the building itself is one of the most durable buildings in all of New Lilith. In addition to the City Hall, the Spires is made up of a historical downtown and is one of the focal points in tourism as people look at the older buildings. Accompanying this is the New Lilith Public Library which is nearly as old as the City Hall itself and the Hobbes University of Law. The University's administrative building was one of New Lilith's original schools, it has been upgraded and expanded since as well as the University as a whole receiving various wings added on. The school occupies a good portion of the central city now.​

      12. The Tower District:
      Directly to the South of the Little Italy, the Tower district is made up of fairly modern buildings primarily skyscrapers which consist of offices, apartments and condos such as Caito Enterprises Incorporated. Primarily a financial district, the Tower district is home to numerous banks including an ancient mint which dates back to the days of the gold rush. The tower district is also home to numerous clubs which means there's not a time of day when the Tower District isn't crawling with people as men and women of all ages come to blow off steam when the sun goes down losing themselves in the melodies of one of the city's talented DJs. Aside from hopping clubs, the Tower District is also home to numerous upper class restaurants all of which serve the very finest in dining. One such establishment is the Circus Maximus Casino and Raceway.​

      13. Crescent City Harbour:
      The city’s harbour, the Harbour district sees both cruise liners and freighters in and out of its docks every day. The area also hosts the public docks where yachts and sailing boats are held when not in use. A heavy traffic area, the Harbour is always bustling with activity even in the dead of night. It’s also almost as crime rich as the Docks as the constant activity keeps away the prying eyes of law enforcement.​

      | LOS PARAÍSO: |
      The city of Los Paraíso is found on the Western Coast of the United States of America in the state of California. The city spans over a large area, consisting of the major city of Los Paraíso, or Paradise City and a smaller rural community known as Paradise Valley. Paradise Valley lies two miles to the East of the main city and is home to Paradise Falls, one of the largest natural waterfalls in the world. Two rivers run off these falls, the first of which is the Dorado Rapids which runs along the Southern edge of Paradise on the Water, flowing west into the Pacific. Paradise on the Water is Los Paraíso’s southernmost and richest district while the second river, the Del Vida River divides the Paradise Valley from the city and continues to flow due South. This span is crossed by a giant suspension bridge known as the Tower Bridge due to the giant turrets which rise up on either side of it. It's an impressive sight even to those who live in Los Paraíso and has been featured in many movies. The city's architecture ranges from styles as old as the 1920's to modern and futuristic styles that look like they belong in one of Paradise Hill's science fiction movies. Below is a list of notable areas in and around Los Paraíso.

      | DISTRICTS: |

      14. The Greek Quarter/The Farmer's Market:
      The Greek Quarter was originally a Lumber District until the lumber industry began to fall in Los Paraíso, as such, it has several abandoned mills within it. However in the late fifties, an influx of Greek immigrants moved into this area and turned the land into fertile farm land. As such it's now a rural community which is a stark departure from the neoclassical and modernist architecture of Los Paraíso's downtown. This area is also home to a few small mountains such as Old Stone Mountain. These mountains also house a large resort which is a huge hit with natives and tourists alike. Providing off road activities through most of the year, in the winter the mountain is covered in a mixture of natural and artificial snow to attract skiers and snowboarders alike. The mountains also contain ancient ruins of some sort of stone ring not unlike that of Stonehenge, it's a rather popular place for both tourists and teenagers a like. The 'Stone Ring' or as it is also commonly referred to as, the 'Lover's Ring' has seen its fair share of nudity and proposals. At the center of the Greek Quarter is the Farmer's Market which is exactly what its name suggests, a market run by the farmers of Crescent City. The area consists of both permanent and semi-permanent structures which are removed when the season passes. During the summer and harvest months, the Market is filled with stalls of fresh fruit, vegetables, homemade pastries and numerous other ideas. As well the area is occupied by flea markets and tradesmen peddling their wares. Butcher shops can be found nearby and there's always livestock or pets for sale. In the winter, the area occupied from the stalls is turned into several large ice rinks allowing for public skating or hockey games. These ice rinks are sustained by several freezing units in order to ensure the ice actually stays frozen amid California’s mild winters. The city erects bleachers to ensure the public can watch and someone is always serving coffee, apple cider, tea or hot chocolate on site.​

      15. The Paradise Strip:
      This is where Paradise Hills was made, the Studio District is home almost every major film study in the world. The most famous of these studios, is Studio 11 which is famous for big blockbuster flicks focussing on heroes. Each block is filled with warehouses, trailers and offices of some of the biggest names in the industry. No matter what time of day it is, no matter the weather there's always guaranteed to be people lined around the block just waiting to get a glimpse of their favourite star. In the event of injuries on set or of any sort, there is an emergency clinic which can handle most major injuries. Though anything overly serious is airlifted to one of the other hospitals in Paradise City. In addition to the studios there’s the strip. Modeled after the Vegas Strip, the Strip in Los Paraíso is home to all manner of hotels, clubs and casinos at which you can try your luck. The most famous of these is the Colosseum Hotel and Casino rumored to be owned by none other than the De Vitis crime family. The Strip is run by more than a few 'former' mafia bosses, and is often heavy with law enforcement. Within the Paradise is the Lonely Hearts’ Club neighborhood which is home to numerous strip clubs and brothels, essentially Crescent City’s own Red Light District. The Strip couldn’t be missed thanks change from classic lighting of the rest of the city to the neon lighting of the strip. ​

      16. Sugar Beach:
      The beach district coated in crystal white sand. A favourite location of numerous tourists, Sugar Beach is always alive with activity such as surfers, sun tanners and swimmers. The beach is lined with numerous shops and restaurants and several hotels and condominiums tower behind the shoreline. Beyond this is the downtown, filled with numerous buildings including the legendary Locke Marketing and Legal known for getting numerous publically convicted criminals acquitted after retrial. The headquarters for Chimera Cosmetics is also located here known for their cutting edge beauty treatments such as pigment alterations and iris injections for altering skin and eye colour respectively.​

      17. Paradise Hills:
      Paradise Hills or the ‘Diamond Neighbourhood’ is one of the wealthiest areas in all of Crescent City. Paradise Hills is filled with eccentric billionaires who line the streets with cars most people can't afford the tires for. The houses, or rather mansions here sometimes take up more than a couple blocks of land. Paradise Hills also houses its own private hospital along with numerous private schools for the children of the rich and famous. There's always paparazzi around this neighbourhood at the very least. Towards the interior of the city is Conquistador University, one of the top arts schools in all of North America.​

      18. Paradise on the Water:
      Paradise on the Water has homes which range from six figures to nearly ten. The ultimate beach houses to quaint little cottages. Though the town is notably quieter than the city it neighbours, Paradise on the Water still has its fair share of noise. Home to Paradise Beaches and the city's harbour, the town sees a fair bit of travel and has a rather consistent population not taking into consideration those who use the available time shares and cottages in the area. Often many people who live on the Water prefer to venture up to Paradise Valley for food instead of into the City. Just beyond this neighborhood to the east is Paradise Valley. The area which is famous for two things, one Paradise Falls, the massive waterfalls which is made up of six different mountain rivers which run together and flows over Old Stone Mountain’s south side only to break off into two rivers again at the base of the waterfalls' basin, and two, damn good wine. Paradise Valley is one of the most fertile farming lands in all of North America, if not the world. It gets the perfect amount of sun and rain at just the right time all year. As such the Valley is home to many farms, orchards and vineyards. Most of which are very well off.​
    • ~W.I.P.~

      he Pacific Royal Collegiate And University is a special institute founded in 1986 and led through associated by the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department. The goal of P.R.C.U. is to train young Hyperhumans to control their abilities and while working with the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department to foster friendly relations between Hyperhumans and the general populous.

      Originally a large Victorian High Gothic style mansion built on Digby Island in British Columbia, Canada; the mansion was built just beyond an old coastal defence built at Frederick Point used as a watch during the Great Wars. The Canadian Government decided to give it to H.E.L.P. who then re-purposed the fort into a base for their own Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce along with another old coastal defence at Dundas Point, while the mansion was converted into an academic building. As enrolment increased, H.E.L.P. commissioned the construction of gender specific dorms. Eventually, the class sizes outgrew the mansion and the construction of a new academic building was completed. P.R.C.U. continued to grow and expand adding the University component in 1999. This lead to the construction of three new dormitories, one of which was the first co-ed dorm on campus, a risky move but necessary to update to modern times.

      Many students choose live on the campus throughout the year as it is the safest place in the for Hyperhumans. Additionally, many of the students have been abandoned by their parents or simply can't return to their homes due to fear for their own safety. As such, the P.R.C.U. employs a large number of Hyperhumans as it constantly seeks out new teachers and advisers for the youth there. Not all the staff are Hyperhumans however. Those who are accepting of "Hypes" are welcomed inside the campus walls as well. The campus also shares the island with S.H.I.F.T.'s main base which was built around the two re-purposed coastal defences. As such, S.H.I.F.T.'s reserves patrol the exterior of the campus to ensure that Pacific Royal Collegiate and University's students are safe.

      Most students at P.R.C.U. are enrolled in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program. H.E.A.T. as it's commonly referred to, is an experimental plan of action run at P.R.C.U. in addition to the usual educational programs. As opposed to the standard educational process of going through high school, then choosing a university major, H.E.A.T. combines a general education complete with a speciality and basic military training. Due to the specialized nature of this program it is overseen exclusively by the Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce. The goal of H.E.A.T. is to prepare its cadets for commissioning into one of H.E.L.P.'s three divisions while also preparing them with a general education degree. This ensures that its candidates have options in all walks of life, but also have the opportunity for immediately employment that will allow them to use all of heir skills and ability. An additional bonus of the H.E.A.T. program is the extra emphasis placed on controlling and using Hyperhuman abilities. While all students get a chance to train with their powers, H.E.A.T. includes daily activities to hone and sharpen these abilities far beyond the standard exercises.​

      | CAMPUS: |
      Administration Building:

      The Administration Building originally started life as a great mansion built by an eccentric millionaire during the early 1900's. Left unfinished due to the interruption of the Great Wars, it sat empty for numerous decades until the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department came along and bought it both for its size and remote location on Digby Island. For the first couple of years, the school operated solely out of the mansion with H.E.L.P. having finished the building before having it opened. Originally offering rudimentary courses to ensure the students had their basic education before having H.E.L.P. provide them placements through allied companies and workplaces. However as enrolment expanded, additional buildings were commissioned as separate dormitories were constructed and eventually the Academic Quadrangle.

      With these new buildings in place, the Mansion was converted into an Administration building along with housing for the non-military staff employed at Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Despite keeping the historical exterior of the building intact and well maintained, the building's interior has been renovated and updated every few years since the Institute opened. As it stands currently, the interior of the Administration Building is fully update with the latest modern furnishings though styled in a classical manner to match the building's exterior.​

      Academic Quadrangle:

      The Academic Quadrangle is perhaps the most interesting piece of Architecture on the whole P.R.C.U. Campus, if not the most interesting than the most complex one. Suspended above the ground are six floors full of classrooms and learning environments for the students of P.R.C.U. to use. The Quadrangle is built in four long sections which are set up in a perimeter outside of a large courtyard which contains numerous areas to study along with picnic spots and a pond.

      The largest building on campus, the four sides of the Quadrangle are broken into specific categories of class rooms with the science labs and technology making up the Northern Wing. The East and West Wings are divided into various, Language, History, Law, Social and Liberal Art courses. The Library is also found in the West Wing. Lastly the South Wing contains the Math and Science class rooms.​

      Labs and Technology Wing:

      Built overlooking the mansion from the North, the front side of the Academic Quadrangle is dedicated to the instruction of technology, communication and the practical application of sciences. Throughout its six floors, all levels of the institutes educational programs are supported at every degree of understanding to ensure that each student can find the material approachable.

      The technology programs are considered to be rather cutting edge in part due to the creations of many Minerva-type Hyperhumans allied with H.E.L.P. which are supplied to the Institute and in many cases used by the creator themselves in the classroom. These cutting edge technologies range from medical, to robotics and even some military grade technology can be found for the students to get hands on experiene with.​

      Law and Liberal Arts Wing:

      Built along either side of the Quadrangle are the Wings containing the Liberal Arts including but not limited to English, Linguistics, Theatre, Musical Theory and various Language Courses. These wings contain some of the more popular courses at the Institute and can often be found with numerous students chatting in the hallways between classes. Whilst class is in session, nearly every room is filled to capacity with students either hurriedly taking down notes, acting out classics or simply slacking in the back believing that the arts are low to no effort courses. These course notably contain the most normal human staff in the whole university which some students find slightly unsettling. A school of law is also included in the East Wing which produces some of the foremost fighters for Hyperhuman Equality. Lastly, a large library is included in the West Wing in order to provide the students with all the resources that they need for their studies.​

      Science and Math Wing:

      While nowhere near as popular as the Arts, the Math and Science wing are among the more practical disciplines available at P.R.C.U. given that most of the students are 'scientific wonders' themselves. Everything from the most basic to complex calculations and mathematic formulas are imparted into the students' minds. Across the hall, biology, physics and chemistry are instructed to the eager and even the not so eager students. Medical sciences too are taught in this wing and are especially necessary as new discoveries are constantly being made about the Hyperhuman genetic code and its ever growing array of varieties. Falling into the sciences, many engineering disciplines are taught at the school ranging from ones which overlap with medical such as bio-medical engineering to mechanical, electrical and controls engineering disciplines. These disciplines are most popular with Vulcan and Minerva class Hypes due to those abilities giving them an edge in the fields but all classifications are welcome.​

      Military Academy:

      Originally a Coastal Defence post built during the first World War, when the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection department took control of the facility they had it renovated and updated, eventually becoming the primary headquarters for their own Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce. With the creation of S.H.I.F.T., H.E.L.P. decided to expand upon their educational offerings at P.R.C.U. and added the Military Academy to S.H.I.F.T.'s headquarters. Students enrolled in the Military Academy portion of P.R.C.U. Have the chance to go on to join the Canadian Armed Forces upon graduation though most decided to sign up with H.E.L.P. and consequently the S.H.I.F.T. Division. Furthermore, the Military Academy is heavily involved in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program which acts as a fast track for students wishing to become H.E.L.P. Agents. Graduates often house here even after finishing the H.E.AT. program as they wait to be recruited onto S.H.I.F.T. teams and sent into the field. Residents of the academy are often seen in the yard exercising as their specific programs require them to be in top physical condition especially if they’re to be sent into the field against rogue Hyperhumans.​

      Mess Hall (Cafeteria):

      Constructed as the central point between the dorms, Military Academy and Academic Quadrangle, the Mess Hall is the first stop for many every morning. Consisting of several floors each with their own unique style and blend of flavours, the Mess Hall caters to every food taste offering both local and international selections. Aside from the interior dining rooms, the Mess Hall has several designated eating areas outside as well as balconies on each floor. In order to control the flow of traffic, teams are grouped together and given designated meal times to ensure that everyone has a seat from which to enjoy a meal. As such Teams '1' through '10' eat together, '11' through '20' and so on. Not only does this ease the process of getting a meal, but it also allows the various teams to build camaraderie with the other teams outside of classes.​

      Recreational Center:

      Perhaps the most modern building on the P.R.C.U. campus, the Recreational Center is a top of the line fitness buildings. Several highlights include an Olympic sized swimming pool, a climbing wall, a full gymnastics studio and of course a top of the line fitness center. All students are required to spend at least one mandatory hour each day at the gym to ensure they stay in at least moderately fit physical condition. Outside of the Recreational Center lays a couple basketball courts, and a multi-purpose field. This field is used for all manner of sports but the most popular is football, naturally played by the CFL's rules. Removable bleachers are stored in the back of the Rec Center and are set up for the school's Intramural Games since P.R.C.U. can't exactly compete against other schools. ​

      Collegiate Dorms:

      The Collegiate Dorms were built to compensate for the ever growing flux of students that were enrolling at Pacific Royal Collegiate during its early years. Erected in a townhouse style building, the dormitories are contained within one building although separated down the middle by a solid wall, on either side of this wall are the gender specific dorms. Built in a mirrored fashion, both sides of the building are identical and contain four floors, each floor containing one grade, with the freshmen occupying the ground floor while the Seniors habitat the top floor. On the second and fourth floors, are laundry rooms for the students to use while on the first and third floors are two large common rooms which include a kitchen allowing for students to have 'community' meals together. Each room houses two to three students complete with a bed, desk and closet for each, community bathrooms are on each floor to ensure that no dorm has to go too far for a shower.​

      University Dorms:

      Part of the addition when the Collegiate expanded to include University, the University Age dormitories consist of three separate buildings unlike the Collegiate dormitory. The dorm layout in these buildings are also notable different, with a dorm consisting of four bedrooms, a shared bathroom, shared laundry room and shared kitchen and living room. The first two buildings are gender specific, each consisting of two floors of the above layout, while the third building is a Co-Ed facility, and is actually larger than the other two dorms, having a total of four floors. Another notable difference is that the University Dorms have a shared patio and outdoor pool for the older students to enjoy and relax upon. The University dorms were designed to replicate an apartment as much as possible without totally sacrificing the dormitory design. ​

      Nature Trails:

      The Campus is surrounded by a beautiful forest which acts as a sort of natural barrier between the Institute and the rest of the island. In truth, the forest is not entirely natural but instead was created by the use of Neptune-type abilities to manipulate the native plant life to create the thick bush surrounding the campus. To the North of the campus, there's several trails along the coastal cliffs which can be used for relaxing walks and often the students use them for dates. The rest of the forest however is used for camping trips and wilderness survival training which is supervised by S.H.I.F.T. Agent assigned to School Teams involved. These such trips are often used at the beginning of each academic year as a well of introducing new students to their fellow teammates and to build bonds among the team members.​


      Since the Institute is built on an Island, it's naturally surrounded by water. As such, there are many beaches around Digby Island however the most notable one is the West of the Campus just past the Military Academy. Throughout the summer months, the beach is frequented by many of the students, especially those who live on the Campus full time. A place of constant fun and relaxation, it's not uncommon to come to the beach to find the students using their abilities to manipulate the area with their abilities to create new aquatic sports and games. During the winter, some students manage to create small rinks closer to land either due to the cold weather or by manipulating the water. These rinks are used for skating as well as the country’s favourite past time, hockey. Naturally the students have developed a few Hype variant rules for the game as well.​

      A.R.C. (Augmented Reality Center):

      The Augmented Reality Center or A.R.C. is one of the largest facilities on the Pacific Royal Collegiate and University campus. A large circular building with approximately a mile radius, the A.R.C. stands close to a hundred feet in height in order to provide a wide range of simulations within. The interior of the A.R.C. appears to made up of many different panels, and each of these panels are attached to a series of columns which can expand and contract to allow the A.R.C.'s arena to change to all manner of shapes and layouts. Coupled with the cutting edge hard light projection technology, the A.R.C. can replicate and simulate all manner of environments and battlefield simulations.

      Participants are needed to wear A.R. Suits which aid in stimulating the other four senses. A.R. Suits also allow for pain simulation in order to fully prepare cadets for battle. A.R. suits are designed to act and feel like Hyperhuman Combat Suits, however they're notable different due to the equipment required to operate with the A.R. Center. These suits are also equipped with glowing LED strips down the suit which can be customized to display team colours. During stealth activities, this feature can be disabled.​
    • ~W.I.P.~
      Located on the peninsula between Saint Joseph Bay and Apalachicola Bay in Florida, Pointe Bordeaux is a thriving colourful city. Known as ‘Neon City’ by its inhabitants, the city shares a lot of influence from both Miami and New Orleans, having a thriving…

      La Gironde
      Little Cairo
      Cajun Quarter
      Carib Gardens
      Lighthouse District

      Port St. Joe
      St. George Island
      Dog Island
      St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge
    • ~W.I.P.~
      Thought to be named after the verse in Ezekiel, Bone Valley sits in between the valley from which the name comes and the Desert of the Dry Bones. A large farming community surrounds the city from the South on either side of the valley and is home to many different ranches and other agricultural homesteads. The city itself is known for the oil which it harvests from the desert and its large exports of fuel. Founded in the early 1900s by nomads looking for a place to settle down, Bone Valley gained its ominous name from an old buffalo jump that the Natives had used to hunt the wild beasts in the area. The jump was littered with bones of ancient carcasses when it was found by the city's original settlers. Now days the city is a towering monument to man's progress in the area as it rises above the desert. A very wealthy city, many of its restaurants are famous for their homemade barbecue recipes. While the North end of the city is filled with industry and low income housing, the center is very wealthy with the East and West making up middle class, the South is very wealthy.

      A now large community and thriving city, Longhorn City sits in between the valley from which the name comes and the Desert of the Dry Bones. A large farming community surrounds the city from the South on either side of the valley and is home to many different ranches and other agricultural homesteads. Originally named for the surrounding bountiful herds of wild longhorn cattle-- seemingly abandoned by an earlier settlement (of which there are no records, something not uncommon for the time period), --the city itself is now known for the oil which it harvests from the desert and its large exports of fuel as well as good ol'American monster longhorn steaks, because everything is bigger in Texas. Founded in the early 1900s by nomads looking for a place to settle down, Longhorn City gained its well-deserved name from the original "Bone Valley" after the townsfolk of the original settlement were able to live off of nothing but the crop of the land and meat from the cattle when trade was sparse around the time of 1914-1920's. The name also stemmed from the discovery of a Native American burial site, littered with entire skeletons of the longhorn's arranged in a meaning of offering. Nowadays, the city is a towering monument to man's progress in the area as it rises above the desert. A very wealthy city, many of its restaurants are famous for their homemade barbecue recipes. While the North end of the city is filled with industry and low income housing, the center is very wealthy with the East and West making up middle class, the South is very wealthy.

      The unofficial name for the city is "Taurus City." A name that, nowadays, is used more as a quip than anything, though its origins are shrouded in a dark history. Around the time of the 1940's, yet another site was found in a collapsed cave in the valley of the namesake city. This one held a shrine to a bull-like entity. Arranged along the roof of the small cave were real diamonds in the shape of constellations, but the odd thing was that the constellation for Taurus appeared 66 times in the cavern amongst the other star patterns. The shrine was left perfectly preserved, with not even a tumbleweed or speck of dust pervading the area. For a while, residents tried to use it as a tourist attraction, disturbing the contents within. Soon after, a strange sickness broke out over the residents for 66 days, where only inhabitants of the city contracted strange bruises, hardening of the skin with callouses and a darkening of the internal organs, all in a 96 hour timespan. Residents immediately roped off the area and declared it trespassing for any soul, sensing the dark energy present. Since then, the site has been left alone, but rumors still persisted for years after, speculating about the supposed evil nature of the shrine. ​
    • ~W.I.P.~
      Almost circular, Jethrull City centres around the Sigma Tower, a colossal, narrow sky scraper that juts out to challenge the mountain peaks behind it, flanked by two smaller office buildings whose otherwise considerable height pales in comparison. Further to the north, the town becomes steadily more wooden and festive, a lumberjack site stretching the edge of the city just beyond the borders of a gondola line that winds up the mountain toward a winter resort - a main source of wealth for Jethrull. Back down in the city proper, toward the south and east, is considerable retail land, with two major malls and a few large high streets, filled with chains and independents and locals all mashed together. To the west lies the main residential area, housing and streets and a few small parks dotted around, while between here and the business area closer to the Sigma Tower lie several blocks of flats.​
    • ~W.I.P.~
      A mystical island protected by Magni magic…​
    • ~W.I.P.~
      The mystical homeland of the powerful Magni, Umbra is a land as full of danger as it is Nox. Inhabited by the Fair Folk, the Fae. Every Magni is half Fae and half human. While the Fae are the primary inhabitants of Umbra, the land itself is divided into several countries ruled over by far more powerful beings. The Daemons and the Aether, the inspirations for human demons and angels respectively.

      Aether Daemon
      | |

      Aether, Daemon and Fae breathe Nox in much the same way that humans do oxygen. As such, despite the shadow connection to Umbra on Earth, Earth’s atmosphere is very draining on the three races to the point of almost being hazardous. Aether, Daemon and Fae cannot survive on Earth for extending periods of time without devoting a great portion of their extraordinary abilities to sustaining their own life force. Within the realm of Umbra, the three races are nearly untouchable by any human or Hype but on Earth they only have the power of Maven or Master Magni. ​


    | STATS: |
    here’s an estimated one Hyperhuman per every million humans on Earth. This is expected to double in the next ten years and continue on this path until eventually make up the majority of the Earth’s population within the next hundred years.

    In contrast to this growing number, the Magni are estimated to number only a hundred for every billion humans on Earth. The Magni are slowly dying out as the species continues to kill themselves off as their own thirst for power overrides their need to survive as a species. That said, due to their long lifespans the Magni are not expected to be extinct until the end of the millennia.

    Opposed to both Magni and Hyperhumans whose populations can be tracked, Celestials visit Earth and leave at various intervals. At any one given time it is expected that there is one Celestial per every billion humans on Earth. That said this number can fluctuate and can never truly be fully determined due to Celestials being highly difficult to isolate and track.​


    umanity has been constantly evolving and adapting to the world around them for centuries upon centuries. Even now, humanity is undergoing major changes as a new race makes itself know.

    After millennia of Earth being routinely doused in what is known as coronal mass ejections, the side effects are starting to show. The coronal mass ejections or CMEs, are a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields being released into space and often directly at Earth. Carried within these events are high energy particles and it is these particles which have begun to cause humanity to change and develop new and sometimes unfathomable abilities.

    The resulting effect of the high energy particles is an evolution that was first mistaken for a mutation and coined as the condition 'Viriumosis'. As research continued, it was realized that the mutation was not a temporary condition but the start of a new species as the 'Homo-Virium' was not the result of disease but rather was born with their abilities. The genetic difference became known as the 'Hype-Gene' or 'Hype-Factor' and was most common in families with a long spanning ancestry and history. The 'Hype-Gene' was a culminative result of high energy particles stored within the donating parent's chromosomes which resulted in the creation of the 'Hype-Gene' in their offspring. As such, a human born without a 'Hype-Gene' cannot develop Hyperhuman abilities no matter how many high energy particles they absorb throughout their life, however their offspring may be a Hyperhuman. The 'Hype-Gene' isn't exclusively carried within either sex but is a dominant gene within both ensuring that the child of a Hyperhuman will indeed be one themselves. Studies are inconclusive whether powers levels are greater or equal within children who have two Hyperhuman parents. Despite the fact that the 'Hype-Gene' takes a dominant role during the embryo's development, it remains practically undetectable until puberty as it lays in a dormant state until puberty. During puberty, the overwhelming release of hormones awakens the dormant 'Hype-Gene' which then begins to develop super-human abilities within the host.​

    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'ATLAS' classifier are those that have abilities that enhance their physical strength and durability. They are often super-strong, invulnerable, or both, but others have heightened reflexes or quickened metabolisms to allow for advanced healing rates - there are even rumours of 'immortal' Atlas-types, Hypes who simply won’t die and are durable enough to survive all mortal injuries. Note that ATLAS-types do not include those whose physical enhancements allow them great speed and no strength or durability; these Hyperhumans are designated under the 'MERCURY' classifer.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'CUPID' classifer are those that have abilities that allow them to influence, produce, or otherwise manipulate emotions in both themselves and others. Often, CUPID-types achieve this through the use of pheromone production, manipulating the hormone levels in the body to stimulate feelings of anger, lust, joy, etc. Most CUPID-types are skilled in manipulating one or two explicit emotions while unable to influence others, but there are stories of CUPID-types with a control over emotions so proficient that it borders on mind control.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'FORTUNA' classifier are those that have abilities that influence synchronicity; in laymans terms, FORTUNA-types tend to be able to subtly push reality one way or another, affecting things, people, or events in a manner many would liken to luck, good or bad. Whether they cause a simple equipment malfunction, quietly set-up an improbable fortune, or set into motion a wide-spanning chain of events, FORTUNA-types that master their abilities often find themselves living extremely easy lives.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'JUNO' classifer are those that can directly tap into the base genetic code of life and alter or even revitalize biological matter as far as their mastery allows. Most JUNO-types are either healers, able to stimulate the body and knit wounds together, or influence their own bodily form to a small degree - but a true, powerful JUNO-type would be able to split skin, incubate horrible plagues, or have complete control over bone and muscle.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'MARS' classifer are perhaps the most diverse. While all MARS-types are energy manipulators, their abilities vary wildly from Hype to Hype - simply because of the sheer amount of energy forms there are in the universe. Some MARS-types can bend light, making themselves invisible to the naked eye, while others have access to electromagnetic or radioactive energy. While some MARS-types are paltry in terms of power, it is widely regarded that they have the most sheer potential.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'MERCURY' classifer are those that possess extra-normal means of travel from wherever they are to wherever they want to be. The more common MERCURY-types have forms of superspeed or flight, often able to move at speeds unmatched by even the fastest forms of vehicular transport. In addition to unrivaled speed, many Mercury types are able to pass through solid objects so as to remain unhindered by obstacles in their path. Lastly, most if not all Mercury types have a degree of control over friction allowing whether to reduce it to accelerate or increase it when slowing down. The power level of a MERCURY-type is often gauged by their ingenuity - or by the number they can transport.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'MINERVA' classifer are often the easiest to label - their abilities deal explicitly with the mind, MINERVA-types being pure psychics. While some read minds, others implant suggestions or project thoughts, and the stronger MINVERA-types can move matter with their thoughts, or simply assume direct control of another person's mind and actions.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'NEPTUNE' classifer are, in their ways, similar to MARS-types. However, NEPTUNE-types do not possess the sheer scope of a MARS-type - instead, their abilities usually focus on one of the four primal elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth), or the secondary offshoots (Ice, Lightning, Nature, etc.). Most NEPTUNE-types weave fire or bring forth boulders, while others manipulate the weather or coax life from the smallest withered seed. NEPTUNE-types with absolute mastery often wield all four elements like they were limbs, and bring the wrath of the most basic components of the universe down upon their enemies.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'ORCUS' classifer are, quite often, the most paranoia-inducing of Hypes. Most are chameleons, able to change their face and become whomever they desire - but others can change more monstrously, taking on bestial aspects, or alien ones. Whatever an ORCUS-type is capable of doing, it is usually safe to refuse what they initially present themselves as.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'SATURN' classifer are, by default, the most powerful, most feared, and most scarce. Their abilities are not as specific as other Hypes, nor are they as wonderful or flashy. Instead, SATURN-types manipulate the very fabric of the cosmos, dipping their hands into the Space/Time Continuum, and molding it to a shape they see favourable. Some SATURN-types bend time, speeding, slowing, and stopping it to their desire, while others simply create matter from thin air, or remove displeasing matter from existence. More commonly, SATURN-types take the form of teleporters, capable of folding space together to travel instantly from one location to another, others creating rips in space to bridge two locations using portals. SATURN-types are few and far between, but given their reputation, most see this as a blessing.
    • Hyperhumans designated under the 'VULCAN' classifer are often thought to be a mash of many other Hype classification, but all of them are creators, far more than simple artists or sculptors. They compress matter or manipulate energy to form ethereal shapes and objects that they then manipulate either bodily or mentally, throwing up ghostly walls as solid as the thickest steel, or forming fists that hit almost as hard as an ATLAS-type could. Most VULCAN-types are limited only by the scope of their own imagination, and the strongest create what they believe the world is missing.

    | MAGNI: |

    riginally from a parallel realm known as Umbra, the Homo-Magnus or Magni are the product of ancient humans and the denizens of the shadowy realm. Travel from Umbra is made possible through portals which can only manifest when the moons between the two realms align. This most commonly occurs during the event known on Earth as a full moon. The only exception to this rule is the night of All Hallows Eve or more commonly known as Hallowe’en. During these times, the void between the two realms are opened through Earth’s shadows. Due to even the air of Umbra being rich in a raw mystical energy known as the Nox, some of it escapes into Earth when the portals are open. As a result of this some individual, usually ancestors of Magni without powers of their own, react to the difference in the air. These reactions often cause minor fits of hysteria or irregular behavior among those affected. Despite the true cause, most remain oblivious of the actual source and simply believe this to be caused by the full moon.

