Views = Audience?

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  1. So when I go to my watched RP threads, they seem to increase more rapidly than my single partner and I could be visiting our own thread. these views imply we have an audience?
  2. No. It implies that you have a stalker!

    Just kidding.

    It could be multiple things. It could be an audience, or it could be someone you or your partner are trying to start an rp with looking over your history to see if you're compatible. I know I'm guilty of the latter myself.
  3. Maybe! O_O But it's more likely it's just adding up from you and your partner peeking back.

    But maybe your rp is that badass that you have readers! 8D
  4. Oh, my very own stalker. Just what I asked Santa for! The bad assery is a give in. *grins devilishly*

    But seriously, I'd love having an audience. It's the storyteller in me. But, hey, even if it's an audience, it isn't necessarily MY audience. I have two pretty awesome partners.
  5. If it counts views from people not signed in just like a registered user view, part of it could be explained by search engine indexing. They have bots that go and systematically look through sites on the internet for the purpose of finding everything that's out there and making it possible to find it through a keyword search. Their page views could be counting as thread views as well, but I have no idea if that's how it works. I just know there are internet cruising bots that go all over the place looking at web pages. :P
  6. Ohhhh, so it might be bot stalkers!
  7. Are you feeling the love HummingWren?

  8. I'm going to go with audience-stalkers! Seeing 1k views on an RP with 100 responses is awesome.
  9. Indeed! That sounds like a staudience to me!

    LOL. Is that what that creepy feeling up the back of my neck is?
  10. Yesss, it's only love. No need to call the police. Just accept it. :3
  11. Feels the stalkery love.