    In the beginning the Magni lived in harmony with the denizens of Umbra, learning to harness the Nox that flowed through them through many years of dedication. Able to live over a thousand years, Magni dedicated the majority of their life to learning how to wield the Nox due to it being an essentially way of life in Umbra. Harnessing this power through conduits, Magni were able to release their Nox through a conductive metal of any shape or form. Without the conduit the explosion of Nox is too powerful and unfocussed, causing damage to whoever tried to wield it. While most Magni take the time to craft one conduit and learn to wield it, there are those who instead dedicate their time to learning how to wield multiple conduits. Other Magni prefer to learn how to contain the Nox within items, or inscribe its powers in the forms of runes. There are those still who imbed its powers into elixirs and consumables. Each of these skills took lifetimes to Master and each generation would pass what knowledge they had learned down to the next in the form of tomes. These new generations would then advance more quickly than the previous but the Nox was a fickle mistress and ever in flux, some methods weren’t always guaranteed to work and as such each new generation was forced to learn through their dedication. Eventually however newer generations began to become impatient with how long the Nox took to master and began to create spells which corrupted the Nox in order to find new ways to advance their skills without spending the necessary years to harness its deepest secrets. These corruptions often came with serious side-effects corrupting simple incantations and leaving many Magni cursed, disfigured or permanently transformed. While many ways were sought after to find a shortcut one particularly vicious Magni found a way to rip the Nox directly from another, stripping them of their abilities, their experience and most importantly their life. This life force would be added to the Magni who took it, expanded their own life expectancy and reducing their age by how many years difference there was between the victor and the victim. This corruption of the Nox was named the ‘Dark Rite’ and is every Magni’s most powerful weapon against one another and their greatest fear. Gathering a dedicated following, he shared this ability which ultimately provided not only his own downfall but that of the entire Magni species as the true denizens of Umbra turned on the hybrids and banished them back to Earth.

    Exiled from Umbra, the Magni began to dwell on Earth, some of them using their abilities to be worshiped by men who could not even begin to comprehend the powers they wielded while many simply sunk into the shadows and tried to find ways to return to Umbra. Living among humans for centuries, the Magni found that they could not blend perfectly into society due to some simple differences between them and humans. Magni for example have a slight luminescent glow to their skin, often having paler complexions and vivid glass like eyes. Strong herbs such as garlic would temporarily block their connection to Nox while no reflection would appear if they passed in front of mirror. This problem only grew as the years went by as no Magni is able to be captured by any sort of photographic or recording device. While they were in Umbra, the Magni never had to worry about being cut off from the Nox due to its essence being literally all around them. On Earth however, a Magni’s connection to Umbra is through their shadow. So long as they have a shadow, a Magni is able to allow the Nox to flow freely through them transforming their body into a vessel which is then expelled through their conduit. The longer their shadow, the stronger their connection is to the Nox with a total connection once night falls. This has led to many Magni being night dwellers, and with the traits above has created the myths of vampires. Other creatures that have managed to venture from Umbra onto Earth account for many other myths although some Celestials have attributed to them as well.

    The majority of Magni were hunted down by the Spanish Inquisition from the late fifteenth century to the early nineteenth century and then again during the Salem Witch Trials. Many still exist within the world, though due to craving the full power of the Nox most Magni hunt down one another and engage in a vicious duel seeking to invoke the Dark Rite to rip the other Magni’s Nox from them. There are those however who still practice the traditional method of mastering the Nox and actively seek a way to redeem themselves and return to Umbra.

    While Hyperhumans tend to primarily be limited to a defined set of powers, Magni are able to constantly learn and adapt their powers. Each Magni channels the Nox like a large amount of current that when channelled through a conductive metal can be manipulated to a variety of effects. This current also acts similar to a magnetic polarity granting Magni a sort of sixth sense attraction to each other as they are literally attracted towards other Magni. Items made of conductive metals are more susceptible to the effects of magic and especially transformation based magic. Due to this, magic created by manipulating the Nox works on a similar principle to electrical current, attacking at a molecular scale and it directly affects its targets at an atomic level. This makes magic incredibly hard to defend against except through the use of counter magic. Separating a Magni from their connection to the Nox renders them completely powerless and as such many Magni avoid being outside during high noon or in brightly lit places. Due to the flow of the Nox being more regulated on Earth, Magni are able to learn to control and manipulate it with more ease than in the unstable and oversaturated environment of Umbra.​

    • The Novice rank is given to young Magni just beginning to learn how to use the Nox and form it to their will. Capable of what’s regarded as lesser feats of magic, a Novice is capable of producing a gout of fire, blast of ice or shot of sparks. Novice level magic can also cast wards capable of stopping other Novice spells, produce a beacon of light, and heal minor wounds such as sprains or cuts that might require stitches. Most Magni began to learn these spells between the ages of five and seven. As such they don’t require stealing the Nox from another Magni in order to advance themselves to this level. Generally Magni at this level use a training conduit being too young to have developed their own.
    • Upon proving their mastery of the Novice level spells, traditionally Magni were taken under the wing of another Magni of at least an Adept Rank to be tutored. Upon this action being fulfilled, the Novice would become an Apprentice. Apprentice magic increases the strength of all spells learned as a Novice while introducing new effects and uses for the Nox. The Magni’s level of manipulation becomes stronger as they learn to further focus the Nox within themselves and to choose or build a conduit to call their own. Conduits come in all shapes and sizes from jewelry such as rings or amulets to weapons such as swords or guns to the traditional staff or wand. A Novice Magni could potentially advance themselves without the use of a mentor through the use of the Dark Rite.
    • Magni who complete their tutelage under a mentor were traditionally graduated to the rank of an Adept. Since the discovery of the ‘Dark Rite’, most Magni seek ways to skip from Novice directly to Adept. Adept Magni are the most common ranked Magni and have a fair mastery over using and manipulating the Nox to a wide variety of effects. Effective at both basic forms of defensive and offensive Magni it generally at this level that Magni began to choose a speciality whether this be focusing on destructive magic, transfiguration, alchemy or enchanting. It is also at this rank that Magni begin to experiment with their conduit, refining it further and enhancing what it’s made out of. Due to the Nox being channeled most effectively through a conductive metal, many Magni seek out items made of gold or silver to augment their power futher. While other Magni prefer to focus on training their body to expel various magical effects through multiple conduits. Additionally upon reaching the Adept rank, Magni begin to wear enchanted items which carry a specific effect locked inside them. Unlike a conduit however, the enchanted item has a set level of Nox contained within it thus allowing anyone to be able to use it. That said, this Nox is finite and unless recharged by a Magni, the enchantment will eventually be used up.
    • Maven ranked Magni are experts in magic having spent many years of their gratuitous lifespans honing their skills. As such, Mavens are capable of great feats of magic and able to cast lesser spells with little concentration. Spells learned at this level can alter the molecular structure of a substance and change it into something else, move objects simply through the power of magic, enable themselves to continue to breathe in environments without oxygen and numerous other effects. Traditionally, a Maven ranked Magni would be well over a hundred years old, if not several hundred years in age. Due to the Dark Rite however, this length of time is no longer required as Magni seek out the masters and take them by surprise often resorting to unfair dueling conditions in order to strip the Maven of his Nox. It should however be noted that in order to reach a Maven level rank that a Magni does not necessarily have to strike one down. Several Adepts with various bases of knowledge could eventually equate the knowledge of a Maven. This rule applies to any rank with a Novice able to attack other Novices who may have been taught differently.
    • Master level Magni are capable of incredible and often unbelievable feats of magic. Traditionally ancient in age, Masters of the Nox can cast spells with massive areas of effect possibly able to even affect an entire city if not a larger range. Master level Magni can alter the weather, manipulate the earth, conjure and enslave the dead or heal an entire hospital full of sick people. Very few Magni live the hundreds of years it takes to become a Master of the Nox but those who do are a sight to behold. Ancient and filled with knowledge, very few can stand in the way of a Master. However due to their longevity and vast experience, the life forces of other Magni scarcely sustain them. This unfortunately forces the Master to be ever in search of other Magni. While Masters can be defeated in combat, most generally die of old age due to their impressive prowess. A patient Magni may stalk a Master until he’s near his death bed then strike him down to take his abilities.


    erhaps the rarest of all super powered individuals are the Celestials. Celestials are more often than not visitors to Earth for other planets, solar systems or galaxies. Rarely have more than one Celestial appeared on Earth at the same time, and most often they blend into society by suppressing their alien nature much in the same way that a Hyperhuman or Magni might hide themselves. Due to very few being available to study and more life beyond Earth than most are willing to admit, the Celestials are very unpredictable in what form they may appear in or take. Most often the abilities displayed by Celestials are merely natural adaptations to their native environments but some like Hyperhumans or Magni are in fact a different genetic structure. Furthermore, some Celestials rely upon their technology which at times can be more advanced or very different than those found on Earth. It's not uncommon for some of this technology to be found abandoned or even salvaged from crash sites before ending up in human hands.​

    • Aquatic Sentient Species are comprised of Celestials thought to be descended from marine life. These lifeforms often fit into other categories, but were classified together. Aquatic lifeforms included those that could breathe water, air, or both.
    • Avian Sentient Species are comprised of Celestials thought to be warm-blooded, feathered and winged creatures. They typically had light bones and strong muscles, needed to enable flight. However, many sentient avian species have lost the ability to fly.
    • Craniopods or Exotic Sentient Species are, despite this broad categories, lifeforms so truly alien that they do not fit easily into any of the common categories.
    • Insectoids or Insect Sentient Species are arthropods, with defined body segments; most commonly head, thorax and abdomen. Many had hard exoskeletons, wings, and could have any number of segmented legs. Some Insectoid species evolved into different forms, such as humanoid insect species. Often, Insectoids can be devided into one of two sub categories.

      Hard Invertebrates: These Insectoids have hard outer bodies with no internal skeleton. These often included crustaceans, and some flying creatures. While this classification is primarily used for Insectoids it can also apply to other Celestials such as Aquatic Sentients.

      Soft Invertebrates: These Insectoids are descended from soft-bodied species with no bones, such as octopi, slugs and worms. Like Hard Invertebrates, this sub category can cross over with other primary classifications.​
    • Mammalian Sentient species are warm-blooded vertebrates, who nourished young through secretions from mammary glands. Most mammals were covered in hair. Mammalian species are among the most common to visit Earth primarily due to their similarities to humans. In fact a subcategory of Mammalian includes Humanoid species.

      Humanoids: Celestials which closely resemble humans. These Celestials can be mistaken for Hyperhumans, Magni or even ordinary Homo-Sapiens but other have at least one distinguishing feature which makes them notably different.​
    • Non-Sentient species can be Celestials belonging to any of the other categories however they lack sentience meaning their little more than animals. Often these Celestials only end up on Earth as another Celestial's mount or pet, but occaisionally an accident will bring one to Earth and unleash it upon an unsuspecting population.
    • Plantoids or Plant Sentient Species synthesize energy from water, nutrients and sunlight. As such they are usually immobile, although some species are able to move to seek better soil, light or nutrients.
    • Reptilian Sentient Species are cold-blooded vertebrates, typically covered in scales or bony plates. They typically evolved from species which resemble lizards, snakes, crocodiles or any other similar reptile. Most Reptilian speces are land based, and lay eggs to reproduce.


    hile the majority of individuals who display powerful abilities are either Hyperhumans or Magni, some people happen to just be normal humans. These humans however augment themselves with fantastic technology and gadgets obtained through either ingenuity, wealth, luck or discovery. Some choose to simply hone their body and fight with a set of simple tools but others still are lucky enough to stumble upon a relic from another time or world. These relics or artifacts can benefit the user of a multitude of ways enabling them to stand on par with Hyperhumans, Magni or Celestials.​

    • Basic technology is anything that is built from simple items or even bought off the shelf at a local store. Basic technology includes items such as lock picks or walkie-talkies. Basic technology is very easy to come by and doesn’t require a large budget.
    • Advanced equipment is gear or items made using acquired or taught knowledge such as an Engineering Degree. Could also be equipment made by an individual with a low level Hype ability. These items can consist of building a grappling gun, collapsible glider or other such items. Advanced technology comes at a higher cost requiring a steady income to support it.
    • Complex equipment are items made using high levels of intelligence, generally by a Hyperhuman but could also be a mechanical genius. This could also be technology that was designed from years of experimentation by high level research and development departments. These items could include a jetpack or a suit of powered armor. Complex technology is quite expensive and more than likely unaffordable for the majority of people. Individuals with this technology are generally either rich or criminals.
    • Alien technology is generally of an unknown origin or it could be leftover from a Celestial visitor or even arcane technology created through alchemy by a Magni. This is some of the most powerful and unpredictable technology in the world. Acquiring this technology is very difficult as it’s very limited. Generally luck or criminal activity is the only way to come by this technology.


    he Crescent City Police Department or CCPD is the local law enforcement which serves and protects all three urban centers. Like all police departments, CCPD has several special operations divisions. The main headquarters is centered out of New Lilith with a secondary headquarters in Los Paraíso and a small office in Kilbride.

    The Crescent City Fire Department is centered out of Kilbride, with small stations in both of the other city. In terms of medical services both Kilbride and New Lilith are equipped with state of the art hospitals although Kilbride’s is retrofitted as opposed to New Lilith’s which was built five years ago. Los Paraíso has several medical facilities but no hospital to call its own. Crescent City is also dotted with numerous walk-in clinics and even some free clinics to help those in need.​



    • The Highway Men:
      The Highway Men are a well-established biker gang that runs out of Kilbride's Narrows. Specializing in preying on travelers and stealing their cars, the Highway Men have quite a reputation out near the freeways. They operate out of several garages around the city, keeping their base on the move since their last leader was busted just over two years ago. These garages are all equipped for stripping a car of its identifiers and making it easy to sell on the black market. While they weren't originally a violent gang, ever since the new leader took over the Highway Men have become steadily more vicious in their attacks and car jackings. This change in mode of operations has brought them into conflict with the Bruisin’ Boyles.​

      The Welcome Crew:
      Primarily made up of Los Paraíso’s bored local rich kids ranging from mid to late teens, the 'Welcome Crew' prey on lone or weak looking tourists. Once they've found a target they split their numbers in half, with the one half running ahead to find an ambush alley while the other half tails the target. Once the target passes the ambush point, the 'Crew drag them into the alley where the rest of the gang rushes in and the collective group brutally beats the tourists before running away leaving the victim in critical condition and sometimes dead. Police believe that the gang is run by a single authoritative figure who has found a way to manipulate these kids.​

      The Anarchists are a small terrorist cell operating out of New Lilith bent on causing as much chaos as they can at a time. Often they employ arson as their primary means of attack but they're no strangers to bombs and other forms of explosives. If they can get their hands on guns or other firearms they will use them but most of their attacks are done using untraceable homemade devices. The Anarchists tend to target the historical areas of the city to cause the most harm, however thus far due to their amateur nature they've been stopped. The police can't seem to isolate the leaders though and with each failed attempt the next one puts more and more of the city's populace at risk.​

      Harbour Kings:
      The Harbour Kings, or simply the Kings are a vicious gang which claims the Docks, Harbor and Beach districts as their territory. A more modern gang, the Kings are somewhat unpredictable and constantly change their tactics. They specialize in illegal imports and exports hence their territory claims. At home however they often distribute drugs especially to late night beach parties. The Kings are reported to be quite violent, including assault with deadly and often illegal weapons. The Kings have also been known to deal and distribute arms as well which brings them specifically into conflict with the De Vitis Crime Syndicate. This occasionally leads to violet shoot outs around the Docks. The Kings are thought to have a friend in the system as more often than not, those who have been apprehended usually get away with anything up to and literally including murder. The Kings are open to recruiting just about anyone, however once you're in you usually don't get out.​

      The Third Street Roughnecks:
      The Third Street Roughnecks, or the Thirds as their often referred to, are a group of older kids with too much money to work and too much time on their hands. They're regarded as pests primarily, and are often a nuisance to the local authorities impeding them from attending to much more serious crimes throughout Crescent City. Though they normally terrorize the rich neighbourhoods of Los Paraíso, the Thirds will occasionally venture down into the shopping districts. The Thirds have an ongoing rivalry with ‘The Welcome Crew’ and occaisionally the two gangs will be brought into conflict. Some of the other gangs, particularly the De Vitis Crime Syndicate are known to hire the Thirds to create a disturbance to draw the authorities away from their own crimes or at the very least divide the available force. The Thirds' primary methods of operations include vandalism, graffiti, petty theft, limited assault and occasionally breaking and entering.​

      The Bruisin' Boyles:
      The local Irish Mob, the Bruisin' Boyles, or the Bloody Boyles, or even simply the Boyles work out of Kilbride’s Industrial District. Unlike the Kings who openly recruit, to be part of the Boyles you have to be born into one of the city's Irish or Scottish families. The Boyles primarily deal in carjacking and chop shops. But they're often brought on as enforcers and bouncers at pubs around the city. Rough, rowdy and violent, the Boyles are regarded as highly dangerous. The Boyles often ship their 'frankenstein'd' cars north to Seattle, bringing in a suitable profit which they use to ensure their gang remains in control of the industrial district. The Boyles also buy and distribute drugs from the Fierro's through their territory as well as being known arsonists. At one point in history, the Boyles were the largest organized crime family in the city with a substantial amount of control on it. This has diminished significantly since the 1960's.​

      The Courtesan:
      One of Los Paraíso's brothel houses, it operates out of the Lonely Hearts’ Club in the Paradise Strip District from the back of the 'Courtesan' bar and club. A gray area in terms of legalities, this highly functional prostitution house sees a fair share of patrons from all over the city almost every night while in the day operates as a historical feature. While the police have tried to make a few arrest, the owner of the Brothel, Miss. Mina Harker, has always been able to clear the building as legal. Though rumors say that quite a few of the workers are acquired through less than legal means, in addition to the fact that quite often someone who 'forgets' to tip can be found dead as a doornail in a dumpster a few blocks away. Despite all this Miss Harker proclaims her establishment to be the shining example of legal, it also doesn't hurt that Miss Harker seems to have access to immeasurable wealth.​
    • De Vitis Crime Syndicate:
      The De Vitis Crime Syndicate is the most dangerous of all organized crime in Crescent City. Run by the elusive and ominous Raul De Vitis, the De Vitis Crime Syndicate has their hands in almost every pocket in Crescent City. Originally starting off as arms dealers, De Vitis eventually gained enough money to build his casino empire eventually buying up enough land to create an entertainment district in Los Paraíso. The De Vitis Crime Syndicate still primarily deals in arms dealing, but also blackmail, extortion, arson, assassination, human trafficking and prostitution. The list of crimes is constantly being added to as the Syndicate will do anything it can to make money. Becoming an actual member of the Syndicate requires being fully hired. Unlike many of the gangs around Crescent City, the Syndicate believes in providing its members an actual career. They are professional criminals, having trained specialists in their ranks ranging from lawyers, to doctors to former Spetsnaz operatives. On top of those who are actually on the payroll, the Syndicate has control over some of the more influential citizens in Crescent City including but not limited to, the Mayor and the Police Commissioner.​

      La Familia Del Fierro:
      A dangerous drug cartel that came up from Mexico during the 1980's, the Fierro's grow, manufacture and distribute a wide variety of drugs but among their most popular are marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin and ecstasy. The Fierro's are highly protective of their producers and suppliers, this brings them into conflict with the ever aggressively expanding De Vitis Crime Syndicate. While most of the other organized crime sects within the city avoid open conflict, the Fierro's have no problem opening fire while surrounded by a crowd of bystanders. This greatly enhances their fear rating within the community. In addition to this, the Fierros are known for back stabbing or double crossing those who deal with them especially if they can gain additional profit from these actions. For this reason people would prefer not to deal with them, however due to addiction and the Fierror’s cheaper prices most customers come crawling back to buy more despite the danger.​

      Five Coins:
      One of New Lilith's oldest legends says that the city's original founders have five ceremony gold coins minted to mark the occasion. It was also said that these fives coins were stolen by a group of thieves. The Five Coins are a secret sect of thieves who live and operate within Crescent City though many dismiss them as urban legends and fictional. The police refuse to take the notion of a underground network of thieves secretly despite the fact the Coins leave a signature calling card in the form of a golden coin. The Five Coins live by a very strict code and anyone in the group who kills or attacks while performing a heist is immediately kicked out of the group and turned into the police either by way of entrapment or a frame job. It is unknown if the Coins have a set headquarters or if they're nomadic, constantly changing their base of operations from location to location within Crescent City. The Coins also act as protectors for the city’s homeless and constantly open up abandoned buildings to act as shelter for them as well as providing food and money stolen from those who they deem have more than enough.​

      Human Traffickers:
      No one knows the name of the group who is behind the kidnappings in Crescent City, but there's a small group of human traffickers who preys on anyone out alone in the dark. Police can't seem to find a pattern as people of all ages, genders and race go missing at random never to be heard from again. Any of the bodies that have showed up have been stripped of both their blood and their organs. Police believe there's some kind of black market deal behind this but they have no leads as neither the bodies nor the kidnapping sights yield any evidence.​

      The Coven:
      The Coven is a group of supposed 'witches' but in reality they just seem to be a group of animal and environmental activists who use traditional stereotypes combined with nature based religions to entice people to believe that are in fact witches. So far they haven't caused any damage to the city or caused anyone bodily harm to any of the citizens. But they have been detained for unlawful gathering and protests. Police are keeping a close eye on them as they fear their methods will grow more extreme especially with the attention the media has been giving other gangs in the city.​


    The Alexandria Foundation:
    Originating out of the Middle East, the Alexandria Foundation masquerades as an international oil giant but is actually a preservation force looking for assets to benefit its countries of origins. As such agents of the Alexandria Foundation often find themselves in conflict with the Black Lotus Society and S.H.I.F.T. It is believed that the Alexandria Foundation has discovered and is hoarding an alternate means of power. This new power source could revolutionize the world but the Alexandria Foundation continues to use oil as its main product due to the economic gain black gold brings in.​

    The Black Lotus Society:
    An elite secret society of professional assassins and terrorists. The Black Lotus Society originated out of China but primarily operates out of Central Europe in modern times. Available for hire only for the extremely wealthy, the Black Lotus Society seeks to widen the gap between the economic classes and eliminate the middle class in order to create a ruling class to control. Furthermore, the Black Lotus Society also operates as a collector of ‘Unique’ assets. Actively seeking out anything extraordinary or not of this world, the Black Lotus Society takes a high interest in all matters Hyperhuman, Magni and Celestial. Using these assets to move towards its goals.​

    Constantine’s Guard:
    A fragment of the Knight’s Templar, Constantine’s Guard are a group of extremists dedicated to exterminating anything on Earth that is not human. Despite being small in numbers, the Constantine’s Guard are highly efficient at taking down beings much more powerful than themselves using stolen prototype technologies. Constantine’s Guard has been linked to numerous biomedical organizations over the years and it’s theorized that they may be experimenting with bioweapons to diminish the growing Hyperhuman population.​

    The Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department was a former Canadian initiative that was expanded into part of the United Nations after a terrorist by the name of Yakob Kowalski tried to paint all Hyperhumans as dangerous. The department is organized into three divisions. The first of these divisions, Equality and Research deals with the social issues that plague Hyperhumans. The Logistics and Research Division focuses on further understanding the genetics and development of the Hype-Gene along with numerous technologies which help to protect the average citizen from Hyperhumans who choose to abuse their abilities. Lastly there's the Protection and Enforcement Division who track down and contain those who do in fact abuse their abilities. On the other side of the coin, the Protection and Enforcement Division protect Hyperhumans from those who wish to persecute them.​

    The Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce is a specific team affiliated under H.E.L.P.'s Protection and Enforcement Division. Equipped with specialized gear members of S.H.I.F.T. are dispatched when situations become far too dangerous for the military or H.E.L.P. agents to handle directly. S.H.I.F.T. members are trained to resist and avoid even some of the most dangerous Hyperhuman attacks and about 95% are Hyperhumans themselves. S.H.I.F.T. was first established in response to a rising number of vigilantes who were abusing their Hyperhuman abilities S.H.I.F.T. was created to intervene and contain the situation to prevent the loss of life on both sides. As such, standard armament for S.H.I.F.T. agents includes both lethal and non-lethal weapons such as tasers and tranquilizers.​

    A ‘hacktivist’ group, Uroboros is a networked group of likeminded hackers dedicated to uncovering and exposing every dirty little secret behind every government and corporation out there. Using various IPs, pseudonyms, Uroboros manages to remain in the shadows and keeps its members secret. Anyone who tries to infiltrate Uroboros is generally found out immediately and made an example of. It is not known what the goal of Uroboros’ activity is or if they even have one, many law enforcement agencies simply dismiss them as anarchists.​



    [1.01] You can create any superhuman mold you want with tact. All invincible superhumans or obvious imitations of DC or Marvel titles will be judged harshly. If you must make a 'monstrous' character/power, I advise you to make your character dual sided so they may blend with the regular people. Your abilities should also be a secret to anyone outside of the character’s circle of trust, remember people are afraid of what they don't understand and super powers are a new concept to the world. People will not be willing to accept them very quickly.

    [1.02] Character sheets will not be accepted until the GMs have had time to look over the CS thoroughly. This not only ensures that we the GMs have time to read through Character Sheets appropriately but also that you the Player are receiving proper critique as well as a solid community to interact with in the In Character Threads. We appreciate your patience with this.

    [1.03] All Character Sheets must be submitted to the GMs in the provided or similarly laid out format. Character Sheets which do not use an organized skeleton will be rejected and asked to comply with a standard. Displays of impatience towards acceptance will result in an immediate denial. The GMs have lives outside of Iwaku and may have their time restricted during the week and/or weekend. Have patience and a positive attitude and you will receive a response.

    [1.04] Players are allowed one character to start. You allowed to create secondary characters after you make several posts. I just request that if you make multiple characters that you don’t have them constantly playing off each other.

    [1.05] Due to the in game statistics there’s limitations on the number of Celestial and Magni players. Hyperhuman and Tech players have no such limitation in this regard however. At most there will only be two to three Celestial players at one point and a maximum of five Magni players.​


    [2.01] Respect the Game Masters. The GM's words are to be adhered, don't argue or disregard them unnecessarily. If a GM asks you to stop doing something please do it. Likewise if a GM asks you to change something in your post please do it. Failure to adhere to any GM or Moderator requests will result in expulsion from the game.

    [2.02] Respect the other players. Constructive criticism is fine, but flaming or trying to run players off just because you don't like the way they do things is not okay. Remember, it's the GM's job, not yours, to point out if there's a problem. If you feel that there is a problem, then contact a GM directly.

    [2.03] Likewise any quarrels will be dealt with by the GMs. Don't take them out in the OOC, arguments should be dealt with between the two parties through private messaging. If the involved parties truly can't solve their issues a GM can act as an arbiter upon request.

    [2.04] No GIF Wars. This is a thread for discussion of the roleplay, its characters and plots. This is not a Spam Thread. Chat is allowed and encouraged but within reason, please try not to fill the OOC with numerous pages that have little to nothing to do with the roleplay itself. An active OOC generally means an active roleplay so feel free to chat up your fellow players about characters and events in the RP.​


    [3.01]You are your character, so act like them. Create or portray their mannerisms, powers, and ideals to how they have been established in the game. BE the character, not just yourself with the character's powers. The notes section of your CS has been provided for such a reason, use it to help yourself remain consistent in character portrayals.

    [3.02] Writing expectations for this roleplay are at least a two (2) paragraph minimum per post. Three (3) to five (5) paragraph posts however would be awesome so long as you're not simply chewing the scenery. Proper spelling and grammar is also expected but small mistakes here and there are understandable. Blatant offenses will be called out.

    [3.03] You are encouraged to post at least once per week. If there are any outside factors as to why you aren't able to post, please let the GMs know. If you find yourself in a plot with another player and they disappear, do your best to move on without them and quickly finish the arc to the best of your ability, or ask for the help of a GM. If you stop posting for two (2) weeks without a message in the OOC, your character will be listed as 'inactive', and after a further week of inactivity, your characters will be expelled, and dealt with as necessary in the IC, whether killed or used as needed and then discarded. Please if you know you’re going to be absent or simply have lost interest in the RP, just let the GM know.

    [3.04] No God-Modding or metagaming. This refers to controlling or manipulating another player's character in way that is completely self-beneficial and not pre-approved by the other player. This also includes being untouchable against NPC characters as well as being all knowing. Keep your character humanized or risk being expelled from the RP.

    [3.05] PC's are not to be killed without permission. Nameless NPC's are fine, but PC's or important NPC's will require authorization by their creator.

    [3.06] This is a Character Driven RP, and as such you are encouraged and expected to take charge of your character's sub-plots and storylines. That said, there will be a heavy emphasis on collaborative activities and team building as well. The GMs will be leading the RP in the traditional sense with a driving plot and will ensure the RP keeps moving however we do want to see you develop your characters and produce your own plots.

    [3.07] Absolutely no 'OOC' chatter in the In Character Thread. If you have a question or anything to explain there is an Out Of Character Thread provided. You have no excuse to make an 'OOC' comment in the IC and if done it will be heavily frowned upon.

    [3.08] Plots should not be completed in one or two posts. Your character should not be able to stop an entire robbery by themselves or put out a city block on fire with relative ease. That said obviously different power levels do apply so if you do manage to put out the fire, solve the cause of it. If you stop the robbery find out who hired the gang or what their motives were. If all else fails do some character development or show us some ‘Slice of Life’ moments for you character if you do solve a plot quickly.​


    his is an open world RP and I realize that relationships are a part of this. While I have no problem with this I do want it kept a specific way to avoid breaking any rules. Iwaku's standard is as follows:

    "Iwaku allows roleplays and stories to develop naturally, and that will occasionally include mature content. When you are posting a scene, story, or image outside of the Mature areas, please use the (spoiler) code to hide it with a content warning. That way people will be prepared. If you are running a roleplay that is purely filled with mature content, it must be posted in the Mature section."

    If you don't want to use Spoilers, then you may use the standard fade-to-black technique if you desire and that will be fine, just keep it PG-13/14A (May contain: violence, coarse language and/or sexually suggestive scenes.) both leading and following up. I implore you to keep within the age restrictions set up already by administration. As such, let’s keep it simple, ages 14-17 can have relationships with each other and likewise for 18-22. Obviously there's some grey area in there and I'd understand 16-18 should also be a range but please just use your common sense if you're going to seek a relationship within the RP. You have been warned of my expectations on this matter and should you fail to follow through you will be asked to leave the roleplay and reported for breaking site rules.​


    If you join this RP, if you take the time to submit an application, I'm putting my faith in you that you'll be committed to it and that the character you play will be consistent with the one in the agreed upon CS. Personally, I have a hard time with this sometimes and I understand that things just happen. That said I’m referring to suddenly giving a character new powers with no explanation or completely changing their backstory in order to add new skills. I’m okay with changes but I’d like a heads-up first so perhaps we can work a more natural way towards these things happening. In terms of commitment, dropping out of the RP randomly for whatever reason is a pain or a GM. Simply put, it wastes my time along with the other players. If you do not think you can join and you're sure something will come up, do not join. Tendency to not care about an RP after a while? Don't join. Simple as that. I will work with you when it comes to bumps in the road. If you think you're going to be out for a couple of days, that's fine. I'll find a way to excuse you from the story or play your character. However, please let the group known as far in advance as possible. If you're going on a trip, tell me something. Do not leave me wondering where you are. Let me know so I can keep things going. I will work around you if you work with me when you can.​


    [tabs][tab=| BASICS |][IMGA=right]A headshot of your character is preferred[/IMGA][B]| NAME: |[/B]

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    • | NAME: |
      Your full name as written on your birth certificate or driver's license.​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Any names your parents, relatives or friends call you. This can also be a 'superhero’ codename. If you don’t have one, you can always gain on in the IC.​

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Where were you born? If possible include City/Town, State/Province and Country, Planet if applicable.​

      | SPECIES: |
      Human, Hyperhuman, Magni, Celestial? Please indicate here. Note if you are a Celestial you can indicate your actual species name instead of Celestial.​

      | D.O.B. |

      | AGE: |
      No younger than 14 (earth years), no real age limit but if you’re over 50 in earth years you’re not going to be limber enough to be running on roof tops likely (obvious exceptions aside.)​

      | SEX: |
      Preferably your biological gender, if you prefer not go by a gender specific pronoun please note that in your Biography or Notes. Please do not answer 'yes'.​

      | SEXUALITY: |
      *Optional, if you'd wish to note it you may. If you have no interest in having it known or any other reason there's not need to put.​

      | APPEARANCE: |
      A written description detailing height, weight, hair colour, eye colour and any other notable attributes. A picture doesn’t qualify here as you already have the headshot above.​

      Your classification whether Hype, Magni or Celestial you have one. If you're having trouble let me know and I can tell you which category you likely belong under.​
    • | ABILITIES: |
      What extraordinary capability does your character possess?​

      | SKILLS: |
      Aside from the above mentioned abilities, do you have any notable skills? Note typing at 150wpm isn’t what we’re looking for here. Unless of course that happens to be key to your character.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      What are the character’s limits? Not to be confused with a weakness, limitations are a restriction such as a stamina or strength level. Limitations can be self-imposed or perhaps enforced by outside forces such as finances limiting a technology based character from upgrading their arsenal or replacing damaged equipment.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Do these powers give you any exploitable weaknesses? A weakness is not to be confused with a limitation, a weakness is a quality or feature regarded as a disadvantage or fault. Do green space rocks make you weak in the knees? Maybe the sight of blood makes you gag, etc​

      List some practical applications of your powers, include at least one combat application.​
    • | WEAPONS: |
      What weapons does your character carry if any? Please note them here, a brief description is always appreciated. Also please note if a weapon is only for a special occasion or if it’s kept stored until needed.​

      | TOOLS: |
      These are items you character carries that while they may be able to act as a weapon, that’s not their intended purpose. Lockpicks, tablet, medical kit, etc. Please note them here, once again a brief description is always appreciated.​

      | ATTIRE: |
      In terms of attire, this isn’t asking for what your character wears on a daily basis necessarily (unless of course that does apply) but rather this is where you list what you wear if you go out being a vigilante. This is where you describe your costume whether it be spandex or jeans and a leather jacket. If you have a signature look, please note it here.​
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      This is your history from the time you were born until the start of the RP. If you want to keep certain details vague so as to reveal them in the IC, skim over them for the time being or be subtle about them. But please avoid too many clichés, we're all familiar with the orphan who swears to fight for justice because of the death of his parents.[/ ​

    • | SAMPLE POST: |
      Please include a two paragraph sample written as the character you're applying for. This sample can come from anywhere but I would prefer if it was specifically written for this sheet and not pasted from somewhere else. I also prefer writers to use the third person perspective but I will consider first person as well, but as I said I prefer third person. The sample post is optional to Hyperhuman and Technology players but mandatory for Magni and Celestial players.​

      | HOME PLANET: |
      This is exclusive to Celestial players. This is a description of your character’s home planet briefly covering culture, environment and history. It should be at least two paragraphs long, beyond that it can be as detailed as you wish.​

    • *Optional, any additional notes you wanted to add that weren't covered by the above sections. This can be either kept for yourself or submitted for everyone to see. This would also be the place to include any NPCs you intend on using.​
    • ~This is an optional relationship page, and is to be filled out after other players have been accepted as well. Talk with each other and decide if you'd be friends, rivals etc. I'm hoping that by doing this we'll build a more collaborative and interactive RP. For additional players, just C+P the template.

      | [CHARACTER NAME] | [IMPRESSION (EG Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [RELATIONSHIP(EG Friend, Rival, Crush, etc)] | [BRIEF SUMMARY OF RELATIONSHIP (EG, Met Joey at a party, had a couple drinks and a few laughs, now we hang out almost every day.)] |



    layers are invited to submit secondary plots to the RP. These plots will firstly need to be submitted to the GM in order to ensure they don’t contradict with future primary plots, other player submitted plots or general backstory information. The player who submits a plot will be responsible for guiding it along should it be accepted. Secondary plots do not have to be open to all players and if one player meshes well with another, you are welcome to create a ‘miniature 1x1’within the RP. The form to submit a plot can be found below.

    [B]| PLAYER NAME: |[/B]
    [INDENT]Your Name[/INDENT]

    [B]| PLOT NAME: |[/B]
    [INDENT]I use song titles, you don’t have to stick with that though[/INDENT]

    [B]| PLOT LOCATION: |[/B]
    [INDENT]Which of the three Urban Centers is this happening in?[/INDENT]

    [B]| PLOT SYNOPSIS: |[/B]
    [INDENT]The summary of the plot that will appear under the Secondary Plot Section[/INDENT]

    [B]| DETAILED PLOT: |[/B]
    [INDENT]This is a more detailed outlining of your plot so I can understand exactly what your intent is, what enemies are involved and what the overall goals are.[/INDENT]

    [INDENT]How many players do you want or need for this plot to work?[/INDENT]​


    Is this an original universe superhero RP?
    Yes it is.

    Can I make an original character?
    Yes you may.

    How many players are you looking for?
    My original intention is to have an always open RP keeping in mind that players tend to come and go. That said if at any one time, the player counts gets over 20 I will temporarily close acceptances until I have inactive players to remove from the roster.

    What kind of powers am I allowed to use?
    Preferably powers which fit into one of the above listed 'Classifications.' Almost any power will work for this RP but note there's an emphasis on choosing powers which fit under one classification. Obviously Magni and Celestials have a bit more malleability than Hyperhumans.

    Can my character use magic, be a vampire/werewolf/god/alien etc?
    You are able to use magic, however vampires and werewolves do not exist within the context of the RP. The Magni are the source of any myths on Earth regarding both supernatural creatures. Other supernatural creatures are either a result of Magni magic or something that has come from Umbra. Both Magni and Celestials have been mistaken as gods throughout the course of history and as such you may play either one of those if you’re basing a character off of a god or mythological character. Celestials are aliens in this universe however as they have a limited presence on Earth only a few will be allowed in the RP at one time.

    Can I have more than one character?
    It is requested that you start with one character and make several posts before creating another. That said the answer is yes just not immediately.

    Can my character be bad/evil?
    As VIGILANCE provides an open world environment, your character may be of whatever alignment that you wish. That said, if you plan to wreak havoc upon the city, you will need to submit a plot to a GM for approval first. If you simply wish to rob a store you may go ahead or if you wish to team up with another evil character’s plot then you need to ask the player in charge of it. Likewise good players are free to roam the city and stop petty crime but if you wish to stop a crime ring you need to submit a plot or join a plot that otherwise satisfies your needs.

    Can my secondary character be evil?
    See the above point.

    What's the plot going to be like?
    There is going to be multiple plots at all time. The GM will provide the primary over arcing plot which will firstly follow recovering the city before working into a much larger plot. However there will be numerous secondary plots going on at all time. To begin with the GM has provided a couple however after the first ‘chapter’, secondary plots will be able to be player submitted. If a player submitted plot is approved it will be posted in that section detailing how many players the submitter is looking for a general summary of that plot. These plots will be able to range in variety as they are up to you the player to design.
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    Welcome to Vigilance everyone! Any questions just post them in the thread.

    12/13/2014-Magni Description and ranking updated to better communicate the general idea behind the concept.
    12/13/2014-The IC was created.
    12/17/2014-All Celestial Spots have been filled for the moment.​


    ~Coming Soon!~

    • | NAME: |
      Yakob Kowalski​
      | ALIAS(ES): |
      | SEX: |
      | H-CLASS: |
      | HISTORY |
      "They call me Hurt, it is what I am, it is what I do. Allow me to teach you."

      Originally a brilliant and successful Military Engineer, Dr. Yakob Kowalski was a former employee of the H.E.L.P working in their Logistics and Research Division. Originally joining H.E.L.P. wishing to use his knowledge and experiences in order to help Hyperhumans better cope with their abilities and prepare the world for them, Yakob dedicated his life to the helping create many of the technologies that H.E.L.P. would come to rely on. Such as the Hyperhuman Combat Suit as well as numerous other Anti-Hype and Hype Control devices which could be employed by S.H.I.F.T. Furthermone he was one of the first initial members who were key to the creation of the H.E.A.T. program and the original designs for the Augmented Reality Center.

      However, Yakob's entire outlook changed the day his family was killed after the Hyperhuman known as Tempest lost control of his developing powers over a decade ago. The result was a chaotic storm which destroyed much of the community in which they both lived, leaving behind a path of wreckage and sorrow. Tempest was taken away by S.H.I.F.T. and instead of being prosecuted was put into specialized training and care while Yakob was left with nothing but 'condolences' and a 'compensation' cheque from the H.E.L.P. The result of this was Yakob harnessing a grudge against all Hyperhumans, eventually using his work to look into ways to manipulate and eliminate them.

      Resigning from H.E.L.P., Yakob struck out on his own and over the years created various lobby groups who were very vocal against the acceptance of hyperhumans. Despite this, both H.E.L.P. and P.R.C.U. continued, barely affected by his efforts. With this failing, Yakob turned to the numerous Anti-Hype Sects, granting them access to his weapon designs but withholding the Hyperhuman Combat Suit, a part of his own private agenda to ensure that regular humans would still be seen as victims. However due to the interference of H.E.L.P.'s own elite force, S.H.I.F.T., these plans did not carry out as Yakob intended. Deciding it would be best to take matters into his own hands, Yakob began to recruit his own Hyperhumans by means of extortion, blackmail and anything else necessary. Creating his own variation of the Hyperhuman Combat Suit, Yakob deployed his recruits as they demonstrated why exactly the world shouldn't trust Hyperhumans.

      Although ultimately his attack against H.E.L.P., S.H.I.F.T. and the Pacific Royal Collegiate and University was foiled, many of Yakob's goals were ultimately accomplished as his actions reopened the wounds between Hypes and Humans alike. Currently Yakob is being held in a secure S.H.I.F.T. facility located beneath the island that houses both their headquarters and P.R.C.U.​
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    • | NAME: |
      Eugene 'Ewan' Richard Maddox​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Crescent City (Kilbride), California, U.S.A.​

      | SPECIES: |
      Homo Virium (Hyperhuman)​

      | D.O.B.: |
      August 08​

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Ewan is generally consider to be an attractive man by many of his adoring fans. Standing 5'-10" tall, he has dark brown hair often highlighted with blue or green streaks. His face is lit up by bluish-green eyes which stand out with his chisled jaw and million dollar smile. He weighs 182lbs, with a well toned body from years of keeping it in shape in order to be able to perform on stage for extended periods of times. Ewan's variety of clothes varies from day to day but he generally perfers jeans and a hooded sleeveless garment. He generally has a thick leather bracelet on either wrist and numerous rings on his hands. Around his neck is a silver chain from which hangs Drew's engagement ring.​

      Hyperhuman Class: MARS​
    • | ABILITIES: |
      Ewan is a Hyperhuman that possess the ability to manipulate shape or create soundwaves. He has control over both soundwaves he creates or soundwaves from another source. Soundwaves are a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. From the point of view of physics, sound is considered to be the waves of vibratory motion themselves, whether or not they are heard by the human ear.

      Ewan can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and for high-speed movement. At low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, while high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans but can be used for sonar-like effects. Since sound vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and any form of medium, defense by using physical barriers is difficult.

      In order for his body to be able to handle his abilities, Ewan has superhumanly powerful lungs, throat, and vocal cords that can produce a sonic scream. He also has selective hearing, enabling him to focus upon, enhance, or totally block out any given sound in his environment; this shields him from the deafening sound of his own sonic attakcs, and makes him a superhumanly acute eavesdropper in surveillance situations.​

      | SKILLS: |
      Ewan is a skilled musician and performer capable of playing numerous instruments and thanks to his abilities faking those he can't actually play. In addition to this he's a skilled music producer and mixer. Ewan was taught how to handle an automobile by his father and as such can hold his own in a street race as well as how to handle a motorcycle.

      Ewan has never been in a fight in his life however and only understands the theory of fighting with his fists. If it wasn't for his abilities he wouldn't likely be able to hold his own.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Ewan is limited by anything that can nullify sound. Materials which absorb sound can also limit if not downright block the desired effects. Furthermore Ewan is limited by his own physical condition as while he does have immunity to his abilities he can overstrain his system and temporarily cut off his own powers. He can also damage his throat or vocal chords from overabusing them.

      Aside from physical limitations, Ewan doesn't have many skills in the way of combat and thus relies on his abilities and gadgets. If disarmed and exhausted he essentially has no method of defense left.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      While Ewan does have enhanced healing through sonokinetic healing, he's still essentially vulnerable to guns and knives. He has no enhanced strength or durability and is currently untrained in using his ability to boost his speed.​


      Create Soundwaves: Ewan can create soundwaves using his vocal chords or by slapping his body against a hard surface. Clapping will create soundwaves just not with the same starting volume as his vocal chords could produce. Ewan can manipulate the loudness, pitch, tone and overall shape of the soundwave.

      Manipulate Soundwaves: Ewan can manipulate any soundwave generated from another source whether this is an instrument or a car crash. Ewan has made a living manipulating soundwaves as this is how he achieved his band's signature sounds and continues to do so especially when DJing at Nevermind. Ewan can do everything to an externally generated soundwave as he can do to one of his own.

      Sonic Amplification/Absorption: Ewan can increase or decrease the volume of any soundwave. Furthermore he can make sounds completely inaudible including himself. Ewan can throw out soundwaves that can counteract unanticipated sounds by muting or nullifying the sounds.

      Sonic Attacks: Ewan can manipulate soundwaves into a direct attack shaping them into a concussive blast or keeping them wide to affect a radius around him. Using his enhanced vocal chords, Ewan can produce a sonic scream or overwhelm opponents with deafening or disorienting noise. Low frequency sonic blast can stun opponents temporarily.

      Voice Manipulation: Due to Ewan's abilities he's able to mimic any voice he has heard. That said, the more he's heard a person speak the more he's able to mimic their voice and verbal tics. A conversation at length with a person will lead to an almost infallible impression but a fleeting sentence here and there will lead to simply a good impression. Ewan is able to project his voice over much further than even the best town criers and manipulate his voice to sound like more than one person is speaking.


      Omni-Tone:Ewan always speaks in perfect pitch, this is another attribute that lent itself to Ewan's success in the music industry. This ability allows Ewan a very broad range of vocal manipulation leading to his ability to mimic other people and create sonic waves with frequencies above and below the human range.

      Enhanced Hearing: Ewan has hearing above and beyond the human range both in terms of physical distance and frequencies. Currently his hearing isn't refined but once he has trained his ears he'll be able to do even more simply by listening.

      Sound Immunity: Ewan is immune to not only his own sonic manipulation but also to an external sonic manipulation. His body is especially adapted to completely resist sonic attacks into to allow him to fully maximize his own abilities.

      Static: Ewan's mind is protected by a layer or static soundwaves which blocks out mental attacks and keeps all but the most powerful telepaths out of his head. As such most Minerva types are blocked by Ewan's static although this static can be disturbed by another Sound Manipulator leaving Ewan open to a mental assault.


      Sonokinetic Healing: While this ability has manifested itself involuntarily, Ewan has not yet learned to control it and it will only manifest if he's on the verge of dying. By stimulating the cells in his body with vibrations produced at the correct pitch, Ewan can speed up his metabolism thus increases his body's ability to heal. Once Ewan gains mastery over this, he'll be able to relax to his favourite music while changing the pitch to heal his body. Though it should be noted any source of sound will do so long as it's prolonged or sustained enough for the healing. As soon as the sound is gone the effect is lost. This healing isn't instant but is still notably faster than the regular human body.

      Speed Boosts: Ewan will eventually be able to learn to manipulate soundwaves in such a way that he will be able to ride on them and channel them around his body to boost him forward or slow his descent towards the ground.

      Flight Further building upon the boosting his speed through soundwaves, Ewan will be able to use soundwaves at first to glide and eventually surround himself with them and propel himself freely through the air enabling him to fly. At his absolute best, Ewan will be able to propel himself at the speed of sound through the air creating a sonic boom as he reaches Mach speed.

      Soundwave Conversion: One of the most advanced sound manipulations Ewan can learn. Soundwave conversion allows Ewan to convert sound into other forms of energy, most prominently 'hard sound' and light. By converting soundwaves to 'hard sound', Ewan is able to create sonokinetic constructs of a simple nature such as a weapon or shield. Alternately he can turn sound to light to create a quick flash or a distraction. Used in combination with the Advanced Voice Manipulation technique of Beacon Emission, Ewan could create a pillar of light into the sky with the proper soundwaves.

      Vibration Emission: Manipulating soundwaves in the correct way, Ewan can create vibrations which could topple whole buildings if he had the proper supply of soundwaves. These vibrations can be used to counter other movement and potentially deflect projectiles or shrapnel. If timed correctly these 'Counter Vibrations' could at the least minimize the kinetic energy in an attack and at best completely neutralize it.

      Advanced Voice Manipulation: Tapping into his Omni-Tone, Ewan is able to make his voice have a persuasion effect over those he speaks to. He could also even hypnotize an open mind with his voice or lull them into a state of slumber. Further more he can empower his sonic scream with numerous effects such as causing fear, vertigo, or even kill. Ewan can directly his sonic scream into a beacon sending out over an incredibly wide range to rally allies or attract enemies to his location.

      Advanced Enhanced Hearing:If Ewan refined his ability to listen he could use his hearing in combination with his voice for the effects of echolocation or sonar. Furthermore he can listen close enough to a person's heartbeat and detect if they're lying. At the absolute best, Ewan will be able to literally see soundwaves in front of him and watch as they're manipulated by his abilities.​
    • | WEAPONS: |
      Ewan's only weapons currently are a pair of gloves rigged up with a speaker on the palm. These gloves are connected to the wrist bracers which store a small MP3 player that supplies the gloves with soundwaves for Ewan to manipulate.​

      | TOOLS: |
      Ewan carries a messenger bag with some basic tools for lockpicking and carjacking. He also keeps his smartphone to keep in contact with Zeb or his babysitter. Furthermore, Ewan carries several prepaid credit cards and cash on him to give away should he need to either bribe someone or come across someone in need.​

      | ATTIRE: |
      Currently Ewan doesn't have an extensive outfit as he's just starting out. He wears a hooded jacket with motorcycle pants and boots. His hands are equipped with his custom built gloves and often he wears various motorcycle armor pieces such as knee pad and elbow pads to protect himself. To further hide his identity, Ewan wears a bandana around his neck which he can pull up around his face to conceal the lower half.​
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      A former rockstar turned club owner, Ewan Maddox was born and raised in the Kilbride area of Crescent City. Born as Eugene Richard Maddox, Ewan was raised primarily by his retired grandfather due to his parents being too involved in their own lives to make much time for the boy. While not millionaires, Ewan’s family were always well off living in one of the better neighborhoods within Kilbride’s North City. Ewan’s mother Guinevere worked as defense lawyer, however most of her clients are generally criminals who Guinevere enables to literally and figuratively get away with murder. His father on the hand was once a top semi-professional racer until unsportsmanlike behavior got him permanently banned from the track. After this set back in his career, Richard began street racing in order to have money to contribute towards the family. During these times Ewan was left in the care of his grandfather Caleb Maddox. A retired electronics and robotics engineer, Caleb took great joy in sharing his skills and knowledge with Ewan who bonded to his grandfather as though he was his actual father. Each summer when Caleb travelled to Wales to visit his brother’s family, Ewan would travel along with him much to his own parent’s relief with their ‘babysitter’ out of the country.

      Going through elementary school, Ewan found himself a victim of bullying mainly due to his name. This came to a head at the time Ewan was enrolled in high school and after months of begging finally got his parents to agree to enroll him under the name of Ewan, a name he chose for himself both because it sounded more Welsh and in part to pay tribute to the actor of one of his favourite character’s at the time, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Around the time that Ewan turned fourteen his father came home and announced that he was going to make it up to his son all the years they hadn’t been able to spend time together because of his odd jobs. He explained to his wife and child that he had landed the job of a lifetime, one that would make them enough money to move out of North City and into Paradise Hills if they so wanted. When pressured to reveal what this mystery job was, Richard wouldn’t spill but for almost two years he stayed true to his promise. Recruiting Ewan to help tune and modify his car, Richard would also go on to teach Ewan how to drive both motorcycles and cars. In doing so, he made sure that not only would Ewan be able to ace any driver’s examination but that his son would have the fundamental skills to impress should he get roped into street racing himself one day. The mystery job that Richard had been hiding from his family was in reality a heist planned for the New Lilith Historical Mint. The job however was botched and Richard abandoned his position as getaway driver in order to avoid being killed in the crossfire or arrested in the aftermath. What Richard didn’t realize was that he had been hired by the Famiglia De Vitis Crime Syndicate, and one does not simply fail Raul De Vitis. On the eve of Ewan’s sixteenth birthday, Richard didn’t return home after he was abducted and disposed of by some hired thugs. Despite Guinevere pushing the Crescent City Police Force to repeatedly search for her husband, no body was ever discovered meaning that Richard was somewhere underneath Dead Man’s Bog.

      The family was devastated by the loss of Richard and even more so as the media was leaked information linking Richard and his numerous odd jobs to various crimes around Crescent City. Guinevere’s reputation was put on the line and Ewan retreated into himself, angry and upset that after all the years of his father ignoring him, he was so quickly taken from when things had begun to improve between them. Worried about his grandson, Caleb tried to get Ewan back out and involved in the world. Despite numerous efforts nothing seemed to work and Ewan’s health was taking a toll because of it. As a last resort, Caleb showed up at the house with a gift for Ewan, a guitar. When Ewan looked at him in confusion, Caleb simply smiled and explained that if the boy was going to be sick with the blues he may as well sing about them. Initially he ignored his grandfather’s advice but curiosity got the better of Ewan as he began to play with the guitar. It didn’t take long before he was using the internet to search up how to properly play the instrument and the chords for his favourite songs. Ewan eventually discovered his Hyperhuman abilities on day in a fit of frustration having been unable to properly play a riff from a song. Slamming down hard on the strings, the teen found himself thrown across the room as the riff blared out of the nearby amplifier. Trying to replicate the effects, Ewan had no luck until once again he grew frustrated. Over the next few months, Ewan learned how to focus on a sound and manipulate it, changing its pitch, tone, intensity and all of its attributes. With this new found ability, Ewan’s prowess on the guitar began to skyrocket. His abilities made it easy to compensate his skill and soon he began to play other instruments. After winning a talent show at the end of his sophomore year of high school, Ewan decided to record various videos over the summer and post them on social media. By the time the start of his junior year rolled around, Ewan had become something of a local celebrity with teacher’s urging him to his focus into music. Taking their advice, Ewan wrote his first song dedicating it to both his grandfather and his deceased father. Taking musical inspiration from the likes of Kurt Cobain, Ewan’s first song had a distinctive haunting sound as he sung about how quickly a life could be extinguished. This of course ignited Ewan’s musical career as the song ended up getting him international attention through YouTube. Picked up by a Banana Phonorecords, a music label in Los Paraíso, the label put together a band for Ewan creating Extinguish/Ignite.

      While the band’s first studio album has dismal results, Ewan decided to get involved with local charities to get the band’s name out there. While he himself was known as a solo artist online and locally, the band’s name meant nothing to his followers. Performing at local charity functions, sports games and other events, by the time the band’s second album came out it skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Extinguish/Ignite had a national tour lined up by the time Ewan finished high school and already had three number one singles nationally and one international number one under his belt. The tour ended up lasting for the better part of the next year and went through almost thirty different states. Ewan began to bond with the band members, enjoying backstage meet and greets together and partying with fans in dive bars after concerts. It was through these events that Ewan eventually met Drew Penelope Scott. A struggling amateur model, Drew had become something of a groupie and had planned out her modelling gigs with the band’s tour schedule. Hitting it off with Ewan, he began to look for her after every show and the two became quite close. Waking up in a hotel room with Drew after the pair had snuck away from the after party one night, Ewan discovered that their connection was not only based in music but on another level as well. Drew was also a Hyperhuman as Ewan was ‘coldly’ informed when he surprised her in the shower. Revealing his secret to her as well, the two became an exclusive item and eventually fell in love with Drew returning to Crescent City with Ewan upon the tour’s completion.

      Drew ended up finding very little work in Crescent City and set out to expand her resume. Trying her hand at acting in addition to modelling, she eventually relented to working as a waitress until Ewan heard her sing. Finding out that in addition to a naturally beautiful singing voice, Drew had been classically trained in violin, Ewan convinced the band to give her a chance. The sales of third studio element permanently cemented Drew’s place among Extinguish/Ignite as reviewers praised the chemistry and harmonics between her voice and Ewan’s along with the eerie vibe that the violin added to the band’s post-grunge sound. Realizing he was in love with Drew, Ewan eventually worked up the nerve to propose to her. Making her believe he had arranged a private gig at a five star restaurant, Ewan had the rest of the band set up ahead of Drew’s arrival and then begin playing as she arrived. As Ewan kneeled down to extend his proposal, Drew cried out yes as she became overwhelmed with emotions, tears of happiness spilling down her face. The two continued to write music together and plan a wedding date only for Drew to ask if they could postpone it as she announced to Ewan that she was pregnant. At the age of twenty one, Ewan became father to a beautiful baby boy named Zebulun Andrew Maddox. Swearing never to become his father, Ewan refused to take the band on any extended tours and bought out a club in the Paradise Strip to make it into their permanent venue. This met criticism from many of their fans but in the end the majority supported Ewan and Drew’s decision once Ewan assured fans that the band would tour nationally again but only once his family was stable enough to do so. In the meantime, their club ‘Nevermind’ became a hit and was lined out the door almost every night. Enjoying their success and the joy of raising their son together, Drew and Ewan eventually decided to try and plan their wedding again but as fate would have it, Drew became pregnant leading to the wedding being postponed once more. Unlike before however, the night Drew went into labour didn’t end with Ewan holding his newborn child. Having sent Zebulun off to his great-grandfather’s for the week, Ewan took Drew in his own car to the hospital. On route to the hospital however the pair were forced off the road by a high speed police chase as the criminal came onto the wrong side of the road. Despite all his father had taught, Ewan lost control of the car and went through a guardrail completely totalling the vehicle and in the process losing his fiancé and unborn daughter. Ewan himself barely survived, his Hype gene only saving him through a sonokinetic healing coma. As Ewan healed he began to take more of an interest in local politics wanting to ensure his grandchildren would never have to worry about living in a world where they might lose their mother. Despite the money donated and his attempt to run a legitimate business, Ewan witness Crescent City’s crime rates begin to climb. With the recent spike in crime due to the natural disaster raining down on the city, Ewan has reached his breaking point realizing he can no longer use his abilities simply for his own gain or to put on a show. In order to protect his son, avenge his fiancé and father and make a better future Ewan has embraced the idea of using his abilities to become a vigilante and bring justice to the drowning city.​

    • | SAMPLE POST: |

      A large modern nightclub found on the Paradise Strip, Nevermind has a full kitchen and a full recording studio within it plus a rooftop patio and massive dancefloor. Ewan made sure it had all the bells and whistles when Drew and him originally renovated the building. It attracts a younger crowd but some theme nights will get the more middle aged group out. Made up of three floors, the third floor is primarily private rooms while the second floor is almost more akin to a balcony over looking the first floor. The second floor is made up of booths to give people more privacy than the tables on the first floor that surround the dance floor. The DJ and bands have a stage on the first floor from which they perform and every floor is equipped with a bar. Nevermind is available for rental for private events as well and if you have the money you can hire Extinguish/Ignite to perform.​

    • -Due in part to the amount of time Ewan has spent with his grandfather, and because of his ability he speaks with a slight Welsh accent.

      -While Ewan employs many different instruments, he has two in particular he prefers. While touring with Extinguish/Ignite, Ewan uses a custom double necked guitar with one six string neck and one five string bass neck. While working at Nevermind, Ewan employs the use of a personalized keytar since he often acts as a more of a DJ unless performing with the whole band.

      -The band has allowed Ewan time to grieve for Drew however they are getting antsy about finding a replacement member since Drew became part of their sound. Ewan has thus far shot down all ideas of finding another female to fill Drew's spot in the band and has recently been playing the violin parts himself in the studio sessions.​


      • | NAME: |
        Caleb Edward Fitzroy​

        | ALIAS(ES): |
        Old Man Cal​

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        The elderly father to Guinvere Maddox and father figure to Ewan Maddox, Caleb was a founding member of H.E.L.P. having worked in the Research and Development section alongside Yakob Kowlaski. The two had developed numerous devices together including S.H.I.F.T.'s standard Hyperhuman Combat Suit. Eventually leaving H.E.L.P. to pursue his own career after the falling out with Kowalski, Caleb found employment in Crescent City at the Michaels' Innovations and Industries main headquarters. Working from the bottom up, Caleb advanced quickly thanks in equal parts to his experience and abilities. While at one point he was the Chief Engineer and CEO at Michaels' Innovations and Industries, Caleb had retired a number of years ago. Currently residing in a senior retirement home in Kilbride's North City, Caleb looks forward to visits from both his grandson and great-grandchild. A brilliant mind, Caleb can design almost any electronic device if given enough time and the proper materials to work with.​
      • | NAME: |
        Guinevere Rebecca Fitzroy-Maddox​

        | ALIAS(ES): |

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        Before her husband's death, Guinevere was a respected and powerful lawyer able to clear just about anyone of almost every crime. However after Richard was declared deceased a large amount of information was put in the right hands connecting Richard to numerous crimes and ruining Guinevere's reputation. Turning to the bottle and neglecting Ewan further, the two grew apart as he grew famous and Guinevere began taking ever worse criminals on as clients to get her reputation back. Now Guinevere is the top lawyer at the Locke Marketing and Legal in Los Paraíso and despite her numerous attempts to be part of her grandson's life, Ewan has kept her at a distance in order to keep his son from becoming leverage by any of her enemies.​
      • | NAME: |
        Richard Caleb Maddox​

        | ALIAS(ES): |
        Mad Dog Maddox​

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        The deceased father of Ewan, Richard was a top of the line driver who was banned from the track after dragging another racer from his car and beating him to a pulp. After that incident, Richard was forced to find wrok which lead him to underground racing and eventually to becoming a getaway driver for many of Crescent City's gangs. However after botching a job for the De Vitis Crime Syndicate, Richard was abducted and assumed dead when he never returned home. That said no body was ever found but the De Vitis are known for dumping their victim's corpses into the Langlands Moss Bog outside Kilbride. Richard taught his son everything Ewan knowns about handing a motorized vehicle and maintaining it.​
      • | NAME: |
        Zebulun Andrew Maddox​

        | ALIAS(ES): |
        Zeb, Zebby​

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        The four year old son of Ewan Maddox and Drew Scott, Zebulun or Zeb for short was recently enrolled at Sandstone Elementary school where he currently attends. An energetic child with a zest for life like his mother, Ewan is very protective of the boy seeing him as his last connection to Drew. Since both of his parents were Hyperhumans, Zeb will one day develop powers like his parents did, however until roughly the time of puberty neither Zeb nor his father will know what these abilities are.​
      • | NAME: |
        Drew Penelope Scott​

        | ALIAS(ES): |

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        The former fiancé to Ewan Maddox and mother to Zebulun Maddox, Drew was an amateur model turned musician becoming Ewan's lead singer in Extinguish/Ignite as the two fell in love. Sadly Drew was killed while her and Ewan were on their way to hospital as she entered labour. While Ewan survived, his fiancé and unborn daughter did not. Like Ewan, Drew was a Hyperhuman, one with the ability to create and manipulate ice.​

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    • | NAME: |
      Thomas "Tommy" Casey Campbell

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Tal'Or Nagon

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Fortress of Michael, Lordania.

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |
      May 6th, 1991

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Thomas is well built, standing at 194 CM and 81 KG. He is incredibly muscular, while still not being too bulky. His eyes is blue, and his hair is a dirty blonde, he keeps his hair short. He is usually seen wearing flannels, jeans and T-shirts. He also wears his adoptive father's old Leather Jacket and watch.

      Celestial Class: Avian.
    • | ABILITIES: |

      Lornian Physiology:

      Thomas's body is well beyond that of a human. He is many times stronger, able to lift several tons over his head. He is also faster, able to easily outrun Olympic sprinters . His bones are lighter, but much stronger than a humans, as such his bones are virtually unbreakable unless given extreme circumstances, such as a hype of the Atlas Class. His lungs are incredibly strong, he is able to hold his breath for a long time and handle very thin air without any problems. However, his most impressive physical ability is his healing factor. Cuts and bruises are completely healed in a few hours after being inflicted, and bullet holes and deeper cuts only takes a day or two to be nothing more but a scar.

      Superhuman Sense:

      Due to his Lornian Heritage, Thomas is able to see far greater distances than a human can. His eyes do not tire, nor do they get strained from moving at high speeds, such as flight, like a human would.

      Genetic Memory:
      Thomas holds locked in his dna every moment of ten thousand years of history, the entire lives of all of his ancestors. All of their skills, their knowledge and their experience. The culture and science of Lordania, the knowledge of a race that's traveled the universe and is far more advanced than the humans. Thousands of years of some of the universe's greatest warriors are all inside of him, ready for him to get into and learn from.

      | SKILLS: |
      Martial Arts:

      Thomas is trained in Kav Magra and Boxing by his adoptive father, he is excellent at both. He also has a innate style of martial arts from his home world, focusing on grapples and turning the opponent's strengths against them, as well as taking down an opponent as quickly and as efficient as possible. Thomas is very skilled at using his surroundings to his advantage, making improvised weapons is something of his specialty.

      Thomas has a rather good understanding of engines, not just cars but motorcycles, tractors and other machines. If it's run on diesel, odds are Thomas can tinker with them.

      Free Running:
      Thomas didn't always have his wings, for most of his 'career' he was still grounded, and as such he had to learn how to climb buildings, jump from one rooftop to the next and how to take a fall. Combined with his physical attributes, he is a very skilled free runner.

      Trinity Blood:
      Thomas is the only Lornian to date who has blood from all of the royal bloodlines, and this leaves him with the potential to utilize the full arsenal of Lornian abilities that are otherwise limited to one bloodline. But due to him having all of the Royal bloodlines, he does not have wings, unlike the rest of his kin. The trinity bloodline also prevents him from completely tapping into his genetic memory, as all other Lornians of the Gariel Blood have the ability to Memory sync from the moment they tries to tap into it.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      10 Ton lifting limit, able to run at speeds up to 60 KM/H. He heals roughly twenty six times as quickly as a regular human does. While Thomas's body heals wounds and gives him increased stamina because of it he is still highly vulnerable to poisons and radiation, his powers still heals permanent damage but it goes much slower than cuts and bruises.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      While Thomas's powers doesn't have a huge downside to them, physically, he is still comparable to a human. Bullets doesn't bounce off him, he can still get outmatched by hypes or Magni's, there is even humans who have kicked his ass more than once. Mentally, his powers prove quite the struggle, especially the memory part as Thomas has a very tough time trying to tap into them and they give him all sorts of trouble.


      Falcon Drop:

      Thomas uses his wings to send himself flying in a super-sonic speed and then charges his opponent, like a predator he strikes down his prey in one swift motion. This is his 'Hard hitting' move as it allows him to hit with incredible force and thanks to his powers his body takes minimal damage from using his wings in this manner.

      Memory Sync:
      Still a novice skill for Thomas, he is able to tap into his ancestors memories, their personalities and all of their abilities. This grant Thomas knowledge and the skills to take on a wide variety of foes. This does come at a cost though, as it also channels parts of their personalities.

      Ability Sync:
      Never been used by Thomas. Thanks to the Seraph blood in his DNA he is able to channel parts of the Seraph power. this means that in certain scenarios, where Thomas is in grave danger, or is otherwise in 'knee deep in shit' he will subconsciously tap into the Seraph Blood, vastly increasing his physical abilities. This does come with a huge drawback as he will be greatly exhausted and almost powerless afterwards. It is comparable to a Adrenaline kick.
    • | WEAPONS: |
      Thomas tends to not carry weapons on him regularly. However, if he knows he's going into a specific situation beforehand he will prepare by bringing weapons. His weaponry is everything from handguns to Katana. He personally prefers to use a Sawed Off Shotgun loaded with Rocksalt to deal with the average thug. The shotgun is placed in a holster on his left leg while in costume.
      He also commonly carries two specially made batons with him into combat, they are extendable and are placed on his belt.

      | TOOLS: |
      A pair of hand-made wings crafted by Thomas himself. They are attached to two 'rails' in Thomas's spine, which allows him to move the wings at will, as if they were a part of him. They were crafted using the metals from the ship Thomas came to earth in, the metals are of alien origin and is called 'Lornium'. It's a living metal, in the sense that it multiples it's own atoms, like cells. And that given time, the metal grows. The wings are several times more durable than steel, you are going to need a Rocket Launcher or something of equal power to penetrate the wings. They allow from a super-sonic flight speeds.

      Thomas carries a few sets of zipties and handcuffs to secure thugs with.

      | ATTIRE: |
      Info coming.

    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Thomas's story did in truth begin hundreds of thousands of years ago, on a planet far far away. He comes from the blood of a long line of great warriors of a alien race that while similar to humans are vastly different, much more evolved and much more powerful. He's born on Lordania to the Lornian people. Thomas is however unlike all other Lornians, as he is the only one to be born out of all three of the Royal bloodlines, as his mother was half Tyr, and his father half Seraph, their other halves being Cuid. Halfbloods like his parents are supposed to be sterile by birth, but something was off in their genes, making them still fertile, something they didn't realize untill his mother, was pregnant with their son.

      Ancient Lornian prophecies speaks of a child born with the blood of all three gods in him, a child that will either be the greatest leader of Lordania, or the greatest destroyer. His parents knew that the Grandking would not be keen on finding out which one it was, nor would he tolerate either and would instead make sure that the child would have a life of seclusion and torture, if he would allow the child to live at all.

      Instead, his parents choose to send their son away, the hardest decision they ever had to make. They choose to send him to a planet Lornians had visited many times before. Terra, known by it's people as Earth.

      Thomas arrived on earth in August of the same year he was born. His ship, no bigger than a space pod, landed in Longhorn County, Texas. The ship crashed right inside a newly built barn. The crash was like a ray of light as the barn was destroyed, yet, the ship and the child was unharmed.

      The people who owned the farm were two young people, Bruce and Mary Campbell, recently married. Bruce was a former green Beret, a police officer fresh out of the academy. His wife, Mary was a beautiful young teacher, she as well right out of school. They hid the ship before anyone could find it in a old church that no one visited anymore, in the cellar. The two chose to keep the child, raising him as their own. They named him Thomas.

      Two years after adopting Thomas, Bruce and Mary would have another child, another boy, Jason would be his name. Thomas grew up fairly normal, while Bruce and Mary knew full well that he was not like other children. It was when he was four years old that Bruce noticed it significantly, when Thomas had been getting pushed around at the kindergarten for several days. Eventually Thomas couldn't take it so one day when they got home he got so angry that he started punching the walls, punching holes in them in just a few strikes and the wounds on his hands healing in just a short amount of time.

      Bruce realized that Thomas needed special attention. He would be dangerous if they didn't take care of him, give him strong morales and teach him to be disciplined and channel his anger. Bruce did various things to contain Thomas's urges and his tendencies for violence, from the time when Thomas was seven years old the two would hike out into the wilds, going into the forests to go hunting, during these trips Bruce would inspire Thomas to do good, to channel his gifts into things of good, rather than destructive things.

      When Thomas was getting older, in his pre-teen and teen years, Bruce taught him martial arts, how to fight and how to avoid fighting. He taught him how to shoot guns and how to fight with swords, all of which Thomas was a natural at. Bruce spent many days with bandages around his ribs, stitches in his arms and bruises on his face after training his son, all in the name of teaching Thomas self-control.
      Bruce believed in the justice system, but was aware that it was flawed, the law was corrupt, not just in Longhorn City, but in all of the world. While his main objective was to train Thomas so he could keep himself safe he soon realized that Thomas could do what the law couldn't do. He could act outside of it.

      Bruce trained Thomas for this purpose for the most part of his teenage years, as it all became clear when Thomas was 17, when Bruce's partner, Mike was shot and killed in the line of duty and the scumbag who had killed him got away due to a slip up from the Lab. Bruce told him that he did the right thing in training him. That it was necessary after all.

      Thomas would go on to become a vigilante in Longhorn, becoming known as Longhorn's Guardian Angel, as he saved people without anyone ever getting a good look at him. He teamed up with other young people who had the same ideals as him and together they cleansed Longhorn from the crime and corruption that poisoned the city. When Thomas was 19, in 2010, Bruce would have a heart attack and die, leaving Thomas broken, angrier than ever, but in this anger he found some form of clarity. He let his instincts take control, and he got memory flashes of his previous lives, the lives of his ancestors.

      His mother would tell him about his ship and how he had come to earth, that they did not know where he came from, only that whoever it was that sent him must have loved him very much.
      Thomas went traveling the globe to find out more about where he came from, finding clues to where he was from. The hints on earth took him to the middle east, then to Russia and then to Egypt. While he had more questions than answers still, he had some clue where he came from now, returning to the states. His mother being very sick with cancer.

      Mary would get worse in the next couple of months, Thomas spending a great amount of time with his mother, his brother also coming back to town after spending the last couple years in Canada, attending at P.R.C.U. And finally, Mary lost the battle with cancer, despite Thomas and Jason doing everything they could to try and save her life, Thomas even exposed his secret to one of the doctors, in hopes of the doctor being able to use Thomas's blood to transfer some of his healing abilities to his mother, however, it wouldn't work.

      Distraught, Thomas and Jason would split ways, losing touch with one and another again. Thomas would fall down, but catch himself back up on the visions he would have, the visions of his home, Lordania. Thanks to the visions and the things he had found traveling the word, Thomas was able perform Lornian engineering. He smelted his ship down, to get the necessary metals and using a down-scaled version of the way Lornians built Fighter Jets, Thomas built himself a pair of wings. Contacting a old friend of his, a man his own aged named Chuck whom had a powerful Minerva ability. Chuck helped him build a device that would connect the wings to his spine and build him a suit that would allow for perfect flight and aid him in combat.

      Thomas could have stayed in Longhorn, but with his parents dead, and his brother going his own path, Thomas changed his sights. He set his sights on Crescent City, where he has lived for the last six months, running a garage as his own business.

    • | SAMPLE POST: |
      The Brotherly Bond

      3 Years Ago.

      Thomas nodded towards Jason, motioning for the younger brother to stand on the opposite of him on the boxing ring inside the old gym where the two Campbells were supposed to, as Thomas said “train”. Jason, not really interested, thinking his brother to be a pain in his ass, did as he was told, reluctantly. He leaned back on the railing of the ring really just to show Thomas that he was bored. Thomas was pacing back and forth, he then looked at his little brother and scoffed.

      “All right. You've had your fun. Four cruisers were taken out of commission, officer Peterson broke his arm because of your actions yesterday, Jason.” He began, his brother groaned. “Wow, you gonna lecture me Thomas?” A smirk crept up on the latter's face. “You're right. I'm not. Instead, I'm gonna teach you.” Thomas said, digging into his pocket, he got out the leather sheath that held their father's old hunting knife, Thomas tossed it to Jason, whom caught it.

      Thomas took a few steps towards his brother, putting himself within arm-length of his brother whom was looking at the knife in his hand, wondering where this were going. Thomas leaned towards his brother, and smiled. “Try and stab me, Jason.” before leaning back again, standing up straight. Jason chuckled. “You want me to stab you?” He asked, a smile on his face. Thomas nodded.

      Jason took the knife out of it's sheath, fiddled with it in his hands, he knew this was the first time he had ever gotten to hold this knife, their father had such sentimental value in it. He then looked at his brother, and shook his head. “I'm not gonna stab you, Tommy.” Jason said, but as soon as he had finished his sentence, his brother slapped him in the face, not hard, but enough to disorient him. “You're not gonna stab me? Then cut me, slice me up, Jason!” His arms crossing in front of his chest as he looked at Jason with his most serious face.

      Jason let out a “Psssh” sound, and then waved his brother off, only to get another slap to the face, this time hard enough to make him stumble backwards. “Stand straight. You look like a bitch slouching like that.” Thomas told Jason, his taunt let a slight growl out from Jason, whom then walked towards his brother. “Okay, I get it. You want to piss me off. Well, too bad it won't work.” Jason said, now slashing the air in front of Thomas, lunging forward at his brother, only for him to side-step and slap Jason in the face again. “You move like a bitch, you gonna get slapped like a bitch. Didn't they teach you anything in Juvie? Or were you just too stupid to listen?” Thomas continued taunting, Jason was now starting to get angry, lunging at him again he slashed several times, every time Thomas dodged, and as Jason left himself open, Thomas slapped him, grabbed him by the arm and twisted it behind his back, pushing Jason forward, making the knife drop onto the ring-floor, it's edge carving into the mat.

      Jason let out a annoyed growl. “Okay, you know what? Screw this. I'm not gonna do your stupid training drill, fuck you bro.” Jason said, starting to head out of the ring, as Thomas chuckled. “So he was right.” Thomas began, Jason stopping in his tracks. “Know why you've never held dad's hunting knife before? Because he didn't trust you, Jason. He knew you weren't in control. He could sense it in you from the start. I might be the one with the alien blood in me, but you were always the freak in the family.” Jason clenched his fist as the black smoke started to seep from him.

      Thomas smirked. “You know why I got the car, his knife, his leather jacket, his hunting rifle, and most importantly, his time when we were younger? It wasn't because I was older, or even because of my condition. No, it was because I was his favorite. Me he could count on, me he could be proud of. But for you, he never felt anything but pity and shame for.”

      Now Jason started shaking, the black ooze growing more violent.

      “Jason. Dad never loved you.”
      And just like that, Jason turned around, dashed to the floor and grabbed the knife up, and sprinted towards Thomas, the knife coming in a upwards motion towards the older brother, the edge facing him.
      He was moving fast enough to make it impossible for Thomas to dodge, he'd have to block. His forearms were used as shields as the knife sliced a quarter inch deep cut in both of his forearms, the cut being followed by a punch from Jason to Thomas's unguarded face. The punch making Thomas flinch and take a step back, and then move forward, using his palm to knock the knife out of Jason's hand, Thomas body-shot his brother once in the ribs, and then another time in the chest, sending the younger Campbell to the floor, sliding on the floor, however, as Jason hit the floor, he vanished.

      Thomas felt a tap on his shoulder, and then a fist in his face, disorienting him, two kicks coming his way, that he could barely block. Jason vanished again, Thomas feeling a grip around his windpipe, his brother trying to subdue him with a choke-hold, however, Thomas grabbed Jason by his forearm and pulled hard enough to pull the younger Texan off his back, and slamming him into the mat.
      Thomas came for a follow-up punch to the chest, which landed, only to get grabbed by Jason's legs and also knocked onto the mat.

      Thomas rose up to his feet, only to get met with an elbow to his head, followed by an axe-kick that he evaded by rolling to the side, and then up onto his feet. He closed his eyes for just a second as he heard the 'distortion' of Jason teleporting, turning around he send a right-jab behind him, his fist hitting Jason straight in the nose, sending him to the floor and into the railing, blood spraying from his nose.

      Thomas let out a slight groan. “You don't think, Jason. You don't plan. You just do whatever it is that god damn suits you and then you let everyone else get on board or get out. You never think about how your actions affects anyone else!” He shouted, his brother sprinting at him, tackling him by the waist, as he teleported the two of them a few meters into the air, the two of them dunking into the mat making it collapse under them.

      “You don't think I tried, Thomas?!” Jason shouted, his voice troubled by his heavy breathing from teleporting and fighting, as he crawled out of the hole in the middle of the ring, Thomas doing the same but on the other side of the hole. “Don't you think I tried to be like you, to be the son dad always wanted?!” He shouted at his brother, whom let out a chuckle, as the two of them laid on opposite sites of the mat, trying to catch their breaths.

      “You were, Jason. Dad adored you more than anything in the whole world, and it broke his heart every time you messed up, no matter how often it happened.” He said, sitting up with a slight groan. “You're powerful Jason. More powerful than I am. Look around you.” Thomas said, and as Jason looked around he realized that the entire ring had been demolished by their fight.

      “Dad had to deal with training me, pressing my buttons and dealing with me fighting him. He didn't heal as quickly as I do.” Thomas began, nodding towards his arms that had already started to heal, the blood had dried and closed the wounds. Jason groaned “So how the hell did you get so well adjusted? Let me guess, you realized you were perfect already..”

      A soft smile were on Thomas's face because of his brother's snark.
      “You remember the time dad said he had an accident while lifting hay and one of the stacks of hay fell down on him, and it broke his shoulder and ribs?” Thomas said, his tone changing a bit, shifting into a colder tone.
      “That was me, when we trained the night Jenny broke up with me in my Junior year of High School. I lost control and I hurt him. I gave in to my instincts that said to show no mercy, and I learned from that moment to never do it again, to always be in control of my actions. Bro, you need to realize that you need to be in control of your powers, you can't let them control you, you have to control them. Because if you don't, you're dangerous. Really dangerous.” Thomas said, scoffing and stroking his jaw.

      Jason nodded. “Oh.” He began, thinking it over for a second. “So how do I get more control?” Jason asked. “I don't know yet. For me it's in discipline, I get control over my powers by controlling other aspects of my life. For you, I don't know yet. But, baby brother, I'll always be here to help you out. You hear?” Thomas told Jason, whom nodded, as they both crawled to their feet and headed off the ring.

      “So, burgers and milkshake?”

      “Yeah, sure. My treat, Jason.”

      | HOME PLANET: |

      lotsofinfo (open)


      Many galaxies away, in the Druxian solar system, a green planet exists, roughly half the size of earth. The planet is covered in Green water and small pieces of landmass, the atmosphere is similar to that of earth and so is the climate. The Planet offers a pretty sizable amount of different species, variety from mammals on the ground to life in the sea. The air is thinner and the gravity is higher on Lordania which has lead to the species developed on the planet has increased lung capacity and stronger muscular and bone structures than most other races.

      The ground floor on Lordania is very difficult to live on for humanoid creatures as it is filled with toxic minerals and offers scarce vegetation as well as the large amount of predators. Due to this the civilizations are all elevated into the air on gigantic platforms several miles in the air.

      Lordania has four moons and it is circulating a white dwarf instead of a yellow sun, there are six more planets in the Druxian solar system, all of which have been explored and colonized by the Lornian race. The Druxian Solar System is often referred to as the Lornian Empire, and by some simply just as 'The Lore'. Due to the multi-Planetary system of the Lornian Empire they have a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation as well as several sub-species living under their heel. The Lornian empire offers to let any captured planet keep it's own culture as long as it accepts The Lore as it's overlords and gives in to any and all of their demands.

      Lornian Species

      Avian Class Celestials

      Notable Traits:
      Highly Evolved winged warriors.
      Various powers spread across the species.

      Roughly 12 Billion, 9 Billion living on Lordania, the rest being stationed on their colonies in the rest of the Lore system, there's roughly two million Lornians living off-system as well in various outposts across the universe.

      > Brief < History:

      The Lornian species was not always living in a golden city in the sky, there was a time millions of years ago when the Lornians were grounded and primal savages. There was only a few thousands of them on the entire planet and they were struggling to survive, this early stage in their evolution would be known as Nalba – The Weak. The Nalba were despite their primitive still apt warriors being able to hold their own against the more numbered humanoid species on their planet, their numbers were suppressed at a few thousand until some hundred thousand years of struggling to survive when three lifeforms came to their planet, looking for subjects.

      The Three Lifeforms called themselves Mi'kael, Ur'iel and Gari'el. They were brothers, and were powerful beyond measure. They communicated with all of the races struggling to survive on the planet, but after seeing and observing the Nalba the three came to see the potential inside of the the primitive savages. The trio made the Nalba their chosen people and would grant upon them their gifts.

      Their gifts were to make the Nalba their children. They did this by giving the Nalba their heritage. They altered all Nalba in their own image, stretching out their backs, improving their bodies in terms of strength and endurance but most notably they gave them wings. But the three Gods did not give these gifts out of kindness, but for amusement.

      The three would teach the Nalba, science, art and craftsmanship, they would help the Nalba build the cities that would protect them from the dangers below, leading the people to salvation and to prosper. The Gods stayed with their subjects for four hundred thousand years, making sure the species would evolve properly and to live in their image, but the three of them knew they could not stay forever, so instead they choose to gift the Lornian again.

      This time, the Lornians had to earn their gifts, they would have to prove themselves and the three of the greatest warriors, scholars and artists would be given the ultimate gifts, the blood of the Gods.

      Mik'iel blessed the champion with the ultimate strength.
      Ur'iel blessed the greatest mind on the planet with the ultimate wisdom.
      Gar'iel blessed the greatest scholar with endless life.

      They became the three royal bloodlines, and their children would carry on their gifts until many million years later the three royal bloodlines had gotten quite big in number. The Children of Mik-iel became known as Seraphs – Champions of Light. They are the ultimate warriors and the greatest military force in their entire solar system, as one of them has the power of a thousand other Lornians.

      The Children of Ur'iel would become known as Tyrs The Mindful. They are primarily the scholars and scientists of the Lornian civilization. Their abilities are connected to the mind allowing them to do things such as telekinesis and telepathy.

      And last is the bloodline of Gar'iel, the Cuids – The Watchers. They were gifted with the ability to pass on all of their knowledge, skills and experience to their children simply by blood, which essentially meant they would live forever.

      Before the gods left, they left behind prophecies, prophecies that have come true, or are being awaited to come true. The Lornian empire has during the last three hundred thousand years started expanding exponentially, taking over their own solar system as well as several other planets in other solar systems making their name in the universe as a fearsome and powerful civilization.


      The Lornian race is obviously a race focused around warfare and combat. They are all looking for their next fight and their next challenge, making them focus very hard on constantly improving themselves in the aspect. But the Lornian is also a very curious race, doing countless amount of research on other species and planets, sending expeditions to all corners of the universe to gather knowledge as they believe knowledge is just as important as strength.

      They indulge in poetry, music and writing just like most other Humanoid races, stand-up comedy is very big on Lordania. Movies however is not very big and is more so seen as a niche, the few uses of movies is educational. In terms of food culture the Lornian race is almost exclusively vegan despite being capable of consuming all forms of food. This is due to how much easier, healtheir and efficient it is to grow vegetation over meat. Due to how advanced the Lornian race is they have almost no negative effect on their home planet, using only minimal amount of resources.

      The reason that they can build such gigantic structure is due to the metal that is naively only on Lordania. Lornium, it's a metal that is very much so alive, Lornium will grow and duplicate itself as long as it's given sustenance similar to plants. Lornium is a very powerful metal and can be treated to become almost impenetrable, in it's most powerful state Lornium is referred to as Hyplorium, the metal is gold instead of it's normal shining white color. Hyplorium is impossible to penetrate with any metal other than Hyplorium but it is very difficult to use and extremely heavy, due to this it's rarely used in personal weaponry but instead used to build warships and infrastructure. The Golden Cities in the sky are all made out of Hyplorium. The few personal weapons that are made of Hyplorium are the golden armor and burning swords used by Seraphs.
      Due to the nature of Lornium it is a very useful and easily produced material as all it needs to grow is the radiation from a white dwarf sun.

      According to Lornian law a Lornian is considered of adult age at 25 earth years. (Which is roughly 86 years on Lordania.) At this age the Lornian is to be fully educated and ready to be a warrior of the Lore Empire.

      Religion on Lordania is built on the prophecies the gods left behind when they left the planet, they believe that all warriors goes to a afterlife where they will get to spend eternity with the three gods to learn from them and then eventually become gods themselves, to come back to life as gods like the god trio. While religion is highly scientific in Lordania, it is still very reliable on faith, unlike on earth and other planets there are very few non-believers on Lordania.

      While it's a very open culture there are a few taboo's in the Lornian community inter-species relationships are heavily frowned upon and in some cases even criminal, while cross-bloodlines relationships are okay and not a big deal. A Kid who is half of two bloodlines will get the abilities of their paternal parent, so if their father is a Seraph, and their mother is a Cuid, they will too become a Seraph, but ever so slightly weaker.
      However, it has been seen as both Taboo socially, and medically impossible for a child to be born from all three bloodlines as the half bloods are sterile. Should a child be born of a trinity bloodline there is no telling what kind of abilities that child would possess.

      Power Specifications for the Lornian Species:

      A non-royal Lornian is born with feathers on their back that will over the course of their first four years grow into wings, Lornians naturally possesses a fairly long lifespan of 150 years. They are strong, quick and durable, their wings allowing them to fly at super-sonic speeds with ease. They all possess denser muscles and harder bones than most other humanoids in the universe.

      Royal Bloodlines:


      Cuids are born from the God Gar'iel, the youngest of the three gods. They are commonly seen as the weakest of the Royal Bloodlines, as their abilities are not all too different from the non-royal Lornians. They rank the second most in terms of numbers, ranking at about 20 Thousand empire-wide. They are slightly stronger, quicker and more durable than their non-royal counterparts but their most notable difference is their ability to have perfect recollection of the memories of their parent (Which parent depends on what gender the child is, a boy will get the paternal memories, and vice-versa.) This means that skills, experience and knowledge is passed on from generation to generation without any trouble.

      The Cuids are the most knowledgeable of the Lornian people, they are commonly advisers to the Grandking, generals or diplomats. Other duties involve teaching younger Lornians, both Royals and non-royals. They teach everything from history and science to complex battle techniques. The Cuids offer no variety in their abilities, but their variety and power instead comes from skills and knowledge.

      Tyrs are born from the blood of Ur'iel, the second oldest brother. They were as such seen as the second most powerful, as their powers are in more versatile than the abilities of the Seraphs, but much less powerful. There are the most Tyrs of all of the Royal bloodlines, there being almost half a million Tyrs in the Lore empire. While the Seraphs offers some variety in their abilities, they still are very standarized compared to the Tyrs, each of them offers a different toolbox of abilities, some of them are focused on mental abilities, like telepathy and telekinesis.

      Others are focused on healing, or biokinesis, shapeshifting is also a rather common ability to be used by Tyrs. They fight using their wit and 'tricks' rather than just outpowering their opponents. While they are still powerful warriors, they are more so reserved fighters and instead prefers to keep out of the fray of combat, being tucked away safely perfoming experiments and building things. Tyrs boasts an incredibly high intellect and a natural knack for technology.

      Appearance-wise, Tyrs have four feathery wings, one pair below their shoulder-blades, and one pair on the shoulder-blades Their wings do, like the Cuid's offer them a lot of protection and are as durable as Lornium.

      Abilities Tyrs have been shown to have:
      Illusion creating
      Super Strength / Speed.
      Longevity – Tyrs lives between 500 years and 1500 years.


      Seraphs born from the blood of Micheal, the oldest of the Three Gods that fathered the Lornian race, millions of years ago. While they are the smallest in numbers, there being only a hundred or so off them alive at any time, which makes them a very small minority in the roughly 12 Billion citizens inside of the Lornian empire. They are by far the most powerful of all Lornians. Each and everyone of them are a demi-god and can take on any threat, as no foe is too powerful for a Seraph. They have six wings made out of pure energy, the wings are however, unlike the other royal bloodlines for cosmetic and combat purposes, not for flight. Seraphs are able to fly without ever flapping their wings, the wings are a way for a Seraph to get rid of some of their excessive energy, and as extra limbs in combat, should they need them.

      Seraphs power varies from individuals, they do not all share the same abilities, not completely, anyway, while they still have a baseline for what they are capable off. Some are capable of teleportation, others are able to generate fire or other elemental properties, due to the power of the God that fathered the Seraphs, they are all very hard to pin down in terms of powers. The only thing that is for certain is that each and every Seraph is a powerful foe and should not be taken on lightly. In the past Lornians have taken on entire armies with just one or a handful of Seraphs.

      The Grandking of Lordania is always a Seraph. The king can be challenged by anyone, at any time for the throne. Long as they are Lornian it does not matter what royal bloodline they are from, if any, as even non royals are allowed to challenge the grandking. No none-Seraph has challenged the grandking in thousands of years, and to do so is seen as suicide. The Grandking is succeded by another Seraph when he is either defeated in combat, or when he chooses to step down. The latter is very rare and only a couple of Grandkings have done that in the history of Lordania.

      Seraphs that are older than two thousands years needs to hybernate once every 3rd Century to keep their full power, their hybernation is between five to ten decades. During this time they use specialized "Hybernation chambers" built for the purpose of containing a Seraph and refueling them with energy. Hybernation chambers are built for Seraphs when they are very young, they are also used to heal Seraphs should they sustain fatal wounds that their powers could not heal on their own.
      All Seraphs makes sure to take their Hybernation chambers with them, regardless of where they go.

      Powers that are the most common for Seraphs to posess:
      Longevity - Seraphs lives between one and three Millenia, making them some of the longest living creatures in the universe.
      Super Healing - Seraphs heals from virtually any wound withing a very short amount of time.
      Super Strength – Seraphs strength varies greatly individually, there are those that have been able to crush stars with their strength.
      Super Speed – Flight, Movement.
      Invincibility – There are few things that can wound a Seraph.
      'Smiting' – Making their foes insidess catch on fire, thus burning their enemies up from the inside. Their victim's eyes are burned out of their sockets, and inside they are charred. Not useable on other Seraphs and some very rare lifeforms. Requires to touch their opponents.
      Energy Projection – Seraphs are capable of firing energy from their body, either kinetic or heat.
      Photokinesis – Seraphs are capable of generating light from their bodies and also generate hard light.

    • Thomas speaks English, Enochian (The Native language of the Lornian people.) as well as Near Fluent Arabic.

      He drives a black Camaro SS.

      He is part time studying at Law school, wanting to become a defense attorney. This is because no one would expect a Defense attorney to be a masked vigilante, conflict of interest and what not.

    • wip

      • | Name |
        Bruce William Campbell

        | Age,Relation, Status |
        49, Father, Deceased.
        | Summary |

        Former U.S Special Forces, Bruce spent most of his military career doing black-ops. He was a infiltrator and extractor. Both of which are things he very rarely talked about. He married Mary, whom was his high school sweetheart during one of his trips home after a mission where he almost died. Upon being honorably discharged from military duty at age 23, he chose to become a police officer, attending the police academy and graduating right when Thomas came into his life. He quickly realized that Thomas was not like others, and started to train the boy, in the same gruesome ways he himself had gotten trained in the army, he trained Thomas how to withstand pain, how to keep control and composure and how to avoid getting detected. He became a Sergeant in the Longhorn Police force by the time Thomas was in his teens.

        He died at age 49, due to a stress-induced heart attack, Bruce worked himself to death, but Thomas is sure that the stress he and his brother put on him due to their various activities had a affect on their father's young death.

      • | Name |
        Mary Ophelia Campbell

        | Age, Relation, Status |
        47, Mother, Deceased

        | Summary |
        Strong and compassionate woman, loving mother and a wonderful wife. One could describe how good Mary was for hours, she was the purest person Thomas has ever known, a woman who never wanted anyone any harm. She loved her family above all else and would have put her own life on the line in a heartbeat to protect her children. While Bruce was training Thomas, Mary was spending time with Jason, trying to lead him away from the crime ridden path the younger Campbell had chosen. She was the main reason Jason decided to go to PRCU.

      • | Name |
        Jason Lucas Campbell

        | Age, Relation, Status |
        21, Brother, Alive.
        | Summary |
        Jason.. Oh boy, Jason. Thomas is a boyscout, and Jason is the exact opposite. He was always a troublemaker, a prankster. He made people's lives hell for his own amusement, and would do just about anything for a laugh. Jason is a emotional person, and he tends to, just like his brother have a short fuse. Jason was always envious of the time their father spent with Thomas, instead of with him, not realizing that Thomas was unlike him, Thomas was different from birth.

        Jason is a Hyperhuman of the Saturn class, he's a Teleporter, able to move himself instantaneously. After their father died, Jason decided to move away from Longhorn and attend PRCU, instead of going to jail after getting in trouble with the law in a hyper-human related incident.

      • | Name |
        Tiffany Maria Reid

        | Age, Relation, Status |
        22, Girlfriend, Alive.
        | Summary |
        Tiffany was born in New Lilith, where she still lives. She went to High School in Los Paradiso. She's a very smart girl who is more than capable of matching Thomas's own intellect. Her father, Leonard Reid, is the captain of the NLPD, her mother is deceased. She and Thomas have been dating for roughly 3 months, they met for the first time after her car ran down and she took it to the nearest mechanic , which was Thomas's garage.

      • | Name |
        Charlie "Chuck" Skinner - Prophet

        | Age, Relation, Status |
        23, Tech Guru, Alive.
        | Summary |
        Chuck was born in Rexham, Brittain. His father a business man and his mother a opera singer. He grew up very wealthy and got the best education. This combined with his natural knack for knowledge made him quite the prodigy. During puberty Chuck found out that he was a Hyperhuman with a Minerva ability. This only further fueled his genius.
        When Chuck was 17 years old he was apart of a Exchange student program, where he would go and live in Longhorn city for one year, studying at Wesson High School. Where he would meet and befriend Thomas. He is the first outside of Thomas's family that got to know Thomas's secret and he now moonlights as tech guru and internet sidekick for Thomas, as he himself lives in England running a branch of his father's company.

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    • | NAME: |
      Samantha ‘Sami’ Amanda Clarke

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Crescent City, California, United States

      | SPECIES: |
      Homo Virium / Hyperhuman

      | D.O.B.: |
      January 6th, 1996

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |


    • | ABILITIES: |
      Solar Energy Manipulation – Samantha’s powers are completely centered on the applications of solar energy manipulation which allows Samantha a variety of powers as an effect of such physiology that allows her to absorb such solar energy. Some of these powers are very substantial including the ability to use accumulated solar energy to: defy gravitational pull as solar energy allows her to levitate thus giving the illusion of flight, rely on solar energy reserves to substitute for generic subsistence allowing her to have a type of solar-powered longevity which also allows her to accelerate her immune system or metabolic system, and exerting pure energy from the palm of her hands which creates her base method of attack. The scope of the power is hard to say at this point due to it being fairly early in the development of the power.

      | SKILLS: |

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      | WEAKNESSES: |


    • | WEAPONS: |

      | TOOLS: |

      | ATTIRE: |

    • | BACKSTORY: |

      Samantha Clarke was born to renowned physicist Dr. Richard Clarke and his then wife, a special cases detective working out of Crescent City’s police department named Rebecca Jones.

    • | SAMPLE POST: |
      The words of Dr. Katelyn Townes echoed in Samantha Clarke’s head as she sat outside of her apartment at four in the morning. It wasn’t that she had insomnia by traditional definitions but rather that it was physically impossible for her to go to sleep due to the entire fact that apparently the solar energy she had gathered for however long since the accident had overridden her metabolic ability as Dr. Townes had told her. So in the reality of now, she wasn’t sleeping and it was a bit difficult to adapt when she was used to sleeping for six-to-eight hours on end every day… for the most part. Being unable to sleep she had taken to bringing her sketchbook outside with her. Her art was one of the few “coping mechanisms” Sami had given her entire experience which for the most part was traumatic. How exactly do you get past the burning aching sort-of unbearable pain of an accelerator exploding with you right next to it?

      Her state of mind had been effecting her drawings and paintings a lot—which was something that was blatant as all hell. Themes of death, rebirth, and some more death were all the ever more prevalent with her artistic expression which was something that honestly disturbed her a little. She hadn’t drawn something so dark since she was five years old after the fallout of her mother’s death in the line of duty which was an obvious darkness she had dealt with for the majority of her life. It’s a little depressing to remember that the most of what she could coherently recall about her mother were from old camcorder tapes that captured her personality through small moments of happiness which also showed a less distant and closed-off version of her father. So as she stood here in the morning darkness as the sun had yet to rise she began to dwell on these thoughts as the graphite of her pencil began to sketch an abstract sort of visualization of her feelings of recalling her mother, the sensation of near-death of the accelerator, and the pondering thoughts of her body being warped into something alien and strange.

      A gunshot rang out in the distance and Sami slightly jumped at the sound—still not very much used to living in an area that was less “safe” then the previous one she had lived with. After an argument with her father after graduation she had left to be ‘independent’ and this was the best she could get without exerting her finances. It was also relatively close to her liberal arts college; about a half-hour trek on bicycle or a ten-to-fifteen minute drive in automobile.

      Sami didn’t say a word as she twirled her pencil in-between her right ear and folded up her sketchbook.

      She was going to go back inside until the sun rose.

      | HOME PLANET: |

      Richard Clarke –
      Katy Townes –
      Marcus Helms –


    Major work in progress, but I need it up as obligation to get it done. Also, not my first choice, but my first choice would be really difficult considering there already is a spellcaster named Marcus (well Markus, but same thing), boooo! No, but joking aside it is probably better I give myself some time to retry Marcus Huxley. For those famillar, yeah, Sunstar is a character from a previous RP that never really finished but this seems easy to redesign her for. Also, maybe if Nate's lucky I'll retry Mass Effect.
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    • | NAME: |
      Roofworus Wrein

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Rufus McClain, Roof

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Lamina-12, Vulpeen Hill (Military Base)

      | SPECIES: |
      Kanid (Celestial)

      | D.O.B.: |

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Kanids are all bipedal mammals, lacking the ability to bring their knees to a 180° angle, limited to 150°, thus they are always somewhat crouching. Their muscular arrangement is virtually identical to that of humans with the exception of their bulkier lower legs. Rufus stands at 5'4" in Kanid form. He has a snout that protrudes from the bottom half of his face and a pair of large canines. His ears are triangular and stiff, sticking up on opposing sides of his crown. All over his body, he has reddish-orange fur with creamy white patches, such as on his chest, midsection and tip of his tail. In either form, he has bright green eyes that glow in the dark.

      In human form, he largely resembles an actual man with the exception of his eyes and the fact that he retains his claws. He has a square face with sharp features, decorated with a burst of freckles that bridges over his nose onto either cheek. His arms are uncommonly hairy, though not a distinguishable feature. He is less muscular than in Kanid form, but is still in the general shape of a prize fighter. His stance is then 5'7".

      Celestial Class: Mammalian
    • | ABILITIES: |
      Kanid Physique: Defaultedly, he resembles a bestial cross between a man and a fox, an appearance borrowing much from the werewolves of legend. He is stronger than most humans, though not without exception. He also can run up to 30 MPH sustainably. He has retractable claws that can extend up to three centimeters out of his fingers, in place of the nail on a human hand. His bones are also denser than a human's, allowing him to take a beating without breaking as many bones as a man, this is retained even after the transformation.

      Shapeshifting: A small device surgically installed in his spine allows him to change forms, directing his brain, and by extension every cell in his body, and giving the proper instruction for how to do so. To take the form of a man this involves reshaping his skull, straightening his legs to make human knees, receding his fur, and condensing his muscles, amongst other things.

      Superior Senses: In Kanid form, he can hear a pin drop from up to thirty yards away. His sight is sharpened and allows him to see three times further than a human, and he, along with any other Kanid, can outsniff any Earthling dog.

      | SKILLS: |
      Aviation/Stellar Flight: He is an expert pilot with a specialty in space fighters, but is also competent in atmospheric dogfights. Human planes are a mystery to him, partially because The Bloodhound is a wholly different beast than Earthling transports, not requiring the specific movements that human pilots use to retain energy and fight gravity.

      Strategy: He is a somewhat gifted leader who cares about those around him. Able to effectively size up any opposition as well as recognizing his forces' own strengths and shortcomings, he can plan for disaster and still come up on top, or at least know that he'd done his best. He prefers to 'test the waters' before engaging in a final confrontation with special opponents.

      Tracking: His superior senses allow him to effectively follow a target, and a keen mind with years of bounty hunting experience allows him to compensate for some tricks a target may pull. In addition to sensory tracking, he does a good deal of subtle detective work. A part of making captures is pursuing targets, thus he has developed considerable finesse when it comes to 'parkour' and urban exploration.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Transformations are used sparingly with good reason. It is excruciating for a Kanid to feel its bones rearranged into a human, especially painful in the facial region. Not only is it painful, but also slow, requiring up to ten minutes to shift from Kanid to Human, though the reverse requires half the time. Being such a delicate instrument, it has a cooldown time of up to an hour before making any further rearrangements. If it were to be rushed, or repeated too often, permanent damage or fracturing could occur. The transformations are not cellular, but purely in the arrangement of cells, limiting the amount of forms he can take.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      He is particularly vulnerable to sonic based attacks and is harmed by high-pitched screeching noises, such as dog whistles. This generally results in him trembling, dropping to his knees, and covering his ears to hush the noise. Radio disturbances can interfere with his transforming apparatus, unwittingly forcing a transformation.

      Blood Tweaks: With his transformative apparatus (see Equipment Tab), he can prevent himself from bleeding. Also worth noting, he can cause his heart to beat faster, slower, or altogether stop, and manually command it to start again.

      Bone Tweaks: As he can redistribute his cells, he can extend his claws to a length much further than natural, or move them from his fingers to his knuckles, resulting in 'Wolverine' style claws. He can also bulk up his bones, giving them more mass and thus granting greater potential force output. Or he can add spikes to any place on his body. One advanced technique he can make use of is transforming into a quadraped, resembling a giant fox.

      Muscle Tweaks: He can redistribute his muscles to any part of his body. Meaning he can greatly enhance his own strength at the cost of another part of his body being weakened.
    • | WEAPONS: |
      Flash Yo-Yo: A yo-yo than can mimic a grenade before returning to whoever casts it. It does so by dropping an explosive pellet after reaching the apogee of its course. It has twelve uses before needing to be refilled. It requires minimal maintenance, considering its function. It is colored matte black with an uber thin spiderweb cord. It is kept on hand.

      Laser Projector: A weapon that projects a thin stream of photons, resulting in melting and damage from clean cuts rather than bursts of kinetic damage, thus it carries no concussive force. Its operation is completely inaudible. It does so by processing the light that touches it. It is a matte black, and emenates shadow all around it. It has multiple settings: Warm (Red), Stun (Orange), Injure (Yellow), Kill (Green), and Decimate (Blue). It is kept on hand

      Wraith: A sword that bends light around it, making it difficult to see when unsheathed. It has a blade made of living ultrahard fungus. Its density can be altered by a knob on the side, which regulates a balance of chemcials streaming through the fungus. As a natural defense, the fungus keeps its edges sharp. If it goes to long without being fed, blood, it will first die, grow dull, become fragile, lose its solidity, and eventually shatter. It is kept on hand.

      | TOOLS: |
      The Bloodhound: A spaceship with a cockpit the size of a sedan, it's interior has a cell for containment along with controls for a driver. It is armed with stellar torpedoes, plasma cannons, and Earth-style 'bullets'. It can deploy the cockpit on a set of wheels (imagine Nolan's Bat-Pod) in a way that leaves it resembling a tank with a smaller arsenal of laser projectors and Earth-style grenades. It is capable of both stellar and atmospheric flight, but uses much less fuel in an atmospheric setting. It also can cloak itself to avoid visual and sonic detection. A small arsenal of firearms are hidden onboard the Bloodhound, beneath the flooring tiles.

      Cammand Bracelet: Around his wrist is a bracelet that can summon The Bloodhound to his location, activate the Bloodhound's cloak, automatically shield against EMPs, initiate a transformation into a different species, and put out a distress signal. It does not tell time.

      Propulsion Boots: A pair of boots that use air pressure to thrust the user into the air, sometimes damaging the surface of takeoff. They are black with silver rectangular patches on the side that help the wearer to balance and stay upright.

      Vocal Modulator: A Kanidian vocal apparatus is not compatible with the languages or tones of most other species, so for stellar travellers, a common operation is to have the Larynx replaced with a device that can mimic most other species as well as translate from Kanidian languages. He can use this to mimic any variety of animals, replay sounds he's heard, synthesize the zound of an individuals' voice, and translate into languages that the device itself has had enough exposure to to decipher.

      | ATTIRE: |
      He typically will be seen with a green tinted pair of glasses resting above his forehead. He is not adverse to hats, but does not endorse them. He'll almost invariably wear a khaki toned vest over a skin-tight T-shirt, sometimes with a bandana hanging around his neck. His hands usually are covered by black 'leather' fingerless gloves. He wears green cargo pants with a special zipper on his back side that allows his tail to emerge, and on his feet he wears his Propulsion Boots.
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Worfrus Wrein had been a Kanid general born in Kanid Center, the capitol of the Kanidian world on Lamina-12. At an early age, his head was filled with a desire for greatness. Without any natural talent, he worked hard to find any way to contribute to the war effort. He fell short in many ways, described as a dork by his peers, he was unpopular, unathletic, and had a crippling speech impediment. But eventually he found his strong suit. Strategy.

      In a competition similar to Earthling chess tournament, Worfrus progressed with something he'd never shown before, confidence. Catching the eye of the head Kanidian general, he was given a scholarship to the KanAc, the most prestigious Kanidian Academy, and pardoned from any sort of physical activity. He went on, claiming a position as one of the Planetary Generals, in charge of the Kanid section of L-12's protection, eventually driving all remaining Phelids off the planet.

      Despite his merit, he was killed on the debut of the new leader of a rebel group, Ursus Major, that had previously been responsible mainly for raids on Phelid and Kanid bases. Ursus the Unkillable, successor to Ursus the Infallible, was personally responsible for orphaning the general's only son, Roofworus. Roofworus developed a hatred for the Ursid species. Contrary to his own people's disgust at Phelids, he was only passively unfavorable towards them.

      Intending to honor his father's memory, he went to KanAc, taking courses in leadership and intending to be a general, but instead found his strong suit in aviation and piloting, so he switched to that. Before long, he'd graduated ahead of his class, but instead of following the crowd and attacking the enemy Phelids, he decided to do business with all relatively lawful individuals, as a bounty hunter. When it came to capturing Ursids, he was extra-enthusiatic and would take those jobs with little compensation.

      Over the years, he chipped away at Ursus Major's forces and did some of their highest ranking 'officers' in. In this time, he was constantly improving his gear, having a surgery done to install a device that would allow limited shapeshifting, and overhauling his ship, which had been the standard model when he'd gotten it, but it was so heavily modified that it was no longer recognizable. By the time he was twenty, he'd taken in a company of other competent hunters and began to function as a team.

      The last job that his company would pull would be the final task any of them would fail at. Three pilots died in the pursuit of Ursus the Unkillable. Leaving only Roofworus and the kid of the group, a sixteen year old named Shikacha the Squirrid. Finally, they were hot on Ursus' s trail, but both parties were low on fuel. When it seemed that the pair had the target pinned, Shikacha's ship was destroyed, and Roofworus rescued him from the wreckage while Ursus retreated to Earth, hiding on the coast of North America.

      Roofworus tracked him to a beach, finding Ursus' ship deserted on the sand. The Ursid was found hiding out in a human brothel, requiring a disguise as a human, so he studied the species and developed an appearance of his own before utilizing his Transformation Apparatus. He took the alias of Rufus McClain, and looked through the brothel, until an attempt was made to kill him by one of the workers. As it turned out, Ursus had been a feamle all along, and was pregnant, disguised as a human. Rufus allowed her to live, until her young was born. Then he blew her head off, taking her child as his own.

      Because of a lack of fuel that handicaps him from going anywhere out of the Solar System, he has stayed on Earth for two years, providing for himself, Ursus' young, and Shikacha, who he enrolled in a human High School. As Rufus McClain, he is bounty hunter based in the Crescent City area. Taking jobs from local gangs, unless they involve harming someone innocent. He has been looking for an opportunity to obtain any Photonic-batteries to power his ship back to L-12.

    • | SAMPLE POST: |

      The Blue Oyster Tavern
      The Docks, New Lilith

      "Hey, you. Yeah, you with the face. C'mere."

      That's right. Me with the face. Rufus thought to himself, better than 'You with the tail' or 'You with the starship packing enough heat to level this city. He walked carefully through the bar, yet retaining a certain swagger. Heading toward the voice, he scanned the room, his eyes hopping over every individual as he calculated how much danger he could be in. Since he'd been to Earth, though, there'd been no one he couldn't handle. His green eyes met with another pair, this one red.

      "You called?" Rufus grumbled, looking as the man with the red eyes motioned for him him to take a seat in the booth facing him.

      "Cool and smart," the man snickered condescendingly. "I hear you're the best in the business."

      ]"You heard right. So what's the job?"

      "Heh, heh. You in a rush, tough guy? Eh. Watsa matter with you. I never start with business," he gave a near toothless smile, chuckling and cocking his head. "If you wan'a job, you gotta play the game."

      Rufus looked at his palms and slid out of the booth, brushing his arms off and standing straight up. "Find another sucker." Baring his fangs, he looked back at the toothless loser and spat. "I don't play games." Shoving his hands into his jacket pocket, he started to walk off, shrugging indifferently when the client started to plead.

      "Hey, com'on. Be reasonable. If you really just want to cut to the chase, I can tell 'ya." The toothless man ran over and latched onto Rufus' s shoulder. "I mean,"he started to whisper. "The guy's gonna kill me," he pulled and tried to turn Rufus around, but was only only checked on the chin by Rufus' elbow.

      "We'll try this again tomorrow. Try not to get killed."

      | HOME PLANET: |
      Lamina-12, a distant planet that once had a flourishing ecosystem, but has since been ravaged by a war between the two dominant species, Phelids (Cat-like) and Kanids (Dog-like). Other sentient species of L-12 have been caught in the crossfire for centuries, such as the Ursids and Squirrids. Their technology had been on par with modern humanity's centuries ago, but a race to extinguish the othwr species has resulted in vast acceleration in research and development, primarily in transportation, weaponry, and anotomical/genetic tampering. The conflict has sucked in most of the surrounding planets, and has resulted in all 'nearby' planets being cultivated for militant purposes.

    • -In addition to Kanidian (a species-wide language undersood from birth), he speaks Phelidian, Squirridian, Ursidian, and Earth languages: English, Spanish, German, and bits of Mandarin, while he cannot write in Chinese.

      -Bypassing the cost of restaurants and stores, most of his meals are obtained by capturing local animals and eating them uncooked, which has resulted in a group of wildlife researchers coming to find a giant red wolf that preys on deer.

      -Rufus and Shane live in a run-down apartment in Kilbride, funded by bounty hunting ventures with The Bloodhound constantly hanging in low orbit, cloaked 95% of the time.

      -Ursus' ship is buried beneath the sand on the beach of Los Paraiso. It contains some alien technology and weaponry, but it has a sensor rigged to alert Rufus if anyone attempts to enter or if it is uncovered.

      • It was asked that I flesh out the planet of Lamina 12 a bit more, which is no inconvenience because I was going to anyways. So this will be my info dump. Expect to see everything from anthropology to genetics. Biology, technological breakthroughs, and maybe even some geology. Nonetheless, Wraith put a ton of effort into this game, and I wish to do the same with this setting that is probably not even going to be touched by most of you. This is me, answering all the questions that no one wanted the answers to.
        -Nightrunner, out​

      • Intro_To_Biology
        As with human genetics, capital letters represent dominant genes and lowercase represent recessive genes. During reproduction, each parent passes on one of their genes to their offspring. The result is that each organism has a pair of genes for every aspect of development. A genotype is the pair of letters in genetic code, while a phenotype is the observable associated trait. A dominant gene, when paired with a recessive, will always take hold of the phenotype. For example, if 'D' represents light fur, and 'd' represents dark, then the phenotype 'Dd' will have the phenotype of light fur.

        The fur colors of a Kanid is divided between Primary and Secondary, while thickness has a gene of its own. Primary fur is what covers the upper half of the face and snout, entirety of the back, sides, length of the legs, arms, and tail. Secondary fur covers the lower half of the face, typically the tip of the snout, the ears, tip of the tail, and ends of the arms and legs.

        The letter 'E' represents thick fur, while lowercase 'e' shows thin fur. Obviously 'EE' & 'Ee' mean thick while only 'ee' stands for thin fur.

        'A/a' determine if the base of primary fur is closer to Red or Brown. 'B/b' divides the tones distinctively, and 'C/c' divides the tones between light and dark. A rare instance is when someone is born with an all white coat, this occurs when one of the 'A' chromosomes is lost.

        What genes can have what colors?
        A= Mandarin, Red Orange, Pink, or Scarlet primary fur
        a= Beige, Oak, Grey, or Black primary fur

        B= Mandarin, Red Orange, Beige, or Oak primary fur
        b= Pink, Scarlet, Grey, or Black primary fur

        C= Mandarin, Pink, Beige, or Grey primary fur
        c= Red Orange, Scarlet, Oak, or Black primary fur

        What genotypes lead to what colors
        AA/Aa + CC/Cc + DD/Dd = Mandarin
        AA/Aa + CC/Cc + dd = Red Orange
        AA/Aa+ cc+ DD/Dd = Pink
        AA/Aa + cc + dd = Scarlet
        aa + CC/Cc + DD/Dd = Beige
        aa + cc + DD/Dd = Oak
        aa + cc + DD/Dd = Grey
        aa + cc + dd = Black

        Secondary fur can be Black, Black & White, White, or Grey. These are determined by a pair of cells, F & G. 'F/f' Determines whether White is visible in the secondary fur or not, while 'G/g' represents the visibility of black. In case both alleles are recessive and neither are distinguishable, the secondary fur will appear grey.

        What genotypes lead to what colors?
        FF/Ff + GG/Gg = Black & White
        ff + GG/Gg = White
        FF/Ff + gg = Black
        ff + gg = Grey

        On Lamina-12, particularly on the remotest points of the planet with the least globalized culture, the color of an individual is seen as a sign of his place in society. Black coats of fur are often feared and seen as a sign of sinister strength, stereotypes are common that they are liars in everything and selfish, greedy and indifferent to the needs of any others. They are uncommon, not only because of the minimal likelihood of being born with a black coat, but also because they are avoided when it comes to mating, both because of their position as the ostracized and fear that they are untrustworthy and will betray the love of anyone close to them. Black primary fur is more noticeable and likely to be discriminated against than secondary, but anyone with both black primary and secondary is likely to be shunned and held as an outcast for all their lives.

        Conversely, white coats are slightly more common, but still even more widely recognized. They are respected and publically treated almost as royalty. They are believed to be honest, loyal, purehearted, considerate, and loving. None of these are actually true, but it's the stereotype. Some innocent white coats have actually been battered for being 'goodie two-shoes'. Despite this, some use their natural advantage as a means of holding popularity, power, respect, or to make opponents underestimate their true ferocity.

        The grey coats are often portrayed as indecisive or weak-willed, which does not reflect well on the planetary leaders', many of whom are grey coats. A popular trend in Laminaian entertainment is to make the main character a grey coat whose character develops dratically throughout the plot, though this is often seen as a cliché that many have grown tired of (like having 'dead parents' in a comic book). Red fur is a sign of being a warrior, and orange is seen as being a harmless sort of trickster.

      | Supporting Cast |
      Pain: The child of Ursus the Unkillable, named by Rufus when he adopted the child. It is an Ursid about one year old. It is about eighteen inches tall, can stand upright, coated in black fur with a brown patch at the end of his snout. It sleeps often, but when it is not sleeping, it eats and cries. It primarily consumes berries and fruit. What little personality is has displayed is very affectionate and emotionally sensitive.

      Shikacha: A squirrid hailing from L-13, a planet similar to L-12 in many ways, he is sixteen years old and, defaultedly, resmbles a giant squirrel. He has powerful legs that can leap up to ten feet in the air, claws on both his hands and feet, and a six foot long bushy tail. He is mechanically minded and often does maintenance on The Bloodhound. He can imitate a human with a similar apparatus to Rufus'. In human form, he has goldish-brown hair, a slight amount of baby fat, and hazel eyes. He is enrolled in High School under the alias Shane McClain, as a sophomore claiming to be Rufus' little brother.
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    • | NAME: |
      Taro, Child of Ash

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Planet VJDE-4J54-JH, Sector 37D

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |

      | AGE: |
      Five Cycles

      | SEX: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Taro is a young Martrax in the prime state of his lifespan, a lean and ruthless predator. Taro, like all Martrax, is a quadruped, walking on four legs. His biology is similar to that of Earth felines, although much larger (reaching over six feet in length) and with distinct fur - short-haired, but light gray with a silver sheen, with a longer, darker mane. However, a Martrax's most distinctive feature is their tail - segmented, carapaced, and highly mobile, it ends in a vicious stinger.

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Taro possesses two extraordinary attributes that, while standard to his species, allow him to become something far greater than a simple feline predator on the strange planet of Earth - his psychic abilities, and his tail.

      Taro's psychic abilities arise from his race's method of communication between both each other and themselves and other species. Incapable of verbal communication beyond basic, animalistic sounds, Martraxi instead 'talk' via implanting images, emotions, and intents into the minds of others, their 'speech' often abstract in nature but clear in message. This psychic is, by default, 'always-on', allowing quick response to threats to the pack or to a pack-member in danger - but on Earth, it allows Taro to feel the mind-states of those around him, allowing him to pinpoint those in trouble, those looking to cause trouble, and feel out the current emotional state of his surroundings.

      Taro is also able to emit a powerful psychic 'shout'. Due to the innate lack of psychic talent in the average Homo Sapien, the human brain has not needed to learn the necessary abilities to filter, or outright block, psychic signals and messages in order to protect the psyche. Taro can use his own natural psychic nature to take advantage of this by emitting a sudden burst of a particular emotion or feeling, causing this broadcast to overwhelm any humans in the area and override their current mind-state for a few minutes.

      Taro's tail, meanwhile, is strictly physical, and strictly offensive. Tough, strong, and mobile, it makes for a hefty club, and its stinger tip allows for many laceration- and/or impaling-related injuries to be suffered upon his opponents when Taro finds himself in the midst of combat - however, the stinger is also loaded with a potent, naturally-produced toxin that, upon injection, can cause severe paralysis and an intense, burning pain within minutes, if not seconds.

      | SKILLS: |
      Taro's own notable skills are, foremost, his talents for hunting, tracking, and surviving, as well as his physical aptitude - all necessities learnt during his years as part of his pack. A natural predator, Taro possesses keen hearing and night-vision (a result of eons of Martrax adaptation to their planet's long nights), as well as a considerable sense of smell. He's also brimming with trim, toned muscle, built for purpose and practicality entirely. Taro is agile, and smart in combat, not afraid to swipe at weaker targets first or to wear down a tougher opponent, and he holds no anxieties about using his claws, teeth, and tail all to the best of his ability.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      While Taro is naturally a deadly predator thanks to the great tuning centuries or evolution provides, he is neither perfect, nor in his natural habitat. This is most obvious in how uncomfortable Taro finds him in the colder climate of Earth - his home planet, with its twin stars, is a constant bath of heat, causing the fur of the Martraxi to grow short and sleek. Earth, being further away from its sun, and having both a steady day/night cycle and more cold months than warm, is unsuited to Martrax life - and Taro finds his residence uncomfortable, his body often too cold to perform to its best standards.

      Further unsuited to Taro's biology is Earth's own atmosphere - thinner in oxygen than his homeworld, Taro's muscles are partially starved of oxygen, putting his body under unusual strain to keep up in performance. As a result, Taro's strength and stamina are not true to their proper potential.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Taro's most potent enemy in his new life on planet Earth is, right now, the terrestrial microbial life - bacteria, viruses, fungi; anything alive that can enter Taro's bloodstream poses a major threat as his immune system encounters a completely new and completely alien attacker, with no existing way to defend itself - after Taro's first meal on Earth, he spent the next day weak and vomiting as his body rejected the foreign substances that naturally resided within the meat he'd consumed. Taro's body is slowly building resistances and creating antibodies, but right now, any microbes can cause serious illness.

      Additionally, Taro's psychic abilities do not offer him solely boons - whilst a Human does not naturally possess any psychic powers and therefore no refinement or control of their incoming signals, they have also never had to refine their broadcasts, and as a result, are 'always-on' to Taro, who, still not familiar enough with this new pattern of psychic brain-waves, is unable to successfully and completely block them from his own mind. While this is manageable in a situation where numbers remain low or distance remains high, Taro can still be overwhelmed, causing a 'short' in his own psychic abilities, a debilitating migraine, and robbing him of his ability to focus on anything but ridding his mind of the invading signals.

      Taro's particular alien peculiarities are most overtly useful in a combat situation, where Taro can use his claws, fangs, tail and toxin without mercy or relent. Taro, being a Martrax, and having fought for and held Alpha, is a skill hunter and combatant, ferocious in a fight and a skilled tracker. He can stay silent and near-invisible as he stalks his prey, and pounce with unmatched quickness to strike at the most opportune moment.

      His psychic abilities and improvised psychic 'shout' also allow him to partially dictate the mind-states of the Humans around him, calming if necessary, or incapacitating them with flashes of fear or depression, as well as understating the mental state of those he 'speaks' to and able to efficiently forge good relations.

    • | WEAPONS: |
      While Taro possesses no objects, his tail, teeth, and claws make ample weapons enough to allow him to hold his own in any close-quarters situation he cares to picture.

      | TOOLS: |

      | ATTIRE: |
      Taro wears the fur he grows and nothing else - although, with the colder climate of Earth, he is beginning to understand the need for the various odd coverings Humans tend to throw over their bodies.
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Taro was born as the Summer of his planet began its terrible peak, and the first leaves of the treetops began to catch the fire of the twin suns; Taro's first memory, clear in his mind, was that of great flames bursting from the branches of the trees around him and above him, his mother seizing him by his scruff in her jaw, his parents rushing towards the caves where the rest of their pack waited, the caves that would offer shelter from the fire that would soon engulf their world. The light was great, and the heat intense, but the caves held cooler air and soft shadows, and it was in those caves that Taro grew, suckling at his mother as the pack hibernated, surviving another summer cycle.

      When his pack emerged, Taro was a young cub, a mewling infant no longer, instead growing larger and stronger, with the energy and rambunctious nature of a mischievous child. His first sight of his planet was that of an ash desert, the burnt remains of the jungle he was born in, vast swathes of speckled grays with shrubs and weeds still surviving, seeds from the great trees destroyed beginning to sprout and begin a new cycle. Taro was entranced, and in his play he stained his fur the colour of the ash; as he grew, his fur eventually mellowed from its newborn brown into the gray of how his planet had welcomed him, and thus Taro was dubbed a Child of Ash, like his father before him.

      Taro aged for three cycles before the first sign of his Martrax maturity began to manifest - his tail's first secretions. A Martrax was never born with their venom, and only a rare few with a stinger at all; most had their barbs form as they tail grew, the chitinous carapace forming the distinctive wicked point as a Martrax reached two or three cycles, and only then would the glands, growing along with the cub, begin to manufacture the venom that would become their most potent weapon. Taro was excited when his secretions began, eager to enter the new phase of his life and become a true member of his pack - and his pack wasted no time in putting the newly mature Martrax to use.

      Taro was quickly taught how to hunt; how to find prey and select a target, how to stalk the potential meal, how to get so close that you could hear its heartbeat, and how to remain so invisible that you wore the dark on your fur - and it was then and only then that Taro was taught how to strike. A silent whip, the slight sound of puncture and a whimper from the prey and then the toxin took hold, seizing up the meal's joints and stopping their heart, and then Taro would pounce and tear out the throat, blood dripping from his maw. His first kill was eaten heartily, sampled by the Alpha as per Martrax mandate, and only then shared with the rest of the pack.

      At four cycles, Taro did something no Martrax at his young age had ever done: he challenged his Alpha.

      Bovay, Child of Fire, was an aging Martrax, old and ungraceful, alive for 26 cycles with seemingly only a few more to come; he had challenged his Alpha at ten cycles, and won a decisive victory, securing himself as new Alpha. His leadership had been fair and just, and as he aged, his decisions grew wiser and more tempered - but now Bovay grew too old, and his choices for his pack were becoming scattered and unnecessary. Taro saw the need for a new mind in his place, a Martrax stronger and less burdened by the decline of years, an Alpha that could lead his pack into its new generation, Taro's generation. Taro saw himself as that Alpha, and challenged Bovay.

      The two fought for hours, and above them their planet's parent body floated across the sky like a watchful god. Eventually, Taro's claws found Bovay's already battered legs and Bovay yielded, surrendering the position of Alpha over to Taro. Taro was excited, but suddenly anxious; the pack waited on him, and he was now the one they looked to for guidance - and so began the rule of Taro, Child of Ash, Alpha of his pack.

      His leadership was not unsatisfactory, but Taro was young, and it was plain to his pack. They did not question him, for he was Alpha, and Taro sought advice from the deposed Bovay, who told him that a firm leader was better than a liked one. Taro found this troubling, as he felt insecure in his hold as Alpha, but acted regardless - he moved his pack from their erstwhile home, setting up a new home some distance away, closer to one of his planet's coasts; while his pack was displeased with the unfamiliar territory, they were now further from a rival pack who they had been contesting hunting grounds with, and slowly Taro's pack began to realize that their new home was a positive change - with easy access to water to cool them, they could hunt longer into the Summer before delving below to hibernate in the coastal cave systems, and the oceanic life gave them a new source of food that no other pack could contest. Taro was accepted unanimously as Alpha, and all his worries of being challenged dissipated as his pack began a new, better life.


      Then Taro was abducted. A highly-advanced species from a neighbouring system had been observing the semi-sentient Martraxi for many cycles, and Taro's recent movements had interested them: such a young Martrax challenging the Alpha, winning, and then moving his entire pack to new territory - activity like this was unheard of by those who were aware of the Martrax, and the Martraxi themselves. An amoral sect desired further study of the Martrax and their culture, and devised an awful method of research.

      They waited until the peak of the next Summer, when Taro led his pack into the coastal cave systems for their hibernation, and then enacted their plot, sending a ship down to brave the fire and the heat to abduct Taro as he and his pack slept and survived. Taro was placed into a research pod and put into stasis, and the abductors watched as his pack woke after the Fire with no Alpha, no leader. At first there was chaos - the stronger, older Martraxi of the pack immediately brawling for the position, before Bovay, still alive but dangerously weak, instated himself once again. In his final act, Bovay lead the pack to another, and entreated the Alpha that Bovay's pack merged with his, explaining his circumstances, the Alpha that was missing, his pack's past and his own. The Alpha accepted, and just like that, Taro's pack, Taro's family and legacy, was gone.

      Stasis is a peculiar state of being. The body is frozen in time but still very much alive, heart beating and blood pumping and organs functioning but nothing aging, nothing dead. The mind dreams. A Martrax doesn't dream. A Martrax rarely sleeps, staying awake for most of the period they're not hibernating, taking perhaps five or six rests a cycle. Hibernation forces a shut-down, closes off even the Martraxi psychic waves. But stasis isn't hibernation, and Taro dreamed, psychic waves still active, still searching for another Martrax to connect to, searching for companionship and comfort. Taro's mind didn't find anything, but it still felt the activity of its pack from the planet below, however faintly. Taro dreamed of his pack spilling its own blood, of the return of the past, of a great movement - and then Taro dreamed of his pack fading away into nothing, enveloped and swallowed up by another, something similar but fundamentally different.

      Taro woke up.

      Alarms went off immediately. Stasis was not supposed to be breached from the inside. The ship went into security mode and Taro burst from his pod, angry and frightened and confused, lashing out at those who had taken him from his family and delivered him such dark dreams.

      Somewhere in the fracas the ship sustained major damage, causing an overheat and subsequent malfunction in its hyperdrive systems. The ship flung itself furiously through space, ending up in a galaxy known to its local intelligent species as the 'Milky Way'. Taro, bathed in both his blood and his assailant's, tail dripping toxin from rapid, repeated use, had little time to brace himself for the impact as the ship's engines and hyperdrive failed completely, dropping the ship directly into the atmosphere of the planet 'Earth'. The ship crashed, and Taro spent the first three days on his new home wounded and unconscious amid rubble and debris, what was left of the ship resting in a smoking crater.

      Since Taro's destructive relocation, he's survived, hunting lesser life-forms alone, living on the side of Old Stone Mountain and avoiding being spotted by the local residents, odd two-legged creatures that he has seen in mighty abundance, and assumes to be the planet's dominant lifeform. While his lessons in early cycles about the value of silence and shadows have not gone unheeded, he has still be unable to completely escape notice - but, thankfully, he has been mistaken more than once for a similar beast that shares the territory of the mountain, and even when noticed as something rather more peculiar than the local wildlife, stories of 'manticores on the mountain' are rarely listened to.

      The recent rain has interested Taro though, as has the psychic response from the mass population that lives below his mountain home. The wreckage of the ship he came in on is still there and still undiscovered, and Taro still wishes to return to his planet and restart his pack. Taro is still the Alpha, and he still holds his responsibilities.

    • | SAMPLE POST: |
      The air was cool tonight. Too cool. Taro felt his body protest once more against the alien climate and he hunkered down, his shoulders rolling up as he pressed himself even firmer to the dirt. He cast concerns about temperature out of mind as he pushed himself to focus, to hunt. He watched the deer, mere feet in front of his position, Taro himself hidden from detection by the dark and the foliage that peppered the mountainside. Taro's breath fogged from his nostrils and he pulled back his lips, baring his fangs as his tail slowly rose, muscles coiled. The deer stopped grazing, looking up and around, agitated. Breathing quickened. A whimper sounded - and then a short whipping sound, a quiet pulling, and the deer shrieked, trying to bound away before the toxin took hold and it crumpled to the ground, unable to move.

      Taro pounced, and his weapons found their mark. One claw severed a tendon immediately, and Taro sunk his teeth into the prey's neck, his jaws shutting like a vice and tearing the throat away. The toxin coursing through the deer's system combined itself with shock and bloodloss, and the deer died, its heart simply stopping. Taro paused, heart pounding. A good hunt. It would last him a few days, four at most, if he ate carefully. He padded around the corpse, taking a back leg in his mouth and beginning to drag it home. Taro already felt the feral minds of the terrestrial cats that shared the territory with him, instincts and bellies piqued by the sounds of a kill and the smell of blood in the crisp night. They wouldn't contest him, he knew, some had already tried and failed, but there were other terrestrials that patrolled this mountain that were braver than the felines. Taro dragged his prize away. He would eat well tonight, and enjoy the warmth of a full belly.

      | HOME PLANET: |

      Planet VJDE-4J54-JH, Sector 37D, is home to the Martrax race, who are the 'dominant species' of the planet, but with no real structured society, they are really little more than alpha predator.

      VJDE is a satellite planet, its parent body a far larger planetary mass, scorched and dead. Its most distinctive feature is its twin stars, which it orbits in a figure-of-eight pattern along with its parent body. The near-constant light has given way to thick and verdant plant-life that covers most of VJDE's landmass, which, combined with the eternal heat, creates a lush rainforest. This light is only broken twice for each complete cycle of its orbit, when VJDE reaches one of the two farthest lateral points of its path, and its parent body comes between it and its two suns, causing a planet-wide period of darkness that lasts for 4-5 months before the eclipse is broken as VJDE continues its orbit.

      While dark, and the closest VJDE gets to a 'winter', the planet still remains relatively warm. This heat ramps up as VJDE reaches the first of its two 'summers', the point in its orbit where it comes between both of its suns. The sheer heat of both stars combined causes mass bushfires planet-wide that burn away most of the larger plant-life, leaving only smaller weeds, shrubs, and the seeds of the larger trees left alive. Because of the danger of the fires, and the danger of the heat itself, most of the wildlife, including the dominant Martraxi, hibernate for the summer period, burrowing underground or delving into cave systems that offer shelter from the direct sunlight and slightly cooler temperatures, re-emerging when VJDE begins to pull away from one of the suns and temperatures fall again, allowing the plants to spring back to life and flourish through the ash-desert to create new forests, beginning another cycle.


      Martraxi are a quadrupedal feline race, similar in shape to terrestrial lions and tigers, but usually far larger, the smallest adult Martrax still reaching six feet in length and coming up to a human male's waist at least in height (from ground to foreleg shoulder). Their fur is often colourless, coming in varying shades of white, grey, and black, with long, sleek manes that are distinct in colour from the main coat.

      All Martraxi have long, segmented, prehensile tails covered in a tough carapace that extends partially up the spine and back of the Martrax, which ends in a vicious stinger - sometimes split into two or three separate tips - that is loaded with a dose of highly toxic venom that can paralyze an unfortunate victim within minutes, if not seconds.

      While Martraxi are not capable of speech, and any verbal communication is in the form of purrs, growls, roars, or chuffing, they are capable of psychic communication. Mostly achieved through imagery and emotion imprinted into another's mind, 'speech' in this manner is often abstract, and while there are no words 'broadcast', the intent of the message is clear. Martraxi are, by default, 'always on' to psychic communication, which allows quick response to threats or danger as well as ease of communication, but they are capable of blocking out psychic signals.


      While intelligent, and capable of communication (both inter- and intra-species), the Martrax do not live in a 'structured' society like the Homo Sapiens of Earth, or other celestial sentient beings. Instead, they live wild in the rainforests of their planet, in pack structures similar to those of terrestrial canines, despite their feline-like biology. A Martrax pack will consist of four or five 'bloodlines', families of Martraxi that fall into line under an 'Alpha'.

      An 'Alpha' is defined by power alone - male or female, a Martrax only becomes Alpha of his or her pack when they challenge and depose the current Alpha. While challenges are a serious affair, they are not common, and Alphas can rule their 'pack' for several decades until challenged, at which point they will engage in a fair fight to defend their place - however, never to the death. A challenged Alpha will fight until one party yields: if deposed, an Alpha will be respected for his or her time as leader of the pack until their death by natural causes, and will be cared for by the new Alpha; if the challenger is defeated, they will be commended for their efforts, and welcomed to challenge once more when they grow stronger. Due to the 'no-kill' nature of an Alpha challenge, Martraxi will not use their tails in this kind of combat - indeed, to kill the challenger is to be deposed by default, and to kill the Alpha is to be ostracized by the rest of the pack.

      The strict rules of combat in challenging an Alpha are mostly due to the long life-span and low birth-rate of a Martrax - a Martrax is a powerful predator late into their cycles, and a pack is stronger the more members it has. If a member were to be killed every challenge, a pack's number would dwindle quickly, and be forced into extinction shortly after. Martraxi mate for life, and produce perhaps only one or two offspring in their lives. Males and females share the burden of childcare equally until the cub is capable of sustaining themselves, and as hunting for food for the pack is often regarded as as much leisure as it is necessity, those who go is often rotated each hunt.

      A pack will always fall respectfully in line beneath an Alpha who has proven themselves, and an Alpha needs only do it once to remain Alpha until challenged again - however, many Alphas rule fairly, concerned with the wellbeing of the pack as a whole, as a Martrax survives only as well as his or her pack does, and challengers rarely take on an Alpha unless they are prepared to shoulder the responsibilities.

      Martraxi possess 'second names' in the form of descriptors that intend to mark their belonging to a particular generation, mostly decided by the general time of their birth but also influenced by the colour of their fur - for example, a Martrax born during one of their planet's nights will often grow to have darker fur, and will be dubbed a 'Child of Dark'. These second names are as close are Martraxi get to different races within their species, and packs usually consist of one or two families all from similar generations - it is rare to find a Child of Dark residing within the same pack as a Child of Fire.

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    • [​IMG]
    • | NAME:|
      Abigail "Abby" Sykes

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Will O' Wisp

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Aberdeen, Scotland

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Abby is petite in every way. She stands at 5'4" and weighs 110 pounds. Her dark hair falls naturally straight, and she usually sweeps her overgrown bangs to one side. She has bright, intelligent green eyes. Her skin isn't quite tanned, but she's far from pale. Her face is heart-shaped, and she usually wears makeup to define it's features. She usually dresses practically, favouring jeans and motorcycle boots with whatever top takes her fancy that morning.

    • | ABILITIES: |

      Put simply, Abby can control fire. However, her ability goes far beyond this. She can control any form of combustion, from the welcoming flames in your fireplace to the combustion in a car engine or even a gun. The greater the energy behind it, the harder it is for her to control. She can absorb a certain amount of this energy, but too much could potentially destroy her body. There is a limit to how much energy she can absorb over a period of time as she will lose control over her ability if there is too much foreign energy in her body.

      Abby can convert the potential energy in her body to flames and manipulate these. Obviously, it's easier for her to do this over a smaller area- she'd find it much less draining to produce a fistful of flames than to set her whole arm on fire. Her skin cannot be burned by fire, for obvious reasons- however, her skin is not immune to chemical or radiation burns. The combined effort of maintaining and controlling the flames she creates is more strenuous than manipulating flames from an external source, but she finds flames from an external source harder to control.

      Heat, again, for obvious reasons, doesn't have the same effect on her body. Her body temperature always runs higher than a normal person's, making it a more hostile environment for micro-organisms. Her lungs are marginally more resistant to smoke, but she isn't immune to it. Due to the fact that her power requires such a high amount of energy, her metabolism runs faster than normal, meaning she has to eat high-energy foods to keep her strength up and her weight at a healthy level.

      | SKILLS: |
      She can handle a motorbike like she was born on one. She's a born actress- however, she seldom uses this for entertainment purposes. She can twist a lot of people around her pinky to get what she wants. She's got excellent balance and endurance. She also brings a whole new meaning to "fight like a girl."

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Abby's biggest limitation is her stamina. Using her ability drains her much quicker than physical activity, as she's draining the energy from her own cells. Fire is something that can't be controlled. If any flames that she is manipulating come into contact with anything highly flammable, an explosion will ensue and there's nothing she can do about it. Similarly, she can't set fire to anything that is designed to be inflammable.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Due to Abby's increased body temperature, some conventional medicines don't work on her as they're metabolised too fast to do their job.
      After using her power for long periods, her body temperature drops, leaving her at risk of hypothermia.
      She has to keep her body temperature up to keep her power working correctly, and to avoid contracting hypothermia. Her core temperature has a tendency to drop quicker than a regular human's if she is exposed.

      Abby's ability is mostly combat based. She can set fire to strategic targets from a distance of up to 200m. In physical combat, she can set herself or parts of her body alight to do more damage. She can also temporarily stop weapons from firing- however, unless she absorbs the energy, which is dangerous at best, this is a temporary measure. She cannot shoot fireballs, only set objects alight.

      Her immune system is boosted by her high body temperature, and she is immune to burns caused by fire. She can start a fire without matches, or, indeed, without anything, and is handy to have on wilderness trips for this very reason.

    • | WEAPONS: |
      Abby seldom carries weapons. She keeps pepper spray in her handbag, but generally prefers to use her fists and flames.

      | TOOLS: |
      Like any modern girl, Abby always carries a handbag. In it lives her purse, her phone, the aforementioned pepper spray, make-up, tissues and a small notebook and pen.

      | ATTIRE: |
      As she has only very recently started going out with the aim of being a vigilante, she has no set costume. For the sake of practicality, she pins back her fringe, and to protect her identity, she wears a scarf around her mouth and nose. Besides that, she generally wears a motorcycle jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots.
    • | BACKSTORY: |

      Abigail was born to Jonah and Marie Sykes. Both of her parents had older children from previous marriages, and there was a little resentment towards Abigail. She had to learn to stand up for herself from a young age, because otherwise her brothers and sisters would have made her life living hell. As it was, they did their best to anyway. Her parents failed to notice and tried to share out the attention equally among their children. However, in doing so, they occasionally ended up ignoring Abby to make their other children feel loved. As Abby grew, this became clearer to her and she started seeing it everywhere. Her siblings' birthday presents compared to hers. How much more obliging her parents seemed towards them than her. Saying she hated her siblings was too strong, but she was bitter.

      At the age of twelve, her family moved to the States, where she started learning to manipulate people. She learned that boys were willing to do things for a pretty girl if she batted her eyelashes and came across as weak. Doing so made her feel sick at times, but it got things done. As she climbed the social ladder, it became easier and easier to manipulate those around her. She knew that she had one, maybe two, truly loyal friends, and didn't put too much trust in the rest of those around her. She knew how fickle power was, and that a fall would be so much less humiliating if she didn't try to cling to her old friends.

      She was sixteen when her power emerged. She was alone in her room, and could hear her parents gushing over her oldest sister's fiance. Anger flooded her veins, and before she knew it, her arms were ablaze. She panicked and didn't know how to control it. She screamed shortly before passing out, where her parents found her. At first, she was terrified. But she soon realised that it was another thing that she could control, something that she could use. She started playing with it, trying out instincts. She studied physics and chemistry at school, just so she could understand how flames worked and how she could control them.

      When she graduated, she knew that she wanted to learn more. She chose to study applied physics and chemistry in university, gradually specialising in the classes that enabled her to learn about how combustion worked and helped her to control it. Her power became her obsession. Her professors advised her to minor in biology to help improve her career prospects, and she agreed.

      She also learned a lot about people in university. Boys would buy her drinks at bars if she sat alone and looked pretty. More often than not, they'd leave her alone when she started talking about molecules and combustion and anything to do with her course. She always knew how to get what she wanted- whether it was an extension on an essay or a loan from one of her friends. People started paying her to talk people into paying back their debts. However, this was a messy business, and she had to teach herself how to fight in a pretty dress and heels, as well as in motorcycle boots and jeans.

      Eventually, she talked herself out of it, for the simple reason that she didn't want to be known as a debt collector. She graduated with honours, and moved to Crescent City in search of a job. She was employed as a researcher in a pharmaceuticals lab in New Lillith. She's hoping to enroll in a doctorate program once she's saved enough money.

    • | SAMPLE POST: |

      "Doing anything for the weekend, Sykes?" Abby shook her head, pulling her hair out of its bun. "Nah. I lead a very boring life." She shrugged, grabbing her jacket and pulling it on. "Might go out tonight though, I'll have to text around, see if anyone's up for coming out." He nodded. "If I don't run into you tonight, then, I'll see you on Monday." She nodded and rooted in her pocket for her keys as she walked out of the building.

      She reached her bike and sighed, pulling on her helmet. She was incredibly glad that it was finally the weekend. She could do whatever the hell she wanted for two days, which would probably consist of sleeping, movie marathons and going out into the city. She wasn't quite sure why, but the idea of being a vigilante of some sorts was appealing to her. She'd done all this studying into her power, but it had always just been a self-defense mechanism. So why not put it to good use?

      But the fact remained that she wasn't going charging anyone by herself. Hype or not, chances were, some of the people out there could pick her up like a ragdoll. Okay, sure, she could set herself alight and they'd drop her pretty fast, but she'd be dazed for a few moments, which would be far from ideal. And in a fight, if they had the same or better stamina than her, eventually they'd outlast her. No, she wasn't going doing any fighting until she had people behind her.

      She kicked off and started weaving her way through the traffic. She knew that her parents and siblings occasionally missed Aberdeen, but not her. Scotland was too quiet. Aberdeen was too isolated. The weather here was so much better. Maybe they'd moved at the right time for her. She wasn't going to forget her roots- she still had the remainders of her accent- but she wasn't going to pine for home either.

      Her flat was empty, as always. She grabbed her laptop from her bedroom and headed to the couch, where she knew that she'd probably be until it grew dark enough for her to blend in with the streets. Then, the fun would begin.

      | HOME PLANET: |

      • Her accent has weakened over time, but she has been known to slip into a full on Scottish accent when she's mad.

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    • | NAME: |
      Jackson Dean Noble

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Jack; JD
      Codename: Cyclone

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Hannis, Oregon, USA

      | SPECIES: |
      Homo Virium (Hyperhuman)

      | D.O.B.: |
      September 3rd

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Standing just an inch short of six feet, and weighing 189lbs, Jackson has a well-muscled, medium-build that has been toned from years of consistent exercise and intensive training. He is grey-eyed with dark brown hair that is constantly out-of-place, as if recently blown by a strong wind. The chain around his neck holds a pop-tab from a soda can which was a gift from a childhood friend.

    • | ABILITIES: |

      Jackson is an aerokinetic, meaning he has the ability to shape and manipulate air, and to a lesser extent even create it. Air is made up of various atmospheric gases, and Jackson can control it in a variety of ways by changing the pressure in the atmosphere. Jackson can purify the air, remove the oxygen from an area, or enrich the oxygen levels to achieve rusting effects. He is capable of summoning minor breezes, or even powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, and, because of the nature of wind, his attacks can be incredibly difficult to defend against.


      • Generate Air - Jackson's body is unique, different from an ordinary human, in that he possesses a tiny sac in his body that produces air which he can expel through the pores in his body. The amount of air he produces each day is very minimal, but, coupled with his ability to increase the amount of air in the atmosphere, this minimal amount is more than enough to be useful.

      • Increase, Decrease, Shape, and Manipulate Air - Along with generating his own source of air, he can readily manipulate and control the already existing air and wind around him. It's easier for him to manipulate quicker, moving forms of wind than it is slow-moving, still air; it is because of this that he waves his hands and arms around in order to get the air around him moving more quickly.

      • Simulated Telekinesis - By manipulating the air around an object, Jackson can lift it, and move it as if he were using his own hands. This allows him fine control over distant or normally unreachable objects, as well as the use of brute 'strength' using the power of the wind. As such, he can redirect and deflect attacks, projectiles, etc. By surrounding his body in an invisible aura of dense, fast moving air Jackson can even simulate tactile-telekinesis and form a force-field to protect him from harm, to an extent.

      • Aerokinetic Attacks - He can manipulate wind in order to use attacks of various intensities in diverse and numerous ways, either projected as blasts, streams, waves, etc, or used to enhance his physical attacks via increasing the pressure and density of air around his body when striking. These attacks can be as mild as a gust of wind to knock someone over, or as devastating as a tempest capable of destroying a town, or even focused enough to erode solid rock.

      • Air Solidification, and Pressure Manipulation - An advanced ability Jackson spent years learning and honing in the H.E.A.T. program, by manipulating the molecules in the air he can increase or decrease the pressure in the atmosphere surrounding him, and even compress and harden the air into a solid mass allowing for constructs or more powerful concussive blasts/waves. By drastically increasing the pressure and compressing the air around an object, Jackson can crush it.
        • Flight - One of two basic-level usages of pressure manipulation. By decreasing the pressure of air in front of him, increasing it behind him, and manipulating the air around him, Jackson can achieve subsonic flight, levitation, and the ability to literally walk on air.
        • Jet Propulsion/Speed Boosts - The other basic-level usage. Much like with flight, by increasing and decreasing the pressure behind and ahead of him Jackson can enhance his speed and jumping capabilities, boosting him forward in any direction. Alternatively, he can propel other objects forward at high-speeds for offensive purposes.

      • Airwave Manipulation - By controlling the subtle vibrations in the air, Jackson can enhance his sense of touch and hearing by amplifying the vibrations in order to detect any disturbances, differences, and sounds that are usually too far out of range or minute to discern. With concentration, he can even amplify (through increased vibrations) or nullify (through reducing/eliminating vibration) sound in an area.

      • Electricity Generation - By manipulating air molecules to create ionization, he can produce electrostatic energy.

      | SKILLS: |

      Jackson, through years training in the H.E.A.T. program, has become quite adept at hand-to-hand combat and self-defense. While not a master martial artist by any means, he is quite capable of handling his own in a fight with or without the use of his abilities. Also while at P.R.C.U., Jackson took several meteorological courses to better utilize his manipulation of the atmosphere. Due to his time as a team leader he has become well-versed in tactics and strategy, developing exceptional leadership abilities.

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      While Jackson has a wide-range range of superhuman abilities due to his versatile power, many of his more powerful ones - such as summoning huge tornadoes - take a lot of concentration, and can exhaust him or put strain on his body. Although he can ionize the air to create electricity, Jackson has no control over it, and doing so haphazardly could result in serious harm to himself and others. It is incredibly difficult for him to solidify air into constructs other than basic shapes, it being the only real technique that has eluded his mastery, and it is essentially useless in the heat of battle where he would be unable to focus for long enough to form anything properly.

      | WEAKNESSES: |

      Despite his vast capabilities, Jackson is just as fragile as any other human being, regardless of his hype status; he is vulnerable to harm if unable to defend himself. The concentration it takes to perform powerful attacks can be exploited by opponents, and if he exhausts himself too much by overusing his abilities he could pass out from the strain.

    • | WEAPONS: |
      None currently.

      | TOOLS: |
      He carries on him at all times his cellphone, and a zippo lighter. He will prepare the necessary tools in advance if needed.

      | ATTIRE: |
      Jackson wears no special attire to conceal his identity, but does have a light, black jacket to shield himself from windchill while flying.
    • | BACKSTORY: |

      Born to Scott and Charlotte Noble in small town Oregon, Jackson and his father would relocate to Crescent City, California just a short year after his birth when Charlotte abandoned the family for her own selfish reasons, and chose a nice little home in the New Lillith district near his sister, Feona - a student at Faulkner Institute for Higher Learning - who would help Scott to raise his son. An aspiring writer, Scott would eventually go on to write his first successful novel, and later book series, which shot him to instant fame, and allowing him to provide a stable life for his son.

      Jackson would grow up having a fairly normal life, despite his father's fame, with his aunt, now a rookie in the police department, taking over the role of his absent mother. He would attend school, get in trouble, and make friends. At the age of nine, Jackson would meet who would become his best friend; Violet Young, his new next door neighbor. Although a little younger than him, Violet was a tomboy who took to becoming Jackson's shadow, with the two soon becoming inseparable.

      Not long after Jackson turned thirteen his hype-gene kicked in, activating his abilities, and causing several incidents and minor injuries to himself and his father. The Nobles tried to hide and keep his powers suppressed, but after a year ripe with more incidents it was decided that it would be best for Jackson to go to Canada in order to enroll in the Pacific Royal Collegiate and University, an academic community for hyper-humans to learn to control and harness their abilities for the good of all, as well as a very high-caliber educational facility. Before he left, Jackson, now fourteen, and a twelve year-old Violet sat down to discuss what it would mean for their friendship with him going off to a boarding school. During their conversation, and amid the many promises that they would write one another, the two shared one last can of coke together, a tradition of sorts they would do every time they hung out, and declared that they would always be friends. To cement this sentiment, Jackson removed the pop tab from the soda can and told Violet that he would keep it with him forever as a reminder of her and their friendship.

      Life at Pacific Royal went by quickly for Jackson. His first year there was a learning experience, but he quickly hit his stride, dedicating himself to mastering his hype abilities. He even enrolled in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program (H.E.A.T.) to better hone his skills in order to one day become a S.H.I.F.T. agent and help others with his powers as a way to make his aunt proud, as she had raised him to be an upstanding young man who aided others in need. By his fourth year at P.R.C.U. Jackson, 18, was made leader of his unit, Team 33, AKA Echo squad, where he received the codename "Cyclone" from his squad-mates, and eventually led his team to victory in several of the school competitions. It was also around this time that his father, Scott, sadly passed away while traveling for research, leaving Feona as his only remaining family.

      Jackson, now in his final year at P.R.C.U., has been growing worried after hearing the constant reports about his city under siege of natural disaster, and now the recent news stories detailing the growing unrest and near-rioting has him concerned enough for the city and those in it that he has left the campus, without permission, and is traveling towards the coastal city in order to do his best in restoring order.

    • | SAMPLE POST: |


      • | NAME: |

        Feona Laura Noble

        | SUMMARY: |

        Jackson's aunt, and mother-figure. After Jackson's father moved to Crescent City when his wife left him, Feona helped her brother raise her baby nephew, despite her own inexperience with children, and eventually instilled in him the same morals and belief in standing up for what's right that she herself had. She lives in New Lillith, working as a detective on the police force, and tends to dedicate herself to her work causing her social life to be lacking.

      • | NAME: |

        Violet "Vi" Mackenzie Young

        | SUMMARY: |

        Violet is a childhood friend of Jackson's, the two having been inseperable until the age of fourteen when he went off to attend Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Nearly two whole years younger than Jackson, she harbored a crush on him in their youth, and, although she tries suppress them, she often still has thoughts of him. After he left for PRCU in Canada, Violet only got to see him several times a year during holiday, briefly, and a few weeks in the Summer, along with the occasional letter and e-mail. The funeral of Scott Noble, Jackson's father, was the last time Violet saw him as Jackson has largely stayed away from Crescent City since. She has been attending university in the city for over two years now, and is currently volunteering at relief centers throughout New Lillith in the wake of the city's flooding.
      • | NAME: |

        Christopher Henry Savage

        | SUMMARY: |

        Christopher met Violet his senior year in college, and the two, after having spent months as good friends, have been dating for nearly a year. He is a dedicated young man; both an athlete excelling in physical activities - including soccer, for which he was the varsity captain at his university, and several martial arts - and an intelligent student who maintained focus on his academic studies. Chris, after graduating from university two years ago, has been working construction in order to pay off his student loans before he plans to enroll in the Crescent City Police Academy. He is currently assisting Violet in her volunteer relief work in order to keep an eye on her during these dangerous times, as well as aid his city in need.
      • | NAME: |

        Scott Gregory Noble

        | SUMMARY: |

        Jackson's late father. He was well-respected and loved by his son and sister, and the many fans of his various fictional novels that he had written throughout the last decade-and-a-half. He had been researching legends and myths of magical beings for his new book, Shadows, even interviewing those who had claimed to know of real-life sorcerors called Magi, when he tragically suffered a heart attack and passed away.

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    • | NAME: |
      Emma Heleen Naaktgeboren​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Ikazia Ziekenhuis, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NL​

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Emma has a slim build, standing at 175cm and weighs 56kg. Her blonde hair reaches to roughly her chest which is relative in size.
      For the past two years Emma has been accustomed to wearing a standard uniform of PRCU. Now that she is in a school in the USA she has been able to wear what she likes again. It’s just simple standard fashion, nothing fancy, though she has a tendency to wearing high heels nowadays. Her eyes are light blue in color.​

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Space-Time Continuum Distorting Summoning.
      Or in layman’s terms, a Borrower capable of borrowing anything from any time or location by creating a rift through time and space itself.

      Ever wondered where your phone suddenly went even though you swore it was 'right there' a minute ago, or how you can't find that one favorite CD even though you're quite certain you brought it home after that party? Only to find it right in that spot where you looked ten times a short while later? Or better yet, searching for that eraser, and after ten minutes of looking you find it right in your own hand? Then it's probably Emma's fault.
      When Emma concentrates on retrieving a certain item from a time or location, the item vanishes temporarily from that spot and appears in Emma's hands. She can then use it as she wishes till she sends it back or it fades after a while.​

      | SKILLS: |
      Emma is a skilled marksman. She has a steady hand and not a lot of problem with clearing her mind to concentrate on the task in front of her.

      She has a great artistic ability and dearly loves painting, which is why she was sent over to Conquisator University.

      Allthough she’s terrible at concentrating on things, she’s great at emptying her mind and not thinking about anything. Though essentially most people don’t see the difference between concentrating and an empty mind while doing a job, to Emma it is a clear difference. Concentrating requires actively focussing on something, like remembering an object and bringing it to her. Emptying her mind is shutting out all thoughts and let (trained) instincts take control.

      Hand to hand combat has been trained to her in her first years of school, so she can use it, though she prefers summoning weaponry.

      Gag skill: Emma’s cooking is so terrible it could be used as poison.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Everything she borrows from a different time or space will fade and disappear after a certain amount of time has passed. How quickly depends on the size of the object. Larger objects range between five to fifty minutes, while simple small items can range up to being in her possession for a few hours or a full day. That however is very rare.

      Items from the past or future are more difficult to summon. Objects brought in from a different time period do not fade faster than similar objects from the current flow of time.

      Larger items are more difficult to borrow. Not only do they fade faster, they also cost more energy to collect.

      In order to collect something from a location or time, she has to (roughly) know where the item was put. For small stuff like desk items it's enough to focus on a desk and collect from there. More complex and larger items and past/future items need a more specific focus point. If she were to want to borrow Hitler's gun she would have to know exactly where it was, when it was.
      Also, if an item is in the same room as where she is, she can not summon it to her hands. For that she will have to get up, and walk.

      Space-Time Continuum
      The same object can never exist in the same room at the same time. If she was borrowing someone's phone from the past, and the person walks in with their phone, the phone she is holding will disappear instantly.
      This also means she can not borrow an item that someone is holding right then and there in the same room.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Due to the amount of borrowing she does and can do, she constantly forgets to bring her own items, forgets where she puts them, or what really is hers to begin with.

      Physically it's quite straining to reach into a different location or time in order to take something. If she over exerts herself the item will not only not appear, but she could pass out as well. Chances are she could die from it, just as over exertion on sports could kill a person given the right circumstances.

      She can't send items to a different time or location, unless she is releasing an item back to where it came from.
      The effects of the borrowed item do stay when the item has faded/sent back. (e.g.: bullet hole (and bullet if that wasn't borrowed too), cleaned wounds, etc)​

      In a fighting situation Emma will be able to collect whatever she things will be of use. Guns, knives, bandages. She does have to keep in mind that things will eventually disappear again, so in the case of bandages, that it will only be considered a temporary fix till actual bandages are brought in.

      In class she's the go-to person for forgotten equipment. Need a pen? A new shirt till at least the end of class? A deck of cards to play poker that can disappear the moment a teacher walks in? Just ask Emma.
      Even though she doesn't cheat, in theory she could borrow the answers for a test, if she knew where they were kept. That however is a rule of ethics she will not break.
      Another application of her power she will not use is borrowing money, buying something, and letting the money fade after leaving. A strong moral code makes for her not doing things like that.

      Due to her powers' nature, she tends to be more support than offense in a team. Providing backup and materials whenever needed.
      Also, as she can repeatedly summon the same item if it fades (unless she is too tired) Emma makes for an excellent flow of (temporary!) supplies.

      (If for example Emma borrows a bandaid from the first aid kit, and the bandaid disappears after a time, the bandaid will appear back in its place as it was when she borrowed it. This is due to her not being able to send anything into a different location or time.)​
    • | WEAPONS: |
      Having the ability to summon anything she needs, Emma doesn’t really have a weapon on her. To be more exact, for the sake of anonymity she doesn’t own any weapons.
      Any weapon she owns and uses can be traced back to her, so she has a list of weapons she can use that won’t lead back to her.​

      | TOOLS: |
      Emma doesn’t carry tools with her as she can summon anything she needs. She has a book (seriously that thing is bigger than Tolstoy’s War and Peace combined) that she summons at times if her memory fails her. In it there is a giant list of every item she has seen, where it is/was kept, and when she saw it.
      Her memory for where everything is is quite extensive, but even she forgets stuff. Back when she first discovered her powers she started writing where and when things were in a small notebook. Quickly outgrowing the booklet she expanded it, and expanded it, till it became the size it is today.
      Her book is always kept in one and the same place. Though she is thinking about digitalizing it at some point. It’s just that she knows it will take a very very long time before everything is copied.
      For certain things like weapons, or handy tools she has a separate smaller notebook that she can borrow. Having to search through the biggest encyclopedia around isn’t all that handy in a pinch after all.​

      | ATTIRE: |
      While Emma does wear her normal clothes most of the time, if she ever chooses to go out and play vigilante she will sport a special outfit primarily in various blue shades.
      Due to Emma’s power she can place her hand on her own body and summon her outfit that she always keeps in the same place.
      Under normal daily circumstances Emma wears her normal clothes, summons her alternative outfit, and then hides her normal clothes in some location.
      If she’s heading into battle directly from her current home she’ll wear the actual vigilante outfit and borrow her normal clothes so she can send her regular clothes back when the fighting is about to start.
      She doesn’t use this method standard because she is afraid her power might wear thin and everything is sent back prematurely, thus revealing her powers to others.
      Her outfit is always the same, except for her mask. It’s different every time, and she has a ton of them. It’s filigree masks, often in black or blue colors.
      Link to a sample of the masks.
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Born in the fall, Emma was the only child Rick and Anne Naaktgeboren had. They were a moderate, average family living in the southern part of Rotterdam for a few years, then moving to the northern part.
      She was raised as a Christian, but in a community that didn't go all 'Hypes are the spawn of evil' like most other congregations did. Sure, there weren't many Hypes in that church, but she could name two that had been a part for as long as Emma could remember. She herself however didn't directly have contact with them.

      Most of the rest of Emma's childhood was calm, uneventful. Both parents had a job, her mother worked part-time so she wouldn't come home to an empty house after school, went through school like everyone else following the 'basic-VMBO-MBO' route. Or well, she would have gone that way.
      Emma had been a bit of a late bloomer in terms of appearance, but once she did, she was a full bloomer. With that however, her powers awakened and she discovered she was part of the Hype people as well.
      Despite the openness that the church and their parents had about the new species, Emma was afraid that if she became one, the people around her would treat her differently. So she hid her powers, and avoided using them for as long as she could. It didn't really last long.

      Roughly three years ago she was caught using her ability, an item she had summoned fading out of her hands right in the presence of her parents.
      Of course they were shocked, but the damage was far less bad than Emma had initially thought. They didn't kick her out, disown her, call her a spawn of evil, or go announce it to all kinds of people. Instead they simply said that keeping her powers hidden would only increase her chances of getting caught by others, and it wouldn't be good for her to hide who she really was.
      So together they found the contact details of a school that offered protection and training to Hyperhumans, and told her friends she was going to study abroad instead of learning to become a secretary at the MBO level.
      As far as she is aware, her friends still don't know she has the ability to 'borrow' items.

      Emma went to that school for two years, this would be her third, but this year was going to be different for her. With all the activity going on in and around Crescent City they needed people to go and infiltrate in the city. Emma volunteered as her abilities are easy to hide and can’t accidentally go off.
      With her being good at art, they sent her to Conquistador University with the instructions to patrol, keep an eye out, not to engage any hype (or other) activity (which is a rule she'd definitely break), and report back whatever hyper activity she sees so actual S.H.I.F.T. teams can take care of it. And should she encounter other Hypes that she hasn’t been made aware of to report them. Maybe find out if there are Hypes in the school as well.

      She has been in Crescent City for a few weeks now, settling in and pretending to be just another average arts student.
      H.E.L.P. provided a home for her to stay in for the time being. A moderate apartment in the Los Paraíso district. From here she'll be able to more freely do her job without people wondering why she'd be entering the district while the school was closed. Plus it saved a lot on travel times between home and school.
      In the meantime she misses her team mates back in PRCU and wonders what they’re up to now, not being allowed to have contact with them. For safety reasons. ​
    • | SAMPLE POST: |
      As the sun was at its peak in the sky, Emma walked out of the building, sporting a brown leather coat, knee highs, and a skirt, the habit reminiscent of her days in P.R.C.U.. She held a round tube in one hand that held a few of her drawings, while her other hand held on to a clearly fading book.

      Feeling how the weight in her other hand was getting lighter and lighter, Emma looked down. Oh right! The book would go back to the library any moment now. Where had that book come from again? She still had to read the last few chapters, so she had to remember. Darn it, she couldn't even remember which row it had been in, let alone the shelf and where in that row it was. Great, that's what you get for having a strainer of a memory, or whatever the English equivalent of that saying was. Writing down the title of the book on the back of her hand with a pen she borrowed from the teacher's desk, she sent the book back to where it belonged. She'd just have to go and find it in the library now.

      Turning on her heels Emma waded her way through the mass of people to head to the general direction of the library.
      Hey Em!” a voice behind her called. Stopping in her tracks Emma looked to see who was coming her way. One of the guys of her class came walking up to her. For the life of her she couldn’t remember his name, how embarrassing.
      Yes?” She asked, figuring that saying the wrong name would be worse than saying no name.
      So there’s going to be a party this weekend, and I heard you’re going.
      I am?
      Really? That’s great! Hey want to go together, I’ll pick you up at eight!” He said and already walked backwards intending to leave.
      Wait, no-” He was so fast that Emma barely had time to think anything through what was happening.
      Is eight thirty better?
      Great! See you then!” He turned around and darted off to his friends.
      Had Emma just agreed to a date to a party she had no idea she was invited to?
      Stumped Emma stood there for a little while. Right, library.​
      • Emma hasn't told anyone the translation of her last name. In the Netherlands Naaktgeboren is a fairly common name, but it literally means 'Naked born'. Not really something you'd share with people unless you're drunk.
      • Due to having lived in the Netherlands, and only having had the basic minimum of English that was taught in middle/high school, she speaks with a Dutch accent, and often forgets the correct translation of the word.
        Example of how Emma talks, and the sound of voice she has.
      • It has happened at times that she accidentally spoke Dutch to someone, instead of English.
      • Kind of a scatter brain, and has a difficulty in figuring out what she wants to say at times. This isn't just because of the constant translation issues though.
      • Is a bit of a girly girl.
      • Hates mornings. Definitely a night owl.
      • A disaster in the kitchen. She’s more likely to kill herself with her cooking than fill her stomach.

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  4. Oh that's fine, should be easy enough to do honestly.
    • | NAME: |
      Alissandra ‘Alice’ Anastasia Koblenkov​

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Black Lotus Facility, exact location classified.​

      | SPECIES: |
      Homo Virium (Hyperhuman)​

      | D.O.B.: |
      June 28​

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      | APPEARANCE: |
      Alice stands 1.70m tall and weighs just around 55kg. She doesn’t have a lot of visible muscle on her, since she doesn’t do much of any strength training, but is very lean and nimble, packing quite the punch for the figure she has and uses the opponent’s weight against them.
      While she is one to wear golden headpieces, and dusty pink and off white colored clothes normally, she can’t wear that outside of the bases. When she’s away from the base, be it for a mission, or a ‘fun’ outing, she covers her body up completely. Not because she’s ashamed of her body, but because skin contact sets off her powers, and she can’t have that happen in a busy mall.
      She doesn’t smile a lot anymore, the work making her more serious and down cast. While she doesn’t smile much anymore, she does wear deep red lipstick and the colors brown or black for smokey eyeshadow, standing off real strongly against her light skin.
      Her nose is slightly rounded at the tip, and perks up a little, just like her brother’s.
      Alice tends to wear her golden blonde hair down, letting it flow straight till it reaches the small of her back. Her brother has been growing out his hair as well since he was a teen, joking to her that he was planning on beating her in length. A joke she took serious enough and therefore refuses to cut her hair (other than the ends to keep it healthy).​

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Power Bestowal
      Power Bestowal is the art of giving others extraordinary gifts. Although merely temporary, they can range from simple elemental control to full on immortality, dimensional travel, and matter alteration.
      Upon touch Alice will give a random hype ability to that person which will last a limited time. The duration varies per power and it can not be influenced in any way.
      The randomness of the given power however can at times be slightly manipulated and guided to give a more likely outcome.​

      | SKILLS: |
      Alice is perfectly fluent and speaks nearly accentless in 6 different languages, 3 with an accent, and 9 she can sufficiently communicate in or read/write.
      • Russian
      • Polish
      • English (American and British accent)
      • Italian
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Turkish
      • Japanese
      • Chinese
      • Indonesian
      • Portugese
      • Dutch
      • Farsi
      • Dari
      • Greek
      • Korean
      • Latin (written text only)

      Alice is a skilled cook as well, though she doesn’t get the chance to explore all her capabilities in that due to her position.

      Since she was young Alice has been trained in various basics of fighting. This initially was to determine what kind of fighting style would best suit the child, and if she would have turned out to be a Hype, she would be more capable in fighting in a way that is best suited for her power. This proved highly useful for Alex’ ability, while Alice has to avoid skin contact as much as possible.
      As such she is mainly taught to use Tai Chi and use her opponents’ strengths against them with the least amount of contact.

      Although she is mostly taught in Tai Chi, Alice has taken it upon herself to learn more fighting styles, even if they don’t come as easy to her as they do to her brother. She has to work real hard to remain anywhere near the level that Alex passes with ease. Despite that she is can handle herself in a fight with an average person. Just don’t put her up against a fully trained martial artist. She’ll definitely lose.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Alice’s number one limitation is that it’s touch based. In order to give someone a power, she has to have skin to skin contact with them.

      The duration of how long the given power exists can not be influenced in any way.

      If Alice touches a person the outcome of what the person receives is usually completely random. There hasn’t been any form of a pattern to be found and ranges all across the map of possibilities.

      She can not give multiple powers to a single person. She can however give the same person a new power once the initial one has worn out.

      Because of the immense vastness of the amount of powers that exist, it’s highly unlikely that she’d be able to give the same power twice in a row or within a short amount of time of each other.

      So far there has not been a distinct limit to how many people Alice can give a power to at the same time. Alice however does have a feeling she might be more weary at the end of the day and need a bit more sleep if she has bestowed a lot of powers.

      If Alice concentrates real hard on a certain general type of power (like elemental control, mind powers, appearance alterations) there is a likely chance that the bestowed power will be the desired power. This requires an incredible amount of concentration, focus, and will. It also takes a while to ‘load’ meaning it isn’t really handy in a battle kind of situation.
      However, even if she concentrates completely and does everything correct, there is still a highly likely chance that the desired power will not be given to the person. It is not an exact science, and therefore is very difficult to correctly train.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Alice can not gain any form of advantage of her own powers. While she could give someone the greatest gift on earth, she can not, ever, give herself any of the abilities.

      Aside from the fact that she gives other people powers, she is fully human and the same as any non-hype person. No immunity against anything, no strengths that can ward off some kind of side effect. If it can harm a Sap (Homo Sapiens), it will harm her.

      Her limitation in having to have skin contact is also her weakness. She has to avoid touching her opponents, and if an opponent knows this, they could target her very specifically.

      An important factor to calculate in is the fact that Alice can not shut off her power. It’s constantly present, constantly working, even if she’s asleep or knocked out cold. They figure that if Alice is dead her power will seize working, but they have yet to test that theory. This means she has to stay constantly aware of her surroundings, as one error could mean a whole bunch of people that weren’t intended to get powers, get powers. This is what mainly tires her out the most.​

      Alice’s application for her power basically is as straight forward as it gets. Give her allies abilities that tip the scales in their favor in any circumstance.
      Since her powers only last a certain amount of time, she has to be close by to her companions in order to allow them to be able to use their new power.​
    • | WEAPONS: |
      Depending on the mission she has to take care of, she’ll pack for that. Most of the times she will have two knives hidden on her person and a gun strapped to her leg. Other than that she has been trained in long distance weapons such as a rifle.​

      | TOOLS: |
      In normal situations Alice simply has her phone, her keys, and other small belongings in a purse or in her pockets. While a purse matches her personal style, it isn’t always practical to have one hand occupied. If she has to bring a larger backpack or other form of bag she will have her phone, make-up and everything else in there.
      She doesn’t really work with a wallet, leaving her cash and cards just in a side pocket of whatever bag she has with her (or pocket of a coat).
      When specifically out for a task such as an assassination, Alice will have a lock picking set, an extra pair of gloves, and bandages to temporarily patch up any holes in her suit that might have appeared.​

      | ATTIRE: |
      Out in the field Alice wears a black and red full body catsuit, complete with gloves. On her belt there are various pouches for weapons, or other useful components in the field. She can’t take a lot with her, but there are plenty of small things she can bring. Other than that she wears heeled boots.
      Now that the weather has been turning worse, Alice will often be sporting a black coat with red fur lining. If she happens to come into a hand to hand combat situation, she will take off her coat to give her more maneuverability.
      While she doesn’t always do this, at times she does cover up her mouth and nose with a black cloth to conceal her identity further. This also is very nice and warm in the wintery scene she’s currently in.​
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      On the 28th of June Alice was born to Viktor Sergei Koblenkov and Natalya Yankovsky as Alissandra Anastasia Koblenkov. Soon to follow was Alex, her twin brother, Alexander Andrei Koblenkov.
      While the twins were born in a secret Black Lotus Base, their parents were not originally part of the Society. Their father originated from Russia. All they really know of his past was that he got his powers as a young lad and dealt in shady businesses before he fled to Poland at age 23. Here he was soon recruited by the Black Lotus Society and was where he met the beautiful Natalya, who was 15 at the time, and considered a valuable asset of the organization. The girl had been an orphan whose powers arose when she was 12. She had been found by chance by members of the Black Lotus Society. Being promised a better life than as an orphan on the streets, she joined the listings at age 13.

      As life would have it, Viktor grew fond of the bright and lively girl and the two started dating. Unbeknownst to them, another had taken an interest in Natalya.
      Natalya’s ability was to boost the Hype-Gene, giving the hyperhuman a strong increase in their power. A power that, while not very useful on an assassination mission, was very desirable and useful to others. And so, not long after Viktor had come to the organization, he was separated from the girl he had fallen for. He figured that was the end of it, but roughly 9 months later Viktor was called into the office of one of his peers where he was given two squirming bundles.

      With Viktor’s power of being able to absorb someone’s luck, causing a chain of unforeseen events, he had accidentally drained Natalya’s luck, setting in motion a path in which the teenage girl had gotten pregnant with his children.
      According to her father Alice’s mother didn’t want to take care of the children that were caused by bad luck, and had sent them away. So as children growing up, Alice and Alex resented their mother. As teenagers they however learned the truth of the matter. Natalya had been placed in a position in which she wasn’t able to, and not allowed to take care of the twins, so they had been taken away from their mother by force.
      Right now all they know of their mother is that she lives and is aiding in the most noble of causes, right by the Enlightened One’s side. But, because of this, they are not allowed to meet their mother unless they would be able to prove their worth to the organization.
      Just recently Alice and Alex got wind that while Alice was likely to be given a similar position as her mother’s, Alex was forbidden to ever come near the Enlightened One or his Disciples.

      Growing up under the wing of the Black Lotus was not an easy task. Alice and her brother were trained from the moment they were deemed ready in various basics of martial arts in order to find what would suit the children best.
      Knowing that both parents were Hypes, the likelihood of the children being Hypes as well made them keep a close watch on the pair.
      Since the BLS operates across the globe, the children were taught any basic language they might need, and to speak it fluently without any trace of foreign accent. Young Alice picked up the different languages with ease, while her brother tended to have more difficulty with it. The same was reverse for them when dealing with their physical training. Alex picked it up with far more ease than Alice, letting her fall behind quite easily and making her have to take supplementary exercises.

      With her father being one that takes away people’s luck, he often got ‘loaned out’ to various causes. One of the most common ones was being brought in by a casino to decrease the amount of luck people had at the tables, widening the gap between poor people, and the rich that hired him. Although he was never allowed to play himself, for the casino’s safety.
      Other frequent customers were those that had a target to take out that was just too lucky. In order to cause a chain reaction that would lead to a person’s ultimate assassination, Viktor would feed off of that person’s luck till there was little left.
      With him traveling from coast to coast, and country to country, the twins were dragged all across the globe long before they even knew for sure if they had a power or not.

      It was during one of Victor’s many missions that the twins got their powers. They had just turned 12 a month before. As usual their father said goodbye for the day by kissing them on the forehead. First one for Alice, and then one for Alex. A habit he had picked up at some point.
      That fateful day he was scheduled to sneak away luck from a target that would walk down the same street where they were temporarily stationed. He brushed by his target, and nothing happened. He didn’t feel the slight tingle of the flow of luck, the target didn’t get attacked by a dog, didn’t trip over a loose tile, and worst of all, when the random shooter did appear that would allegedly have killed the target, two random bystanders were shot, but the target didn’t have a scratch on him.
      Thinking he had done something wrong he tried again with no results. It wasn’t till the third attempt that the luck of the target seeped away and sent him to the hospital with a broken leg.

      Puzzled by what had happened he returned home. There he realized what might have happened after he hugged his children. He didn’t realize it because of some brilliant spark of the mind, but because after he had hugged Alice, he had heat vision that disappeared again right when Alex touched his hand.
      Viktor always hugged his children one right after the other, so when he had paused and hesitated before hugging Alex, the two had exchanged a look. Something was up, even if their father didn’t say anything.
      The fact that something was off was even more confirmed when the next morning Viktor didn’t even touch the children before leaving.

      Being schooled at the base Alice and Alex decided to take matters in their own hands. One of the people out on the training floor that day was an Atlas class, capable of lifting around two tons of weight. Alex was the first one to brave an attempt and touched the man briefly just as he was intending to lift heavy a barbell. His strength was reduced to that of a normal person with his physic, meaning he couldn’t lift them in the least, much to his surprise.
      By the time that someone was called in to check on the matter, everything was back to normal, leaving the twins snickering on the side.

      Figuring she had the same power as her brother, them being twins and all, Alice tested out her power by making physical contact with a Neptune controlling water. However the strangest thing happened. Instead of the water falling to the ground with the absence of power, fire shot out of the woman’s hands, burning the dummy the Neptune had been working with.
      It sent the entire room in lockdown mode to figure out what happened. Shocked about what happened the two immediately admitted that they hadn’t meant to cause such a fuss, they had only been trying to learn what their powers could do. The twins weren’t punished for their actions, and instead were put through rigorous testing to fully determine what their powers enthralled.

      Alex was a frightening one to discover. His power shut off other people’s powers for a limited amount of time, taking out any advantage his opponents might have had over him. His value increased drastically in the field. He would be most useful out where the action happens. Any fighting style could be used for his way of combat, especially high contact ones. He chose the direction of Krav Maga and tends to fight shirtless in order to increase chances for surface contact with opponents.

      Alice’s powers on the other hand were a little more puzzling to deal with. It took a while before they understood the full scope of her powers. She could give every possible power to people for a limited amount of time. Like a constantly spinning wheel of fortune that would hand out whatever was selected as soon as she touched someone. While great for allies, it wouldn’t be great for opponents to have an advantage, so she had to cover up, completely, save for her head and hope she didn’t touch others with her face. Also she didn’t get the freedom to choose what kind of way she would fight. Tai Chi, and taking out targets in long range shootings. But most of all, she was placed on a more protective note, like her mother.

      Years passed, and now that the twins had their own powers, they had their own missions. While Viktor was with them and their missions in the first few years, they eventually got split into different areas.
      Despite their initial thought that they would still be traveling from place to place every few months, like they had done with their father, once the Koblenkov family was split up, the twins’ traveling days slowed down. Their father had been an asset that had to be moved around frequently, while Alice was an asset that was preferred to be kept close and as little as possible on the road. And since Alice refused to go anywhere without her brother present, Alex too stayed put a lot more.

      Despite Alice and Alex’ powers requiring different tactics, the two have an uncanny ability to fight in sync with each other, making them a good duo out in the field. This has helped Alice to be able to get right into the action, as she otherwise would have been kept on support at all times. And in order to remain side by side with team mates, and especially Alex, she trains every day an exorbitant amount of time.

      Interestingly enough, despite her brother being able to make off with any lady he comes across, Alice has difficulty finding anyone that is interested in her. True, there are tons of people that are interested in her, except most of the guys that sweet talked her simply wanted a taste of her power, and had no real interest in her as a person. She by now has come to the conclusion that she’ll just end up being forever alone, since cuddling, kissing and more just don’t really work great if you keep giving the person new powers. Doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in others though. She still swoons for fit guys working out shirtless in the gym, with exception of her brother, though the physic of women doesn’t repulse her either, so she wonders if she might be bi instead of just straight. Then again, she figures she’ll never figure it out with her own limitations and all.

      The contact between them and their father is still there, it just has gotten less and less with how busy they have gotten. Right now he is somewhere in Poland, widening the gap between rich and poor through bad luck, while the two youngsters are over at the Pacific Base.​
    • | SAMPLE POST: |
      June 15, Yucca Base
      A dusty breath of hot air rushed through Alice’s hair. They were almost there, just across that dune.
      Suit up.” The driver called towards the back of the roll cage Jeep.
      Over to the left hand side of Alice she saw how her brother suddenly pulled his white T-shirt over his head and threw it down to the floor of the vehicle. His way of ‘suiting up’. Getting half naked and start flexing the muscles. If it was any other guy she might have ended up staring at the obvious eye candy, but this was her brother. As close as she was with him, she wasn’t that kind of close.
      A sigh escaped her lips. Time for her to get ready as well. She started with strapped her weaponry to her person and fitted the belt around her hips. In all honesty, it was way too hot to be fully suited up, but this wasn’t a matter of choice. At least she could wait till the last minute before zipping up her catsuit.

      Alice and Alex, or Alpha and Omega as they tended to dub themselves while in ‘fight’ mode, were off to a training exercise in the middle of the scorching desert. They were to be dropped off, take out the security or go by undetected, and pick up a package that had been placed somewhere in the general vicinity. All the while having to deal with the burning desert sun and its lovely high temperatures.

      The Jeep stopped just out of sight of the targeted location. Without another word Alex jumped out of the car, while Alice stayed behind a step to close the gap over her chest area and pull the gloves over her hands.
      At first glance there didn’t seem to be anyone near. “You sure we at the right spot?” She whispered to Alex, who shushed at her right away. He pointed dead ahead towards what seemed to be a small box. Right, so this was the spot. Then where was the security they had to take out?

      With an uneasy feeling rising from within they came to the box and picked it up. “Let’s get out of here.” Alex said stark and turned right around to head back as quickly as they could. Unfortunately, that’s when three guys jumped up that had been hidden from sight under a cover and some sand.
      Muttering a curse under her breath Alice stood ready with her back against that of her brother’s.
      Two to one?” Her question was answered with a hum of approval.
      They stepped aside slightly so Alex could face two opponents, leaving one in Alice’ path.
      How about you just let us pass and be done with it?” Alice said, knowing it wouldn’t work anyway. From her brother’s reaction she could tell he likely had rolled his eyes at what she had just said. At least this way the man charged at her first. Oddly enough that almost always worked. Start talking, and they’ll lunge forward, instead of leaving a long, tense waiting period. Behind her she could already hear her sibling make the first move. Not exactly one to wait. But then again, why would he with his power?
      Leaning over to the right Alice evaded the initial punch as her left hand pushed the arm away, opening the target up completely. With a quick and swift movement Alice brought up her right hand and slammed it up against the bottom of the man’s chin.

      She could hear how his teeth slammed hard against each other. Though it wasn’t as horrifying as the bone cracking behind her. Instinctively Alice looked behind her to see if her brother was alright, which she already knew he would be. A beginners level mistake. Her opponent shot at her a second time, this time managing to land a punch dead center in her stomach, sending her backwards towards the ground.
      Lucky for her, Alex had just wrapped up his fight and turned right around to help her. He quickly overpowered Alice’ adversary and knocked him unconscious.
      Eyes on the target, remember hot shot?
      Yeah, yeah, I know.” She grumbled and reached up. He helped her to her feet and lend a hand to walk back to the Jeep.
      Your face is red.
      You think? I’m burning up in here.” She complained and zipped down in order to cool off a little. Her brother laughed as they got in the vehicle.
      Tough luck sis.
      I seriously hope we have to do this in the snow one day.” To which Alex sent her a foul glance.​

      • Alice has been taught to believe in the cause of the Black Lotus Society, and will follow any order as long as she can remain near her brother.
      • Alice is aware that Alex is becoming more and more detached from the BLS’ cause, becoming more reckless and angered, but refuses to see it.
      • Alice has never kissed anyone.
      • When Alice and Alex touch nothing happens with their powers. They can continue what they do, even while having contact. Alex never gains new powers and Alice never loses the ability to give people powers. They aren’t quite sure why this is, since their powers do affect their father, and other Junos. So far the ‘conclusion’ has been that it is a weird phenomenon due to them being twins.
      • Alice is afraid that at some point they’ll force her and her brother apart.
      • Alex is strangely overly protective of his sister. Almost obsessively so.
      • Alice is a great cook and loves spending time in the kitchen, even though her training schedule doesn’t allow for her to be able to really invest in it.
      • Alice has never been to a normal school.
      • In order to prove her worth, and hopefully be allowed to meet her mother some day, Alice works her hardest to be useful to the Society. Aside from her physical training she’s very adamant about trying to master the art of being able to select what powers she gives others.
      • From a medical and scientific perspective Alice’s power doesn’t simply give a power to people. Upon touch the receiver ‘grows’ a temporary Hype-Gene, which is why it can also work on normal Homo Sapiens, and not just on Homo Viriums. Alex’ power sets the Hype-Gene into a temporary sleep mode, deactivating the gene, and thus the power it produces.
      • It doesn’t matter where she touches people or with what part of her body, it doesn’t influence the outcome of the power.
      • Loves mornings, which is handy if you have to get up early to train, but she tends to get up even earlier to enjoy the tranquility of the sunrise. As a result however she does have to go to bed on time, as she tends to be tired around 10 or 11 in the evening. (If she knows she has to carry out some form of a task in the evening, she will take a nap in the afternoon to make sure she completes her task without fail.)
      • Alice has a good singing voice, but she doesn’t really sing much. Or at least not as long as she’s within hearing range of others.
      • Alice has caught Alex wearing her clothes, twice.
      • | NAME: |
        Alexander ‘Alex’ Andrei Koblenkov​

        | ALIAS(ES): |

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY:|
        Alice’ twin brother. Ever since they were young both on and off the field they are nearly inseparable. Once they developed their powers, they were forced to be separated more and more.
        He at some point decided to grow his hair out to make it just as long as Alice’s hair. According to him he simply likes the feeling and the look it gives him. Alice thinks he is doing it just to spite her since she’s quite proud of her long hair.
        Aside from their hair now being almost just as long, Alice’s still being slightly longer, they look nearly identical. Alex is roughly five cm taller, and and their eyes are different. If they both wore the same clothes and you didn’t know them all that well, you could mistake them for each other, especially from behind.
        It bugs Alex immensely that he has been labeled too dangerous to come anywhere near the higher ups, and his mother, while his sister is given the prospect of an easier life and gets just about everything handed to her.
        While it has never been proven, many have suspected that the twins have another hype power, giving them the uncanny ability to know what the other is thinking or intending to do, and making them fall nearly perfectly in sync.​
      • | NAME: |
        Viktor Sergei Koblenkov​

        | ALIAS(ES): |

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        The father of Alice and Alex. He was informed that he had accidentally knocked up Natalya, and then had to take care of the children on his own. He told them that their mother didn’t want the offspring of bad luck, as he actually blames himself the most for the situation and wouldn’t have blamed Natalya if she had really thought that. He is the one that initially discovered the powers of the twins.​
      • | NAME: |
        Natalya Yankovski​

        | ALIAS(ES): |

        | SEX: |


        | SUMMARY: |
        Mother of Alice and Alex. She was 16 years old when the twins were born. Due to her position near the Enlightened One she couldn’t take care of them. They told her that there was the risk that they would take after their father in therms of type of power, and they could not risk bad luck to befall upon any of the highest ranks, so they were forcefully taken from her.
        Taking her children away from her left a devastating hole inside of her. She wants to go to her children and break free of the Society’s hold, but she knows she can’t run from them, so she stays put and obeys.​
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  5. Oh well a tablet changes things haha
  6. INACTIVE (open)
    Still lacking some content, mainly the backstory. I'll edit what needs to be edited once I've settled myself out from the mountain full of school works I currently have.

    • [​IMG]

      Warning: Image is poorly/effortlessly edited. ,_,
    • | NAME: |
      Jace Prowler

      | ALIAS(ES): |

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Detroit, Michigan

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |
      October 29

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

      At his reptilian form, Jace stands at a gargantuan stature, almost as tall as a commercial building but only reaching one half of the certain structure. His Dorsal crest heaves a spiky column of rough scales that falls down to his powerful tail, trailing in a slightly curved pattern to his lateral line and of his overall body. Ears are sharp-edged, almost as if they were knives. They are defined in diamond shapes with the lobes having pointed features. His legs are bulky with several muscles bulging out in contraction while having webbed toes of the hind feet with sharp claws being attached to them. Jace's jaws in his reptilian form are the embodiment of fear. Whenever he bursts an opening roar, it reveals the jaws that can devour huge chunks of meat with the aid of his razor-sharp, serrated teeth.

      <how he looks like in beast form>

      In his human form, one may think that he's completely average in looks but that only applies when he wears sunglasses. People who had known him could tell that seeing what's beyond those dark-colored glasses are strictly prohibited. Jace possesses reptile eyes with having a greenish dark color. His pupils are coned into thin strips while still maintaining an outer structure as a human being. He had made a habit of wearing sunglasses for the purpose of shivering away the fear that people could possibly muster.

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Aside from being able to transform into a gigantic reptilian beast, Jace possesses the reflexes of a reptile as well as a large portion of its overall nature. In his human form, Jace's tongue is quite extraordinary, and by extraordinary means that it can pick up a variety of scent molecules from the air whenever it is flicked out. This unique perception allows him to track scents from a certain distance as long as he keeps physical track of the particular odor that he acquired. His tongue isn't actually fork-shaped as it is in fact, the same as that of a human's. Jace also has an impressive ability to adapt through different kinds of environment. Generally, he is cold-blooded, which allows himself to thrive in extreme temperatures but there is a limit onto how long he can bask under the violent rays of the sun, only when he isn't transformed whereas, when he takes form, he can go on without limit.

      Jace can move around on walls and ceilings without having his body stiffen from the weight that he carries. He can walk, climb or crawl at considerable speeds or at a rigid swiftness if he desires. He can also leap between racks of obstacles without exerting as much effort though sometimes, it can be a bit difficult depending on what obstacle he's facing (i.e. barricaded walls).

      | SKILLS: |
      Jace is a competent tracker with having the primary aid of his heightened sense of smell and taste. Able to familiarize certain objects at ease and at a substantial quickness, he can find almost anything and anyone without sparing too much time. Hunting is also one of his preferred exercises and he's quite good at it himself. His unique abilities allow him to recognize animal or human trails which would lead to the identification or prediction of the quarry. Certainly, this can be used at his own volition. Jace can also hunt for people, all for whatever intentions he'd desire but his ability to decipher codes and clues is still under development.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Jace can stay at his beast form for only a limited period of time. Being exhausted also counts and if he is, he'll slowly transform back to his human form. Jace can't transform at any time he'd desire. If ever he reverts back from his reptilian form, he'll lose a substantial amount of energy and will be forced to rest if he'd like to transform back which would certainly require a decent recovery of his lost energies.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Although Jace possesses an exceptional skill in movement and tracking with the help of his sense of smell and taste, he is deprived in terms of vision. Having reptilian eyesight means that there is only a limited amount of function his vision can feature. However, he can still distinguish the basic differences of colors but overall, they all deem to be in an acute state. This leads Jace to rely on his keen senses in order for him to accomplish anything. It is proved that it could be difficult at times but can be conquered little by little with several adjustments.

      Jace's reptilian form, albeit monstrous in size, has some disadvantages. First and foremost is his mass which is overwhelmingly vast. It makes Jace's movements slow and sluggish and allows him to be an easy target from larger threats. His stamina is at a low capacity which means that he can get exhausted quite easily and when he's exhausted, he morphs back to his human form.


    • | WEAPONS: |
      Jace carries dual weapons which he can use simultaneously due to their convenient size and shape. He often utilizes them either in hunting practices or in combat and specializes on effective use. Those weapons consist of a fighting dagger and a historic naval dirk that he stole from a museum.

      | TOOLS: |
      GPS tracker and a political map of Crescent City, all of which are for tracking purposes and occasionally, just for casual experimentation.

      Jace also has a set of sunglasses that are specifically designed to clarify his vision temporarily. All of them were stolen from an Optometry lab.

      | ATTIRE: |
      Jace's vigilante attire haven't yet developed to a point where it is remarkably unique. Most of the time when he operates undercover, he is seen wearing a thick leather cloak, a pair of motorcycle gloves and low-cut boots. Giving a necessity to conceal his identity completely, Jace makes sure that not even a small portion of his face will be seen and by that, he wears a gas mask to make it possible.

    • | BACKSTORY: |

      A monster, a beast, an abomination, a devil's creation, those were just the few notable words Jace's parents had spoken upon showing the first signs of his unusual physical feature at the age of 11. He was immediately delivered to the hospital with the hope to find a solution. But even when the doctors tried to state their conclusions on how his eyes couldn't possibly be removed or renewed in some sophisticated method, they remained in a heavy state of denial, reluctant to accept that their son had a terrifying visage when they have assumed that it was just an acute blindness at the start. Regardless of that, they took him but not on a very acceptable way. Doctors ensured that they will continue to monitor the boy outside hospital grounds and study if there would be any unusual and extraordinary happenings that'll arise within the future. However, things got out of hand immediately after the parents returned and told them that they couldn't withstand to raise a monster with such eyes. They were wealthy and overly religious to say the least and their hope for a first-born was miles away from what have been brought to them. The doctors took the boy as they continued their studies about the unusual inborn trait. But the hope to find answers was at a slim chance when they've realized themselves that the boy needed to live normally in order for them to acquire data. With that, they departed him out of Detroit City - the place of his birth and transferred him to a hospital at California, specifically in Crescent City where a renowned doctor lived. The primary reason was for their studies and research as well as to give the boy a suitable life that would be enough to provide them data. Their hopes for this plan were high but they didn't know that it might shape the boy into a person they truly wouldn't expect.

      He was named 'Jace' by his parents but later acquired the last name of the doctor who took him in his care, Prowler. Dr. Prowler was also a well-known scientist, devoted on studying humans with birth defects and inborn abnormalities that aren't very common in society. He also has an unyielding care and passion towards those kinds of people and challenged himself to help and give them a convenient life in the outside world. Jace was among the first people whom he had given a promise but that actually haven't progressed fully as he, instead, took him as one of his own; a son that he never had. He had settled with the papers and decided to adopt him. Dr. Prowler had never witnessed a boy developing such unusual feature. Even when it was just Jace's eyes, it seemed that it was so distinctive that it cannot be simply ignored.

      Growing up was quite a challenge. For the most part, Jace's vision wasn't perfectly coordinated with his system and it required him to make difficult adjustments in order to live normally. However, that was quickly sorted out with one discovery as Jace observed the unusual presence of his profound sense of smell and taste. Soon, he exhibited normal actions by the age of 15 as he started walking without faltering most of the time. Dr. Prowler's unexpected observations had himself amazed knowing that it was quite difficult for the boy to even move with his visually impaired state. And his amazement grew after he examined Jace once more, finding out that he was strangely sharp with his senses. But even when Jace started to learn the basics, he was still in seclusion. Dr. Prowler gave strict prohibitions about the outside world and how it could be dangerous if Jace somehow reveals himself to the public. Luckily, Jace was an obedient child and developed a healthy relationship towards Dr. Prowler as he progressed with his growth.

      For an extraordinary human being, Jace lived a relatively normal life even when having a single parent who wasn't his biological one. He grew accordingly and was humbly obedient. Jace was often seen helping with hospital duties or Dr. Prowler's research works. The remaining fraction of his time was steered into hospital maintenance and clean-up duties but he was never allowed to have any physical contact with patients. He continued to live that life until he was old enough and that was the time when he ripened a stable way of thinking. He developed a curiosity of the outside world, wondering if there could be any chance to meet someone who might possibly be the same as him. But he knew the risks very well and decided to remain secluded from society. That drastically changed after a few years when Dr. Prowler suddenly disappeared.

      Having the person - who was the only one who took care of him - disappear all of a sudden, paved a great mystery and made Jace paranoid most of the time. People started looking for Dr. Prowler such as his fellow doctors, hospital employees, his friends and many others. The issue was even brought to the media but even when he received a public recognition, Dr. Prowler was still missing. Among all those people who were searching for him, Jace was the most worried of them all. But nonetheless, he swore to find him even without having a plan to do so. He still thought it was risky but he didn't put his own sake in mind. Eventually, Jace escaped from the hospital but he did it by concealing himself completely after he stole a handful of clothing that made it all possible.

      After days of being outside, Jace soon came to the point that it might have been a terrible decision to leave the hospital. He didn't know how to find Dr. Prowler since he had no idea of the city's overview and worst of all, he was unsure if he would be welcomed to go back to the hospital since Dr. Prowler wouldn't be at his side to give assurance. However, he haven't yielded the search and he continued even when he was worn out and had been going on without any food. Until he finally got himself near X mark and found clues that could possibly lead him to Dr. Prowler and his kidnappers' whereabouts. It was soon uncovered after deliberately using his sharp senses and led himself to a factory warehouse. He entered without caution and searched every corners of the facility. But that ended abruptly after seeing a morbid scene of the person who was the primary concern of his search. Jace saw Dr. Prowler hanged by heavy ropes, tortured and was covered with fresh stabs and beatings. His blood dripped endlessly while his dead body was still being battered continuously. Jace, even when having acute vision, knew what was happening and it made him excruciatingly angry and shocked. The men who murdered Dr. Prowler noticed Jace's presence and immediately turned into him, planning to do the same. However, it was at that time when Jace unleashed his true potential, the hidden phase of his extraordinary existence and it was something he didn't dearly know of. The men thought they had the situation at their hands but after Jace transformed into a giant reptilian monster, they were immediately drawn into fear. Jace almost had the building collapse due to his enormous size but he didn't keep that in-mind for too long and prioritized mostly on pacifying the murderers before anything else. They tried to run away from the beast but there was no escape, Jace ravaged them with swift swipes of his claws and gnashed them as they were knocked down with his powerful teeth. He made the scene as gruesome as possible just to punish the men's unforgivable actions. Soon, everything stormed in a bloodbath, leaving dismembered body parts afterwards like they were pieces of garbage. Jace transformed back to his human form only to bathe himself in the blood of Dr. Prowler's murderers. A man later revealed himself in front of him, trying to beg for mercy. It appeared to be that he was the one responsible for Dr. Prowler's disappearance and death. But begging for mercy after all that has happened seemed entirely impossible. Jace finished the man as he picked up a hammer from the dead corpses to deliver a quick crushing blow.

      Dr. Prowler's death had damaged Jace in some aspects. He was the only person who stood out and tried to give him a life that he will never have but that was all gone, all for some matter he didn't know. His life was taken in vain and going through it clouded Jace with anger and despair. As he scavenged for remains, Jace found out that the man he killed had wealth hidden within the factory warehouse and he held the key to a vault containing heavy bags of cash. He took the opportunity and grabbed all the money that he could possibly carry. However, Jace's grasp on his own humanity had remained. He didn't wished to use the money for any unnecessary intention nor did he even know how he'll use it. But the death of Dr. Prowler gave him a path to follow. A path that would save others who were placed in the same situation as him. Jace believed that he could do something with the money, he just didn't have any idea how until he realized that he couldn't simply give it away. Stealing the wealth of a person who had done horrible sins gave him an idea to grasp on and he envisioned to do something similar in the near future.

      Utilizing the money he grabbed, Jace established himself a life underground. He knew his presence and appearance won't give people a sunny reminder that he's some kind of hero so he declared to himself that he'll start operating undercover as a vigilante to bring justice and at the same time hunt the people who would dare to take their filth within the city. However, he was quite uncertain if he would take them down by the means of violence or not.


    • | SAMPLE POST: |

      Will work on it some time
      | HOME PLANET: |


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  7. I'll get to working on and putting a CS up at a later time. I'll be applying for a hyperhuman, so I'm not in as much of a rush as those who are doing magi or celestials.
  8. Fixing that BB code took way too long, but I think it's okay now.
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  9. Suppose I wanted to make a celestial that was a plantoid, how would that work exactly?
  10. Up to you, Celestials are aliens. I didn't provide many guidelines for them because they're a lot more work and I'm only looking to accept three into the RP at this point. Essentially if you go to attempt a Celestial sheet you'll need to develop a whole race as well as establish their homeworld and some of their culture.
  11. I'll go take a look then!
  12. Couple of things stand out to me but they're mostly minor things:
    -Weaknesses don't exactly seem exploitable, not sure which drugs you're referring to but I'm interpreting it as 'metabolizes alcohol too fast to get drunk'. Not a true weakness, what about the cold? Because she runs hot, wouldn't she feel the cold more noticeably or what about water? Lack of oxygen to produce flames?
    -In your bio it states she got a job a few miles outside the city. Why not within the massive city provided for you in the setting portion of the OP? I'm sure there's somewhere in the city you can place a pharmaceutical company.
    -What websites would she use exactly to 'research' Hyperhumans? Hyperhumans are in general regarded with distain, if this is a part of your CS you're adamant on you may want to consider changing it to 'stays up searching for blogs on Hyperhuman sightings' or something to that regard.

    Aside from those three points, everything else looks good!
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